Sunday, December 27, 2020

End of the Year

 It has been an interesting year.  I truly hope you're ending it, at the very least, healthy.  We are doing great, no health issues and for that I'm grateful.  

We moved to Tallahassee and though I think Jim was a bit reluctant at first, he's embracing it.  Being around our daughters and their husbands is comforting on many levels.  We've never spent a holiday with Jim's daughter Christy as an adult.  Matter of fact we've not spent much time with her at all.  She's a remarkable woman.  Living next door to her and Rik is a learning experience! 

Sonsearae has enjoyed several holiday's with us over the years.  But this year is different somehow.  Not as hurried, trying to remember everything we wanted to say to each other.'s a good thing!

We are constantly being tested.  Seems like each week there is another repair needed.  We're old and it's a pain!  But the rig is old and so it the truck.  We had to put the truck in the shop again and we got the cutest rental.  Repairs will always be needed unfortunately, so we're dealing with them as best we can.  

I've not been playing with my paper I didn't make 500 cards this year. I have the supplies!  And time.  But since being here I've lost my mojo.  I am working on it!

Still in Christmas mode with the tags and quilt like cards.  I'll add sentiments next year to the cards.  Time to put Holiday papers and stamps away.  I'm ready for other colors

Earlier this month  I celebrated my birthday with a haircut!  
Also a pedicure which I haven't had for several years.  Sonsearae arranged it all as a gift to me.  She and Chris also treated us to dinner out at Osaka.  I love the hibachi.

Our daughters are trying to fatten us up.  I have gained weight since being here. My gallbladder dictates my diet as I'm trying to eat low fat.  Boring but better than passing stones.  A couple of weeks ago I took a header into a display rack courtesy of Dobby.  Caught me in the back of my knees and my legs buckled.  Couple of scrapes on my forearms and some bruising.  Looked awful!  But mostly healed.   

Jim is doing great, he's a bit more active here.  Partially from fixes and repairs, but visiting with Christy and Rik generally get's him out of the house every day.  Jim has found a primary care physician that is taking new patients.  This will get him referrals for the specialists that he'll need to see to continue with his healthcare.  I've not yet been to the VA.  Soon

We also need to get new drivers licenses and tags.  In time this will be done.  We're Floridians now....

All is right in our world