Saturday, March 16, 2024

Roller Coastal Temperatures

 It's spring time in North Florida. Our neck of the world has been enjoying pollen!  Pollen from Pine trees and perhaps the blooming trees and bushes.  So much pollen that cars are coated with it.  I even saw a picture that showed the tides of rising water, it made a rig of yellow around the piling.  

Another harbinger of spring is the Live Oaks.  They shed their leaves so new ones can appear.

As ya'll north of us get these fronts, we do too....and it gives us the illusion of warmer temperatures.  Then a cold front arrives and we get rain and colder temperatures!  Back and forth we go, but I'm not complaining, all to soon it will be hotter than hades

Jim is still seeing independent doctors to get his VA claim settled.  Two more scheduled appointments soon and it will be over.  Then we'll wait to see if he's entitled to any monetary payments.  He also has an ongoing GI problem that we'd both like to get resolved.  More tests to see if that can show anything.  I know he's quite tired of this 'problem' as am I.  

Of course I've been making cards, perhaps not daily but it does give me pleasure.

All is right in our world