Wednesday, August 24, 2022

August has Been Pretty good


We're just chillin' here in Crawfordville.  Staying inside mostly to avoid the heat.  I'm pretty sure the temperatures we've had are normal and the days weren't that bad.  I think the frequent showers we've had have also kept the temperatures lower.  I'm still weirded out by the fact the humidity goes down during the day.  This is Florida!  We are closer to the coast, but the humidity goes down...

We've even walking a bit, Jim more than me. 

We spent most of today reading or watching you tube.  We can't stream on the TV, the WIFI here isn't ours, so we can't connect to the internet.  But we can stream on our tablets and computers.   
My flowers are pretty and give me joy.  Butterflies, bees and other flying critters are enjoying them too.  Even saw a hummingbird flitting around.


                           Handmade Cards because: 

                No one displays an email on the mantel


Shows off a tweet on the refrigerator
Saves a Facebook Post in a box of treasures

Total for 2022

Christmas in July! (I know it's August)
Just using what I have to make cards.  I have so much pretty paper

Unfinished projects

This is Texture Chic from Stampin' Up!

I'm ready for Spring!  Hand Penned DSP from Stampin' Up!  and I'm pretty sure this is the last of it

Enjoy your summer, wherever you are!

All is right in our world