Friday, September 28, 2012

Searcy, Arkansas

Well, we've been here a few days and yesterday they started work on our windows.  We have full hook-ups right here on their lot.  May not be the most beautiful place we've stayed but it's free!   There's been a lot going on here and Jim has enjoyed watching and learning about de-fogging windows.  I've mostly stayed inside out of the way

Boo is doing better.  We started him on Benedryl in Eureka Springs and within a couple days I noticed a big improvement in him.  When he goes through these flea bites he seems to have an allergic reaction and he scratches so much that he removes hair and has sore, bald spots that cause him to scratch more.  So the medicine is to break the cycle.  Today and yesterday, no new spots!  The old ones are clearing up without the aid of calamine lotion.  Needless to say we are all getting to sleep better at night!  He's also back to eating normally and that makes me happy.  I don't mind him missing a meal now and then but he wasn't showing much interest in food and that's a worrisome thing for me.

Last night we got to meet a reader of my blog!  Debbie Likert and her husband Frank met us for dinner at The Pasta Grill just down the road from us.  It's ever so nice to meet people who actually read this blog!  Debbie and I also know each other from Facebook.  We had a grand time talking and getting to know this nice couple and I hope we see them on the road in the future.  They RV, but still have a home here in Searcy.

Some rain moved into the area last night just as we were getting ready to go out to dinner.  Fortunately, just sprinkles until we got inside the restaurant.  Then there was a nice shower while we ate.  When we left it was over.  Not sure how hard or long it rained but we have puddles here on the gravel lot.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Crochet and other crafty things

 When cooler weather rolls around I think about crocheting.  So the other day I dug out my yarn bag and found this little number waiting to be finished.

It's suitable for a baby, about 31 inches wide and 35 inches long.  Made with Bernat Handicrafter Cotton.  Or could be used as a lap warmer

Mostly what I've been doing is trying to get my stitches uniform again.  Dishcloths help with that

I also need to make my Christmas Cards...I bought some materials in Shipshewana just need to get some glue and sticky tape
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lovely weather

If you've never been to Eureka Springs you don't know what you're missing!  Sure, it can be full of tourists on the main drag, but when you meander this mountain town you find hidden delights.

Jim decided we needed to climb Mountain Street and let me tell you it was steep!  When we stopped to catch our breath a car was coming down and she told us we needed a sense of humor to climb the steep roads...we were laughing so much because we are out of shape....perhaps mountain living keeps you young...

 The age of some of the buildings makes them worthy of posts cards, some of the gardens are simply gorgeous and makes you wonder about the upkeep
 Saturday we drove out to Beaver Lake Dam and enjoyed a picnic lunch overlooking the lake.  It was perfect, the kind of lunch I enjoy sharing with Jim.  I packed a couple of sandwiches, some pickles and a bottle of wine

I don't think he caught anything
 On the way home we drove through town climbing ever higher to the overlook.  Did you know some of the streets have mirrors so you can check for oncoming traffic?  We stayed at a Bed and Breakfast a few years back and we located it and remembered climbing the hill in the rain!  Laughing the whole time...

Crescent Hotel from the overlook

Boo has been giving us a worrisome time.  Found some fleas and I do think he's allergic to the bites.   I haven't seen a flea in several days but he's still scratching and licking.  Calamine lotions and TLC.  He seems better today but it's the nights that are a trial.

Tomorrow we head to the Fog Doctor in Searcy

I will miss this city but Jim put in his resume to work camp next year so perhaps we'll be back for an extended stay next summer.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Eureka Springs

 We've been here since last Friday.  Our drive over was easy and a wee bit challenging because the more you get into the Ozarks the slower you have to drive while towing a big rig.  Still the drive only took about four hours from Osage Beach.  We only spent two nights there but enjoyed it.  I think we'll have to go back for a longer visit.
Lake of the Ozarks State Park
 We had a picnic lunch at Lake of the Ozark State Park.  It was a beautiful time!  Weather was perfect
But Eureka Springs was calling us....we love this city and the surrounding area.  We come here as often as we can and I think we could live here.....three season, maybe even four if I could talk Jim into it!

Our first night here we went out to eat and it was nice to sit outside and enjoy our meal.  Angler's had hummingbird feeders everywhere and watching the birds was so delightful!  Our meal was catfish and it was delicious, we both had a beer and we won't do that very often!  There is a huge tax on beer (alcohol).

Weather wise it went downhill from there and a system moved in that gave us rainy, gloomy days.  We managed to 'weather' this with a free HBO weekend, reading and gaming.  We did venture out Saturday to mail a package and dash through the raindrops for lunch at Bubba's BBQ.  We have always eaten here as they serve very good BBQ.

I was surprised there was a veggie burger on the menu and this is what I had...very tasty too!  Jim had a messy sandwich that included chili, he had to cut and eat with a fork.  Chips and pickles and tea and lemonade complimented our meal...

Then back home for more TV, reading and games....

Wanderlust RV park is where we're staying and our site is at the end of the park, way in the back!  If you know this place we're in site 76 and our only complaint is the light right in our front yard.  Every night we have to pull down both blinds and leave the closet door open to block the light from coming in...oh the blind in the shower.  Now that the sun is out I'll take some pictures.

There was a Scooter fest last weekend and the campground was full.  It was fun watching everyone around us leave on Sunday.

Jim made a trip yesterday to get some work done on the truck.  He had to get up while it was dark so he could be there for 0800.  It was nice being alone with only Boo...didn't do anything special, same chores had to be done.  Jim was home for lunch and then a nice nap.

Today?  who knows...

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hannibal, Mo

We left Rantoul last Friday under threatening skies.  As we pulled out we did get a sprinkling of rain.  But the dark clouds were all north of us and we were heading west, south west.  So we drove out of it!   Not sure when we had clear skies but it made the drive more comfortable.  Jim doesn't like driving in the rain....who does?

For some reason Jim decided to get a case of vertigo last Wednesday and spent most of Thursday resting.  It happens every now and then and there isn't much he can do about it.  For me?  I don't have to cook much...I wasn't sure we'd be able to drive to Hannibal

But we did and we arrived around 1400 at the Mark Twain Cave Campground.  It was pretty warm setting up in the sun and Jim did well, just taking it slow and easy.  We were almost through when Marilyn and Ed Dray,  came home from visiting and shopping.  They invited us over, when we were ready, for happy hour.

We haven't seen our friends since earlier this year in South Texas.  We headed over and had a few drinks and chatted catching up.  Then it was decided we'd continue the fun and have dinner across the street.  Since it was starting to sprinkle we all got in our truck and drove over.

We all enjoyed a catfish dinner that was mighty tasty.  Different sides for everyone but a couple of us had extra fish it was that tasty!  No dessert and no leftovers.  Sitting outside was nice and the river traffic was interesting

Yesterday was just a lazy day around the campground.  Jim still down with vertigo so I went to Walmart with Marilyn and Jennifer.

Today is looking better!  Jim hasn't napped all day.  We actually had dinner.  Jim grilled himself a small steak and I made oven sweet potato fries and salad and for me a black bean dish with Tofurky kielbasa and salsa.

We're watching the Saints lose to the Skins and I'm not happy about that!

That's about it from here.  A couple more nights and we'll be on the road again....