Thursday, October 4, 2018

Catching Up

In case you were wondering, we're still in DeFuniak Springs at Twin Lakes.  But we have only a few days left as we leave on the 9th and head west to spend the winter, or more in Spring Branch Texas.  Speaking of Spring Branch, where were you a year ago?  We were in Spring Branch!  We like it there so going going back is like going home..

I will miss Twin Lakes Camp Resort.  I love being on the water.  Of course I also like being closer to Sonsearae and Chris.

We've been getting our ducks in a row and making plans for traveling.  We finally replaced the windshield on the truck.  For the past couple of years it has taken a beating and we had chips and stars all over it.  One created a crack that stayed the same for a long time.  But it had extended another inch in this Florida sun so we thought it was time for a new one.  The cost was about what we expected but not the gift they gave Jim.  A box of steaks!  They're in the freezer.

Speaking of the freezer...our Samsung refrigerator froze up and stopped cooling but the freezer was just fine.  So we emptied it out, using the freezer in the club house and our small cooler.  Unplugged the unit and left it overnight.  Plugged it back it and it is again freezing up.  Though not rapidly.  We cannot find anyone in the area to come out and look at it.  

The rig got a much needed washing a few days ago.  Today Jim washed all the outside windows and our home on wheels looks ever so nice.  

I noticed one of our overhead lights had a stain on it from water...not good! Did I mention we've had a lot of rain while here?  It is Florida and summer is the rainy season.  Jim inspected the roof and decided to reseal it.  Two coats should do the trick.  Bless his heart because it was hot outside and I'm not sure why he didn't go blind from the glare.  

A few nights ago the evening sky over King Lake was lovely

We've been to the beach of course, several times!  Best place for fresh seafood no matter which restaurant you choose.  We ate at Tailfins twice..overlooking an inlet and the Gulf of Mexico.  The inlet always has a parade of boats

Reading, card making and a wee bit of TV and Netflix occupy our days.  Because of trees we've relied on the cable they have here, but I think it's safe to say that we're looking forward to having our Direct TV back on the 9th if all goes according to plan.

So there ya have it..All is right in our world