Monday, November 14, 2016

Mostly Rain and Very Little Sunshine

I think it was Tuesday when our weather changed.  Cooler temperatures and some rain....and more rainy weather all week.  Some days were cloudy and just spitting rain, some overnight showers.  But no sun! It's been very gloomy around here :-(

Jim and I worked Guest Services Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  To stay awake we got up every hour or so and went for a walk. Outside of our office there are bird feeders and the highlight of my day was an Altamira Oriole.  I only had my phone with me so no pictures.  The birds wouldn't co-operate and pose someplace where I could get a good shot. I will be taking my camera to work from now on!

One nice thing about living close to the office is we can dash home for lunch, walk the dog, do laundry etc

The other night we went out to dinner with three other couples and had a fine dinner after our day of work!  Twice in one week at Cheddar's is enough for me, I told Jim we could skip going again until next year.

Tonight we're going to Hayashi with 'family'.  My brother from another mother Don, His lovely wife Jeni who is my sister....another sister Anne and her husband Scotty.  confused yet?  No matter, we have been friends for several years and sometimes we're confused too!  Suffice it to say we are a close family of friends.

Yesterday I stayed in and did laundry (it was bed day) and watched football.  Unfortunately the Saints the very last play...yuck

So there you have it....our week in review

All is right in our world