Saturday, November 18, 2017

DIY Card from paper napkin

Using a paper napkin to make a card is fun!  I used a cocktail napkin.  Rather than explain it to you watch this video

Handmade Cards
No one displays an email on the Mantle
or shows off a tweet on the refrigerator
or saves a Facebook post in a box of treasures

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Hello! It's me again

It's a beautiful day.  Started at 0530 for me, Jim didn't get up until 0930.....grrr   I did wake him at 0730 but I guess I should have jumped on the bed!

Finished off some cards I made yesterday and worked on the place cards for our Thanksgiving Dinner with friends in the clubhouse.  Sorted through some cards to send to the Cards for Soldiers.

A year ago I was suffering with these bug bites and I really am tired of it.  Boo hasn't been outside in ages because if he gets bitten we all suffer with no sleep.

We just finished our three days of work...Changes have been made in Guest Services and our hours are from 0830 to 1630.  This time of year isn't all that busy so Jim does most of the work.  I go in around 0930 and wait until Jim goes home for lunch then I go home and do chores, make cards etc.  Sometimes we have dinner after these long, busy days.... :-)

Jim reassembled our outdoor table.  I'm sure it has a nifty neato name but it's the kind that rolls up for stowing.  His words "it only took me about six months to get it done"

Last this afternoon was our appreciation dinner.  The Managers Don and Jeni like to to treat us and Rudy's Barbecue was the meal.  Brisket, pulled pork and sausages, creamed corn, potato salad, BBQ beans along with bread and a tray of pickles, onions and hot peppers.  Dessert was peach cobbler and that's the only dish that was gone at the end of the meal....three trays of cobbler....vanished!  Sweet and unsweet tea with lemon was also provided.  I must say it was very tasty and I had a little (lot) of everything except the bread and cobbler.

Now we're home and showered and settling in for the evening.  It's good to be home

All is right in our world

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Bad, bad, bad

This once a month blogging has got to stop!  :)

Obviously we’re all settled in and life continues. Most every day we see more and more people checking in.  This time of year working in Guest Services at Bentsen Palm Village RV Resort is slow.

We’ve been to Mexico and plan another visit soon.  We’ve revisited some of our favorite restaurants.  Jim has been to see his doctor about his GERD meds and it was changed, but we're not sure it's working as it should.  He returns early next month.

On the 10th of November we both had a free meal at BJ’s Brewhouse for Veterans Day. It was limited to $12.95 and we both stuck to that.  Of course we each had a beer .  The meal was good and we brought a little bit home to enjoy later.

I'm letting my hair grow as Jim has mentioned several times that he would like me too.  The jury is still out on this change.  Keeping it trimmed while growing is a monthly visit to the salon.  It sure is curly!

Boo is slowing down a bit.  He mostly sleeps and prefers Jim's chair over mine.  As the weather cools down I'm sure he'll stick to us like glue.

Once again I'm being bitten by what everyone claims is chiggers.  Since I've not seen what bites me I have to clue.  But they itch and ooze and make my life uncomfortable 

We're having Thanksgiving here at the resort.  Four couples to a table.  The resort supplies the turkey and those at your table bring the sides....I'm doing potatoes! What will you be having and will you share your meals with others?

All is right in our world!