Wednesday, December 22, 2010


This time of year we exchange gifts.....sometimes we wonder at the thoughts that go into these gifts. I love food gifts. It can be a card for a restaurant or homemade gift of fudge, snacks or cookies. Or it can be a basket of goodies like the one Sonsearae sent Jim and I.

this basket from Eden Foods has several meal ideas. Three boxes of pasta, pizza sauce, olive oil, spaghetti sauce, diced tomatoes and beans. I'm sure Jim doesn't care that it's organic, but I do.

Did you see the lunar eclipse? Alas I slept through it but it was a gift also. First time in 400 years since the last eclipse that occurred on the winter solstice. I'm sure untold millions saw it and rejoiced in it. I took some pictures of the moon rising and it was huge as it climbed up the eastern sky

I did get up in the night, 0248 to be exact. When I woke up it was dark and I thought it odd since we had a full moon so I thought I might see some part of the eclipse. I went outside but all I saw was a small yellowish, gauzy looking moon. I didn't have my glasses on so maybe I wasn't seeing exactly what was up there!
This past year we've had the good fortune of living next door to and traveling with the Scott's. Anne and Scotty are dear friends and that is a gift. As we get older having friends is important. Our families are scattered and we don't see them often. The gift of friendship is a great one and one I cherish.

As we celebrate this Christmas take time to remember our military men and women who are far from home.