Sunday, August 8, 2021

Anniversary and cards

This past week we’ve been busy!  Last Sunday we enjoyed the company of Sonsearae and Chris. They treated us to lunch at Walk On’s  a Cajun restaurant, sports bar. Then it was off to the movies to see Jungle Cruise with Dwayne Johnson. Oh! They also picked us up. 

On Monday Jim had a follow up appointment regarding his sleep study. There’s another C-pap in his future. They discovered he has restless leg syndrome and ordered a test for iron. 
We then headed to Carrabbas for our anniversary meal. We started with a pitcher of sangria and an appetizer of mussels.  I  posted pictures on Facebook of the food we had.  Jim had shrimp and scallop fettucine with a Caesar salad, while I had Chicken Marsala and minestrone soup.  Of course there was bread also. The meals were delicious and huge!  We had plenty of leftovers to feed us all week.  Oh!  they gifted us with a tiramisu  which we shared after the nap we took when we got home.


Sometimes when I look in the mirror I wonder where has the time gone?  Other times I feel my age, truthfully, those days are more often than I care to mention!

We see the passage of time when we see our children....Like seriously how can I be the mother of a 50 year old?  But I remember giving birth like it was yesterday.

Time....Jim and I have been married for 47 years.  Most of those years were pretty amazing!  We've had tough times and sad occasions but our love for one another has remained.

I love you Jim!  Now and forever

Tuesday we went out for groceries at Walmart and Publix because we didn't feel like it after our lunch on Monday

  Wednesday I had a hair cut scheduled.  Sonsearae also needed a lift as her car was in the shop.  Jim dropped me off at the salon then headed  south to pick up Sonsearae. Then turned around to pick me up! What a charming Uber driver. The car was ready but we headed to lunch at Gordos a Cuban restaurant for sandwiches and a chat.  After lunch we dropped Sonsearae off at the Honda dealer where we parted and we headed home.

Thursday we didn’t go anywhere….gasp!

Friday we went to the mall to walk, I think.  Could have been Thursday. The mind is a terrible thing to waste….

Saturday we headed to Costco to walk around in the cool and to get some cereal, it’s the only place we know that sells it. Picked up ten pounds of potatoes and a container of spinach….forgot the cereal. Stopped at Whole Foods for some vegan hotdogs. Then home.


Total for the year, 355 cards made 

For a challenge we had to stamp our own paper and make cards.  Are you ready for Autumn?

Just got a new stamp from Stampin' Up!  Delicate Dahlias, I think this turned out pretty.  What do you think?

Sunburst Christmas cards.  Also decorated the envelopes with paper. I've done this before and I always hope it goes through the postal machines ok

Tropical theme here...I am in Florida

I hope your week was a good one!

All is right in our world