Thursday, June 9, 2016

A Date with My Honey

Not much going on here.  Jim spends time helping Scotty and Fred with building projects and I do chores and fix meals.  Anne and I run errands and shop.  We share most of our evening meals and that's enjoyable.

It's very peaceful here and listening to bird song most of the day is a joy to me.  Lest I forget again, we have Mourning Doves, red winged blackbirds, brown headed cowbirds, and blue jays along with crows.  The crows don't spend time at the feeders but the other birds do. 

Last night I saw fireflies!  A cold front came through after our rain last Sunday and we're back to wearing long pants and socks.  We're staying warm enough without heat overnight.  But on the chilly mornings I turn on the heat!

Last Saturday Jim and I had a date...we drove to Rutland, which is east of here along highway 4,  and went to the farmer's market.  Well, I went to the market while Jim stopped in Walmart to get a smoke alarm.  Not much in the way of veggies (to early) but there were leaf lettuces, radish and turnips along with beets.  Of course most of the vendors were selling homemade goodies like soap, maple syrup, breads and pastries.  Quite a few were selling craft items and I always like browsing them.  I'm sure each week there will be more to see and contemplate buying.  I did not indulge this time!

From Rutland we drove north on highway 7 skirting the Green Mountains on the right.  Beautiful drive as I'm sure all of Vermont is.  We passed dairy farms, fields of grain and old farm houses. One day I'd like to stop and take pictures of all this beauty.

Once we arrived in Middlebury lunch was on our minds and we found a place to park and walked to our destination passing up shops that need to be explored.  Perhaps another time.

It's pretty much spring time here and there are flowers around every corner and curve.  Baskets hanging with flowers spilling over the edges.  Just lovely.

Otter Creek runs through town and there's a lovely waterfall right in town!  There were some guys fishing and several folks were enjoying the park while eating their lunch

The arches you see is the road going through town

We had lunch at Two Brothers Tavern.  We stopped in here on our last visit and we even sat at the same table!  Jim had a Philly cheese steak sandwich while I tried the farro mushroom burger, we both had fries and of course a draft beer!  It was after lunch that we strolled along the water and I took the pictures

In the park there are these lovely smelling roses.  You know, the ones that truly have a scent, not like the ones from the florist

Our last stop was the root beer stand.  Jim indulged in a root beer float

As we were leaving town I was able to get this picture of the restaurant.  We sat in the front window right where the first basket on the right is

The drive home was pleasant.  Vermont is in full green (my favorite color) and there are vistas to be seen around every curve in the road

All is right in our world