Monday, August 29, 2016

Woodstock Vermont

Yesterday we headed out for Woodstock Vermont.  We'd driven through it a couple times on our way east to other destinations and it looked interesting with shops and many folks wandering around.  The town isn't all that big with around 3000 people living there.  It is the county seat and that includes all the official buildings associated with judicial procedures.  I'm impressed with how the town officials have made the place a destination, apparently year round.

They even have a small wooden bridge

Because we spend most of our time in southern states I find interesting things in these northern states.  Like snow shovels out in the really expect snow?  Of course this was outside the Post Office and they must be prepared for everything.

This lovely building is the Library, on the Green

Next door is the courthouse

Another lovely thing about small towns, they seem to find the funds and people to tend the flowers that are found everywhere

Private home on the Green

Down the street we saw lovely gardens with overflowing gardens

Hard to read, but this is the Yankee Bookstore.  Not all that old, established in 1935

We had a nice lunch at Mon Vert Bistro.  We both had sandwiches and Jim had a beer while I had lemonade.

We popped into several shops.  The Flannel store was an eye opener.  Even though I was born in Michigan I don't recall flannel being so thick!  It would be way to heavy for the chilly nights we sometimes encounter.

The general store, Gillingham has been around since 1886 and has just about everything you need from food to wine and beer.  It may not have a large selection of any one thing,  but you can buy clothes, toys and gifts along with candy and local Vermont syrup.  Fun place to browse.

Just outside of town is the Farmers Market where you can get fresh produce when in season and looks big enough to be a regular grocery store too.  We stopped in to check it out but I think all the locals were stocking up for the week so we left.  Very crowded!

Before we left town we headed up the mountain to Sugarbush Farm.  The drive up was winding and after a bit was dirt or gravel.  A beautiful drive through the dappled, sunlit trees.  We did find some washboard areas that made for a bumpy ride in our truck! For whatever reasons they've stopped the dairy side of the farm and gone commercial.  We tasted several cheeses made from local milk and then had some samples of maple syrup. Did you know there are four different grades of syrup?  It depends on when the sap was taken.  First run is the most delicate, as the season progresses the syrup gets darker in colors and tastier.  In the next room they had samples from other Vermont companies and of course they sold jars, bottles and wedges of cheese

All in all it was a lovely afternoon.

Anne and Scotty arrived home last night just in time to see a lovely sunset.  They had a good time in North Carolina with family.

All is right in our world!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Showers during the night

Yesterday we headed out just before noon to run some errands and have lunch out.  Our first stop was a pet supply store to pick up bird seed.  Then we slowly made our way to Rutland and the East Asian Restaurant.  We both like the choice of food there.  Once again we enjoyed a lovely meal.

When we left there we headed to Big Lots where we found a few items we had to take home.  One was a set of solar lights, ten lights for $17.50.  Pretty good deal if you ask me!

Next stop was Hannaford's for some groceries.  Once home everything was put away and we settled in for the rest of the day.

The Mailman left 4 packages and three of them were for us!  Our daughter sent a package with goodies for me including a Navy Woman Veteran hat, tea and catalogs.  Jim got a package containing bungee cords.  My other package was a card making kit.  The fourth box was for Scotty.  Sorry Anne, you didn't get anything.  We'll have to go shopping when you return!

Do you like the sound of rain on your roof?  In an RV the roof can be very close to your head in some sections.  We have a fifth wheel and our bedroom roof is just above our heads when we sleep.  

During the night I was awakened by the sound of rain.  No storm, just a lovely, drumming of rain falling straight down.  After listening for a bit I was once again fast asleep.

It was still raining when I got up this morning.  My first task, even before coffee, is to put the bird feeders out.  We don't leave them out because a few weeks ago we had a visit from a bear.  Having dealt with this problem in Colorado Springs I knew bringing the feeders in at night would discourage repeat visits.

Any way at night we store the feeders in the compartment hoping mice don't find them.  So far, so good.  This morning it was raining pretty heavy so I only put out the hummingbird feeder and one seed feeder.  Leaving the others in the compartment.  Alas, I left the door open and don't you know those clever birds thought it was a breakfast bar?  They left a wee bit of a mess.  I discovered this when I went to hang the rest of the feeders!  Nothing wrong with their eyesight.

The rain has passed and it's heating up outside with high humidity.  Think I'll stay indoors today and do's sheet day!

All is right in our world

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Lazy Days of Summer

Not much going on here in West Haven Vermont.  When we stay at home we spend our time reading, gaming and doing internet stuff.

Sunday was a day of rest.  Watched movies and had some rain.  Monday when it finally cleared up we had cooler temperatures.  I'm all for that!  Jim started the day in shorts but changed mid day.  

I guess that was a signal to nap....when he got up we went into Whitehall to retrieve our tires.  We stopped in the Green Mountain Market for some groceries.  Next stop was in Fair Haven where Jim went to Rite Aid to pick up a prescription....didn't happen because of policy changes in Tri Care.  I stopped in Shaw's for some lettuce and lemons

Back home in time to feed Boo.  I walked next door and picked up some corn on the cob for out dinner.  Jim had Lasagna, Caesar salad and bread for dinner while I just had the salad and corn on the cob.

Last night the temperature dipped into the 50's which made sleeping wonderful.  I can't remember when we last had the AC on.  Because of the cooler temperatures Jim did some trimming today.  Tidied up our previous site and our current site.  Everything looks ever so nice!

We sat out this afternoon and noticed a lack of birds.  We have mostly sparrows and a few doves now.  We saw one or two American Goldfinches, a pair of Rufous sided Towhees, a female Rose Breasted Gros Beak, a BlueJay and one lonely chip monk.

Maybe the birds and critters know Miss Anne is gone!

The cooler weather always brings mice into the rig and last night we caught one in our trap.  I only hope it's the dude that woke me up this morning scratching away in the ceiling!  When we were in south Florida we learned about these traps and I highly recommend them!  Worth every penny they cost.

All is right in our world

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Outlet Shopping

Yesterday we drove into Whitehall New York to drop off the tires for 'adjustment'.  Not having any plans other than laundry I suggested we drive to the outlet mall in Lake George.

We plugged the destination into the GPS and off we go.For the most part it was on roads we've traveled, but Ethyl (GPS) had us turn on Glen Lake Road.  Very nice!  Water on the left, homes and trees making dappled sunlight filter down.  One place was overloaded with flower beds just bursting with color and turns out it's a restaurant!  We find a place to turn around and headed back to have some lunch.  The Docksider has a decent menu with reasonable prices considering the location.  I expected higher prices!

This was our view from our corner table on the porch.  As you can see there is seating outside for sun lovers.  Jim ordered a seafood entree that came with salad, corn on the cob, bread and fries.  I opted for a sandwich and we both had draft beer.  Mine was new to me, Flower Power IPA from Ithaca Beer Company, it was good.  I wanted to take my glass home just for the logo!

After lunch we continued on to the Adirondack Outlet Mall.  It's mostly outdoors and we walked in and out of some shops, not buying anything until we reached the New Balance store.  I've been looking for black walking shoes since last winter when mine died.  Found a pair!  And the pricing was buy one get another pair 50% Jim found a pair too.  Managed to spend less than $100 for two pair of walking shoes. 

Our drive home was pleasant and once home I got busy with laundry....sheet day is always fun.  Finally got everything done and the bed made

Our evening was spent watching TV, gaming and checking Facebook (me)

This morning I only saw one story about the flooding in Louisiana and it was the British Daily Post.  I guess it's old news and not important any longer.  Yet the folks affected by it are cleaning up and working their tails off.

All is right in our world

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Louisiana Flooding

Have you seen the news?  

Are you aware of the devastation in Louisiana from the rain and flooding?  

We generally don't watch the news but read on our tablets or laptops.  The last I read 14 people had lost their could have been worse.  Over 40,000 homes have been destroyed or damaged.  Those fine people cannot go home to sleep.  Have you ever dealt with a flooded building?  It's full of mud and the dry wall soaks up water.  Everything inside that was touching the floors is destroyed, so all furniture and appliances have to be tossed out.  Clothing, toys etc...gone.  Carpeting and wooden flooring have to be torn out.  The drywall has to come down and if you're lucky the frame work will be ok.  But all the wiring will have to be checked before it can be used.  And still thee people have no place to live.  Insurance will help, if they had some.  If you don't live in a flood zone, flood insurance isn't required.

I haven't seen this reported much...even Dan Rather said it was a lack of was more important to tell us about the Olympic swimmers who got arrested.

The fires in California has gotten more coverage!

I've seen that Walmart has sent supplies.  Locally Abita Brewing has been helping out.  Tom Bensen, owner of the Saints and Pelicans are helping. This weekend there are events being held to raise funds and I'm sure there will be more in the future.

If you can help there are many organizations you can donate to.  I copied this list from another blog so hopefully the links work.  If not google them

American Red Cross in Louisiana:

We Moved!

But not very far....We were parked right in front of the building here at Scott's acre and needed to move so Jim could change the tires on the backside of the rig.

If you recall, on the way north to Vermont we had two blowouts.  Those tires are newer than the others so they were changed out.  Now today we have to drop off old tires and get one looked at for a leak...Of course I was told the whys and wherefores but I can't recall what the future is for these two tires.  Perhaps one will be kept for a spare.  But honestly why do we need a spare when road service always brings us a new tire?

This morning it was nippy outside with a temperature of 57 when I got up shortly after seven.  I love it!  Makes me think of tea and biscuits, so that's what we had for breakfast.

At the end of July we went to a car show in Fair Haven.  Wasn't huge so we were able to see each car and take time to check out some old vehicles.

I grew up in the Detroit area and I've always admired  cars.  I especially like chrome!  My how the styles have changed

Most of them had their hoods up and I didn't care for that as far as picture taking is involved

Not sure how this tractor qualified but it was cool

As they say in New Orleans, I could make groceries in any of these cars!

Our time here is winding down.  No idea of when we'll leave and we still haven't talked about where we'll stop along the way to the Rio Grande Valley.  We did look at a map the other day with Anne and Scotty.  They showed us the routes they've taken in the past.

All I know for sure is we won't be going to Florida...

All is right in our world

Friday, August 19, 2016

I know!

I'm falling down on the job....A lot has happened the past couple of weeks.  

We had a total of six rigs here for Scotty's birthday bash. It was hectic, but fun.  We saw friends that we hadn't seen in a few years. The party turned out great...

The gang of us went to a Maritime Museum on a hot afternoon.  I think everyone enjoyed it.

We've eaten out more times than I can remember!

Anne and Scotty left yesterday for a vacation on the Outer Banks and we are alone!

Plans for today?  Move our rig to a more level spot so Jim can replace tires ..... Just a matter of backing up so it should go well

We've had a couple stunning sunrises

all is right in our world