Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Can You Believe?

I can't....I cannot believe it's 2019 and it's the middle of January!

Not much is going on here.  Our day to day life is falling into a pattern.  I have my daily chores of dishes, laundry, cleaning (sometimes) and cooking. I squeeze in my card making early in the mornings and some afternoons while Jim naps.  If you'd like to see the latest check out my Paper Craft Page.  I'm challenging myself to make 500 cards this year...

Jim likes to read a lot, play games on tablet and laptop and sometimes does a few  chores inside.  Dishes now and then, maybe some dusting.  Of course he takes care of the holding tanks, filters etc.  Even climbs on ladders and does most of the outside cleaning.  Washes the truck when it's warm enough outside.

We're adapting to the colder temperatures but don't spend a lot of time outdoors when it's below 60 degrees outside.  

We finally dug out the bird feeders and some on the windows.  So far we have Tufted Titmouse, House Finch, Carolina Chickadee, Wren and American Goldfinches.  Love watching them! I've heard and seen Cardinals but they're to big for these window feeders. I hope we can get our feeding station set up so we can sit outside and watch them. But the ground is very rocky and we may need a post hole digger!

We've been enjoying the local library for the dvds.  Especially during the Christmas Holiday when the TV was saturated with children's programming.  I've also had a look at a couple new to me cookbooks.  To see what I've been reading check out the library page

We both joined the Alamo Drafthouse  and you get a free movie ticket for your birthday.  Since mine was in December my choice of movie was Mary Poppins!  What a fun movie.  The theater serves beer and food.  We enjoyed a never ending bucket of popcorn along with some tasty draft beer.  We've only been the one time but it would be a great place to while away cold or hot afternoons!

All is right in our world

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Clear Skies and Wind

Last evening we had a lite dinner.  Peanut butter and crackers for Jim and I had a sandwich.  We watched a show about Thailand that was beautiful. That country has breathtaking landscapes.  We also watched HGTV, you know House Hunters is a must.   All those bickering couples are fun to watch.

Overnight temperatures were mild and I slept well under the duvet.  Jim not so much.

When I got up this morning we had fog and clouds.  The sun finally came out, weakly, around 0930.  The temperature right now (1445) is around 65 degrees which would be lovely,  but the wind! The wind is coming out of the west north west around 20 miles an hour and we’ve had gusts up to 25mph.  Leaves are blowing around and the trees are swaying.  Perfect autumn day. Apparently conditions are dry and ripe for fires.

Let’s see, I’ve done two loads of laundry and washed two loads of dishes. Jim dried and put the breakfast dishes away.  Our midday meal was leftover rice a roni that had peas in it, steamed broccoli and raw veggies.  Jim had leftover chicken in his rice. Pretty good meal if you ask me!

Do you send Christmas cards? Mine have all been mailed except for two, they’ll go out tomorrow.  I did make them, but I also had some left from last year.  Now I need to work on next years cards.

Jim is napping and missed the excitement.  There was a broken limb in the tree a site up from us and they removed it. Quite fun to watch.  Of course they didn’t have the proper equipment but they managed to get the job done.

Around 1600 the clouds came in and the temperature began to drop, 48 degrees at 1750. The wind is still blowing!

All is right in our world.