Saturday, December 31, 2016

Another Year comes to an End

I swear the older I get the faster time goes by. All in all this past year has been full of travels.

A year ago we were still in Indiantown Florida with Sonsearae and Chris. We both like the Stuart/Port St Lucie area and who knows, we may head back there one day.  

I've missed being close to Sonsearae and Chris.  Family is a good thing!  They now live in Tallahassee Florida and I'm not sure when we'll see them again.  It would be cool if they came to the Valley to see us  :-)

This year has seen the resumption of our travels.  After Jim's procedure we stayed in Florida for his recovery. He seemed to do alright with the driving and setting up of the rig.  No major complaints!

We drove to Vermont and landed there before Memorial Day. We didn't really stop anywhere long enough to explore. Spent a lovely summer with Anne and Scotty.  

Had fun catching up with them and all the visitors they seem to invite and attract.  The property hosted several rigs the end of July with friends who came to help celebrate Scotty's 80th birthday.  It was hectic, but fun meeting up with friends and sharing our meals.

After Labor Day we hit the road, heading to Texas for our work camping job at Bentsen Palm RV Resort.  Again Jim seemed to be in a hurry and we didn't do any exploring.  We arrived in the Rio Grande Valley around the middle of October.

Since being here we have met up with some good friends and more are coming in the new year.  I expect we'll see folks who are in other parks before we leave in April.

It's been a good year!  I hope yours has been also.  What does the new year hold?  To early to tell, but wherever we go I know it will be good.  We have our health and this is a plus as it can anchor you when your health fails.

If you're celebrating and ringing in the new year tonight, be safe.

See you on the flip side

all is right in our world

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas in South Texas

Whew!  The past couple of weeks have gone by quickly.  The Christmas Season is almost over and a New Year is on the horizon.

We've been working in guest services, three days on, six days off.  In between shifts we do our chores around the house and enjoy the resort and our neighbors.

We had a bout of chilly weather which kept most everyone indoors.  Forty-fifty degrees and I think one night it dipped into the upper thirties.  Makes for good sleeping!  After a few days of long pants and socks we were ready for warmer temperatures.

My Amaryllis bloomed, this one put out four flowers, the grey pot on the right put out a stalk of six buds.  Before they could even open something happened to the base of the stem causing it to flop down.  Don't know if it was too much water, a critter eating it or just the weight.  I cut it off and stuck it in some water, three blooms have opened but I'm sure the other three will remain unopened as they are not growing larger.

It took us awhile to make our plans for Christmas and we finally decided on going to the beach.  Generally there's a few restaurants open on a holiday (hotels etc) but we chose to pack a picnic and eat on the beach to get the sun and see the waves.

South Padre Island (Texas) beaches are OK, but we both like Florida beaches better.  Jim remarked on the way home that he misses Florida beaches!

Our picnic wasn't anything fancy.  We had sandwiches, macaroni salad some radishes and cucumber slices.  Brought some grapes and cookies for dessert.  A bottle of beer and a great view, what more could you ask for.

After our lunch we walked up and down the shoreline.  Allowing as to how it was Christmas there were more people there than I thought there would be.  

After we packed up and left the beach we found a funky bar facing the Gulf so we stopped in and enjoyed a pina colada while staring at the water.  Very relaxing and just what we needed.  Salt water therapy!

We just finished our day work stint and I have no idea what we'll do with our off time.  Jim has a doctor appointment tomorrow, mostly tests I think.  We're not going anywhere for New Years, we'll just stay in and enjoy each others company.  I know, we're boring old farts.  But we just don't party much and staying up past 2200 is a thing of the past!  The new year will arrive just the same.

Whatever your plans are for the 31st, be safe!

Saturday, December 10, 2016


I truly treasure my husband! December 8th was my birthday (69) and he drove me all over, in the rain and cold so I could go to a couple stores.  Turns out one, World Market, isn't open yet.  And by the look of the inside they'd need an army of workers to have it open anytime soon.  Great big empty store.

Next stop was the new Sprouts grocery store where I found some items I didn't know I needed! But they didn't have a couple things I was looking for.  The store is far enough that I won't be making weekly trips.   Maybe monthly!

Since it was my birthday I got to choose where to have lunch.  In the same block as Sprouts is Ostioneria Michoacán, an oyster and seafood restaurant. We had a wonderful lunch sharing a shrimp and beef fajita platter with the usual sides of rice and charro beans.  Of course a Modelo helped wash it down....It being my birthday I just had to have dessert and I love flan....yummy goodness.

Of course none of this was vegan so now it's back to healthier options.  Not sure why I can't order better options but I sure enjoy my food!  Health wise I'm still medicine free.

Thursday the temperature dipped into the mid 40's but we stayed warm under the down comforter. Of course getting up in a chilly house is the pits!  I'm always up first and immediately I turned on the furnace and space heater. By the time Jim got out of bed at 0700 it was tolerable.  When the furnace stopped I adjusted the temperature but it didn't come on.  Jim had to brave the cold, go outside and switch tanks.

Friday we worked and I'm assuming because of the cold weather not many people came to Guest Services.  No matter we kept busy with our tablets.  

My birthday package from Sonsearae and Chris arrived...a day late but tis the season!  Inside the very heavy box was a small jewelry box with three Pandora beads...One is a blue parrot dangle, one was a heart with my birthstone and a round one with my initial.  My collection is growing!

Not the best picture but isn't it lovely?  Thank you my darlings for feeding my jewelry addiction.

I left early to feed Boo and since I had so much 'free' time I made us a dinner of beef less stew.  It's nice that we like mushrooms and this bowl of goodness warmed us.

Not much on TV but we managed to stay awake until 2200.  Again the temperature dipped into the 40's and we were snug under the comforter.

Saturday has been cold and dreary. We finished off our leftovers from our Mexican meal.  I did the dishes and Jim took a nap.

The Army Navy game is not going well for our Navy.  

It looks like this will be our last night of cold temperatures because tomorrow it's supposed to get in the 80's!  I'll be happy if the sun comes out!

All is right in our world

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Lovely outing with Jim

Yesterday I wanted to go to the mall for a haircut. So we left after my morning chores of dishes, laundry and bed making.  It was cool outside so we wore jeans and I wore a long sleeved shirt.

While I was in MasterCuts Jim walked the mall.  Soon we were walking out in the warm sunshine!

I had no other plans but Jim did!  We went to Mama's on 10th street in McAllen for lunch.  First up was a pitcher of sangria and was it tasty.  We both ordered sandwiches and enjoyed a leisurely lunch. I was asked if I'd like to go to the movies for my birthday and I said yes!  We both want to see Dr Strange and Fantastic Beasts

Driving home we made a detour to check out this tall, black monolithic looking thing and discovered it was the centerpiece of the Veterans Memorial.  We'd been there before but I think this a new addition.

Every conflict was represented around the circle

Jim's dad flew out of England during WWII while my father fought on the ground in Italy

Even the women were memorialized with this display

I think if you click on a picture you'll get a bigger version in another window and you can read the inscriptions

On the ground surrounding the memorials they sold bricks and paving stones like the one above to remember Texans who fought and died

Five sided so each branch of the military is represented, of course this is the Navy side.  Around the base each state is represented by the date they became a state.

We were both very moved by this display

Then I guess Jim was in the mood for a movie right now so we went to Tinseltown and saw Dr Strange with Benedict Cumberbatch.

Back home Boo was happy to see us as it was time for his dinner.  After feeding him we decided to sit outside and enjoy the nice breeze. Jim had his coffee and phone. I trimmed my nails and had some watermelon which I shared with Boo...who knew he liked it?

Our evening was spent watching NCIS and Bull

Today is the 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor.  Not many of the survivors are left but we owe a debt to those who lost their lives that day and to those who lived to fight on.

All is right in our world

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Gloom, Despair and Agony on Me!

We've been in the Rio Grande Valley for just over a month, about five weeks and since day one I've been bitten!

Mosquitoes bite me and I don't know til the next day when a bump pops up.  It rarely bothers me and goes away quickly. 

Fire ants are another problem altogether.  Located in most southern states one does everything they can to avoid them.  When you step into their path or mound they let you know by swarming all over your foot/feet.  Their bite is painful and results in a painful blister that can itch but goes away with treatment of tea tree oil.

But something else is plaguing me.  I have no idea what is biting me but it raises a welt with a surrounding red area that oozes and itches.  I've had at least twenty of these bites and it's very uncomfortable to wear clothes.  The clothing rubs on the infected area and makes it itch more. Over time these bites have been on my calf, my thighs, my back, abdomen and various private parts of my body. 

Even Boo is being bitten with the same results.  He had one over his left eye that oozed and made his face very messy. I couldn't seem to keep him clean.  Other bites are under his chin, near his tail, on his chest and a series of them on his head

Jim does not seem to be bothered by this vile creature!

I think Boo and I will just stay indoors the rest of our time here....

All is not right in my world!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Mostly Rain and Very Little Sunshine

I think it was Tuesday when our weather changed.  Cooler temperatures and some rain....and more rainy weather all week.  Some days were cloudy and just spitting rain, some overnight showers.  But no sun! It's been very gloomy around here :-(

Jim and I worked Guest Services Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  To stay awake we got up every hour or so and went for a walk. Outside of our office there are bird feeders and the highlight of my day was an Altamira Oriole.  I only had my phone with me so no pictures.  The birds wouldn't co-operate and pose someplace where I could get a good shot. I will be taking my camera to work from now on!

One nice thing about living close to the office is we can dash home for lunch, walk the dog, do laundry etc

The other night we went out to dinner with three other couples and had a fine dinner after our day of work!  Twice in one week at Cheddar's is enough for me, I told Jim we could skip going again until next year.

Tonight we're going to Hayashi with 'family'.  My brother from another mother Don, His lovely wife Jeni who is my sister....another sister Anne and her husband Scotty.  confused yet?  No matter, we have been friends for several years and sometimes we're confused too!  Suffice it to say we are a close family of friends.

Yesterday I stayed in and did laundry (it was bed day) and watched football.  Unfortunately the Saints the very last play...yuck

So there you have it....our week in review

All is right in our world

Sunday, November 6, 2016

A lot of sun and a little rain

We've been working (at least that's what it's called) in Guest Services. We've not done it before so there's a little computer programming we're learning.  Right now there aren't a lot of folks here and not very many of them come into the office.  As the season passes this should change.

We'll be selling tickets to the entertainment, pontoon boat rides, ice.  We'll also sign out bikes, kayaks and hand out passes for the State Park

Here's our home on wheels, just under 400 square feet of living space...maybe.  But it works for us and has for ten years

More pictures of flowers and butterflies and palm trees!  Our resort is planted to attract birds and butterflies and this time of year we have a lot of both as they migrate to south and central America

During the heat of the day we stay indoors though Jim has managed to work on the patio a couple afternoons.  I've even passed on walking in the mornings.  The past couple of days we've had some cloud cover and rain in the evenings.  

We've eaten out a couple times this past week.  Once just the two of us after our three day work stint.  Last night we went out with two other couples (Anne and Scotty, Lucy and Steve) and had a good time.

All is right in our world

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Busy Week

You may not know this, but when you travel a good part of the year it's hard to make and keep appointments for medical care.  Our appointments started with me on the 21st.  I had to go in and have lab work done, fasting lab work!  That killed an hour or so first thing in the morning.

Then Jim had three appointments for three different ailments.  It felt like all we did was drive back and forth!  We ate out entirely to much and we both gained weight.  Not to worry, we're both OK, but as you age these medical problems do crop up.

In between doctor visits we continued meeting our new neighbors as more and more folks rolled in.  Longtime friends Marilyn and Ed showed up at the resort next door and it was good to see them again

We've both been busy with 'housekeeping'.  When you settle in anywhere it's time to clean and purge.  

Do you celebrate Halloween?  there was a party today and quite a few folks showed up, some in costume.   There was a lot of food!

I try to walk every morning and today I was treated to a lovely sunrise.  this was taken with my phone

This pasture is right behind our resort and there are quite a few cattle to be seen.  I didn't notice if any were out and about during this 

Our days continue to be quite warm...low 90's and that is much to hot for me so I stay indoors and read or play games (sometimes I clean!)

All is right in our world

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Right here at Home

More critters and these were taken from our patio.

I cannot remember the name of this butterfly but they're pretty!

These are Green Jays and not the best lighting because they are gorgeous!  I'm sure I'll get more chances at better pictures as the season changes

this little butterfly was getting a drink at our bird bath

Big moth!  about 4 inches across

Last week was really hot, days in the 90's and we hit the pool and spa most every day.  I think it was Thursday when a 'cold' front came through and brought rain and cooler temperatures for about 36 hours. Today the expected high is 91, so we're warming up again

We've got out patio all set up with shade and I'll get a picture soon.  It's nice to sit out when the weather cooperates!

More and more folks are showing up.  Our friends Marilyn and Ed pulled into Retama a couple of days ago.  Retama is the resort next door.  I walked over to exchange hugs and it's half a mile walk from our home to theirs. 

They've had happy hour most every day but we don't attend all of them.  We've eaten out entirely to much and I'm sure this will slow down a bit once we start working.

I've been to the VA and had lab work done.  I'll get the results when we head that way next week.  Jim's has appointments starting next week for his various complaints, so we'll be busy.

I think we're settling in and all is right in our world

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Morning Walk

On my morning walks I'm lucky to see many beautiful sights.  Our resort has many beautiful plants and most of them bloom this time of year.  As the season progresses I'll share some pictures with you

Each RV site has different plantings and most of them attract butterflies.  The National Butterfly Center is just a short hike or bike ride down the road.  A lot of folks travel to this area just to see them!

I'll try to get more pictures of these critters but they don't hold still very long

Of course we have many, many palms in all sizes

We're settling in and our friends Anne and Scotty arrived a couple days ago.  From now on things should get busier as more and more Winter Texans start arriving!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Bentsen Palm RV Resort

We left Lazy Longhorn in Victoria around 0930 yesterday our destination the Rio Grande Valley and Bentsen Palm RV Resort in Mission Texas.  Sheesh that's a mouthful!

Our drive was an easy one and we headed south until we neared Corpus Christi then we went west to Alice where we picked up Highway 281 south.  And we stopped and had lunch because 281 is a long road with very few stops that can accommodate our rig.

We pulled into our home for the next six month just after 1400.  The gate was locked but Jackie saw us and let us in.  We were expected but whenever an RV shows up I'm sure someone will open the gate!  We pulled and parked and headed to the managers dwelling to be greeted by our friends Don and Jeni Wilson.  It's been a few years since we saw them and I must say it was like being welcomed home.

We exchanged hugs and some tears then Jim and I got busy.  Jim backed us in without to much trouble, we leveled and set up our house. Once our work was done for the day we changed into our suits and headed to the pool.  We soaked in the hot tub and I took a dip in the pool.  Back home we showered and slipped into our jammies and ended our day watching TV

This morning when I opened up the blinds I saw this little beauty having breakfast in the tree behind the rig

I think it's a Coopers Hawk and years ago when we were here we had one in this area....wonder if it's the same one?

Today we continued tweaking our living space.  Jim worked outside and I worked inside.  Laundry, cleaning etc. Jim set up the bird feeding station, took the bike rack off and stored it with a tarp cover.  He worked outside until noon, came in, got a bite to eat then napped.

I watched football!   The New Orleans Saints were playing and I'm proud to say they won, beating the North Carolina Panthers 41-38!

Around 1600 we paid a Jeni a visit.  Our friend is recovering from a stroke and it was good to talk to her and wonderful to see the progression she's made.  Better days are ahead with more and more of her friends showing up and before long she'll be in tip top shape.  Especially if all of us chip in with help!

Then it was to the pool where several couples gathered to cool off, have a drink and chat.  Finally it was time to head home for a bite to eat.  

We've showered and settled in for the night.

All is right in our world

spell check isn't working so if there are mistakes, let me know

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Victoria Texas

We left Livingston yesterday around 0930 and it was raining!  Not heavy but enough to make it messy.  for the first hour or so on the road we kept driving in and out of showers.  After that it was clear skies and mostly uneventful.  

Once we reached Houston it was another story!  We took I-610 around the west side and south and I (we) were amazed at the traffic.  In some places it was 4-6 lanes, all busy, all going in the same direction!  Jim managed to navigate it quite well and we picked up Highway 59 south and started looking for a place to stop and have lunch.  We were both hungry and needed a pit stop.

We pulled into Lazy Longhorn RV Park in Victoria Texas sometime after 1400 and set up in 90 degree heat.  Of course I was inside and Jim did all the outside stuff.  For some reason he couldn't get our satellite dish to work so we're using the free cable TV that is offered here.  They also have free WiFi but it's very slow and sometimes not worth the trouble.

Once we relaxed a bit we headed to the hot tub and soaked for awhile then I took a dip in the pool.  Jim skipped the pool.  The hot tub has a waterfall feature that he sat under while the water washed over his head and shoulders.

I offered beans and rice for dinner but Jim didn't want that, so after we showered we headed out to Taco Bell and brought home tacos for our dinner.  Then we watched NCIS and Bull.  Jim went to bed while I did computer things until 2200

This morning was routine.  Breakfast, bed, laundry and dishes.  Then we headed to the mall to do some walking and Jim bought a new Fitbit so he's a happy camper

We drove to the Riverside Park to check it out.  From what we saw it's a nice park.  We passed a campground and the zoo.  Then we drove out into a posh part of town.  Big houses and lovely, huge old oaks.

Then it was downtown to seek out the old county courthouse built in 1892.  We walked around the square and then it was off to lunch.

Our destination was back the way we came so we could have lunch at Carino's.  Italian food is always good to have.  We both enjoyed a cool, refreshing beer.  Jim had salad and a pasta dish and I have soup and sandwich.

We both laid down for a bit then headed to the hot tub and pool!  Good way to spend a hot afternoon.

Saturday morning we'll leave and head to Mission Texas our destination for this winter.

All is right in our world

Monday, October 10, 2016

Don't Look! You may go to Jail

Have you ever come across a sign that made you scratch your head and wonder how intelligent people are?  Can't remember where this was taken or if I even if I took the picture, I just like it

We're in Livingston Texas at Rainbow's End.  Today will be our last day and tomorrow we'll head to Victoria Texas for four nights then Mission on Saturday.  

Haven't done much here except walk.  If you've ever been to this area you know it's a bit laid back and there isn't a lot to entertain you.  Today, if the offices are open, we'll take care of mail and payments.

The weather has been lovely!  Warm days and cool nights.

I'll leave you with this sign....

all is right in our world

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Where were you

just one year ago?  We were in South Florida....where I'm sure the folks we met are getting pelted with rain from Hurricane Matthew.  My thoughts are with them and others in the path of this storm

We spent a lot of time in Stuart and Port St Lucie and all I can think of right now is the damage this storm is going to do.  It's a beautiful area of Florida and not as expensive as the areas a little further south.  All the water being pushed onto the coast and up the rivers...and the torrential rain falling and having no place to go.  Flooding is going to be awful and folks will need assistance because the power will be out and the stores are all empty.  

We're in Texarkana Texas right now.  Our first time back to Texas in several years.  The past week or so has been uneventful.  We travel, stay 3-4 nights then hit the road again.  When we sit still we spend time doing laundry and other chores, just like folks who live in a sticks and bricks.

I will say the farther south we get the warmer it is.  Even Hot!  We spend the middle of the day inside where it's cooler with air conditioning.

While here Jim had the oil changed in the truck and we did some shopping for groceries and Boo and I got our hair cut!

Tomorrow we head to Livingston Texas for four nights.  Technically Livingston is our home.  At least that's what it says on our license and it's where our mail is sent.  We're Escapees!  Livingston is their headquarters 

all is right in our world

Friday, September 23, 2016

Singing Hills RV Park

We took we took our time yesterday packing up and left Rising Sun around 1030.We stayed on the scenic road along the Ohio river and it was scenic but some patches we very rough! Up and down and weaving made it interesting for sure.

We picked up I-71 an crossed into Kentucky over a dam and this was where the first construction zone was seen and passed through.  At least they had it controlled with a traffic light.  The next slowdown was north of Louisville and the alert I got said a 70 minute delay.  We did pull off at a rest stop and had lunch stopping a bit longer than we normally do.  When we pulled out we noticed traffic was moving a bit faster but inched along when we caught up with the traffic.  Once through that mess we turned off and got on I-264 west.

And then we passed into the Central time zone and gained an hour, arriving at this campground just before 1400

One we set up with full hookups (30 amps) we headed to Cracker Barrel for some comfort food.  Jim only had a small salad and orange for lunch and needed sustenance!  Back home he was able to find a level site with a window through the trees to get a signal for our TV.  Then he kicked back and had a beer.

We have wifi here so we spent some time getting our updates on our various devices.  We watched Rosewood and Pitch on Fox for our entertainment.  And since we are so early we indulged with popcorn as an evening snack

Apparently Boo was still on Eastern time and wanted us to go to bed at his time.  I'm sure we'll all adjust in a few days.

We'll be here four nights.  I really don't like traveling this way.  But we have to be in the Valley a month from today.  I'm seriously rethinking this way of life.  Seeing this country from the interstate is boring.

All is right in our world

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Fog, fog and more fog

I slept in....didn't wake up until Jim's alarm went off at 0730.  I guess the fog is to blame!  The sun still hasn't made an appearance and it's 0930

During the night I heard several boats tooting their horns on the river.  The first one made me wonder until I remembered how close we are to the river.  After that it was just a pleasant sound and I went back to sleep.

Made a grocery run yesterday afternoon.  We stopped in the parking lot of the Rising Sun IGA and Jim decided I needed a bigger grocery store and we headed back east to a Kroger about 10 miles from the campground.  The road is a scenic byway so the drive was pleasant.  We also scoped out gas stations and fuel prices. We'll need to fuel up before the next leg of our journey.

We leave here and head for Cave City Kentucky on Thursday

All is right in our world

Monday, September 19, 2016

On the Ohio River

Today I'm coming to you from the Little Farm RV Resort in Rising Sun, Indiana. 

Our drive yesterday was short and sweet!  We left Lima around 1130 and arrived around 1430.  Mostly I-75 and we stopped a couple times for lunch and pit stops.

This campground is unusual, we're in the lower section right next to the Ohio river.  We requested a site with no trees so we could set up the satellite dish for TV.  The upper section has tree lined rows of camp sites and is quite nice.  Also that's where all the amenities are.  So far I haven't taken any pictures.  Oh, we have full hookups and it's nice to have the sewer connected once again.  We're staying four nights.

Jim was able to lock onto our Direct TV signal and we were able to watch the end of the Saint/Giants game.  A disappointing loss for the Saints.  

I planned on making beans and rice for out dinner but Jim wasn't interested so we drove into the town of Rising Sun and had us a pretty good pizza at Caudillio's Pizza.  Small place with maybe 8-10 tables.  But while we were there a guy was coming and going with deliveries of pizza. So I'm guessing they do a booming business during football season!

There isn't WiFi here so we took our tablets with the hope they had free WiFi at the restaurant.  Nope...but we stopped in the parking lot of the Rising Star Casino and helped ourselves to their free WiFi.  When we were in Lima we went to the mall and used their free WiFi. We can get online using our phones but that isn't compatible with our Apple Ipads or Ipods

Once home we showered and relaxed for the rest of the evening.  

Today Jim has been busy outside washing this and that.  I've not done anything but a little cleaning, laundry and dishes.

All is right in our world

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Catching up?

I know, I'm a terrible person!  I haven't kept up with my blog....again....

Never fear, we're still here and traveling.  Enjoying almost every moment of it too.  Our last stay was in Erie Pennsylvania and what a delightful campground!  Lampe Campground and Marina is located in the industrial area but not really...the bay is busy but not really. Hard to explain but it's fairly quiet, you do hear some noises but after the first night I didn't hear the 'white noise' of industry.  

We walked!  Out on the  pier, in the park, around the marina.  Weather was perfect.  Our first night, Sunday,  there was fireworks!  Turns out Tall Ships and a weekend of fun was over.  We even saw a couple of them leaving port because we were walking on that pier.  But I only had my small camera with me.

The campground wasn't huge and wasn't being used much.

As you can see it was a bright sunny day.  We enjoyed our stay.  Nice weather always makes for good memories.

On the other side of this channel is Presque Isle State Park and it is fantastic!  It's free to the public and they were using it.  Bike paths, picnic areas, beaches.  Something for everyone!

We bought a Subway sandwich and enjoyed a nice lunch overlooking the bay.  The drive around the peninsula was beautiful and we made plenty of stops to enjoy the views, monuments and lighthouse

We are now in Lima Ohio.  Our drive over was marred by Interstate 90 closing down and we had to find an alternative route.  My only concern was coming upon an obstruction for our tall rig.  Our GPS got er done!

We're staying at a delightful park.  Ottawa Metro Park is very nice for all the locals and those of us from out of state.  Small campground with electric (30Amp) and water.  Seniors pay $20 a night. We lucked out and have a grey water dump station right on our site.  Catching up on laundry!  I've never seen a separate station just for grey water.

There are lots of things to do here.  The walking paths are super for walking or biking.  Frisbee golf, an arboretum, Swimming hole with a beach.  The campground has a horseshoe pitch and volleyball.  The center row of sites is pull through and we have enough space to park in front or behind the rig.

After arriving Thursday and setting up we went for a walk, very enjoyable.

Yesterday we did chores....some cleaning in and out needed to be done.  After a busy morning we just relaxed and enjoyed the rest of the sunny day.  Good thing, because overnight rain moved in and all night it rained.  It seems to have stopped for now but it's still cloudy out there.

Not sure what's on the agenda for today.  We're leaving in the morning for Rising Sun Indiana.

Two years ago yesterday Jim had his bypass surgery.  I'm very grateful to have my husband still on this earth.  

All is right in our world