Friday, September 23, 2011

Cedar Key, Florida

We left Ocala Florida after lunch on Wednesday. It was a short drive of around 80 miles and we didn't want to arrive at Low Key Hideaway to early because we knew Cindy and Pat had just returned from their vacation. It takes some work to get your motel and campground spic and span when you've been away for awhile.

We still managed to arrive before 1500! Pat greeted us and helped stop traffic so Jim could back into 'our' site.

While he was doing that I took a picture of the SS Minnow.....we like this boat! In fact, we like Cedar Key, the wonderful people we've met here and especially Low Key Hideaway. Cindy and Pat are a couple of hard working people and they make everyone feel at home here.

We decided to have dinner at the Pickled Pelican. Jim had a shrimp dish and I had black beans and rice and some cole slaw.
I love the posters/signs they have on the wall

Yesterday I was up early enough to spend some time outside with my coffee and Cindy was watering. She pointed out the banana blooming and the wee bananas. So I went back later and took a picture.

I spent most of the morning doing laundry....bed day.
Last night we were at the Tiki Bar and Nicole and Kevin showed up. We enjoyed chatting with them before heading home around 2100.

Today more laundry and Jim spent all morning outside getting those love bugs washed off the truck and front of the rig. He also spent some time on the roof which always makes me nervous and Boo isn't crazy about it either!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Ocala Florida

We left McIntosh last Wednesday morning late. After a grueling hour or so of driving on I-75 we made it to our destination of Ocala Sun RV Resort,

In no time at all we were all set up. It's very nice here. All the sites are grassy but they allow mats and it looks like you can install patio pavers as some sites have them. Some have screen rooms so I guess that's ok too! There is a lack of trees and the only landscaping is around the public buildings. Not sure how it would be for winter stays as the sites are close but staggered.

Wednesday evening we decided to eat out and Jim chose Carrabas. We both enjoyed our dinner! It was happy hour and we had beer to go with our pasta. Jim had a seafood dish and I had pomodoro (tag pic pac on the menu) pasta. We had brushetta to start and of course there was bread on the table. Our meals came with a salad and by the time we got the main course we were full. We ended up taking some home.

Thursday we went to the mall so I could find something to wear to the wedding. I just didn't like what I had in the closet. I did find a blouse and it was on sale too! After that exhausting trek we went to Barnes and Nobles for some down time. One more stop at Sam's Club and we were homeward bound.

Friday we went shopping for groceries. I did buy a lot of produce at Sam's Club but we needed some other items, so Jim found us a Walmart. Once home I put all our purchases away.

I can't remember which day it was that we worked. Jim did some outside cleaning on the rig. It's love bug season. I stripped the bed but Jim made it when we got home from wandering. Maybe that was Thursday because we were both hungry when we got home and I started reheating leftovers from our dinner out.

Saturday......I think we stayed home!

I was up early Sunday and was able to watch the sun rise above the clouds and tree line

After a breakfast of pancakes we headed to The Villages, According to the sign it was 16 miles down the road. It was a lovely drive and we enjoyed the scenery of horse farms and pastures. Jim had checked and we knew that the village was housing. We thought it would be fun to see the homes. But the homes we wanted to see were in gated communities with guards. We drove a little farther and we found a town square, It's full of shops and restaurants built around a square. I didn't have my camera but the buildings had a Southwestern feel and quite pretty to look upon. We strolled around for a bit but none of the restaurants appealed to us so we went in search of more!

We found Sweet Tomatoes. Neither one of us had eaten there. Inside the door Jim hesitated because there's a salad bar. I told him we could leave but he decided salads are a good thing. We plated up some salad (Jim did two plates) and we paid. Then we discovered all the food behind the wall! Soups, baked potatoes, breads, muffins, pizza, soft serve ice cream with toppings, fruit. We both enjoyed our lunch very much and I know I over ate but it was so good!

Back home I turned on the tv while Jim tried to nap. After he gave that pastime up we watched mindless tv while we occupied ourselves with computers and iPads. After Boo had his dinner I took him for a walk and discovered it was nice outside! Wonderful breeze and pleasant temperature. I told Jim to come outside and we both watched football (Houston/Miami).
We also had our dinner outside. Around 1900 I went inside and Jim followed.

I guess that about covers it. Both of us are looking forward to the new season starting on tv. Castle is on tonight. The NCIS shows tomorrow night.

Friday, September 9, 2011

McIntosh, Florida

I had a couple postcards to mail so we enjoyed another ride this morning. Of course I was sore from yesterday but I expected that. After ten-fifteen minutes I didn't notice the stiffness any more. While riding around I took some pictures of the buildings

This squirrel entertains me while I try to capture him with the camera. You should see him bouncing around on the canvas shelter on the rig next door!

Other than the ride we didn't do much today. Jim napped while I played games on the computer.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

slight change in plans

We had to put off our departure from Tampa by one day. TS Lee even though traveling up the country was pulling moisture up out of the Gulf right across Tampa and the path we wanted to travel in. So we stayed one more night at MacDill AFB. During the night we had storms roll through and when we got up Wednesday it didn't look promising. The skies were overcast but it wasn't raining. We checked the forecast and decided to hit the road.

We took our time and left around 1015. Driving out of Tampa was under heavy skies and quite a bit of traffic. We'd been traveling about an hour when we finally hit I-75. The day was clearing up and soon we had sunny skies. Made one stop for lunch and arrived at Sportsman's Cove in McIntosh, Florida around 1400 or shortly thereafter.

It didn't take long to set up but it was warm so we sat under the oak tree and had a cold beer. There are a lot of mighty oaks around here and I've taken some pictures but I won't post them all today! They're just dripping with Spanish Moss and when there is a breeze it's very nice.
Our neighbors have a lot of potted plants and this butterfly was enjoying some nectar. Poor thing has a section of his wing missing
This is the meandering road into the campground. By the way it's call a resort.....but don't believe it! It's more like a fish camp. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure when there is water in the lake the fishermen will be here.
This is the lake......
There might be gators but I don't think there is any swimming going on
Boat slips are ready for gardening! There are no amenities here other than the wifi and cable. During the season I'm sure they charge for electricity. We've seen the meters at every site. We got Passport America Rates for the week which made it reasonable. It's 24 bucks a night for very close grassy sites

Over night the temperature dropped into the upper 60's! I started opening windows when I got out of bed. At first there wasn't any wind but when the breeze picked up it was nice having fresh air wafting through the house.

We went for a ride which didn't last very long as I couldn't pedal my trike! I know I haven't ridden much but I just could not make any headway up the slight inclines. Once back home Jim checked and my gear was stuck on high! No wonder I couldn't pedal....He fixed it but we need to have the shift mechanization looked at. Hopefully the weather will stay nice so we can ride more. There are some lovely old homes in the neighborhood.

Jim cleaned the bugs off the front of the rig while I sat outside and finished up my book. We both had a lunch of leftovers outside.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Last day in Tampa

Tomorrow we head out to a new location. A little North, a little East. You'll just have to wait for the location! I can hear thunder so it's probably raining in the bay. The forecast is for rain later

The other day I joined Costco. Always wanted to see inside and compare prices with Sam's Club. We didn't spend much but we brought home some freebies! When I joined they sent coupons and we picked up a free rotisserie chicken and a free 2 pound bag of coffee beans. Three dollars off 2 pounds of chocolate chunk cookies made us both happy. Time will tell if one warehouse is better than the other.

While at the commissary the other day we saw Monk parakeets! We've been here a month and now that we're getting ready to leave we see feral Quakers! By the way the bird is known by both names and is an introduced bird to the US. I used to have one as a pet. I've looked around but I didn't see their nests. They build huge condo style nests. I think they were feeding on the berries on the palm trees. Read more here:

Other birds we've seen here at the campground and throughout the base are: herons, egrets, osprey, wood stork and roseate spoonbills. These are all normal for a coastal area.

Saturday, September 3, 2011


We've had rain almost every day here in Tampa but it was expected. It is summer and these storms pop up. But the rain that is dumping on New Orleans is more than enough for that city. Tropical Storm Lee is making a mess of the Gulf South! But because of Lee we're not getting rain. :) It will make it easier to pack up our belongings and make the rig ready for the road. We leave on Tuesday.

We bought diesel fuel the other day for $3.76 a gallon. Lowest we've seen in awhile, hope it stays down! Also wanted to mention the toll roads in the Tampa area. They don't have toll booths! I'm sure most have the Sun Pass but for tourists and those who can't afford one they just take a picture of your license plate and send you a bill. I guess that's cheaper than hiring folks to take your money at a booth. We got our mail on Wednesday and there was a $3 bill for tolls. There is signage so you can avoid them but when you don't know where you're going it's easier to stay on the toll road.

Instead of buying software for my recipes I decided on a binder system. Software would come with preloaded recipes and for the most part I wouldn't use them. I can print out what I want and just keep it in the binder.

When I got up this morning it was very nice, low 70's and a gentle breeze. Does this mean summer is coming to an end?