Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Very Windy!

We both slept late this morning....Boo woke us barking. Once I was up someone banged on the door! Oh, just Scotty but I saw the reason why, Pony Express was out front filling our propane tank and we needed to pay the man. That out of the way I was back inside in a flash and making coffee!

We both enjoyed our coffee but since it was late we didn't linger over it or breakfast. The temperature was rising and the wind started blowing and like it does here in the Rio Grande Valley the wind kept blowing and grit covered every surface in the rig.

I did a load of laundry and washed the kitchen floor. Because of the wind, kayaking was a no go. Jim emptied the black tank.

Pat, Anne and I went to Sam's Club this afternoon. Pat could shop there so Anne and I were just checking it out. After checking prices I decided to join. I think I can restrain myself from buying to much, after all we don't have a lot of storage space!

We had dinner at Pat and Vern's place. It was delicious! sausage with a tomato sauce and a side of onions and peppers on buns. Pat also served a cole slaw. For dessert she brought out ice cream, chocolate sauce and whipped cream. She also had some pound cake and apple cinnamon cake. We dined very well out side on the patio, they have a screened area like ours so the wind didn't bother us at all.

After cleared the table we learned how to play 'chicken feet'. It's a domino game and we only played two games. We came home and stood outside watching all the swallows fly over. It's amazing to see all those birds so low in the sky.

Jim, Anne and I walked/ran Boo around the block. I think we all enjoyed this interlude!

We've showered and we're ready for bed. And the wind is still blowing...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cooler today

It was chilly last night and I slept well. Even slept in a bit as the sun was up when I got out of bed. I made my coffee and then got busy with my sour dough starter. Had to feed it! That done I turned on my computer and answered some emails.

Jim's phone went off before 0800 so he was up early too. The Ford dealership was calling about the truck. I forget what needs to be repaired....but as I type this they still have our truck!

Since it was cooler today I decided to bake. I made some shortbread cookies and sourdough bread. The bread was an all day affair because it's new starter. Once I had the starter finished I went ahead and made some bread.

Anne and I went out and hit a few stores. Dollar Tree for some Halloween items. Then Wal*Mart for a few groceries. Then Sally Beauty Supply where I got some decals for my fingernails. Halloween theme!

Once home I only had a short time to relax when Anne came over and we headed out for a walk so we could deliver invitations for a Halloween Party Friday. My bread was rising and I couldn't be gone long. Of course there are about a dozen rigs here and they're all spread out. While out Pat and Vern invited us for happy hour.

When we were at Wal*Mart we picked up some Philly steak meat for out dinner. When I returned from our walk I started slicing the green peppers, onions and mushrooms. I started cooking the veggies and meat. Then I formed two loaves of bread and set them to rise.

We had dinner on our patio and I must say it was tasty! I didn't realize I was so hungry til I sat down to eat. Once dinner was over I remained at home while the others headed to happy hour. I had to clean up the kitchen and bake the bread. I walked over and joined the group about 40 minutes later. We sat around and talked until past 1930.

We got home in time to see Dancing with the Stars. Now I'm watching a National Geographic show about feet that have washed ashore in British Columbia. Quite interesting! Jim is playing games on his computer.

I'm told a lot of folks are expected on the 1st of November, the Winter Texans are heading for the Rio Grande Valley!

Monday, October 26, 2009

New Wal*Mart

Not much going on around here. Same old stuff. Yesterday Jim and I went into Penitas to the new Wal*Mart to pick up a few things and buy a newspaper. I need my coupons!!! This particular store has been in the making for a few years. The building was there, had a sign, then they took the sign down and it sat empty. That's the way it was when we left the valley last spring.

Have you noticed the changes Wal*Mart is making in their stores? A great improvement if you ask me.

Jim put the kayak together yesterday afternoon. I stayed inside and read my book. I'm still reading An Echo in the Bone by Diana Gabaldon.

Three couples cooked out last night and we had dinner at Anne and Scotty's. Jim and I had Italian sausage sandwiches with sauteed onions, green peppers and a wee bit of garlic. Anne grilled pork chops on her Cobb Grill and served us a pasta salad with black olives and pepperoni. Pat and Vern brought chicken to grill and most of us enjoyed a cold beer with this meal. We served up some mint chocolate chip ice cream for dessert. It was a nice get together!

When I got up this morning it was damp outside with dew. A few of the windows were wet with dew and it was cloudy. We did have sun for a bit but the clouds have all bunched together and scattered thunderstorms are predicted for this afternoon. Humidity was in the 80's so I'm keeping the house closed up.

Jim has gone to the Ford place to get the oil changed and the leak checked.

See? Not very exciting....

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Butterflies and Flowers

I was up at 0600! It was still drippy outside, can't call it rain. But we did has some rain overnight. Woke Jim at 0800 but he didn't get up until an hour later. No matter, it's been a cloudy do nothing day.

But we did take pictures! Anne and I took a walk this morning and I snapped the following:

This one almost got away before I could take his picture!

The following pictures were taken by Jim when he went to Bentsen State Park this morning:

Not crazy about spiders but Jim's camera can get up and close

This pretty one has eluded me, keeps closing it's wings.....Nice shot honey!

I like the angle on this one
I took Boo for a walk and only had my phone to work with. I think the camera takes good pictures

We do have other color roses....sorry about the dead one. Didn't think to remove it before I took the picture

More clusters of butterflies on blue flowers.
It's almost dinner time. Boo is hungry....Jim isn't even here!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Just another day in the valley

I was up a little before 0700...hmmmm, I wonder if change is in my future? I woke Jim at 0800 and we had blueberry muffins for breakfast. It was a little cooler this morning, only 67 when I got up.... :)

Can't recall exactly when Jim left, but he took the truck to the Ford dealer to get the oil changed and to check a leak. I was working on my spices when he left.

When we attended the RV-Dreams Rally earlier this month I saw this tubular spice rack and decided I needed it.

It takes up less space than all the bottles and tins I have. In the future I can buy smaller amounts either from this company or from specialty stores that provide small packets.

After I cleaned up the kitchen I headed out with Anne to do some shopping. We went to Mitchael's and Walmart. We looked at a lot of Halloween stuff! We also picked up needed groceries at Walmart.

When we got home our guys were reading. I put away all my purchases while Jim told me he didn't get the oil changed.....Then the three of us went riding in Bentsen State Park. I didn't take a camera, but Anne brought hers and she shared a couple pictures with me

This is the first monarch we've seen here.

While we ladies were out and about Jim took the following pictures.

The amount of Butterflies on the bushes around here is amazing. Like Anne said it's magical!

Home Sweet Home

When we returned from our ride it was time to fix dinner Anne and I fixed shrimp scampi and we had our dinner on our patio. We had a loaf of Italian bread and a bottle of Green Apple Riesling from D'Vine Wine in Manitou Springs, Colorado. Chocolate cupcakes for dessert. After dinner Anne called Karen and we all talked with her and David trying to convince them to come on down to the valley! You see they aren't full timers :( and they wont be here until after Christmas.
We finally broke up around 1915. It didn't take long to do the dishes and then I showered. I've been sitting at this computer all evening and it's time for bed! What's this? I hear rain!
Nothing better than sleeping with rain coming down.
Hope your day was a good one....

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Perfect Day

I was up shortly after 0700 this morning. The temperature outside was 68 so it didn't cool down any. We didn't have rain, as was predicted last night. The sun came up and the day started to heat up.

I woke Jim at 0800 and Boo annoyed him enough to really wake him. They played for a bit then Jim got up. Retirement has it's advantages!

I made pancakes for my breakfast, Jim declined as he doesn't care for my 'healthy' pancakes. After I ate I did dishes and made the bed. Because of the threat of rain I put my plants under cover so I set them out in the sunshine and watered them. I'm growing some lettuce in a window box planter and I can't wait to eat it!

Jim and I dressed and went out to run errands. Home Depot, we didn't buy anything because they didn't have what we wanted. Sun Harvest for my sugar and some filberts, we also found other snacks. Walmart which didn't have what I wanted but Jim bought a couple wiper blades.

We then stopped at BJ's Restaurant Brewhouse, Many of our Valley friends like this place! We each had a beer and for lunch we had pizza and a salad. Plenty of food and it didn't cost much. All of it was tasty.

Once home Jim took a nap, all that shopping must have worn him out! :) I turned on my soaps and watched them. I also read some emails, responded to a few.

When Jim got up I did a load of laundry. He went outside to play golf.

We didn't do much today and that's ok, no need to be busy all the time! After all we are retired!

Anne and I went for a walk this evening. When we got back the guys were indoors so we said goodnight. My evening has been good... TV and time with Jim, even if we're just playing games and watching television.

Life is good!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Butterflies and Flowers

I was up around 0700 again, and I woke Jim at 0800 but he didn't get up immediately...sometimes he likes to snooze. We both did our normal morning routine of blogs, emails and coffee with breakfast. Just not at the same times!

I did up the dishes and watered my plants. Then I went for a little bike ride to mail something. Back home I realized I forgot something else I needed to mail so this time I walked, Jim had my trike turned on its side and was working on it. It was nice out so I walked to the mail box and just continued on and walked a couple miles.

Yesterday Anne and I walked around Bentsen Palms Resort and took pictures. Before long the flowers will fade and the butterflies will migrate south. I hope you enjoy my attempt at capturing shots of moving butterflies on a breezy afternoon.

How many can you count in this picture?

Or this one? they were thick on these flowers.

It's difficult to get up close enough without them flying off

Bet I took a dozen shots of this fella and I think he knew it! Kept folding his wings!

these little yellow butterflies were a challenge also. When they land they close up.

Olive tree with flowers and fruit

These flowers are much prettier in real life.
Anne probably has some better photos on her blog, I just checked and she does!
I had a big salad for lunch and watched my soaps. I was reading my book when Anne popped over to show me the embroidery she did on Zena's coat. Zena is a family dog that lives in New York. It's cold where she lives! She wanted to mail it and I had a package to mail to Sonsearae so we headed to the post office.
Then we stopped a newly opened Walmart to get planting items. But their garden center isn't. Christmas items instead.....but we managed to find other things to buy. Since we didn't have a cart we couldn't buy much!
Back home we got our happy hour/dinner ready. Jim and I had chicken sandwiches, Anne made potato salad and she and Scotty had ham and cheese. We also had some spinach dip with bagel chips and some olives. It was breezy but nice enough to sit outside. Boo joined us for dinner and then the begging started. We need to break him of that!
After dinner Anne served us some strawberry shortcake complete with whipped cream. It was very tasty! We ladies cleared the mess and then took Boo for a walk. I think we wore him out, he's sleeping soundly right now.
We've been watching NCIS on the USA channel. Jim is playing games on his computer.
Today has been cloudy and windy perhaps we'll get rain later.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kick Back Day

I was up at 0700, it's dark at that hour! but it's nice to see the sunrise again. If I remember correctly it was 68 inside and 61 outside and once the sun came up it started to warm up. I woke Jim at 0800. I had some cereal with my nuts and berries and a glass of orange juice. I'm not a big fruit eater but breakfast time is when I usually get my daily dose of them.

I did the breakfast dishes and made the bed after I got dressed. I bought a tubular spice rack and I'm slowly filling them. Once I get all my tubes filled I'll show you, so stay tuned! I water the outdoor plants.

My herbs are doing super now that the deer aren't eating them! Parsley, chives, marjoram and thyme.

My cactus pot is also looking better. In Taos I bought a couple succulents to fill in the empty spots. I'm going to have to trim the huge jade and I'm hoping I can find new homes for the cuttings. I hate to throw any plant away....

I trimmed Boo's face and tried to trim some length off his coat. He runs from me and tries to hide when I bring out the grooming arm. He knows what's going to happen! But once he's on the table he sits patiently while I do the trimming.

Jim took the trikes to a bike shop and he was surprised when the guy gathered his tools and worked on them right in the parking lot. He didn't even have to take them off the rack. All of the frozen bits now work and I can shift again. Jim was home at lunch time. He had a burger while I had a salad. Scotty joined him for lunch.

After lunch Jim played some golf on the Wii, first time in a long time!

As the day wore on more clouds filled the sky. It was warm but not enough to turn on the AC. I watched my soaps. During that time slot Anne came by and we went for a walk taking pictures of flowers and butterflies. Those pictures will be posted another time.

Around 1630 we headed over to Pat and Vern's for margarita's. We took some peanuts in the shell, Anne made some popcorn and Pat had cheese, crackers and smoked sausage. Oh and some Hershey's miniature candy's. We had a good time laughing, chatting and noshing!
Vern enjoying some peanuts
Jim talking with Pat....

Pat listening rapturously! :)

Miss Anne enjoying a margarita

Not sure why Scotty was scowling at Anne.....perhaps she told him not to eat so much chocolate!



and Sadie.
They are well mannered, unlike Boo. The dogs don't openly beg for food but everyone fed them peanuts. Sasha can crack hers and just eat the peanut but Rider eats the whole thing! Sadie didn't get any.
We had a slight breeze and it was comfortable sitting out. The party broke up around 1930. We were home in time for me to shower before Dancing with the Stars came on. There was a dance tribute to Michael Jackson that I wanted to see. Right now I'm watching Chopped on the Food Network
See, it was a kick back day...little bit of this, little bit of that

Busy Day!

Yesterday Jim and I stayed busy all day and slept very well last night!

After breakfast for me, Jim skipped it again, I got busy with indoor chores. I threw some clothes in the washer, got dressed and stripped the bed. Sheet day! then I washed the breakfast dishes while Jim went outdoors to do his outdoor chores. One was working on our trikes.

Once the kitchen was cleaned up I got it dirty again! I had a roasted chicken that needed de-boning and I used the carcass to make some chicken stock for soup. Once I had that going I did dishes again, these RV kitchens get cluttered fast. Meanwhile I'm still dong laundry. Jim did some minor fixes on the trikes but determined that they needed a bike doctor.

Anne and I had made plans to go grocery shopping, we each needed a couple things. She came over just as I was straining my chicken stock. OK! change clothes and 15 minutes later we're on our way.

We went to Target and Petco, then we stopped in Chili's for some soup and salad for lunch. I had the black bean soup, which is tasty with the sour cream/cilantro swirl, and a Cesar salad. They brought out chips and salsa and we had more than enough to eat. We brought home half of my soup and the chips and salsa we didn't eat. Then we popped into HEB for the groceries we needed.

Once home I put away my veggies and continued doing laundry. I was able to watch a couple of my soaps, gotta keep up with the stories! I made a pot of chicken soup for our dinner. After working most of the day on the trikes Jim came in and showered and put on his jammies and asked 'what's for dinner'? About this time I get a text from Anne, 'It's Happy Hour'! So Jim changed and we headed next door. I took my tea and the other three had beer. Scotty bought a Cobb Grill and he had it fired up to cook brats. We were invited but I declined, Jim accepted! He never turns down a brat. I brought over some potato salad and everyone had dinner except me, I wasn't all that hungry. Anne brought out the fixins for the brats and the leftover chips and salsa.

While we were outside, Anne got a call from Pat telling us about a flyover of hawks, so we all head out from under cover to look. Turns out it was buzzards but watching them fly over so low is exciting when they number in the hundreds or so. The weather was wonderful for sitting out, we heard taps from the RGV Veterans Cemetery but no coyotes.

I was keeping an eye on the clock so I could watch Dancing with the Stars and just as I was going to go home Don and Jeni (Managers making nightly round) stopped by and then the swallows started flying over! Thousands of them and they kept coming and coming and coming! While all of were watching this fabulous show Pat and Vern walked by with their dogs so we all stood around chatting. Jim had gone home and turned on our outside TV (it's connected to the cable) and I was glancing at Dancing with the Stars. Not sure how long this lasted but it was fun talking with everyone.

Jim and Scotty sat outside watching TV for a bit, I went inside because I could watch TV and continue with my chores. The bed was only partially made and I was hungry by now and had some soup and a biscuit. I watched the rest of the dancing then showered and made the bed.

When I sat back down to finish watching Castle it was half over and I was bushed, that's why I didn't do the blog....

Thus ends another busy day in the valley!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

South Padre Island

We left around 0930 for the beach. At 1100 we wanted to see the hula dancers. After we stopped for fuel, we were on our way. The ladies, Anne, Pat and I, kept the conversation flowing with occasional comments from the guys. The drive was very pleasant and for Jim and I we saw new parts of highways 83 and 100 because we've never been to this part of the Texas Coast.

It would have been the perfect day at the beach.....but red tide did us in. As soon as we got out of the truck all six of us started coughing and before we even saw the first sand sculpture we decided to get our pictures and leave.

sorry about two shots of this, Jim took the pictures and I couldn't decide which one was better!

One of my favorites, the shark is pulling down the pants off that pirate!

two parter, sponsors of the event

part two!

After seeing various folks wearing surgical masks and holding Kleenex to their faces I decided to do the same. After awhile everyone joined me. This is Vern, myself, Anne and Pat. Apparently I was supposed to hold the Kleenex to my face for this photo

We couldn't leave the shore without having some seafood so we stopped at Daddy's. We all had various shrimp and something dishes. Mine was scallops and I ordered a grilled dinner. Some had fried fish, some had oysters and some had all three! Except for Anne we all enjoyed a cold draft beer with our meal. If you're in the area we all recommend this restaurant. It reminded me of New Orleans flavors.

Vern and Pat

Anne and Scotty

After lunch we headed towards home. But we had to make a stop at Bobz World! Some of us like these typical beach stores. And we needed pictures and some ice cream.

This was my only picture! The reef out front is pretty and I like dolphins.
We had a good time but we had planned on staying longer. We packed our coolers with cold drinks and brought our chairs. Maybe next time....
We had red beans and rice for dinner...Thanks Sonsearae for the idea. Of course she probably made hers, I just opened a can! Of course I cooked the rice, la de dah!
Jim has been playing games with his headset on and I'm watching the Food Network, The next Iron Chef and I'll watch Iron Chef America next.
Hope your day was a good one!
The Saints won again......