Sunday, November 30, 2008

Black Friday....

Do you shop on Black Friday? I don't, I can't think of any reason to join the hordes just to save money. It's nice that I'm in the position to choose. That being said we did go out! Jim needed to have his glasses adjusted. And as long as we were in the neighborhood I went to Whole Foods one more time. They don't have one in the RGV. Jim let me wander the store all by myself.....I was in heaven :)

On the way home we decided to stop and have lunch. Pappadeaux was the place! We've seen it from 410 many times and wondered if it had Cajun or New Orleans does! I think we've found another favorite restaurant in San Antonio. I had a mixed seafood grill and Jim had mixed fried seafood. It was a bit pricey for lunch but it was sooooooo good!

After lunch we stopped at a Best Buy, Jim was looking for a game. Didn't buy anything. As we were leaving we saw a Container store....never been in one so we checked it out. They sure have a lot of storage solutions for RVers!

Saturday I did laundry and Jim worked outside. We did go out to CVS and Jim picked up some new batteries for the truck.

Today we went to the base for some last minute groceries. Picked up some lunch meat for sandwiches. Also got fuel for our trip to the valley tomorrow. $2.69

We didn't do anything touristy during our two week stay in San Antonio. One problem was gloomy or cold weather. I bet we didn't have but 4-5 days with sunshine and those days we stayed home and enjoyed them. But we'll be back! We like it here.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Being Thankful

Jim and I have many things to be thankful for. Our lifestyle, our health and the ability to enjoy life.

Yesterday we had dinner with about 50 other people, two of them were young enlisted Air Force men. I'm afraid we embarrassed them by our attention. But everyone wanted to let them know we cared. We had the usual foods of turkey, ham, potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauces, various jello salads, sweet potato dishes, rolls and pies. We enjoyed our dinner companions and had a good time!

We came home and vegetated....watched Bond movies, had coffee. The day was dreary. It started with fog and stayed cloudy all day. We even had some spitting rain. We took Boo for a walk around 1630.

For dinner we had popcorn.....Jim also had a bowl of ice cream.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope y'all are enjoying the day with friends and family.

Yesterday I was busy in the kitchen making wheat rolls for our dinner today. We pretty much stayed home and enjoyed each others company.

We've been watching rigs pull into the Campground for the past 48 hours and they're still coming in! I guess they've heard about the dinner being laid out for all the campers. We'll be heading there in just a few minutes.

Detroit is losing the football game so I hope our dinner is a good one.....

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

one month til Christmas!

Are you ready? :) Before long it will be Christmas, don't wait until the last minute to shop.....But don't go on Black Friday.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and already I'm tired of the Christmas ads. It seems the retailers start earlier and earlier every year. I know, the economy is hurting so the sales will help.

Yesterday we did a little shopping ourselves. First we found a post office so I could mail Sonsearae a package. Then we headed to Bass Pro Shop, we both like that store as well as Cabelas. We never buy anything but it's fun to wander around and see the exhibits.

Then we headed to the North Star Mall so we could have lunch at Luciano's. We discovered this restaurant at the Riverwalk in San Antonio. Italian Food that's very good. The seating at the mall restaurant is out in the mall around a fountain. We had wine, antipasto, soup and salad. The always bring out bruschetta for a starter.

After lunch we walked the mall, not really shopping but looking and watching everyone. We have been looking for new bedding and decided to go into Macy's to see what they have. Well, we found a light wight down duvet, hopefully this will be a year round cover. We also got a cover for the duvet and new sheets. Great sale going on! With our hands full we headed out, but by the time we got back to Luciano's we needed fortification!

Espresso for both of us and Jim had creme brule, I had raspberry panna cotta. YUM!

From the mall we headed over to another mall, the Quarry. Jim's glasses were ready. We had thought to see a movie but it was getting late so we headed home.

Once home we just vegged out. No dinner, just peanut butter and crackers. I watched the finale of dancing with the stars and enjoyed most of it. I did wash the duvet cover so we could use the new duvet. We both slept well and I think Boo likes it too!

Hope y'all have lots of food, fun, family and friends in your day tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Popeye's Fried Chicken

Have you ever wanted something, that once you thought of it, that's all you could think of? Well that happened to me. We were on base and I saw an an for Popeye's and we looked for it in the food court but didn't see it. Sunday I thought of it again and looked it up online. 19 places around San Antonio!

That's where we had lunch Sunday. Spicy chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy for me. Jim had chicken and red beans and rice. We both had a soda and biscuit. We ate every bite!!!! We can't remember the last time we had some and I know there wasn't one in the Valley when we left.

We stopped by the base to pick up some beer and we were headed home. Jim missed the exit so we went on to the mall. Walking after stuffing ourselves with lunch seemed like a good idea. Boy are the stores having sales. We looked at bedding at Dillards, it was marked 40% off. But we didn't see anything we wanted. Our comforter is to heavy for warm weather and it's bulky to store. I think we could use a duvet and an extra blanket for those cold nights. So we're shopping around trying to find something we both like.

Once home Jim found some movies to watch and that's what we did the rest of the afternoon and evening. Can't remember the name but both of them were back to back movies and all they did was advertise the third one coming to a theater soon...

The weather finally turned warmer and mid morning on Monday the clouds went away. I think it was in the mid 70's. That was nice, Jim was back in shorts and not complaining about the cold.

Monday I stripped the bed and washed the sheets. Did two other loads of laundry too. I watched my soaps, first time in days I've gotten to see all on the same day.

There aren't a lot of people here at Admiralty RV park. I have to check later to see how many are coming to Thanksgiving dinner. I'm making rolls and need a head count so I can make enough! I'm also taking some roasted sweet potatoes. No matter how many folks show up I'm sure it will be a good dinner shared with others.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cold Weather

On Friday our weather turned cold! Barely reached 60 during the day. Jim managed to get the bugs off the front of the rig in the afternoon but that's all he did for the day. I probably did laundry and watched my soaps. Can't really remember! It was a good day to stay indoors and read.

Saturday we got up early, well Jim did, I was up at my normal time! We signed up for breakfast at the clubhouse and we enjoyed sausage, eggs, hash browns, biscuit and juice. I've an online friend who's here and she's doing the cooking. Diana Enns is her name, some of my readers may know her from yahoo.

After breakfast we came home and tidied up the living room and made the bed. Then it was off to find a post office because I have a package to mail to Sonsearae and I need stamps. Well after two attempts we gave it up! The maps aren't exactly to scale and I guess the locations are an approximation. Since we couldn't find them Jim started heading towards a mall. At least I think so as we sure weren't heading towards home. But he got a call that his sunglasses were in so we headed to the Quarry since we were halfway there. He got his sunglasses and I turned in my glass so new lens could be fitted. Then I went shopping!

After I finished getting my undies we went to lunch at the Canyon Cafe. I had tortilla soup and Jim had shrimp tacos. very good! Santa was there and everyone was having a good time with the jingle bells and antlers they were handing out. Children were having their picture taken with Santa and there were a couple of folks making balloon animals.

By the time we finished lunch my glasses were ready so back we went and I had them fitted. We then went over to the Smith and Hawken store, what a lovely garden store! I'm glad we no longer have a sticks and brick home because this store would be one of my favorites for outdoor furnishings.

The weather was still nasty with clouds and some drizzle as we drove home. We made a stop at the Pet Barn to pick up some dry food for Boo and then it was time to stop at the HEB that Marilyn and Ed like so well.

HEB was crowded with shoppers so I'm glad I only needed a few items and could get in the express lane. Jim didn't even come in with me because it was crazy in the parking lot too.

Didn't do much for dinner, I had some sushi and Jim had cheese and crackers. Not much on TV so we watched Dr Who and Graham Norton (Robin Williams was his guest).

It's still overcast and gloomy and cold....not sure if we'll venture out today.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Yesterday was a day of work....Jim cleaned out the basement (compartment under the bedroom). Took everything out and cleaned all the nooks and crannies and then put everything back neatly. I did laundry and ironed and did some tossing. Since I bought some new clothes I needed to get rid of something.

We had a nice dinner of grilled steak and zucchini, tomato and cucumber salad, risotto and rustic bread and olive oil. Jim helped with the dishes and the kitchen was tidy in no time.

Today we worked some in the morning. Jim wanted to get the bugs off the front of the rig. While doing that he discovered the roof was 'muddy'. The dust storm the other day must have made the dirty roof messier! I worked in the kitchen. I made up a pancake mix and started another recipe, cherry/walnut bites. But I needed some orange juice to finish it.

Mail caught up with us and I love getting my magazines from our daughter Sonsearae. Jim groans because of the weight but I read them as fast as I want to. :)

After lunch we went to the base to pick up some groceries. We got home in time for coffee and Jim got a call from Ed! That sure was a surprise and Jim enjoyed talking with him. We'll be seeing Ed and Marilyn soon in the Valley.

Dinner was just hot dogs...but they were good...

The weather has been super. Right now it's 56 degrees outside the time is 2140 and the wind is blowing. But during the day we wear shorts and sandles and it may get as warm as 80. This morning when I got up there was condensation on the windows, we haven't seen that in a long while! Humidity!!!! My skin is loving it.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New Glasses

Our first order of business was to get me a new lens for my glasses. Since we had planned on being here only a week this was the first thing we did yesterday. So we headed over to northeast San Antonio to the Quarry. I bought my glasses here last December and I found out that they'll replace the other lens at no cost! They said that way the lenses would match in color. Cool....Jim decided to have his eyes examined and he's getting new glasses and the lens replaced in his sunglasses. We told them we were only here a week and they said they'd try to get them all done. But we've gone ahead and extended another week. We'll just skit the beach. :(

I also wanted to get another pair of jeans at Chico's and I did find a pair. I must remember NOT to take Jim with me, he's a great enabler! I bought more than a pair of jeans!!!! After all the trying on of clothes I was hungry so we headed to Piatti's.

We had a wonderful lunch. Jim had a pannini and I had a Cesar salad. We started with bruschetta and we both had a glass of wine. While we were waiting for our meal the waiter came over and asked if we'd mind being filmed. Apparently a news crew wanted to follow him around while he worked. Needless to say we had excellent service but alas, no freebies. LOL

It was 1600 by the time we got home so I can honestly say our first 24 hours in San Antonio has been expensive! I guess we'll stay home today.

The weather is gorgeous. I think it got up to about 80 yesterday. It was in the 50's overnight. The sunset last night was a pretty apricot color.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

San Antonio

We arrived in San Antonio yesterday around 1600. We're at the Admiralty RV park, a favorite of ours. Any snowbirds or Valley Friends know about this place! It's a nice stop on the way south. Big city and all that goes with it.

Our stay in Ft Stockton was uneventful. When we arrived there it was during a dust storm and after driving two days in a row we both wanted to rest.

Jim did venture out to wash the truck and I went with him to pick up some groceries. Our first night in Ft Stockton we ate at the Roadrunner Cafe on the grounds of Ft Stockton Campground. The food was very good with the ribs fork tender! Mashed potatoes, white gravy, green beans, a biscuit and a slice of blueberry/pecan bread. Very filling and very tasty! We both had a glass of wine.

While here in San Antonio we plan on getting me new eyeglasses lens. My left eye has gotten worse and I've a new prescription. Near the place where I got my glasses is a Whole Food store so I'll be making a visit. They don't have one in the Valley....

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Last Day in Bisbee

Wednesday we spent the afternoon roaming the city streets. First we had pizza at the local pizza place. I think they mostly do take out as there were only a few tables. We each had a different pizza and enjoyed them. We then worked off all the calories going up and down the city streets and I mean that litteraly! Those were some of the steepest roads we've been on since Eureka Springs!

Thursday we wanted to get away early for the long drive to El Paso. We left aroun 0930. We took Highway 80 east to I-10 and just like that we were in New Mexico. There sure is a lot of wide open spaces on that stretch of road! I-10 into Texas was about the same.

As we approced Las Cruces we stopped at a rest stop and I got this picture of a roadrunner....not sure how tall it is but it sure is big! When we got to El Paso we found the Mission RV park full and was informed that there wasn't a site to be found. So we drove on and stayed at a campground in Clint, Texas. Not anything to rave about. Jim didn't even unhook, but at least we got some rest before resuming our trip the next morning. We don't like traveling this way but Clint didn't offer any sights to see!
Friday we left beautiful Clint and drove into Ft Stockton, Texas. The farther east we drove the hazier it got. We arrived during a dust storm! yuck! During the evening the winds died down and I guess the dust finally settle because this morning it was clear as a bell with brillian sunshine. We plan on staying here 3 nights. This is a former KOA park and it's nice.
According to the brochures we got, Ft Stockton has the Worlds largest Roadrunner so we need to check it out and compare it to the one in Las Cruces!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Queen Mine, Bisbee, Az

Yesterday we toured the Queen Mine and Jim found it interesting as did I. We had to don a hard hat, yellow slicker and a battery pack (that weighed a ton!) with a light. I could have gotten all the facts topside! The guide was informative, said he was a former miner. It was cold and dark inside the mine despite the itty bitty lights we all had.

We came home and had lunch and then it was off to Tombstone. What a neat little town. No, we didn't go to the Shootout at OK Corral. We visited some shops and I bought some clothes at Jim's urging! LOL Picked up some neat boots. and I lost my hat! Really bummed about that because it had my New Orleans pin, I hope I can get another one from, but right now they're updating their website.

Dinner was a small steak, potatoes, and tomatoes. Televison included Dancing with the Stars and Boston Legal.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Yesterday I had a post all typed out and when I went to publish it I was offline and it disappeared.... I hate when that happens.

Sunday we left Tucson around 1030 and drove down I-10 to Highway 80 for the short drive to Bisbee, Arizona. We got here around 1300 and set up in no time. The Queen Mine Campground is very small and the entrance is very tricky! At least it was for me, Jim said if we'd have been a bit longer we wouldn't have made it.

We decided to stroll around town and we stopped in a couple shops. It has the typical shops, antiques, artsy stuff, junk etc. We did stop in the Bisbee Coffee house and had coffee and dessert. Both were good.

Once home we didn't do much for dinner our pastries filled us up. I had some noodles and Jim had an English muffin.

Yesterday we planed on touring the mine but the 1030 tour was booked so we made reservations to do that today. We needed propane and the camp host sent us to Naco, There's Golf Resort there and we paid $37.13 for 9.4 gallons of propane. That's more than we paid last time we needed it! We stopped by Safeway and picked up a few groceries and trucked them and the propane back to the house.

We headed east on Hwy 80 and drove into Douglas because I needed some lunch. Found a Burger King and we were all set!. Not hungry anymore.

We then headed back west on hwy 80 to find the Whitewater Draw Wildlife area, North on hwy 191 to find the Draw, let me tell you they really don't want you to find it! We got to where we thought the turnoff should be and there weren't any signs. We asked at a gas station and got directions. We also paid $2.82 for fuel.

We found it! Driving down back roads and I have to say it was well worth the trip. Who knew Arizona had this much water in one place! There weren't a lot of water fowl to be seen closeup. But we could hear them across the way. There are observation decks and scopes and what I found was Sand Hill Cranes! Thousands of them! At first I thought they were geese, Jim thought they were rocks. But the closer we came and observed we could see the individual birds. It must be wonderful to see this place early in the morning or when migration is taking place. There is a spot where overnight camping is allowed and I can't imagine how thrilling it must be to wake and see all the birds flying off to feed.

We drove home on a back road and picked up hwy 80 just east of Bisbee. I had made some pea soup earlier and put the finishing touches on it for dinner. We had French bread to go with it.

Jim helped me clean up the dishes and I watched Dancing With the Stars while he read a book.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Yesterday we drove down I-19 to the Mission San Xavier del Bac. What a magnificent Mission. You can see it from the interstate and it's a sight to behold.

Then it was off to find some pizza for lunch. The first place we stopped at wasn't what we had in mind so back to the truck and our list of dining places. We decided to go up Swaan and find this place with wood fired ovens. But we got side tracked and stopped a Luna Bella. Well there was a craft fair going on and in the vicinity of the restaurant there was a farmers market! Parking was tight but Jim managed to slip our beastie into a spot. What a fabulous place for dining! We didn't get pizza, not even on the menu. We each chose a meal from the specials, Jim had half a lobster, mussels and shrimp with pasta and I had grilled sea bass with spinach risotto and grilled veggies. YUM! we splurged and had a bottle of Pinot Grigio and dessert of creme brule and espresso. it will be beans and franks for awhile!

We fueled up at $2.72 a gallon for diesel. Getting better all the time! Sure wish it had been this low when we were sightseeing all summer. Stopped at Walmart and got eggs and oj and then home.

Watched DR Who all evening on BBCA. New season started!

Today we're off to Bisbee for a few days.

Friday, November 7, 2008

the past week

It sure has gone by quickly! We're still in Tucson at the Air Force Base. It would seem all we do is shop. This picture shows our latest purchase. Ever since we got our Mobile Suites I've wanted to get rid of the sofa bed. We finally found this Lazy Boy dual recliner and decided it was what we wanted. It is very, very comfortable and I'll have to let you know if naps can be taken in it!
Jim finally had enough of my old sunglasses and we went to Lenscrafter for a new pair. You see my old glasses were just sunglasses, not prescription lenses. With my new sunglasses I can read maps!
We did go to the Biosphere 2. What a fascinating place and I cannot imagine how anyone could live in that environment, but they did.
The weather finally cooled off a bit and we've been riding our trikes. The past three mornings we've just headed out on the base and checked out the area. We've been by the flight line and heard the roar of jet engines! Sure brings back fond memories, memories are a good thing!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Tucson, Arizona

Wednesday we shopped and explored. First was a trip to the BX and Commissary, we're at the famcamp on the Air Force base. I wanted to get my shopping done because the end of the month is payday. We brought our purchases home and put them away. Jim wanted to lunch at Olive Garden so that's where we enjoyed soup and salad.

After lunch I found a salon within walking distance and I got a haircut. Jim found a neat store that required my presence! It had some really neat chairs, easy on the back but he says they're to expensive. Since the Whole Food store was on this same street we headed there. Obvioulsy I didn't need anything but it was nice being in a WF again! It was a small store and I expect it used to be a Wild Oat store. There were Wild Oat brands on the shelf.

Thursday we went to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.
We met Christine east of downtown around 0800 and she drove us over the mountains to the museum. The drive is beautiful and she said everyone comes out to Gates Pass for the sunsets. We'll have to try it one night.

Jim and I both were gob smacked! This museum is indoors and outdoors. The walking tour is facinating. There were some things in bloom but I'll bet it's gorgeous in the spring. We had lunch at the cafe when we finished with our walking tour. by this time it was warming up. We did a few more things indoors and then it was time to leave.

Friday morning we did a few chores had lunch then it was off to the VA Hospital for my appointment. I'm happy to say that the 'problem' I had is resolving itself and I just need a followup appointment when we get to the Valley.