Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Just another day like all the rest!

I was up a little earlier this morning and I was able to take a gazillion pictures of the sunrise. I whittled that down to these....

I hope your day started this pretty..... After breakfast I managed to get two loads of wash started, I'm beginning to run out of essential clothing!
We went out to lunch today, Popeye's! We both ate to much but it sure was good. Then we went to a bike shop only to find out we'd been there before! LOL Jim is having a problem with his trike. He'll take it in tomorrow for a check-up.
Then we went to the mall, we walked around and looked at stuff but we didn't buy anything. We got home in time for me to check out my soaps. I sure like getting both the east and west coast feeds of the networks.
The wind picked up again this afternoon and we just stayed indoors. Beside the temperature was hovering around 100.
I fixed Jim some spaghetti for his dinner, I still wasn't hungry but I ended up snacking most of the evening. a little potato salad, a little chips and pico, some raw veggies and half a peanut butter sandwich.

Monday, August 30, 2010


My day started at 0720 with 68 degrees of temperature outside and a pretty sunrise. The wind is just a gentle breeze, much better than the gusting to 30 mph we had last night. Neither one of us slept well, Boo was bothered by something and woke us several times with his barking.

After Jim got up I stripped the bed and walked the sheets over to be washed. Alas all four machines were being used. Walked back home and did the dishes. Saw another lady turn back with her load so I headed back quickly! Second time’s a charm; I finally have the sheets washing in the 50 cent machine here at Oasis RV Resort. It sprinkled on me so I’m glad we’re just a stones throw from the laundry.

Jim made an appointment for the onsite RV repairman to come Thursday to look at the wash machine. Hopefully it’s an easy fix. When he came home he pumped up the tires on the trikes, hopefully we can get some riding in while here. He did go for a ride but it was to windy for me.

After lunch I continued reading my book and watching my soaps. Made the bed, did dishes and set the chicken to marinating. Jim kept coming and going, I’ve no idea what he was doing outside. The wind has picked up and it’s blowing again. We have clouds but so far no rain.

For dinner I grilled some chicken thighs on the Forman Grill, it was to windy outside to cook them. Along with the chicken we had mashed potatoes and a carrot lima bean dish. After dinner Jim headed over to the hot tub and I did the dishes.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Well it’s a good thing I posted the blog early yesterday. Around 1800 last night I noticed I wasn’t online and for some reason our internet didn’t come back. I’m not sure when the wind died down but it was before sunset. That was nice, I was tired of it!

We had a nice dinner with leftover BBQ, potato salad and beets. After showering I did the dishes. We spent the evening watching the clouds move across the sky, we even heard thunder earlier. But no rain.

We watched another John Wayne movie, Hondo. Then changed channels…watched part of the Giants football game, then No Impact Man on Planet Green. The show is about giving up a LOT of the niceties of life. I’m totally onboard with eating locally and seasonally. But giving up all forms of paper doesn’t appeal to me. I like toilet tissue. I think we can all do more to reduce, reuse and recycle.

I worked on my afghan, it’s almost finished and I hope I can get it done before we hit warmer weather.

We had a decent sunset

We left Raton Pass around 0930 this morning. The weather was gorgeous with no hint of rain or storms. The drive was boring as all get out! I did see some antelope on a couple occasions but it was mostly range land with cows.

We stopped for a Subway sandwich in Clayton, New Mexico and while we were in the parking lot two other rigs pulled in. I do have to say the parking lot was huge for a Subway shop!

Once we crossed into Texas the views did change….to scrub lands. Saw a few cornfields but mostly scrub lands. And oil wells!

It was 89 degrees when we pulled into Oasis RV Resort and WINDY! What is it about Texas and wind? We’re staying for a week and we’re paying $100, well worth it. I hope we can get the washing machine fixed.

We took less than an hour to set up and both of us enjoyed a cold beer. Then Jim took nap while I got caught up on the computer and started a new book. I finished my sandwich from lunch and had a cup of coffee. After Jim got up I took a load of laundry over to be washed but the washers were busy.

Jim has showered and I’m waiting on my laundry to get done. I’m looking forward to washing my hair. After the winds of yesterday and today it feels gritty.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Wind, Wind and More Wind!

Woke up, got out of bed….wait, that’s song lyrics! But I did awaken to the sounds of our neighbors crunching on the gravel as they prepared to leave. Boo was annoyed by the sound and started grumbling, so I got up and turned on the furnace to help drown out the outside noises. The wind last night didn’t disturb either one of us as I feared it might. Sometimes the wind can make the slide toppers flap and that can be very annoying!

I forgot to mention that yesterday Jim practiced on his dulcimer again, that’s two days in a row. If he keeps this up he’ll be serenading me in no time! He also played some golf on the Wii and said he’s doing better. I guess getting beat by Ed really got to him.

Today we start preparations to leave tomorrow. We’re heading to Amarillo and we’ve decided to stay a week. We’ll need to repair the wash machine and I’ll have to catch up on laundry. We’ll be staying at the Oasis and I know Jim will enjoy it! No gravel, only paved sites. Perhaps we can even ride our trikes.

We’ll also do some maintenance inside and out on the rig. This lifestyle isn’t all vacation you know. Cleaning still needs to be done. Windows need to be washed, rugs shook or vacuumed…..tough jobs but someone has to do them.

After our breakfast of cream of wheat I did the dishes, made the bed and got dressed. Jim got busy cleaning the bathroom (thanks Honey!) then dumped the black tank. I took a load of laundry to be washed. Did I mention I miss my wash machine? J all of this was done before 1000!

Before lunch I put a pot of potatoes and eggs on to boil. Potato Salad for dinner with our leftover BBQ and Shrimp. After lunch I made the salad.

The clouds are building but so far it’s still nice. Though the thermometer reads 74 at 1230 the wind is keeping it cool. It’s nice not having to run the AC.

We’ve been plagued with flies the last couple of days. I think Boo is a Buddhist because every time we get the fly swatter out he starts barking! It’s a three ring circus around here….

Rio Bravo and popcorn!! Good way to pass time on a Saturday afternoon. The wind has been brutal. Made some pico de gallo for Jim which he enjoyed with a beer. The clouds are stacking up and getting darker. Rain is forecasted and I think we’ll have some later.

It's almost 1600 and I'm posting this early. I've kept a running commentary all day, as thoughts and actions came and went. Let me know what you think!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Lazy Day

When I got up this morning I noticed fewer Hummingbirds. Perhaps some have left for warmer weather.

Started the day with coffee, then breakfast. After Jim got up I did dishes, made the bed and got dressed. That was it for my chores. We both just hung around and didn't do much of anything. We played games, read blogs, magazines and some of my book.

After lunch I watched my is Friday and I needed to see the cliffhangers! :)

We had coffee outside and watched our new neighbors set up. It's a hi-lo trailer and they have four dogs, two are bloodhounds. We've never seen bloodhounds before so that was a treat. Just can't imagine two adults (and not tiny) and four dogs can live in that rig. They're on vacation and left the cats at home!

We went out to dinner, K-Bobs in Raton. Jim had surf and turf and I had a mixed BBQ dinner, we both had raspberry iced tea. It was pretty good.

Before heading home we picked up some groceries at Super Save. Once home I put them away then took a shower....the Saints were playing! Sure, it's just pre-season but it's football! And as I type this they've won 36-21. Who Dat!

We have a lot of wind tonight and the temperature has dropped into the upper 60's. Hopefully the wind will die down and not bother us later as we sleep.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Trinadad and wonderful weather

Yesterday I needed to mail a package so after lunch we went back to Colorado! It's just on the other side of Raton Pass and when we passed though on our way here it looked interesting. It is larger than Raton but not really more interesting.

We found the post office and across the street was this building. It's a museum now but I wonder if it was a private home at one time?

After driving around the brick streets and seeing some old houses we headed to Safeway and got diesel for $3.02. As we left town we stopped a Walmart and I found a shower rack I've been looking for! We needed one that slips over the door. I'm a happy camper! Our old one was rusty in spots.
Boo has taken a liking to laying in the sun where ever he can find it.
I watched my soaps while Jim played golf. I joined him outside and I'm thinking he needs more practice

His form needs work....
Today was absolutely gorgeous! I spent time reading magazines, watching my soaps, crocheting and I did a load of laundry this morning. I really miss my wash machine :(
Jim cleaned the truck this morning. After lunch he practiced on his dulcimer and played some on the Wii.
I joined him outside and we had some coffee with biscotti and enjoyed the view

Isn't it lovely?
Anne and Scotty left Montana this morning and while having our coffee she sent me a text but when I replied I had trouble sending.......

So Jim stood on the table to get a better signal, but it didn't work......what a guy!

Most of the hummers are juveniles but no matter it's fun watching them in aerial fights. The rufous are so territorial!

For dinner tonight Jim grilled some cod and zucchini while I warmed up a can of beans and set jars of pickles and olives on the counter. Everything was tasty

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Chilly, damp and misty

Slept well last night, did hear a bit of wind but no heavy rain. Up at 0700 and this is what I saw. No sun, just heavy mist across the mountain

For breakfast I fixed blueberry muffins, it warmed us and the house. Of course Jim had the furnace on too!
Throughout the day we both took pictures of the hummers

I schlepped a load of laundry over to be washed and then dried it at home. We played games, read a little and watched TV

Around noon the sun started breaking out and the clouds slowly drifted away. Jim even played some golf but he did come in and put a jacket on.

By dinner time the clouds were gone and blue skies made the day perfect. We had ravioli for dinner with a salad and a glass of wine.

It's still a bit chilly and with the forecast of upper 40's I think we'll sleep well tonight!

Monday, August 23, 2010

I was up at 0615 this morning and I was out the door to take these pictures. Back inside I did some yoga then took some pictures of the hummers from inside. I’m liking my new camera and hopefully my pictures will get better as I learn how to use it.

Time for coffee! I like this time with my coffee and computer. I read emails, blogs and check in at Facebook. Then I play games waiting until I wake Jim at 0800, which I did but he didn’t get up until 1000.

While waiting I made this Indian Agate Coil bracelet. Turned out pretty good!

After Jim got up I stripped the bed and started washing the sheets. It warmed up to 88 degrees around 1100 but there was a nice gentle breeze.
I roasted some eggplant and when it was finished I made a salad with sliced tomatoes, eggplant, balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Tasted pretty good, even Jim had some.
My first load of laundry didn't spin right so I redid it and again it didn't spin right. Turns out it's broken.......I ended up using the laundry here in the campground to finish the sheets. Hopefully when we get to Amarillo we can get it repaired.
After lunch we made a run into the town of Raton. Jim needed some hose fittings and we found a hardware store where he found what he needed. There wasn't much to see so we didn't even check out the town.
We had some drizzly rain and the campground filled right up. The clouds were more ominous as we didn't get any measurable rain.
Dinner was fish sticks, macaroni and cheese, slaw and asparagus. A Jim meal!
This evening we're watching TV and playing on the computer. It's still cloudy out there and we may get more rain. It's 70 degrees and we'll likely dip down into the upper 50's tonight.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Raton, New Mexico

We left Colorado Springs around 0930 this morning. Once we left the city the terrain was pretty boring on I-25. Scrub and no wildlife to be seen. A few horses and cows were about it. Our drive wasn't a long one and after stopping around 1130 for some lunch we only had about 75 miles to go.

After we passed through Pueblo we started seeing more mountains. But first the clouds caught my eye.

This is Fishers Peak Mesa according to the map

It was in our view for a long time and if I remember correctly it's in the City of Trinidad, Colorado, Once we passed through this city we started climbing to Raton Pass 7800 feet.

It was a beautiful drive

Don't recall the exact time we arrived. but we set up quickly and soon we were sitting outside enjoying the 80 degree temperature and lovely breeze.

This is our view out the back

a little to the right. There are signs for bear and elk in the area. The office had hummingbird feeders out so I put two window feeders up and it wasn't long before we had hummers!

Boo was exploring and jumped down to check out the hill. Then he couldn't figure out how to jump back up. He finally figured it out but it was fun watching him.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Last Day in Colorado Springs

It was a beautiful day and spending it with Jim was a good way to end our stay in Colorado Springs.

We did go out after lunch as we needed fuel for our journey tomorrow. Diesel was $2.89. Once we'd fueled up we went across the street to the mall. A stop in Dillard's for some Aveda shaving balm for Jim. I like the smell and he likes how it soothes his face and scalp.

Then we went in search of a place to get Jim's ear pierced. His original hole had closed up and he wanted to re-do it. That didn't take long and then we walked around but didn't stop anywhere except Border's and even there we didn't stay long.

Once home we had some coffee and Jim started some pre-trip chores. Airing up the tires and putting away the chairs etc.

We watched some TV, Top Gear, The Sting. Leftovers for dinner and the fridge is still packed with food!

We're driving to Raton Pass in New Mexico tomorrow. New stop for us.......

Marilyn and Ed Dray

Yesterday started out the same as it always does, coffee, breakfast, dishes and some laundry. Jim headed outside to clean up the truck as it was a little messy from our mountain drive.

Around 1100 we cleaned up, changed clothes and headed out to meet up with The Drays. We agreed to meet them at Culpeppers Cajun Kitchen,

Jim and I both agree that the food is as good as what you can find in the New Orleans area. We both had the Louisiana Sampler, Chicken & sausage gumbo, red beans & rice, crawfish etouffee & maque choux in side sizes. Served with hush puppies. Jim cleaned up his servings while I left some etouffee and maque choux. Very filling!

After lunch we headed to Safeway so Marilyn and Ed could pick up some groceries. The we took the lovely drive south on hwy 115 to Mountaindale RV resort to spend some time with them. Once we exchanged gifts we settled in with our cold drinks and chatted away the afternoon.

The guys managed to get in a game of golf on the Wii. If memory serves, Ed beat the pants off defence of Jim I do have to say he hasn't been playing much so he's out of practice!

After the game ended the guys joined us ladies and Marilyn brought out some ceviche and chips for us to enjoy. It was mighty tasty!

Miss Marilyn looking relaxed

Our gift to Ed was a huge bag of peanuts and they guys are digging in. About the time we started on the peanuts Jean and Ken came over from the site next door. It was nice meeting them. We had a lovely time visiting with our friends but we had to break up the festivities and head home. We gathered up everything and said our goodbyes with hugs and promises to meet up in the valley.
But I forgot something! After we had gotten out onto the highway we had to turn around and go back and get my water glass. Actually it's my tea maker and I would have missed it terribly. Marilyn was in the act of washing it as I arrived. So more hugs (we like hugs!) and I was out the door.

The drive North on hwy 115 has some beautiful sights around each curve and I tried to get a few good shots

I have always loved this home nestled in the trees
We arrived home around 1900 and Boo was glad to see us! It was three hours past his dinner time! I fed him then Jim and both showered and changed into our jammies. Jim had some leftover pasta while I had some soy yogurt for our dinner.

I did some reading before turning off the lights.....perfect way to end a lovely day!