Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day Pictures

Our Christmas day started with some clouds as the cold front moves through the area. They soon cleared off and we had a very nice day with clear skies

It was chilly and I turned on the fireplace to warm me up. Jim was still sleeping.
Santa left Boo a stocking full of toys and when he joined me down stairs I helped him open the stocking

the Christmas tree was first out, it's a plush toy and he likes it!

a tennis ball and football were worthy of barks. Not sure why he likes to bark at balls! but it roused Jim enough for him to ask why Boo was barking

Sunset was pretty

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day

I sure hope y'all had a wonderful day!

Late afternoon yesterday the mail list was finally posted and our package from Sonsearae arrived! I headed down to guest services to get it and while there I picked up a small package for Anne and Scotty. They were heading out for Christmas Eve services. Sonsearae got each of us a New Orleans Saints Champions Super Bowl T-shirts! Mine is Grey and Jim has a black one. She also sent each of cookies that she baked and they are gooooood!

Jim has been battling a head cold the past few days and yesterday I was feeling the symptoms. You know, sore throat, stuffed nose. So dinner was simple. We both had a salad and I had a cup of soup while Jim had some leftover macaroni and cheese.

Christmas Eve was spent quietly inside. We watched tv, played on the computers and watched a dvd of Cadfael. During the evening we heard the carolers stroll by as the wind picked up and the temperature fell.

It was still nice when we went to bed but during the night the wind howled on occasion and the temperature was 53 when I got up this morning. I’m sure Santa had a rough time with his sleigh! By 0800 the clouds had blown away and we were left with clear blue skies.

When I got up I turned on the fireplace even though it was 64 degrees in the house. It’s pretty to look at on this Christmas morning. As you can see Santa left Boo a stocking with new toys!

After Jim got up I got dressed, made the bed and did the breakfast dishes. Also too Boo outside and over to the Scott’s to visit.

Anne, Scotty, Amy, Dan, Jim and I went to Hayashi Hibachi for our Christmas Dinner. As usual we had a good time with our friends, the food was great and we all loved the dinner ‘show’. We arrived back at the resort in time to have dessert with Karen, Dave, Diana, John and Pat and Vern. Made some coffee to take with me as did Jim and Anne. It was getting chilly outside so we all grabbed a jacket.

Dessert consisted of pecan pie, pumpkin pie, carrot cake and a tin full of cookies! Not sure but I think Jim sampled a couple of them. I had a few bites of the carrot cake. Amy, Anne and I shared a slice!

We didn’t stay long because the temperature was dropping fast as the sun was going down. It’s supposed to get into the 40’s tonight with freezing temperatures in some parts of south Texas. We were home before it got dark. Boo was happy to see us.

We’ve spent the evening just relaxing in our pj’s and watching tv. I've been trying to upload pictures but apparently there is a problem. I hope this blog will post.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


This time of year we exchange gifts.....sometimes we wonder at the thoughts that go into these gifts. I love food gifts. It can be a card for a restaurant or homemade gift of fudge, snacks or cookies. Or it can be a basket of goodies like the one Sonsearae sent Jim and I.

this basket from Eden Foods has several meal ideas. Three boxes of pasta, pizza sauce, olive oil, spaghetti sauce, diced tomatoes and beans. I'm sure Jim doesn't care that it's organic, but I do.

Did you see the lunar eclipse? Alas I slept through it but it was a gift also. First time in 400 years since the last eclipse that occurred on the winter solstice. I'm sure untold millions saw it and rejoiced in it. I took some pictures of the moon rising and it was huge as it climbed up the eastern sky

I did get up in the night, 0248 to be exact. When I woke up it was dark and I thought it odd since we had a full moon so I thought I might see some part of the eclipse. I went outside but all I saw was a small yellowish, gauzy looking moon. I didn't have my glasses on so maybe I wasn't seeing exactly what was up there!
This past year we've had the good fortune of living next door to and traveling with the Scott's. Anne and Scotty are dear friends and that is a gift. As we get older having friends is important. Our families are scattered and we don't see them often. The gift of friendship is a great one and one I cherish.

As we celebrate this Christmas take time to remember our military men and women who are far from home.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Spaghetti Dinner with Friends

DROID....that's what my new phone says when I get a new text message.....DROID! :)

Jim and I both got new phones this week. The Droid X by Motorola. You see Anne wanted a new phone so the four of us went to the Verizon store to check out what's available. Jim and I wanted to price the various phones, options and check out internet options. Well the three of us ended up with the Droid X, poor Scotty has to wait until February before he can get one. for the past two days we've been learning how to use our phones. Jim now has texting. Having a 3g phone is fun!

Tonight we went to dinner down the road at Diana and Johns' place. Karen started inviting everyone to a spaghetti dinner and while I didn't count all of them there sure were a lot of people and the gathering! Spaghetti and meat balls along with various breads, salads and desserts. I took an apple salad that had cranberries and walnuts. It was tasty enough to be a dessert.

When I got home from the dinner there was a big box on the patio! A Christmas present from Sonsearae and Chris, A gift basket from Eden Foods. Packed in the lovely basket are the ingredients for Italian pasta dishes......Yum!

Today was cool and cloudy and during our dinner the clouds cleared out and we even had some sunshine for awhile. Tonight the temperature will dip into the low 50's/upper 40's. Great for sleeping with the comforter!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Catching Up

Well, my birthday has come and gone. On Wednesday I turned 63 and I'm happy to celebrate another year! Also on Wednesday Anne and I went to Spago Spa and Salon and got our hair cut and we both got pedicures. It's a sad fact but the older we get the more difficult it is to see your toes! Keeping the nails trimmed is doable but putting polish on them is next to impossible. And I must admit it's a pleasure having someone else pamper you.

We rushed home, changed clothes, grabbed Scotty and Jim then drove back the way we came to Outback Steak House to partake of the special they have running now. We all ordered steak and lobster tails. We all enjoyed the meal!

Jim gave me a beautiful card and some chocolate. Sonsearae sent me the Johnny Depp Pirate movies and Anne carved me a bird that I admired in her home. It was a very good day.

Friday we had happy hour at the Scott's with the whole gang. Karen and Dave, Pat and Vern, Linda and Dan, Amy and Dan, Jim and I, Anne and Scotty. Terry stopped by as did Jeni and Don. A lot of good food, drinks flowed and we all had a good time.

It may be me but I think it's cooler this December. And I don't care for it! Wearing shoes and long pants is cumbersome. And we've even had to wear jackets! :) For the most part the days are nice and the nights are cool enough to sleep well.

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Gang's All Here!

If possible, today was worse than yesterday in the weather department. Cloudy skies and colder temperatures. But no rain....and we could use some.

We didn't do anything exciting over the weekend. Just stayed close to home and inside mostly because of the cool temperatures. Saturday we had a gathering down at Diana and John's. I guess about 20 people with food and drinks. It was gorgeous weather and we didn't come home until it started cooling off around 1900.

That night the front started coming through and Sunday was gloomy with no sun at all. We watched football with a break at Barnes and Nobles before we went to the Clubhouse for the burger bash. I did not partake but instead had a salad while Jim had a burger, potato salad and beans with chips and cookies. We sat with Anne and Scotty and then Terry and Mark joined us and once everyone was there the managers Jeni and Don joined us. As usual we had a good time.

When I got up this morning it was gloomy outside and chilly inside. I turned on the fireplace and for breakfast I fixed blueberry muffins. After breakfast I made the bed and cleaned up the kitchen so I could mess it up again. Overnight I soaked some Navy beans so I could make a pot of soup. So I chopped and diced and mashed and for lunch we had soup!

After that was eaten and cleaned up we went to the Movies and saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I enjoyed it and I can't wait to see part two next year.

We learned this morning that our friends Karen and Dave would be arriving this afternoon and sure enough when we arrived back at the resort they were here and almost all set up. Linda and Dan were traveling with them and it was good to see them too. So, the whole gang is here, let the fun begin!

Not that we haven't had fun up to now but it can only get better now!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Beautiful Days

I love it when the weather cooperates! We've warmed up to the 70-80's during the day and the nights are in the 60's. I'm sure it won't last long, another cold front is bound to come along

Other than sitting around and reading or computing we haven't done much. Yesterday I took a bike ride around the area and took some pictures of our blooming and interesting plants. I hope you like them!

Not sure what this bush/tree is but the berries are pretty, it's about as autumnal as we get around here

these cactus are everywhere and used in the resort as natural plantings.

I like the palm growing in the middle of this one!

the butterflies like this plant

this color combination caught my eye

these yellow flowers are everywhere!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


December sure started cold! I was up at 0430, I’ve no idea why I couldn’t go back to sleep. It was 39 degrees outside and about 59 inside. Brrr! After I made my coffee I was a bit warmer. Of course the fireplace and being wrapped in a small quilt helped also. Before the sunrise it had dropped to 37

Our sunrise was pretty

After a breakfast of sausage and pancakes I looked forward to doing the dishes because my hands were so cold…

Jim headed off to work and I made the bed and got dressed. We didn't really do much this morning. Scotty came over and visited for a bit, Anne was at Zumba class.

Jim and I went out for a bit of shopping and lunch. Our first stop was Walmart, which didn't take long. Then we had lunch at Wendy's, can't remember the last time we ate there but chili sounded good and it was!

Our next stop was the Social Security office to give them copies of my DD214's. Its official, I'm old....and applying for my benefits.... :)

Our last stop was Academy Sports to pick up a few supplies for gun cleaning and target practice. We stopped and picked up our mail thanks to Anne letting us know we needed to stop. We have online notification that makes it nice. Once home we put everything away and then joined the Scott's for some coffee, beer and conversation.

It was a beautiful afternoon but once the sun started slipping down it got cooler so we ended our visit and headed home. We skipped the weekly happy hour. I showered and then Jim showered.

Dinner was tomato soup and Jim had a grilled cheese sandwich. I had some stuffing, much better than grilled cheese!

It's just now 2115 and it's 56 degrees outside. Another night sleeping under the comforter....