Saturday, January 14, 2017

Bentsen Palm Rio Grande Valley State Park

Is also the World Birding Center Headquarters.  Folks from all over the country come, especially during migrations.

You can no longer camp there unless you pack everything in as there is no vehicular traffic except official cars and trucks. For those who want to, there is an hourly tram that takes your around the park with various stops for you to get on and off at will.

Great Kiskadee, Mostly a Mexican coastal bird they are found year round in South Texas and do migrate a bit further north

When we went the other day we rode our trikes and made a few stops they have set up for viewing birds and wildlife.  The Green Jay stop is especially nice with an enclosure that you can drop down panels to observe the feeding station and watering hole.  With the exception of the last picture all of these photos were taken there.

Plain Chachalaca, the tip of South Texas is the most northern part of this birds range.  Can also be found on the Gulf Coast of Mexico

Javalina or Collared Peccary (if you look closely you can see a white collar or necklace) is frequently seen in our resort.  I've had them on our site. They like to clean up the seeds that the birds have dropped from our feeder. They're not really dangerous critters, but will defend themselves if cornered

Nifty tree at the watering hole

The End!

All is right in our world

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