Monday, November 30, 2020

Whew! It’s been a wee bit hectic

 So much has happened in the past month. We’re pretty much settled in at the Country Feed Store. Not sure if I’ve mentioned but we living on site at Christy and Rik’s business.  It’s a gated compound so we’re locked in every night!  😄

There are critters here. Pigs, sheep, rabbits (they just had babies, so cute!) and chickens.

Some of the chickens are beautiful and the roosters can’t tell time. Thankfully they aren’t loud, but they crow almost 24 hours a day! 

Thanksgiving was spent here with Christy and Rik. Smoked turkey, ribs, mashed potatoes and gravy, Mac and cheese, a squash dish, green bean casserole, rolls, cranberry sauces, sweet potatoes and I’m sure I’ve forgotten something.  All this for five people.  No one left the table hungry! Oh, collard greens too. And pecan pie for dessert (which we had on Friday).   Sonsearae stopped by for a visit.  

We’ve had dinner with Sonsearae and Chris the last two Sundays.  Good food and wonderful times visiting with them

I think our children are trying to fatten us up!

It’s citrus season and the Feed Store customers have been bringing satsumas and Meyer lemons.  Also sweet potatoes. Had a few of those...yummy.

Boo is feeling his age.  More and more he barks at every little thing. His cataracts are the problem as I don’t think he can see all that well.

Matter of fact, Jim and I are feeling our age.  My arm is a whole lot better and we both think it’s joint pain.  I stopped using it as much as possible. Switching from t shirts to camp shirts. Pulling a shirt off was very painful. No more difficulty with the gallbladder. Every now and then I’m uncomfortable but it’s usually from eating something I shouldn’t have.  Still need to register with the VA.

Jim is about the same. One shoulder is giving him fits.  But his knees are getting worse.  He also needs to find a doctor or two or three....

As with any move, you discover problems that need to be fixed.  We're getting them done as we can.  There is a mobile RV repair company and they'll get the AC's fixed on the rig.  Or truck decided to catch a cold.  coughing and sputtering but Jim got a replacement part and that should be taken care of this week

Diesel runs around $2.23-$2.29 a gallon.  

As November comes to an we are getting a taste of winter.  It's 44 degrees outside with a low of 31 forecasted.

All is right in our world

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Where to begin

                                                    We are in Florida.

Our adventure began last Thursday, a day later than planned.  But the driver showed up and in less than an hour we were on the road.  I'm pretty sure they drove like bats out of hell because our rig suffered a flat tire, a delay and inside some things were a mess upon arrival.  But it did arrive!  

                  My goal again this year is to make 500 cards.

                           5 November 2020...288 cards

   Handmade Cards Because:

  No one displays an email on the mantle
   Or shows off a tweet on the fridge
Or saves a Facebook post in a box of treasures 
Details?  not sure, but these cards were made in Texas and I've only just started thinking about crafting again

Our first night was spent in Houston, arriving after dark, we were met by Chris who had booked us a room.  Dinner was originally planned but it was late and we just ate our leftover sandwiches from lunch.  After a shower we fell into our comfy beds and slept.  Well I did.  Jim had the pleasure of sharing his bed with Boo.  Boo doesn't like hotel rooms and is nervous most of the time. We dosed him with some meds but he fought them.

Next morning our trip planner (Chris) brought us breakfast.  Because we can't trust Boo to be quiet in our room, we can't go to a restaurant.  Yummy Biscuits, eggs, fruit cups, sausage and gravy.  Soon we were ready to check out and head to Covington Louisiana

It was sad to see all the devastation from back to back hurricanes in the Lake Charles area.  Brought back memories of Hurricane Katrina.  We arrived at the same time as Chris where he presented Jim with a handy dandy phone holder for traveling!

As you can see it mounts on the windscreen, has an adjustable arm and it's hands free for navigating!  Much safer than setting your phone on the seat and glancing down or picking up your phone.

We checked into our hotel and this is where Chris left us.  His new job has him traveling the I-10 corridor between Tallahassee, Lake Charles, Houston and areas in between.  So off he went to take care of business!  Jim placed an order at Don's Seafood and drove over to get our dinner.  Louisiana style fried seafood dinner.  Yummy to be sure and a nice treat for me.  Oh, Jim enjoyed it very, very much.  Friday night Boo slept with me, sort of.  Jim managed to get some rest.

Next morning found us on the road fairly early for us.  We did have a coffee maker in the room so we had a bite to eat from leftovers the day before.  If you recall Hurricane Zeta passed through the area shortly before our arrival and driving through Mississippi we saw some evidence of this along I-10.  We decided to stop and get some coffee at McDonalds and more breakfast.  The first exit was without power and everything was closed.  So we rolled on down to the next one. Fortified with coffee and a breakfast sandwich we headed to Florida.

Always a welcome sight to stop at the Florida welcome center and see this Blue Angel Plane.  We made a pit stop and stretched our legs.  Then it was back on the road for the final leg to Tallahassee.

Sonsearae was there to greet us.  We are staying with Christy and Rik on their property so we saw them too!  We spent some time setting up and discovering things that went awry in the cabinets.  Sonsearae had a key and she checked inside and found some messy areas when the rig arrived.  But these almost always happen when we tow the rig.  It was later when I discovered cabinet messes of fallen objects etc.  I do believe the driver hit every pothole on purpose!

Sonsearae and Christy supplied us with food to eat so no cooking was required.  Dinner was delicious.  

I'd like to add that it was wonderful to be home and to sleep in our own bed!  Even Boo was pleased. We carried his bed with us but he never slept in until we arrived here!

We've spent our time since arriving just settling in and getting rested.  I think we were both brain dead for two days.  Neither of us like traveling that fast, it wears you out.  

We're still not in our final spot due to a hay truck in our front yard.  But soon!  Meanwhile there's no place like home, no matter where it is!

One of our neighbors, after all this is a Feed Store and there are more critters to be seen.

All is right in our world and getting better by the day