Monday, June 24, 2024

Figured it Out

It was quite simple once I hurt my brain trying to figure it out.  I changed browsers, that didn't work.  Looked in my computer files...nope, no recent pictures...I got my new phone around Mothers' day so that had to be it.  Pictures didn't sync with it from Google!  Whew...

It's hot here, as I type it's 93 and feels like 104 degrees.  1430 in the afternoon and the humidity is only 57%.  It's like being in south Texas!  Between 1100 and 1600 we aren't going outside, it's just to hot for us.

Yesterday we spent some time with Chris and Sonsearae.  It's a regular Sunday date.  They both spent time cooking and we had a fantastic meal of red beans and rice, BBQ shrimp, crab cakes, potato salad and slaw.  I also get my chocolate fix when I'm over there...dark chocolate!

Using up DSP from my stash, these cards were made using a OSW from Jessica.  She's my upline and when you join my team you'll have access to her OSW library!

Thoughtful Journeys DSP.  This 6x6 pack of paper packs a punch! One side has beautiful scenes and the flip side has a watercolor pallet

Paper Pumpkin July 2023 kit....I know, I'm a year late but they are perfect for summer cards! Made three of each

Many of you know we have white squirrels here...this one is two toned!

All is right in our world

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Friday, June 21, 2024

Sunny Day

 Today is warming up nicely.  We have clear blue skies, the temperature is 84...Life is Good.

We have decided to become Florida residents.  This is a costly endeavor swapping over drivers licenses, registrations on the truck and rig and having the proper insurance for Florida.  In the long run this is a good thing.  Just tedious

Jim has become a Disabled Veteran.  We all knew he was a bit off but now it's official.  After two years of paperwork, medical tests (by independent doctors) and a lot of man hours the VA finally approved him for compensation.  Though he's always had free medical with his Tri Care for life he did have copay for his meds.  Now the VA will cover that expense.  

I continue to make cards, almost daily.  But I now have an I phone and haven't figured out how to share pictures 😇

All is right in our world