Sunday, October 30, 2016

Busy Week

You may not know this, but when you travel a good part of the year it's hard to make and keep appointments for medical care.  Our appointments started with me on the 21st.  I had to go in and have lab work done, fasting lab work!  That killed an hour or so first thing in the morning.

Then Jim had three appointments for three different ailments.  It felt like all we did was drive back and forth!  We ate out entirely to much and we both gained weight.  Not to worry, we're both OK, but as you age these medical problems do crop up.

In between doctor visits we continued meeting our new neighbors as more and more folks rolled in.  Longtime friends Marilyn and Ed showed up at the resort next door and it was good to see them again

We've both been busy with 'housekeeping'.  When you settle in anywhere it's time to clean and purge.  

Do you celebrate Halloween?  there was a party today and quite a few folks showed up, some in costume.   There was a lot of food!

I try to walk every morning and today I was treated to a lovely sunrise.  this was taken with my phone

This pasture is right behind our resort and there are quite a few cattle to be seen.  I didn't notice if any were out and about during this 

Our days continue to be quite warm...low 90's and that is much to hot for me so I stay indoors and read or play games (sometimes I clean!)

All is right in our world