Friday, September 23, 2016

Singing Hills RV Park

We took we took our time yesterday packing up and left Rising Sun around 1030.We stayed on the scenic road along the Ohio river and it was scenic but some patches we very rough! Up and down and weaving made it interesting for sure.

We picked up I-71 an crossed into Kentucky over a dam and this was where the first construction zone was seen and passed through.  At least they had it controlled with a traffic light.  The next slowdown was north of Louisville and the alert I got said a 70 minute delay.  We did pull off at a rest stop and had lunch stopping a bit longer than we normally do.  When we pulled out we noticed traffic was moving a bit faster but inched along when we caught up with the traffic.  Once through that mess we turned off and got on I-264 west.

And then we passed into the Central time zone and gained an hour, arriving at this campground just before 1400

One we set up with full hookups (30 amps) we headed to Cracker Barrel for some comfort food.  Jim only had a small salad and orange for lunch and needed sustenance!  Back home he was able to find a level site with a window through the trees to get a signal for our TV.  Then he kicked back and had a beer.

We have wifi here so we spent some time getting our updates on our various devices.  We watched Rosewood and Pitch on Fox for our entertainment.  And since we are so early we indulged with popcorn as an evening snack

Apparently Boo was still on Eastern time and wanted us to go to bed at his time.  I'm sure we'll all adjust in a few days.

We'll be here four nights.  I really don't like traveling this way.  But we have to be in the Valley a month from today.  I'm seriously rethinking this way of life.  Seeing this country from the interstate is boring.

All is right in our world

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Fog, fog and more fog

I slept in....didn't wake up until Jim's alarm went off at 0730.  I guess the fog is to blame!  The sun still hasn't made an appearance and it's 0930

During the night I heard several boats tooting their horns on the river.  The first one made me wonder until I remembered how close we are to the river.  After that it was just a pleasant sound and I went back to sleep.

Made a grocery run yesterday afternoon.  We stopped in the parking lot of the Rising Sun IGA and Jim decided I needed a bigger grocery store and we headed back east to a Kroger about 10 miles from the campground.  The road is a scenic byway so the drive was pleasant.  We also scoped out gas stations and fuel prices. We'll need to fuel up before the next leg of our journey.

We leave here and head for Cave City Kentucky on Thursday

All is right in our world

Monday, September 19, 2016

On the Ohio River

Today I'm coming to you from the Little Farm RV Resort in Rising Sun, Indiana. 

Our drive yesterday was short and sweet!  We left Lima around 1130 and arrived around 1430.  Mostly I-75 and we stopped a couple times for lunch and pit stops.

This campground is unusual, we're in the lower section right next to the Ohio river.  We requested a site with no trees so we could set up the satellite dish for TV.  The upper section has tree lined rows of camp sites and is quite nice.  Also that's where all the amenities are.  So far I haven't taken any pictures.  Oh, we have full hookups and it's nice to have the sewer connected once again.  We're staying four nights.

Jim was able to lock onto our Direct TV signal and we were able to watch the end of the Saint/Giants game.  A disappointing loss for the Saints.  

I planned on making beans and rice for out dinner but Jim wasn't interested so we drove into the town of Rising Sun and had us a pretty good pizza at Caudillio's Pizza.  Small place with maybe 8-10 tables.  But while we were there a guy was coming and going with deliveries of pizza. So I'm guessing they do a booming business during football season!

There isn't WiFi here so we took our tablets with the hope they had free WiFi at the restaurant.  Nope...but we stopped in the parking lot of the Rising Star Casino and helped ourselves to their free WiFi.  When we were in Lima we went to the mall and used their free WiFi. We can get online using our phones but that isn't compatible with our Apple Ipads or Ipods

Once home we showered and relaxed for the rest of the evening.  

Today Jim has been busy outside washing this and that.  I've not done anything but a little cleaning, laundry and dishes.

All is right in our world

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Catching up?

I know, I'm a terrible person!  I haven't kept up with my blog....again....

Never fear, we're still here and traveling.  Enjoying almost every moment of it too.  Our last stay was in Erie Pennsylvania and what a delightful campground!  Lampe Campground and Marina is located in the industrial area but not really...the bay is busy but not really. Hard to explain but it's fairly quiet, you do hear some noises but after the first night I didn't hear the 'white noise' of industry.  

We walked!  Out on the  pier, in the park, around the marina.  Weather was perfect.  Our first night, Sunday,  there was fireworks!  Turns out Tall Ships and a weekend of fun was over.  We even saw a couple of them leaving port because we were walking on that pier.  But I only had my small camera with me.

The campground wasn't huge and wasn't being used much.

As you can see it was a bright sunny day.  We enjoyed our stay.  Nice weather always makes for good memories.

On the other side of this channel is Presque Isle State Park and it is fantastic!  It's free to the public and they were using it.  Bike paths, picnic areas, beaches.  Something for everyone!

We bought a Subway sandwich and enjoyed a nice lunch overlooking the bay.  The drive around the peninsula was beautiful and we made plenty of stops to enjoy the views, monuments and lighthouse

We are now in Lima Ohio.  Our drive over was marred by Interstate 90 closing down and we had to find an alternative route.  My only concern was coming upon an obstruction for our tall rig.  Our GPS got er done!

We're staying at a delightful park.  Ottawa Metro Park is very nice for all the locals and those of us from out of state.  Small campground with electric (30Amp) and water.  Seniors pay $20 a night. We lucked out and have a grey water dump station right on our site.  Catching up on laundry!  I've never seen a separate station just for grey water.

There are lots of things to do here.  The walking paths are super for walking or biking.  Frisbee golf, an arboretum, Swimming hole with a beach.  The campground has a horseshoe pitch and volleyball.  The center row of sites is pull through and we have enough space to park in front or behind the rig.

After arriving Thursday and setting up we went for a walk, very enjoyable.

Yesterday we did chores....some cleaning in and out needed to be done.  After a busy morning we just relaxed and enjoyed the rest of the sunny day.  Good thing, because overnight rain moved in and all night it rained.  It seems to have stopped for now but it's still cloudy out there.

Not sure what's on the agenda for today.  We're leaving in the morning for Rising Sun Indiana.

Two years ago yesterday Jim had his bypass surgery.  I'm very grateful to have my husband still on this earth.  

All is right in our world

Friday, September 9, 2016

On The Road!

Yesterday we left Vermont.  We had a wonderful summer with our friends Anne and Scotty.  From the first welcome dinner back in May

to the last one of salads (potato, broccoli and pasta) and pickles because it was to warm to cook. Most of our meals were outside in the beautiful setting of their property when the weather cooperated.

Thank you Anne and Scotty for being such wonderful hosts and putting up with our peculiar ways (AC and Napping).  We love you and we'll see you in the Valley if not sooner.  It's time for you to get on the road too!

Jim started gathering out items and loaded up the Truck and rig Wednesday.  Yesterday he did the final bits.  Anne and Scotty said goodbye before they left for an appointment in Rutland so we were all alone the next hour or so to pack up and we hit the road around 0930.  I did forget one important bit.....more on that later...

While Jim was doing the hitching up I took a couple pictures showing Autumn starting.  The Sumac is beginning to pretty up

Not sure what that tree is but you know it's time to head south when the trees start turning.  We did see a tree here and there during our day that were gorgeous. 

We took back roads until we reached the Albany New York area where we jumped on the interstate and went around Albany.  Just beyond Albany we hopped onto Highway 20 (scenic byway) and took it all the way to our destination of Waterloo Harbor Campground.

The drive was gorgeous!  But we did a lot of climbing and descending the mountains and drove through some small towns and villages which slowed us down a bit.  Of course we stopped for lunch and a couple of pit stops to check our tires and brakes...and we had to pull over and wait out a rain storm that screwed up our visibility

We were only an hour or so from our destination but it was difficult to see the road.  No matter we finally arrived around 1730.  Long day for us!  I think Jim said it was around 230 miles

We got busy setting up and I cooked pot pies for our dinner.  While we were eating the rain started....after a few attempts to set up the dish for TV Jim stopped because the rain was just the icing on the cake for the day.  

Sheesh!  I posted this blog, went for a walk and remembered I didn't include the fiasco!  As I mentioned we stopped a few times and each time we stop we head into the rig.  We can use the toilet, eat lunch or get snacks.  The second time we stopped we discovered a mess on the floor, several items had fallen out of the refrigerator because I forgot to secure the doors with a strap!!!  Red wine and mayonnaise make a sticky mess.  But it was cleaned up by the two of us and we were able to keep Boo from helping.  Soon our lunch break was over and we continued on our journey.  Never a dull moment when you're on the road!

We showered, did some stuff on the Internet and we were in bed shortly after 2100.  We very much needed  the rest

We're here for three nights then onto Erie, Pennsylvania

All is right in our world

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