Saturday, May 29, 2021

Memorial Day Weekend

This past week we've been very busy with medical appointments.  Jim had a nuclear stress test and an echocardiogram which came back normal "for his age".  I think he has all his specialists set up now.  He is also scheduled for a sleep study where he'll spend the night in hospital.  Jim still isn't sleeping well and perhaps this will determine why.  Also, may lead to the cpap machine again.  Jim was told not to take naps for two weeks!  It's only been a few days but he's staying awake.  He was told that it's not unusual for a man his age to take naps but not every day.  

I continue with my therapy for a few more weeks but I must say it's working.  And as a bonus it should help lift my boobs!  😊
Seriously, my shoulder is much better and my range of motion is almost where it should be.  

We've both gained weight this past week!  Not good!! But since we're in the no cook season we'll be eating more salads and that should help.

                                  Handmade cards because:

No one displays an email on the mantle or
Shows off a tweet on the fridge or
Saves a Facebook post in a box of treasures

Total for the year, 197 cards made

All Stampin' Up! on this set of cards using a One Sheet Wonder from Jessica Taylor


Also from Stampin' Up!  Flowering Cactus stamps and paper and OSW from Jessica Taylor

This set of cards was made with a Sheetload Template from Crafty Al.  The paper is from Echo Park

Simply Succulents stamps and dies from Stampin' Up! as is the cardstock


For the next set a cards I stamped my white paper with Timeless Tropical from SU.  Cut it according to a osw template from Jessica Taylor

And made these cards!  

Do you like happy mail?  I rarely get any but recently I received two cards from friends.  Sure made my day!  This is why I make and send cards

Enjoy this long weekend and take some time to Honor those who have died so we can enjoy our freedoms

All is right in our world

Sunday, May 16, 2021

I'm in Therapy!

 Yikes!  It's been awhile since I've posted.  

We're living a laid back life and it isn't all that interesting day to day.  We venture out once or twice a week for errands and doctor visits.  We see Chris and Sonsearae weekly. Of course we see Christy and Rik daily, at least Jim does, me not so much.  Just being my anti social self.   Life is good.

We've pretty much set up all the medical people we need to see.  Tests were needed for all of them so that has been taken care of.  I'm pleased my VA doctor will see me!  In San Antonio I wasn't seen for any of last year.  I've gotten new glasses and sun glasses.  Didn't realize my eyes were so bad.  Stimulus check helped with that.  

If you recall much of last year I had a problem with my right arm.  It's much better due to time and my not using it for everything.  I am right handed and just started using my left hand for some things.  Laundry and housework type things.  Well my Doctor set me up with therapy to build up the right shoulder and work the rotator cuff so I can regain strength.  Man it was difficult when I started.  I've been twice and they gave me more stretches with bands to do.  I go back weekly for a total of six weeks.  I hope they don't add more exercises each time I go!

Recently we drove to Bradley's Market north of here for some smoked sausage that many rave about.  I was not impressed but it was tasty.  The drive was spectacular as we drove the winding, Centerville  road. We sat outside at the tables provided and this beautiful oak was our view.

Tallahassee and surrounding area is full of huge oaks and canopy roads.  So relaxing to drive.  They even have signs to slow you down.

Jim recently washed the rig.  It sure needed it.  I wish we could find someone to pay for this necessary service!

I didn't realize my cardmaking has taken a back seat in my daily doings.  I have several projects going so I guess I need to finish them!  

                                 Handmade cards because:

No one displays an email on the mantle or
Shows off a tweet on the fridge or
Saves a Facebook post in a box of treasures

Total for the year, 158 cards made

these two card were for a Club Scrap challenge using this layout

All is right in our world