Monday, January 16, 2017

Where Were You a Year Ago?

We were mooch camping in the backyard of Sonsearae and Chris. I miss them....

 I also miss the wildlife we saw there...Sandhill Cranes, Barn Owls, Great Horned Owls, mustn't forget the Fox Squirrels!  Some deer wandered through on occasion, I think there was a gator (I'm the only one who saw him) in the pond and this beautiful Painted Bunting

We were in Indiantown where Chris was the Warden at the Correctional Facility.  Though the facility was out in the boondocks it was easy to drive into Stuart and Port St Lucie Florida...

Stuart is a lovely city with laid back charm.  We often went to the Green Market on Sundays and we frequently walked the boardwalk along the river as Jim was recovering from his procedure and just for the pleasure it gave us...We both like it there and we're giving thought to going back next winter.

Port St Lucie is up and coming and much bigger than Stuart.  It has all the big box stores and more people to go along with it.

Both cities are close to the ocean so it's the perfect area for us!  We saw quite a bit of the area but there is more to explore.

Today has been cloudy thus far and we've both done some walking.  I went out early and stopped at Ed and Marilyn's place to see if she wanted to join me.  Ed is still feeling poorly and I'm sure Marilyn is tired of it taking good care of him.  She and I had a nice chat while we walked along to the beat of the Bee Gees!

Once I returned home I continued with laundry, dishes and bed making.  Jim left about this time to walk a couple times around the resort and dropping off two bags of trash.  When he returned he took a nap...guess it tired him out.

We're still without a truck.  

Almost time to feed Boo, he's getting quite insistent! 

All is right in our world

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Bentsen Palm Rio Grande Valley State Park

Is also the World Birding Center Headquarters.  Folks from all over the country come, especially during migrations.

You can no longer camp there unless you pack everything in as there is no vehicular traffic except official cars and trucks. For those who want to, there is an hourly tram that takes your around the park with various stops for you to get on and off at will.

Great Kiskadee, Mostly a Mexican coastal bird they are found year round in South Texas and do migrate a bit further north

When we went the other day we rode our trikes and made a few stops they have set up for viewing birds and wildlife.  The Green Jay stop is especially nice with an enclosure that you can drop down panels to observe the feeding station and watering hole.  With the exception of the last picture all of these photos were taken there.

Plain Chachalaca, the tip of South Texas is the most northern part of this birds range.  Can also be found on the Gulf Coast of Mexico

Javalina or Collared Peccary (if you look closely you can see a white collar or necklace) is frequently seen in our resort.  I've had them on our site. They like to clean up the seeds that the birds have dropped from our feeder. They're not really dangerous critters, but will defend themselves if cornered

Nifty tree at the watering hole

The End!

All is right in our world

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Christmas Update

Not sure if I ever mentioned our Christmas.  We did exchange gifts and had fun opening presents.  Jim went to Amazon and checked my wish list...I did the same for him :-)

I wanted an Aero Garden and because we live tiny I requested the small one.  I would love to have a bigger one but this will do for now.

I planted it up the day after Christmas.  Not really difficult, pour water in reservoir, add liquid food and pop the pods in the holes and cover!

The art work to the left was made by my good friend Anne Scott.  She tumbled the glass and 'found' the twigs. It's a clothesline with laundry!  When we visit her in Vermont we hang out clothes to dry, this is to remind me of good times shared with her.

I also wanted a new diffuser.  My old one had a crack in the water well and I didn't use it as often as I'd like to.  Also the old one had a light that was on all the time.  This new one has the option of turning off the light.  So far I've enjoyed the ever changing light it cycles through.

This is what two weeks of growth look like.  Lettuce on the left which I've been harvesting a leaf or two at a time.  Parsley in the center which just now appeared!  Savory on the right which I've also pinched back on one plant.  The instructions say to pinch back and harvest often so you can keep the light 1-2 inches above the plants.  Not sure how that will work with the lettuce and parsley!  

I also got a set of Oxo nesting seven piece measuring beakers.  Perfect for our space!  

Sonsearae and Chris sent us a lovely basket from Harry and David and we're still enjoying the treats.

I gave Jim a couple items from his list but to be perfectly honest I can't remember what!  I know one was a solar charger, flashlight thingy.  But the other one??  I don't know.  I don't see these items daily so I've forgotten!

We had winter weather last weekend and we stayed cozy inside the rig.  We did venture out for walks and I enjoyed them very much!  We put on our heavy coats and complained about the cold and wind but got some exercise to break up the days

Our truck is still in the shop.  Part of the work has been done but the mechanic was in an accident and he probably missed a couple days because of bruising.

We rode our trikes over to the Bentsen Rio Grande Valley State Park.  Hello!  we've not ridden in a log while and we felt it in our thighs.  I wasn't sure I'd be able to do it because of my 'questionable hip'.  But I managed to get in and out without pain.  Score one for me!  Although I did feel like an old lady walking up the ramp for the hawk tower.  Took a few minutes to get my sea legs back.

Today is our last day off, back to work tomorrow.  The weather did warm up Monday and by Tuesday we were back to nice, windy weather.  So windy that sitting outside was not fun.  It dries your eyes and you can't even read.

All is right in our world!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Bitter Cold!

At least for those of us who don't spend any time where winter rears it's ugly head!  After all, we can't get much further south in this country.  Maybe the extreme south of Florida is warmer.The Rio Grande Valley is supposed to be warmer this time of year

Once Jim got up I got busy making the bed, doing laundry and making a big pot of Mexican Rice Soup.  It sure smelled good while it was cooking!  I figured it was perfect for this winter day, cook once, eat all day.  Still have quite a bit left so it may make an appearance later today.

Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny day but the temperature never even reached 50 degrees.  Jim and I walked the trash down after lunch and managed to walk a mile before heading back indoors.  We both have heavy jackets and we wore hats.  I also had gloves.  My cheeks bout froze off my face because the wind was wicked!

Watched the Texans win over the Raiders...good...We are Texans so if the Saints aren't playing.....

I managed to squeeze in another walk before dinner but it wasn't much warmer at 48 degrees.  Jim passed and let me brave the 'harsh' winter conditions on my own.  :-)

Also watched the Lions lose to the Seahawks though we didn't stay up to see the end of the game.  I'm from Detroit, Michigan so last night I was a Lion fan.

Once again Jim ignored the alarm and slept in.  He crawled out of bed around 0930....he do like his beauty sleep!

So far this morning it is warmer...relatively speaking.  At 10 am it's already 43!  But no sunshine so it makes it colder to me.  

All is right in our world.....but some sunshine would be nice

Friday, January 6, 2017

It's Winter Again!

I hope the new year is treating you well and  I also hope this year is a good one for you.  We've been getting back to normal since Christmas and we've just finished another three days of working.

Just in time to enjoy some frigid temperatures!  When I got up at 0700 it was 48 degrees outside, time to crank up the heat.  It has steadily dropped all day and tonight we have a freeze warning.  The wind is making the temperature worse as it's 40 and feels like 31 degrees outside right now.  BRRRR  Monday should be warmer with a high of 79 forecast and mid 80's after that

Do you make resolutions?  Do you keep them?  I mentally make a list but I figure if no one knows, only I'll be disappointed in me!

Our truck is in the shop getting some needed repairs.  The poor thing is getting old (2000) and sometimes doesn't work right.  We should get it back Monday or Tuesday.

Boo is still getting bit by something.  He has scabs here, there and everywhere.  He needs a grooming and we've scheduled one for the 17th.  Meanwhile his long hair acts like a dust mop, collecting dirt when we walk him outside.  When I brush him he just lays there enjoying every minute of it.

All is right in our world!