Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fountainebleau State Park, Mandeville, La

We enjoyed our stay at Fountainebleau State park. Saw some pretty flowers

Awesome waves on the beach

people enjoying the waves

At first I wondered 'what fountain'?

then I saw it! but it wasn't running so I guess keeping the pets out wouldn't be a problem

A cold front moved through and on the back side the wind pushed waves to the north

the new cabins they put in are isolated and very private

water feature that looks like a lot of fun

Hurricane Katrina struck the north shore too. The storm surge pushed Lake Pontchartrain onto the north shore and flooded homes and the state park. Thousands of trees were lost and they've replanted many areas. You can still see the trees that were 'topped' out from the wind

The new campground has pull through loops but we think large rigs would be tight. We did see some that just pulled into one end and set up. Of course this being a State Park there are only a few with full hook ups.

We stayed five days and with no sewer hook up that was long enough. The laundry piled up!

We left yesterday under cloudless blue skies and after two stops we arrived at Rainbow Plantation in Summerdale, Alabama. This is an Escapees Park and it's nice with wide grassy sites. We pay for the site and electricity. We plan on staying at least a week. There are oak trees on every site and it sure was interesting parking so we could use our satellite dish!
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Monday, April 25, 2011

Dinner Out with Friends

Saturday evening we went out to dinner with Diana And John. John drove and after a stop at Walmart we headed into rice and crawfish country. We arrived around 1700 in time to get a good table for the entertainment. We had asked around and was told the best Cajun food could be had at D I's We started with a bucket of Abita Amber and each of us enjoyed a starter of fried veggies. Quite good! We all ordered a seafood plate. The guys had mixed, Diana had crawfish and I had shrimp. During dinner we got another bucket of beer.

The live music started around 1830 and the locals all knew when to arrive for it! The place filled right up and it was family night. After listening to a few tunes we headed home. Diana had a dessert for us so we went to their rig

The rabbits were having a lay about on the warm rocks

or munching some dinner

the ducks were waddling across the field

Diana brought out some snacks for the dogs and Boo was interested, his tail was going crazy

Jake sat nicely for his treat

It was getting dark when we headed home. After showers we settled in and watched Girls Night Out. Did you watch? Carrie Underwood sang How Great Thou Art and I've never heard it done better!

Sunday we left Eunice around 1000, after stopping to say good bye to Diana and John. We'll see them in the fall when we get to the valley. Our destination was Mandeville on the north shore of Lake Ponchartrain.

Our drive was a familiar one as we took highway 190 all the way into Baton Rouge. From there we worked our way onto I-12 making a stop at Camping World only to find it closed on Sundays!
Really odd to see the parking lot empty
We arrived at Fountainbleau State Park just after 1400. I know it was Easter Sunday but the line was long to get into the park. Once we arrived at the entrance center we were processed quickly as we had prepaid.

Our site is in the older section and small but we fit just fine. We're under a big oak tree so we can't use our satellite dish for tv or internet. There is free wifi here but we get kicked off frequently.

Today we went to lunch at la Madeleine and I must say my Mediterranean pasta dish was excellent! Jim had Shrimp Florentine and he cleaned up his plate so I guess he enjoyed it.

After lunch we headed across Lake Ponchartrain into Metairie. We stopped at Lakeside Mall and strolled around noting new stores since we were last here. We stopped in a few of the stores but didn't buy anything.

I was saving that for our next stop! Whole Foods Market!!!!!
This is my favorite grocery store and I looked at ninety percent of it and bought only a few groceries. But we can always go back before we leave the area

For dinner tonight we had leftovers in an attempt to clean out the fridge!
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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Heading East

Yesterday around 1000 we left Kinder Louisiana. The Coushatta RV resort didn't have any vacancies for the Easter Weekend and we know why. The Carnival came to town! They started setting up Tuesday and Wednesday they were open for business. No charge to enter so I'm sure a lot of families came for that reason. On Thursday the resort started filling up
Our drive to L'Acadie Inn and RV Park,, took about an hour and we were set up in no time and eating lunch. I think they have 17 sites and it's nestled between two highways in a wedge.
Diana and John arrived shortly after we did and after a run to Walmart and a quiet afternoon we headed over to the Tavern for Happy Hour. Besides the lovely bartender we were the only ones there. We chatted and had a few cold beers then walked back home for a dinner of beans and rice with corn muffins
We watch Girls Night Out and enjoyed the singing of all the talented folks on the show.

There are a few critters here, along with a pond. It's a nice place and if you're in this area stop by, the rates are reasonable. Grassy sites with gravel/rock pads

Slept fairly well last night and could have slept longer but one of these roosters decided 0600 was the time to get up.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Just enjoying life

Yesterday was gorgeous weather wise. Not sure what the high was and we did run the AC but it was a pretty day.

We joined Diana and John for lunch at the casino. Senior prices and everyone was there! I think they bussed them in from Texas....John treated us with his winnings, said he might as well give it back by buying us lunch than gambling it away. Thank you John!

I thought I'd take advantage of the weight room and weigh myself, but they didn't have a scale....just machines to work out on in a space smaller than our home. I'm guessing the fitness center doesn't get much use. :)

Since we had such a good lunch I didn't fix dinner. We watched some TV and stayed busy on our computers.

Today was pretty much like yesterday. I did some laundry, Jim took a nap. We fiddled on the computers and watched TV. Tonight it looks like a PBS night.

The Spring Carnival is here through the weekend. So far the noise hasn't been a problem. We leave Friday so I'm not worried about it.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Coushatta Casino

We left Texas yesterday....

Around 0930 we were on the road and we drove north on Hwy 146 along the coast. Saw some pretty areas and some not so pretty. It's a shame the refineries have to take up so much shoreline.

We eventually 'found' I-10 and headed east towards Louisiana and our destination in Kinder. As we traveled we found ourselves behind a Cameo 5th Wheel.....hmm, could this be Diana and John? Fellow campers from Bentsen Palms. We got close enough to see the license plate and indeed it was! I waved as we passed them and just before we crossed into Louisiana we stopped at a rest area for lunch and they pulled in behind us. We shared some hugs and learned they were headed to Coushatta! Small world....

They continued on while we ate lunch, then we followed and arrived around 1400. We set up in no time and sat down to enjoy a cold beer. A short time later Diana and John stopped by with Rita and Jake and suggested we head to the casino for dinner. We agreed on a time and when we were ready we walked over to their place and waited for the shuttle bus to pick us up.

The casino reeks of cigarette smoke and I soon had a headache. But we had a lovely dinner at the Seven Clans buffet. After dinner we split up and I watched Jim play penny slots then we headed home.

Showers and some TV and I think we were in bed by 2200!

Today I stripped the bed and spent the day doing laundry. It's not difficult but it is time consuming. During the morning Jim and I rode our trikes around the grounds. We need to do this daily while we can!

After lunch we drove into Kinder and picked up some groceries from The Market Basket and some fuel which was $3.89 a gallon for diesel.

Back home it was back to laundry once our purchases were stowed.

Dinner was spaghetti and hot bread with a glass of wine.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Yellow Crowned Night Heron

These beauties visited our pond the other day.

We both grabbed our cameras and snapped pictures as fast as we could.

Today we hung around the rig enjoying the nice weather. A cool front came through and it was sunny and breezy.....just about perfect!

Tomorrow we're moving on, heading into Louisiana


I can't post from Internet Explorer, whenever I click on the publish button nothing happens. So Jim suggested I try FireFox

Here goes! wish me luck


Yesterday I packed a picnic lunch of sandwiches, pickles, chips, sunflower seeds and lemon poppy seed muffins plus some cold drinks and we headed to Galveston Island.  It’s been awhile since we’ve been there and we wanted to go to the beach.


Once we got on the island we headed to the northern end and watched some ships coming and going into the port.  Huge ships!  Then we drove along Seawall Blvd and enjoyed the gulf on the left and buildings on the right.  We could still see some of the damage the last hurricane wrought.  But rebuilding is still going on and life continues to thrive on the island.


We had our picnic lunch on the seawall where there were tables.  We sat at watched the waves roll into shore.  It was heaven even though it was cloudy and misty.  After we stowed our bag in the truck we walked on the beach barefoot and then out onto a jetty, talked to a couple who were fishing and just enjoyed looking out to sea!  We both enjoy being on the coast


Anne and Scotty were just here and she suggested we drive on the Strand.  Well once we found it we parked and walked the Strand!  We even poked around in a few shops.  It reminded me of many downtown areas that cater to tourists and locals with specialty shops


We parked in a lot that charged quite a bit but if you ate at the restaurant you could park for no charge.  Since we’d rather give money for food and drink that’s what we did.  Fisherman’s Wharf had outdoor dining right on the water next to the 1877 iron barque Elissa.


Jim had a pina colada while I enjoyed a cold Elissa India Pale Ale.  We ordered the Dungeness crab and shrimp boil which we both enjoyed.  Jim ate the seafood while I ate the veggies!


We had a wonderful time exploring the area and we’ll have to come back and do it again.


Our evening was quiet with time spent watching tv and computing.  A cool front came through last night and it was 54 degrees outside when I got up at 0715.  My kind of weather!  Tomorrow we hit the road again heading north


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dickenson, Texas

I'm going to type fast! I don't have much confidence in this computer to keep me online.

Our drive yesterday was easy and we checked in around 1400 after driving about four and half hours with a stop for lunch. This RV park, Green Caye, is a mixed bag. It's clean and the prices are reasonable but they don't seem to have any rules about long stays. Some of these trailers have been here way past their time. They need to be cleaned, mold and mildew are taking over. Some sites have decks and all the stuff that accumulates with them. On the other side of the coin some sites have beautiful potted flowers and are well kept.

After dinner last night we walked around as there are several sections to this place with houses, townhouses, park models and RV's. Our section lines the golf course and our view is pleasant.

Boo is still scratching but I think it's getting better. I still can't find any fleas on him...

We plan on staying here a few more nights.


For some reason I cannot post from the web, I have to email this and that could be fun as my connection comes and goes!





Tuesday, April 12, 2011

last day here

We slept with the windows open last night.  Lovely breeze and the temperature was falling.  Unfortunately we are creatures of habit and I sleep better when there isn’t any noise and with the exhaust fans running I had to adjust.  When the wind picked up and started rattling the lids on the fans it just annoyed me.  Jim likes it dark and with the windows open light was being let in from the street light outside the living room.  Even with the night shades down there was a glow about the place.


As I mentioned, Boo has fleas and apparently fleas don’t sleep at night, neither did Boo, bless his heart.  He spent much of the night scratching and chewing.  Since he sleeps with us that was another factor preventing a good night’s sleep.  Boo also thought he’d bark a few times in his attempt to warn and protect us.


I was up at 0345 at which time I turned off the fans.  It was 68 degrees outside and with the light breeze it was quite nice while I read and had a cup of coffee.  By 0530 I was back in bed.  Funny thing, while I was reading Boo was curled up in my lap sleeping, as soon as we went back to bed he was scratching again!


Another laid back day.  I could get used to them!  We made a run to WalMart for fuel and a few other items.  We had gathered up all our loose change and we ‘found’ $35!  Paid for our purchases with money left over.


I did a couple loads of laundry and Jim did some chores outside to ready us for travel tomorrow.  After lunch I took a nap, I was really wiped slick.  When I got up I gave Boo a bath and didn’t find any fleas or hot spots.  I hope the shampoo and rinse has soothed his skin and we can sleep better tonight. 


Tonight is NCIS night and we’ll watch Body of Evidence.




Monday, April 11, 2011

By the Sea, By the Sea

By the beautiful sea!

We haven't been doing much of anything. Our daily chores don't take up much of our time. We've been reading, playing games on our puters (the ones that still work), walking with Boo (who has fleas!) and just enjoying ourselves with nothingness.

There was a light rainfall this morning and afterwards Jim went out and wiped down the truck and spot cleaned some of the rig.

Tomorrow we'll make preparations to leave on Wednesday. Need to fuel up the truck, empty the black tank...cushion dishes. Such difficult chores should keep us busy another half day or so....

For dinner last night I made a veggie soup and Jim also had a grilled cheese sandwich. Tonight I broiled some chicken for Jim and we enjoyed some charro beans and an Italian Pasta salad.

I'm still getting used to this laptop. For the most part a computer is a computer is a computer. But this one has Vista and some of it is way different from my XP. And it has all of Jim's stuff on it! I feel like I'm trespassing....


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Computer problems

tried to post from my ipad but no luck. Anyway my computer is having problems and Jim is going to work on it. Meanwhile I'm using his old one and it's different from mine and may take awhile to get used it. I may lose all my files :( Yesterday Anne and Scotty visited us from across the bay. They're staying over in Aransas at Pioneer RV resort. We had some mail for them. After a short catching up visit (we hadn't seen each other since Sunday) we headed out to Goose Island State Park. It's less than 10 miles north of here. The park has campsites, some right on the beach but I'm not sure I'd like staying there. the wind and salt spray would drive me nuts! But the sites in the oak trees would be nice. After they left Jim and I went to Moon Dog for a bite to eat. Fish tacos for me and Jim had a po-boy. This restaurant has outdoor sheltered seating and that's where we sat. Watched a few shrimp boats and the birds of course... This morning I walked over the Paws and Taws Convention Center to check out the Herb Fest. Quite nice for this area. Lots of herbs of course and it smelled wonderful! There were other plants available and books and trinkets. It was a free event and they even had raffle tickets just for signing in. This afternoon Jim and I made a run to HEB I was out of water! :) Also needed a couple other items that I couldn't find at Walmart.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

We slept with the windows open!

We had a wonderful breeze last night and low 70's temperatures so we slept with the windows open and a fan running. Can't remember the last time we did that. I was up at 0430 and it was still breezy while I sat with my coffee reading. Jim was up shortly before 0800. Today was a very relaxed laid back day. We didn't do much of anything. Our daily chores didn't take up much time. We read, played games on the computer, watched tv. We made a run to Walmart after Jim found ants in the compartment. We needed something to help us rid the house of these pests! Picked up some wine and soda plus some groceries. And Doughnuts! Back home we had some coffee and enjoyed some of those doughnuts......way to many so before dinner the three of us took a walk down to the marina. We both like to look at the boats
there's a park on one side of the marina and we walked through it watching the gulls and pelicans

looks like a strong wind could tangle all those lines....

Dinner was scrambled eggs and toast with tomatoes and more doughnuts! The dishes are done and we've showered and we're watching CSI

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Leaving Mission Texas

We left Mission, Texas around 1000 this morning and it was sad to see the empty sites! Next season we won't be next door to the Scotts. As we pulled out Pat and Vern pulled up behind us honking their horn....complained about us blocking the road! It was nice to say good bye to them again. They'll be leaving as soon as Vern get's the go ahead from the docs..... We stopped around 1130 for a bite to eat. We were still on highway 181 heading north. We saw very little on that road....not much in the way of sceanery or critters. A couple Cara Cara's, vultures....maybe a cow or two. Once we got on highway 385 heading east we saw quite a few Cara Cara's! But again the sceanery was uninspiring. After we got on highway 77 heading north towards Corpus Christi there was a change in the views. More little towns, fields of corn and other crops. Then the city itself. USS Lexington from the bridge in Corpus Christie Bay. We arrived in Rockport around 1400. The Beacon RV Park is typical of campgrounds that have been around for awhile. Small sites with some permanent residents. It's clean and close to Aransas Bay. We like the Fulton/Rockport area. Fulton is a small fishing community and Rockport is building on the fact that folks want homes by the water.
It was a tight squeeze but Jim managed to get us parked in our site.
The bay is right down the road....after dinner the three of us walked down and fed the seagulls at the end of the pier. It was fun watching the boats come in.

We're staying here a week and I can't begin to tell you how pleased I am!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Almost Ready to Leave

The problem with the awning has been resloved. The shock has been repaired and now the oil needs to be changed in the truck. Spring is in the air!

We had a lovely dinner with friends at Hayashi's Saturday afternoon. Five couples along with good food adds up to a fun time! I think we even amused the chef. :)

Anne and Scotty left late yesterday but managed to arrive in Port Aransas in time for dinner. We'll miss them but I know we'll run into them soon. Jim spent most of the day getting our rig ready for travel and I did a few things inside. When you sit for several months 'things' get left out and need to be stowed.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy April!

Hope this April Fools Day passes without incident for you! Need to do some catching up. First, let me say, the resort is emptying quickly! We have clear views of a lot of empty sites. More will be leaving today. Second, we are ready to join them! or almost ready. Wednesday evening Jim and I attended the work campers thank you dinner held over at Retama Village in their clubhouse. It's a wee bit fancier than ours, probably has air conditioning and heating! Our dinner was started with a salad, the main course was chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans and a roll. Dessert was a yummy chocolate cake that I had two slices of! The three other couples at our table were Pat and Vern, Carol and Gordon and Jeni and Don. It was noisy but we managed to have a good time with our friends. After the dinner broke up we all gathered at Pat and Vern's and that's when the fun started! Anne and Scotty joined us as did Diana and John. Lively chats and lovely weather for the end of the day. Yesterday Jim spent a good part of the day dismantling our patio. He moved all the furniture out and took down the lights. Then the screens came off and he hosed them down. Next were the pipes that brace the awning. Ut Oh! The awning is out of whack. Hopefully we can get it straightened out and snug in it's proper position. This was all done because today the rig will be washed and waxed. Last night we had another party to attend. It was the last day of work for Jeni and Don and they hosted a bash at their place. It started at 1700 and broke up around 2130. Several of us brought food to eat and I believe everyone brought something to drink! There was a table of liquor that saw many visitors and Terry and Mark brought their margarita machine. Jeni, Gayle, Pat and Vern
Jim, the lovely Miss Anne and Scotty
Don and Terry, along with some others attendees. I think everyone had a good time welcoming Jeni and Don back into the full time RV lifestyle!