Friday, January 21, 2022

The New Year has Begun

Happy New Year!  I may be late but it is a new year.  

Hope you had a wonderful Holiday Season.  Our Christmas was quiet, just the two of us.  Sonsearae and Chris were in Puerto Rico attending the wedding of friends and enjoying warmer weather.  We rarely see midnight and New Years Eve was no exception.  There were some folks shooting off fireworks but we soon found oblivion in sleep.

Currently I'll say it's finally winter here.  We've had a few frosty mornings because of the cold fronts you Northerners send here.  The temperatures are tolerable but I'd rather have sunshine to help warm the days.  Along with the cold fronts we get rain.  Keeps everything green!

Jim is doing better with his C-Pap as am I.  Some of the noise I take in stride but some nights I get little sleep.  I do believe it's aging me as I sometimes look and feel like an old lady.  Oh, wait....I am an old lady....sheesh. As far as we know the cancer hasn't returned to his lungs or elsewhere.

Last Sunday we we able to meet up with some long time RV friends, Pat and Vern.  They're traveling with Jana and John and stopped about an hour away for the night.  We drove to them and enjoyed a dinner and much catching up.  We both miss our RV lifestyle and the friends we've made along the way

Handmade Cards because:

No one displays an email on the mantel
Shows off a tweet on the refrigerator
Saves a Facebook Post in a box of treasures

Total for 2021

Sweet as a Peach from Stampin' Up!

The Flowering Fields Suite from the January-June 2022 Mini Catalog has some gorgeous paper!  Do you like Tulips?  Before you know it Spring will be here. I hope these cards will help you long for warmer days.

I hope this year brings you life's little pleasures!  
Make it a good one!

All is right in our world