Sunday, November 6, 2016

A lot of sun and a little rain

We've been working (at least that's what it's called) in Guest Services. We've not done it before so there's a little computer programming we're learning.  Right now there aren't a lot of folks here and not very many of them come into the office.  As the season passes this should change.

We'll be selling tickets to the entertainment, pontoon boat rides, ice.  We'll also sign out bikes, kayaks and hand out passes for the State Park

Here's our home on wheels, just under 400 square feet of living space...maybe.  But it works for us and has for ten years

More pictures of flowers and butterflies and palm trees!  Our resort is planted to attract birds and butterflies and this time of year we have a lot of both as they migrate to south and central America

During the heat of the day we stay indoors though Jim has managed to work on the patio a couple afternoons.  I've even passed on walking in the mornings.  The past couple of days we've had some cloud cover and rain in the evenings.  

We've eaten out a couple times this past week.  Once just the two of us after our three day work stint.  Last night we went out with two other couples (Anne and Scotty, Lucy and Steve) and had a good time.

All is right in our world