Thursday, January 30, 2020

Here's to February!

I’m telling you, it’s Spring! Beautiful days with temperatures between 60-70.  The afternoon heats up the house almost to 85.  But exhaust fans and opening windows help with that.  

Jim has gotten outside and done chores. Still takes him longer to do something because he stops to rest, but he’s recovering quicker and not huffing and puffing.

Our truck has been expensive this month! The black beastie is old so it’s expected but financially I’d have liked to spread out the repairs.  First the engine work.  Then the rims because of the corroded rims.   Oops,  still need to get a picture! When they removed one of the front tires they split it.  They paid for it and Jim got a new tire for the other side. Then the brakes which Pep Boys took care of.  

I’m looking for no expenses in February....

My goal again this year is to make 500 cards.  
30 January 2020  21 cards

Handmade Cards Because:

No one displays an email on the mantle
Or shows off a tweet on the fridge
Or saves a Facebook post in a box of treasures

Call Me Crafty Al posts a SheetLoad of Cards sketch each month.  This is the January 2020 sketch.  All instructions are posted on a printout and she makes it look easy on YouTube.  

Here I used Echo Park patterned papers, chipboard and stickers on Stampin' Up! cardstock. 

Another front has come through with rain the night before last.  It was cooler yesterday and overnight it was chilly.  But not freezing and that's always good.  

We headed to the Library yesterday and picked up some DVDs.  Already watched one movie....Battleship.  Parts of it looked familiar.

Made some Arroz con Pollo in the instant pot the other day and it turned out OK.  Flavor wise it's tasty, but the rice was mushy and the whole dish was very moist.  Also made some Vanilla Scones with a King Arthur mix.  It called for heavy cream and I found a vegan one!

Of course I only needed a cup so I used some in my mashed potatoes yesterday.  Decadent! I usually use almond milk or potato water.

Jim didn't want to get up this morning.  His alarm went off and he went back to bed.  I thought older people required less sleep.  I still manage 7-8 hours most nights.  Jim could sleep 12 hours or more if I let him. He's always been this way.

All is right in our world

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Spring Weather

Cold fronts approach and we have rain, cloudy skies and cooler temperatures.  Once they pass, the sun comes out and we have pretty decent weather.  I know technically it's winter, but this pattern suggests spring.  

The squirrels are chasing one another around the trees.  Birds are chirping and singing.  Everything is growing from all the rain.  Green grass but the trees aren't budding out yet.  This also suggests spring.

So, it's Spring here in Spring Branch!

This is the play area with the dog park in the background at Spring Branch RV Park. The oaks never lose their leaves. When the new leaves pop out the old one falls off.  I think that's why they call them live oaks.  And there are beautiful oaks here.

My goal again this year is to make 500 cards.  
25 January 2020 17 cards

Handmade Cards Because:

No one displays an email on the mantle
Or shows off a tweet on the fridge
Or saves a Facebook post in a box of treasures

Call Me Crafty Al posts a SheetLoad of Cards sketch each month.  This is the January 2020 sketch.  All instructions are posted on a printout and she makes it look easy on YouTube.  Here I used Echo Park patterned papers, chipboard and stickers on Stampin' Up! cardstock.

On Friday Jim drove to Discount Tire and got the new rims for the truck.  As they were removing one tire they split it, so a new tire was needed and they paid for it.  Jim bought the other tire so now the front tires are new.  As soon as I can I'll get a picture.  First we need to have the truck home.  As he was driving home he noticed a wobble from the rear.  He also had trouble getting the truck into reverse or out of...anyway...a trip to Pep Boys today to have it checked out.  Brakes on the rear were shot..So they're better now.  

Not sure, but I think we need to tighten our belts and get finances back to normal!  January has been an expensive month.

All is right (?) in our world

Monday, January 20, 2020

Sunshine, Glorious Sunshine

It has been wonderful not dashing here and there in the rain.  We did make a trip to HEB Sunday, I needed coffee creamer.  The game didn't start until 1400 so we went early and I bought the taco ingredients that I needed. Jim had ground beef version while I had charro beans.  Lunch was over before the game started.
How about those Kansas City Chiefs?  The first quarter was very disappointing, but they rallied and won. Neither one of us like San Francisco so guess who we'll be cheering on in the Super Bowl!

My goal again this year is to make 500 cards.  
20 January 2020 15 cards

Handmade Cards Because:

No one displays an email on the mantle
Or shows off a tweet on the fridge
Or saves a Facebook post in a box of treasures

Call Me Crafty Al posts a SheetLoad of Cards sketch each month.  This is the January 2020 sketch.  All instructions are posted on a printout and she makes it look easy on YouTube.  Here I used Echo Park patterned papers, chipboard and stickers on Stampin' Up! cardstock.

Spring will be here before you know it.

Speaking of spring, all the rain we had last week has greened up our grasses.  Looks bright and cheerful out there.  Still cold, but tolerable.

We've pretty much taken the last couple days off.  Just staying home and chillin'.  Of course I did my usual of laundry, dishes and fixing meals.  

All is right in our world

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Busy busy busy

For the most part we have a very simple life.  Not much that we need.  Groceries being the main purchase.  But our truck is old and it is showing it's age.  

I think it was Thursday....Boo had a groomer date so we dropped him off at 0900.  Since we had to leave so early I suggested to Jim we could do breakfast before we picked up the truck.  Yes!  it's ready!  

Because it's raining and nasty and our truck can hicup and die on wet roads,  Jim said I should drive the rental car, a Chevy Cruise.  So joy of joys I drive this tiny vehicle into San Antonio taking directions from Jim (?) as he guides me to Cracker Barrel.  

Jim loves breakfast which he rarely gets at home so he ordered three meats, eggs, that cheese casserole, biscuits and gravy with a side of grits.  Coffee was his choice of drink.  I had eaten a bowl of cereal at home so I ordered tomato juice and a bowl of grits.  I also ate half a biscuit and Jim's bowl of grits.  Jim was beginning to slow down his eating and hadn't touched his ham, so I ate that too.

From there I drove us to get the truck.  We transferred our belongings to the truck and soon we were on our way home.  First stopping at Wally World to use our gift cards from the phone purchase and filled both vehicles.  Then we drove to Enterprise and turned in the rental.  Good little car but yikes it was difficult to get in and out of. Quick stop at HEB, right next door and finally we go home.  But as we're driving we get the call to pick up Boo.  Just a wee bit of backtracking and we were united as a family.

Now it's time to go home!

I forgot to update you on our digital thermostat.  On Tuesday the repairman arrived and Jim explained everything he'd done to restore power to the unit.  Did you know there's a switch in the AC unit itself?  Anyway, up on the roof he checks and lo and behold a pesky squirrel had chewed the wiring.  In all our years on the road this has never been a problem.  Once the wires were replaced it worked just fine!

My goal again this year is to make 500 cards.  
18 January 2020 12 cards

Handmade Cards Because:

No one displays an email on the mantle
Or shows off a tweet on the fridge
Or saves a Facebook post in a box of treasures

I get a monthly paper share from Lovin' Stampin' and these three cards are part of that kit.  Pretty lacy cards with pretty papers.  All Stampin' Up!

My tomato.  I can't believe I nursed this through the cold spells and will continue to do so!  Made a decent BLT

Yesterday Jim didn't get up until 1030.  So we had a odd day.  I fixed spaghetti for my lunch, his breakfast and then we headed out to pick up Jim's new  glasses at Sam's Club.  Easy enough and we bout some bread and socks.

Needing to replace some throw rugs we then drove to Bed, Bath and Beyond.  Found what we needed then headed home.  About halfway there the truck was emitting a smell and a wobble.  Jim pulled over and determined it was a tire...remember we just got new tires.  Drove to the place that we purchased them from and they looked at it.  Turns out that aluminum rims don't last forever!  The valve stem was corroded and air leaked out of the tire.  They fixed it as best they can and we'll get new wheels soon.  They've been ordered.  If it isn't one thing it's another!

All is right in our world

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Busy Day

Some days can be busy....most days are not.  Wednesday we were out the door early.  We were whizzing all over town in our little red rental car.

Right after breakfast I dressed, made the bed and did the dishes.  Then we gathered our library returns and my old phone.  First stop was the library but we didn't go in, just returned our DVDs and a book.  

Then it was off to Sam's Club.  Remember the deal with free phones and gift cards?  There was some kind of glitch with verification.  We arrived to early so we spent the next half or so wandering around and getting some steps.  Ten minuets with the salesman and boom!  We were good to go.  I did find a deal on Spaghetti sauce.

Out in the car Jim says "want to go to Costco?"  Sure!  More steps.  But he had a good reason.  Sam's didn't have smooth Jif peanut butter.  We usually buy this commodity in bulk because we go through it quickly and it's cheaper when you buy two big bottles.  So we head into San Antonio.

By now it's lunchtime and Jim says let's eat first.  However, the restaurant doesn't look open, so we just go to Costco, it's in the same general area.  Managed to find more than just peanut butter to buy and soon we were out the door.

Time for lunch!  We both had sandwiches and a beer.  

The truck wasn't quite ready so we needed to extend our car rental.   We headed for Blanco road which will get us to highway 46 through more pleasant driving than the construction zone on hwy 281.  Jim pops into Enterprise while I go into HEB...yup more groceries!  Milk etc.  But I did forget bread.

Once home Jim schlepped all our goodies in while I put things away, changed clothes, continued the laundry.  Jim did the black tank.  Then he napped. He was one tired dude.  Have to admit I enjoyed my chair...ahhh time to relax.

The truck is ready for pickup so Thursday will be busy too.

All is right in our world

Tuesday, January 14, 2020


Monday we had a slug fest!  Neither one of us had any desire to go outside.  It was cold.  It was overcast. And it was drippy.  All day I kept thinking it would rain, but noooo.  Just drip drip drip.  I did manage to take my plants out of the compartment but that was the extent of our outings.

I read the following statement yesterday and I wondered who, where, how and what about the stats.  I'm sure it was government funding.  But who thought gathering this information was necessary and how did they go about it?  Robo Calls?  Door to door? Nah that would require a lot of manpower to cover random pockets of people in every state.  And how much was spent on gathering this information?  Could that money be better utilized elsewhere?  Boggles my mind.  I'm glad Americans are giving up the habit!

"The good news is that tobacco smoking is declining globally, including in the United States. The bad news is that about 15.1% of the adults in this country still smoke regularly. West Virginia leads all states in the percentage of adults who still smoke cigarettes, according to state-by-state figures released by the CDC. With 26.0% of adults smoking, West Virginia is ahead of second-place Kentucky (24.6% smokers) and third-place Louisiana (23.1% smokers). Utah holds its place as the state with the lowest adult smoking rate: 8.9%"

My goal again this year is to make 500 cards.  
14 January 2020 9 cards

Handmade Cards Because:

No one displays an email on the mantle
Or shows off a tweet on the fridge
Or saves a Facebook post in a box of treasures

This is for the Christmas card challenge, Kings or Shepard's.  Echo Park and Stampin' Up!  I rather like this one, may have to make more.

This is all Stampin' Up!  I get a paper share every month with enough goodies to make several cards.  The card bases are lace fronts.  By putting color behind it you get a lovely card.  I have more to make.  I stamped the hello and fussy cut some flowers to decorate the sentiment.  Quite feminine don't you think?

Did you watch the Clemson/LSU game?  I went to bed with a quarter left to play. Jim stayed up. I'm pleased LSU won.  Did you notice how many of the young men had extensive tattoos on their arms?  Do you have any idea of how much it costs to get a tattoo?  These young men are in College which isn't cheap.  Perhaps funded by parents and scholarships.  Maybe some even work part time jobs.  Who's paying for these tattoos?  I'm sure mom and dad aren't!  This leads to another question.  When do they find time to get the tattoo  and allow for the healing process?  Maybe during the summers...

I don't understand the need to get a tattoo.  Do you?  My money is better spent elsewhere.

All is right in our world

Sunday, January 12, 2020

It’s Winter Again

Sunday morning.....brrr

Good grief it was cold when I got up!  53 degrees in the house and 31 outside.  First order of business was turning on some heat sources.  Remember, our digital thermostat isn’t working so no furnace.  I may need another cup of coffee or maybe tea.

I opted for green tea with my breakfast of Mashed potatoes and sauteed onions and mushrooms.  I love this kind of breakfast, much tastier than oatmeal.   After breakfast I dressed and made the bed then tossed a load of laundry in the washer.

I didn't even go outside....Jim went for a couple walks.  But for the most part we've been indoors watching football.

I made us a stir fry of broccoli and cauliflower for lunch.  Pretty dish all green and white.  Of course it had onions, garlic and mushrooms too.  Tasty!

Supposed to be warmer tomorrow....

All is right in our world

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Sam's Club

On Friday Jim decided to get his head eyes examined.  So it was back to Sam's Club where they have an on site Optometrist.  He had to wait a bit so he got to talking to the AT&T guy selling phone plans.  Switch from Verizon and get free phones.  Say what?  It all sounded like a good idea but we needed to think on it a bit.  After all we have a good plan with Verizon with military discount and 30g of data.

Anyway time for the exam and indeed he needs new glasses, so back inside he picked out frames and lenses and signed on the line.  Our Plus membership got him a 20% drop in price.  While their selection of frames was small there were various price points.  I think I saw a tag of $159 on one frame.  As always the lenses can be expensive, his were $80 each.  Again not as high as other places.  And they have a two year warranty.  

During the exam they dilated his eyes so he walked around Sam's a bit to get his bearings.  Said he wasn't seeing close up very well.  

On the way out of Sam's we stopped at the kiosk again and talked some more.  Not only were the phones free, there were gift cards involved.  For each phone you get $150 gift card and when the old phones were mailed to AT&T you get another $200 per phone.  Total, that's $700 of gift cards and FREE Phones!  I needed to check our money situation so we headed to lunch.

During lunch Jim checked the value of the phones (still trying to convince me) and reminding me I 'could' use a new phone as mine was getting old.  Also our monthly bill would be slightly less.  And did I mention the phones were free?

So back to Sam's club to take advantage of this deal.  We are now the proud owners of Samsung Galaxy S10+.  We have the $300 in gift cards to be used in Sam's or Walmart.  What's really remarkable to me is all our apps and photos were transferred over and we just need to log in on those.

Not sure if this deal is available nationwide but if you're looking for a phone and you are a member of Sam's go check it out.

Boo sure was happy to see us when we returned home.  It was past his dinner time!  Got him fed and then we settled in playing working with our new phones.  I think we'll both need covers.  I'm looking forward to seeing how the camera works.  Pictures should be better!  

All is right in our world

Friday, January 10, 2020

The Truck part 3

Thursday was a busy day driving around in our new ride.  I had a VA appointment for a BP recheck.  Apparently I'm good to go because no one called!  At my age the guideline is 140/70 and I'm hovering around those numbers.  I expect now it's a wait and see.  I have a wellness check in March.

Our skies were overcast and it had been sprinkling so the car wasn't as clean as when we picked it up.  We both agree that it needs to be taller!  We don't like sitting that low to the ground.  It's difficult to get out of too.  The bolstered seats are like climbing out of a bucket.  Perhaps we're not as sporty as two old people can be.

It does have some features that a cool.  Like the backup camera, pulling into a space easily, it has push button start.  When you turn off the engine the dash display tells you to check the back seat.  Blind spot indicators in the side mirrors is right handy.  In case you're wondering our Ford truck is old, a 2000 model and does not have all the computer features as a newer model.  So this car is like getting a new Mac.  You have to learn a whole new operating system.

It was to early to go for lunch so we headed home.  It was cold outside so we stopped at Sam's Club to walk around and get some steps.  Managed to get out of there spending less than twenty bucks.  That rarely happens.  

Once home we unloaded our purchases and had pizza for lunch.  That should help with my blood pressure!  

The stress from the past couple days must have gotten to us because we both took a nap that lasted almost two hours.  The rest of the day was spent relaxing in our chairs.  TV viewing included Father Brown and Dr Blake on PBS.

Our new fangled digital thermostat isn't working.  Blank face and I guess that means no power is going to it.  Jim checked our power sources, nothing.  Checked online to reset it and it has to have power to do that.  So we've called the guy who installed it.  It will be Tuesday before we fit in his schedule.  Sooner if he gets a cancellation.  Meanwhile we can't use the furnace or AC.  Luckily the weather is cooperating with higher temperatures.  

All is right in our world

Thursday, January 9, 2020

The Truck, Part 2

Beautiful Wednesday here in Spring Branch.  I hope, wherever you are, that your weather is perfect for you.

I didn't get up to early this morning.  0630 but boy was it chilly in the rig.  I had heard the furnace cycle on a couple of times during the night.  It was set at 50.  So upon rising I jacked it up 5 degrees to help take the chill out.  Then I closed the door to the bedroom so all the heat (or most of it, there are vents up in the bedroom) would stay down in the living room.  I also turned on the fireplace and space heater.

Jim was up at 0800 and dressed to work on the truck.  After making the bed and getting dressed I addressed some cards and walked to the office.  When I got back Jim was making arrangements for our truck to be towed and obtaining a rental car.  Last night he put two quarts of oil in the truck and still the dip stick didn't register.  At this point we don't know the extent of the repairs on the truck. 

Big tow truck came and took her away....Left an oil spill!  Michael came and scooped up what he could and will cover with fresh gravel.

My goal again this year is to make 500 cards.  
9 January 2020 7 cards

Handmade Cards Because:
No one displays a email on the mantle
Or shows off a tweet in the fridge

Or saves a Facebook post in a box of treasures

Same theme as the previous cards.  I started out with one 12 x 12 sheet of Designer Series Paper from Stampin' Up! and made the cards from that and cardstock

I die cut the happy birthday (gift of dies from Sonsearae) and stamped and cut out the shells.

All is right in our world

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

The Truck

You want to know the hardest part about writing a blog?  The darn title!  It will come to me.....hopefully

Monday came and went.  It was a very nice day and we both got a few things done, inside and out.  Jim worked on the truck, then had to stop because he misplaced a bolt.  We both searched on our hands and knees.  I'm sure it was very frustrating for Jim.  

During all that time he did not eat even though I fixed our meal and told him.  It was also reheatable so that's what he did around 1700 because he wanted something to eat.  I get cranky if I don't eat on schedule but Jim can go for hours and hours. And lately he hasn't had much of an appetite.

He finally gave up looking for the bolt and started researching this bolt.  You know, what can I use to replace it? Who sells it etc. Found out you have to buy it from Ford. Ok....found a dealer who had it.  Now, get a ride to the dealership. He also looked into rental cars and tow trucks.  Jim is good at research!  

My goal again this year is to make 500 cards.  
7 January 2020 4 cards

Handmade Cards Because:

No one displays a email on the mantle
Or shows off a tweet in the fridge

Or saves a Facebook post in a box of treasures

Stampin' Up! supplies...mostly.  Some items are other brands.  The first card is a full size card

These two cards are the same size but the only part that opens is the middle square.  Not more normal card but they are cute!

Tuesday was a pretty day maybe a bit cooler.  Jim had a rough night and after getting up around 0700 he was back in bed by 0900.  He had a date later with Jerry to go pick up items for the truck.

Laundry and dishes occupied our morning.  Jim didn't want lunch when he got up so I had a huge salad.  I also spent some time making cards morning and afternoon.  I do it in stages....idea, gather supplies, cut paper, stamp, die cut and assemble.  Sometimes it takes a few minutes to an hour for each process.  

Depending on what time I get up I can get in an hour before Jim gets up.  If he naps I pull my kits out.  While he was away I worked on cards....after I did the dishes because I work on the kitchen counter.

Not sure what we watched other than car shows.  I/we forgot NCIS was on so we missed most of that show.  

All is right in our world

Monday, January 6, 2020

New Orleans Saints

I've been looking forward to the Saints winning today.  Home game on 12th night.  It's the start of Carnival Season and there would have been one heck of a party in New Orleans!  But they did not succeed on their quest for the Super Bowl.....Alas, not this year.  They did not play as well as they could have.  I'm sure they would even agree with that statement. 

Since Jim didn't get up until 1130, I spent the morning in my pajamas.  Couldn't do much of anything so I spent the time doing pretty much nothing.  Read for a bit, played some games, checked out facebook and my crafty groups.  Wifi was wonky so I couldn't do much.  I had just enough time to wash my face, get dressed and start a load of laundry, before the game came on.

During  halftime I made the bed and tossed a load in the dryer and started another load.  Nice sunny day so I washed a rug

Of course we watched the game.  Then Jim went to the office and got his parts for the truck which he then used to work on said truck.  I turned off the tv and did some chores.

For some reason Jim decided fasting was a good idea and he didn't eat anything until 1600-1700.  I offered to fix dinner but he declined.  So I had a big salad while he had peanut butter and something.  I don't know.

Jim turned the tv back on but I'm not sure what we watched.  Car was just noise in the background.

That was my Sunday

all is right in our world

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Football! Texans Titans

Sure was cold  when I got up on this Saturday morning.   In no time time at all the furnace took the chill off and our space heater continued to warm me.  Frost on the truck and the birdbath water was frozen.

Jim got up and 0800 and started the laundry before he joined me at the table with his coffee.

It was chilly this morning so indoor chores were good.  Two loads of laundry, bed making and dishes done by me.  For lunch we had salad and leftover stew from yesterday.  Dishes again...I swear for two people we sure can make a lot of messy dishes!  Then we walked the trash and recycles down, checked the mail and walked home. Felt good to be outside in the fresh air and sunshine.

After lunch we both got busy.  Dishes for me along with sorting through stuff to get rid of. I also stashed some paper goods.  Managed to gather a large bag of goodies to donate.

Jim did the black tank and washed windows.

After some reading and games we turned on football.  The Texans won their game in overtime! That sure was fun to watch...And it was a delight to see the Titans win over the Pats!  Although I was in bed when they did.

All is right in our world

Saturday, January 4, 2020


 And no I did not strip the bed again.

I was up at 0630, Jim got up at 0800.  We rarely, rarely ever get up at the same time.  My coffee is gone and at eight, I fix my breakfast.  We do sit at the table while he has his coffee and I eat.

This morning I had an appointment to drop off some paperwork at the VA.  I had hoped to have lunch out. But alas, our truck had other ideas.  It was cantankerous about starting, then sounded ragged and stopped.   We’ll not be going anywhere for a few days.  Jim says he ‘thinks’ he can fix it.  Just have to wait on parts.

Beautiful day here, but it’s chilly.  Lots of sunshine which was nice. Overnight temperatures will be in the 30’s.  Time to bring in my plants!  As it turns out, this was the only time I went outside. Jim had walked to the office earlier and told me it was a cold wind, so I decided to stay in.

Around 1600 we usually have coffee and a sweet to eat.  Jim likes to watch something while he eats and he chose Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time with Jake Gyllenhaal.  Good fun action movie.  We picked this up at the library.

Our evening was spent watching the Smithsonion channel and we were in bed shortly after 2200.  All snuggled in our warm cozy bed while the temperature dropped.  When I get up it's usually cold and I turn on all our heat sources to warm it up for Jim when he gets up.  Sometimes I'm sure the heat drives him from under the covers!

Friday, January 3, 2020


Thursday our day started with overcast skies and dampness.  It rained around 0500.  It was chilly but the dampness made it feel colder.  

I have found that since 'we' retired that it can be difficult to remember what day of the week it is.  We don't have set days to do chores or be anywhere so the days just get jumbled.  Except for washing the bed linens...I always do them on Friday.  So yesterday morning I stripped the bed then learned it was Thursday.  Oh well...

I've decided to challenge myself again to 500 cards this year.  I enjoy playing with my papers and mailing them out.  

2 January 2020 1 card

Handmade Cards Because:

No one displays a email on the mantle
Or shows off a tweet in the fridge
Or saves a Facebook post in a box of treasures

I belong to a group on Facebook that has a different Christmas theme each week.  The purpose is to have a stash of cards for the Holiday.  This weeks theme is landscape.  After mentally reviewing my paper I remembered this lovely paper from Stampin' Up!  The stamp is Echo Park.  Quick and easy

Laundry and dishes were my chores today.  Leftovers from yesterday for lunch.  After I cleaned up we headed out and made a stop at the library.  I donated a magazine.  They have a free rack and it's a good way recycle.  If you have a library nearby, check it out!  They do all sorts of things beside lending books.

Then it was off to Barnes and Nobles just for fun.  I did find a magazine from Forks over Knives that I wanted but put back.  Just a want not a need.  I guess we spent an hour there.  Jim read a magazine. On the way home we stopped in at Salvation Army but I didn't find anything to buy.

By the time we headed home the sun was starting to come out.  It was wonderful to see the sun after a couple of grey days.

While at the library we picked up some movies and watched The DaVinci Code when we got home.  Have you ever seen it?  We loved it and seeing it again was a treat.

PBS rounded out our evening.  Military Tattoo from a couple years ago, Father Brown and Dr Blake.

All is right in our world

Thursday, January 2, 2020


Do you make them for each new year and then just break them?  Human nature.  Instead why not try to make this day be better than the last one?  That way you're always striving to improve your life.

Be at War with your Vices, at Peace with your Neighbours, and let every New-Year find you a better Man. ~Quoted in Benjamin Franklin's 1755 Poor Richard's Almanack

The first day of this new year was a lazy one.  Clouds and cooler temperatures kept us indoors. I did go for a wee walk. Not sure Jim went outside (he did!  needed a cider from the mini fridge) and he took two naps.  Can’t get any lazier than that!

I did a couple loads of laundry, made the bed and set out our lunch.  We chose shrimp cocktail and smoked salmon for our midday meal.  We picked both up at Costco on New Years Eve. Crackers, olives, sliced cucumbers, and radishes rounded out the meal.

My tomato on Christmas Day.  Still waiting for it to ripen.  But we’ve had more cooler days than warm ones.  There are other tomatoes on the plant.  It will be interesting to see how big they get. 

Not sure what we watched on TV.  I turned on the parade for the last hour. Jim tried to watch a movie but the WiFi cut out on him .  Oh and I seem to recall a lot of car shows.  Discovered that one is filmed right up the road in Johnson City.  Jim turns on car show and just lets them continue until he gets tired of them or I complain that I've had enough.

All is right in our world