Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Goodness Me!

Have you been waiting and waiting to see if we resolved our converter problem???  Sorry I didn't report sooner.

The converter arrived Wednesday of last week and Jim installed it with no problems.  Anne and I went shopping and when we returned it was working and the house was cool....

We've been hanging around, doing this and that

Our patio has been leveled and since this photo was taken another pallet has been added to the front, right about wear Boo is standing

Our extended front yard has been the home of a gazillian fireflies.  I think I happened to see the "hatch".  In the middle of the night I happened to look out and it was like the stars had fallen into the grass.  Spectacular!

The birds and chipmunks entertain us daily

Lovely cloud formation

American Goldfinches love the niger seed!

All is right in our world

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Converter not Converting!

Sunday evening about an hour before we went to bed we both noticed the lights were dimming....not good!  I'm sure as Jim was trying to go to sleep he was thinking about how to go about fixing this problem.

Monday after breakfast he tackled the batteries and converter.  Scotty came over and between them figured out the converter was dead.  A new one has been ordered.  Meanwhile, we have no lights, AC or furnace and we can't put the awning out.  Good thing our weather is a bit chilly right now!  Having full sun all morning on the door side makes it get warm when the temperature goes above 75 or so.

Jim had stayed inside all weekend not feeling well.  So this was his first time outside and I'm sure he would have preferred not working.

We have a dear friend, down in the Rio Grande Valley (Texas), who's been under the weather .  On Sunday her husband posted a couple pictures on Facebook and all her friends and family got to see Miss Jeni, it sure was nice to see her smiling face!  She has some rehab to do and we're all hoping and praying that she gets well soon.  We love you Jeni!

The news from Orlando is very sad.  There doesn't seem to be an end to these senseless killings.  Tolerance doesn't seem to be taught. It's only a handful, out of millions of people, who perpetrate these crimes against humanity and it saddens me.  I was taught to accept others for who they are, not their religion, color or country of origin.  I have no solution to offer, but the warmongers would have us fighting against something that will never go away as long as parents across countries and religions don't teach tolerance and understanding.

Monday had us with another gloomy start.  No matter, the four of us drove into Rutland for appointments, lunch and shopping.

Tried a new Chinese restaurant and the four of us had a good lunch.  Of course the conversation was good too!  Scotty stopped at a fabricators for something or other.  It will be used on the building.  Anne and I went grocery shopping and Jim stopped in Bed, Bath and Beyond to buy me a towel.

Got back home shortly after 1600 in time to feed Boo his dinner.  Since it was cold we stayed indoors.  No happy hour, besides I think we were all stuffed from our late lunch!

A quiet evening mostly because I couldn't find anything I wanted to watch on TV.  We occupied ourselves with the internet and playing games. I've only an OTT lamp for crafting and I turned it on after the sun went down.  I didn't fancy sitting around with only the lights from our laptops!

I miss the Great Horned owls we had in the backyard in Indiantown, Florida.  Anne says there are owls here in Vermont, but I've not heard any.

All is right in our world

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Saturday and Sunday

Pretty quiet around here.  Most of Saturday was wet and gloomy....and chilly!  Jim decided to be 'under the weather' and was back in bed before noon.  Not sure what's going on, could be several things combined.  Food choices, new vitamins and perhaps he just doesn't like cold, damp weather.  He's also been working and his body is rebelling with sore muscles.   Of course, he's not as young as he thinks is!

So our meals weren't all that great yesterday...mostly soups and sandwiches.  Last night I wanted something that didn't include carbs so I had a bowl of radishes, celery and cauliflower.

Today?  Pretty much the same as yesterday only I think it's colder.  I know it was warmer when I got up this morning, it is now 55 at 1600.  I thought we'd have a sunny day as the sun was shining brightly....but then clouds moved in and even some rain early this afternoon.

While Jim napped I watched a James Bond movie, Tomorrow Never Dies with Pierce Brosnan.  I'm a big fan of the Bond movies...but not all the actors who portrayed him.  Sean Connery is my fave!  Are you a fan?

I also finished reading Artful Blogging.  I love the Somerset Studios magazines!  I wish they didn't cost so much.  I haven't renewed my subscriptions for this very reason.  I can always read them at Barnes and Nobles!  Have you checked my library page lately?  Just click on the library tab up at the top or here and you can check out the books and magazines I've been reading.  What magazines are your favorites?

As for today's meals....Jim had a smoothie for breakfast and I had soup...for lunch I had soup, Jim had a peanut butter sandwich. Not sure what we'll have for dinner...maybe a salad.

Dinner was biscuits and gravy, one of Jim's favorite dishes.  Me? not so much but it filled me up.  I must get to the store and buy some decent food!  I like salads, but not when it's wet and cold...chilly temperatures require stews, pasta dishes and soups.

This picture is from a few months ago at the Savannah Recreation Area....we very much enjoyed our stay there. Warm temperatures, gators and birds and lovely sunsets

All is right in our world

Saturday, June 11, 2016

What a Difference a Day Makes

Beautiful day yesterday, a bit on the cool side, but no jacket required.  After I finished my morning chores of bed making and dishes Jim decided to take the day off from working with Scotty and Fred and together we ran a few errands.  

Stopped in the Welcome Center and picked up some interesting magazines and brochures so we can visit some areas while we're here this summer.  Then it was over to Young Farm Equipment to pick up sunflower seeds for the feeders.

Next it was Rite Aid to check on a prescription and Shaw's for some Almond milk (I wonder, would it be easier to make it?).  On the way home I've was given two options for lunch and chose the Wheel Inn where we stuffed ourselves on some good home cookin'

Once home Jim napped while I felt like a beached whale on the lounger.  Neither one of us did much the rest of the day!

We have happy hour a few days a week and yesterday we enjoyed the company and snacks with Anne and Scotty.  Chips, guacamole and salsa, cheese and crackers, watermelon and grapes.  While at the Wheel Inn we bought Scotty a piece of peanut butter pie which was huge!  Anne made him share it with Jim and I.....of course we all had an adult beverage, beer for Jim and I, moscato wine for Anne and Scotty indulged in some yummy cream sherry

Scotty and Jim

Miss Anne, I'm sure she won't approve of this picture but the other one was awful

As you can see long sleeves and sitting in the sun was required to stay comfortable.  It was a long, leisurely repast...when the sun starts going down it gets chilly on this ridge. 

Of course I start taking pictures and all the birds scatter but at least this American Goldfinch hung around long enough for me to get this shot.  I should have used my long lens camera.

Once home we spent the evening on our computers, playing games and watching TV.  I showered and did dishes and that was the end of my work day.

Today I was up to watch a patchy sky fill with clouds and it looks like a rainy day for us.  With the cool temperatures, it's only 53 degrees right now, it will be a chilly day. I don't mind because all to soon Summer will be upon us and it will be way to hot! 

My fancy tan lines are fading!

All is right in our world

Thursday, June 9, 2016

A Date with My Honey

Not much going on here.  Jim spends time helping Scotty and Fred with building projects and I do chores and fix meals.  Anne and I run errands and shop.  We share most of our evening meals and that's enjoyable.

It's very peaceful here and listening to bird song most of the day is a joy to me.  Lest I forget again, we have Mourning Doves, red winged blackbirds, brown headed cowbirds, and blue jays along with crows.  The crows don't spend time at the feeders but the other birds do. 

Last night I saw fireflies!  A cold front came through after our rain last Sunday and we're back to wearing long pants and socks.  We're staying warm enough without heat overnight.  But on the chilly mornings I turn on the heat!

Last Saturday Jim and I had a date...we drove to Rutland, which is east of here along highway 4,  and went to the farmer's market.  Well, I went to the market while Jim stopped in Walmart to get a smoke alarm.  Not much in the way of veggies (to early) but there were leaf lettuces, radish and turnips along with beets.  Of course most of the vendors were selling homemade goodies like soap, maple syrup, breads and pastries.  Quite a few were selling craft items and I always like browsing them.  I'm sure each week there will be more to see and contemplate buying.  I did not indulge this time!

From Rutland we drove north on highway 7 skirting the Green Mountains on the right.  Beautiful drive as I'm sure all of Vermont is.  We passed dairy farms, fields of grain and old farm houses. One day I'd like to stop and take pictures of all this beauty.

Once we arrived in Middlebury lunch was on our minds and we found a place to park and walked to our destination passing up shops that need to be explored.  Perhaps another time.

It's pretty much spring time here and there are flowers around every corner and curve.  Baskets hanging with flowers spilling over the edges.  Just lovely.

Otter Creek runs through town and there's a lovely waterfall right in town!  There were some guys fishing and several folks were enjoying the park while eating their lunch

The arches you see is the road going through town

We had lunch at Two Brothers Tavern.  We stopped in here on our last visit and we even sat at the same table!  Jim had a Philly cheese steak sandwich while I tried the farro mushroom burger, we both had fries and of course a draft beer!  It was after lunch that we strolled along the water and I took the pictures

In the park there are these lovely smelling roses.  You know, the ones that truly have a scent, not like the ones from the florist

Our last stop was the root beer stand.  Jim indulged in a root beer float

As we were leaving town I was able to get this picture of the restaurant.  We sat in the front window right where the first basket on the right is

The drive home was pleasant.  Vermont is in full green (my favorite color) and there are vistas to be seen around every curve in the road

All is right in our world

Thursday, June 2, 2016

As Promised and I've Found the Solution to Sleeping Later!

I finally remembered to take pictures of how our rig is leveled.  We're parked almost in the same area as the last time we were here.  We're in front of the Quonset Hut that Anne and Scotty have built here.  Since they're not living in it we're not blocking their view.  Once they get the doors installed on this side they'll have the view we have.

Front stabilizer

It's all downhill from the door side.  I think the Scott's will eventually have a porch where we're parked.  I heard so many details of their plans it's hard to recall them all.  Notice the steps.

I think if you click on the pictures you can make them larger.

I'm glad I didn't see the procedure to get the tires on this stack!  Again you can see the downhill slope

Front jacks

Home Sweet Home, see the pallets at the bottom of the steps?  How's that for a red neck patio?  As long as we don't have an earthquake we'll do just fine.  Maybe we should invest in some hurricane straps!

Anne has said we can move to any site once they get some fill put in on the south side of the building.  But I like our site.  We have beautiful sunrises and the view!  There's going to be several more rigs here Later this summer.  Big birthday bash for Scotty in August

Feeding station all set up, we have American gold finches, purple finches, Rose Breasted Grosbeak and Ruby-throated hummingbirds.  We haven't seen the Indigo Bunting the past couple of days....he may have moved on.  Sure is a pretty bird.  We also have some chipmunks that are adorable to watch.  They just stuff their cheeks with sunflower seeds.  Anne even feeds one from her hand

Jim has been helping Scotty with some chores.  Found he has some unused muscles that are protesting!  He also declared he was going to walk every day....after the first long walk he ended up with shin splints so he's laying low for a few days.  We both want to walk every day but sometimes life gets in the way and we don't.  Of course traversing this property is good exercise because it's far from level.

Anne and I went shopping yesterday.  We stopped at the dry cleaners, Dunkin' Donuts, Walmart, Sally's, Aldi's, Hobby Lobby, Panera for lunch, then on to JoAnns and Hannafords for groceries.  Whew!  Got home in time to fix dinner and then we sat around outside just chatting and enjoying the weather.  

Back home I had dishes to do and the bed to make....Jim helped by making the bed. It was about 2000 when I slipped into the shower and got cleaned up...felt so good 

Since we both had busy days we were tired when we went to bed.  I slept until almost 0730!  Missed the sunrise altogether!  Not sure I can afford to go shopping and schlepping everyday in order to sleep late.  Jim woke when his alarm went off at 0730

I love that tiny face!

All is right in our world