Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Cooler Weather, so very nice

Monday...A cold front has dipped down and given us much cooler temperatures.  It feels like Autumn!  Jim would probably say it feels like winter.  It's almost 10 am and it's 60 degrees outside.  The sun is brightly shining and it is warming up out there.  

We have been out and about the past few days.  A trip to Costco, lunch at Peppers for some much needed Tex-Mex food.   A stop  at Country Feed Store to see Christy and Rik.  The nice weather has given them a few days of good sales.  We visited for awhile and with our cooler, eggs and mail  it was off to Publix.  Why is it my coffee cream is only sold there?  Quick dash in and then we headed home.  

Jim is adjusting to the c-pap machine and only time will tell if he'll ever get a good nights sleep.  Sometimes neither of us sleep well!  He likes the nasal pillows a lot better than the mask.  He has had to make a couple adjustments to the position and flow of air. 

Sunday we spent some time with Sonsearae and Chris.  Football Sundays are a treat!  Burgers were had and I brought deviled potatoes.  Spinach Artichoke dip along with bell peppers, crackers and tortilla chips rounded out the menu.  For dessert Sonsearae made an Apple Cider Doughnut cake.  It sure was yummy!  

What are you paying for gas or fuel?  Filled the tank today with diesel and it was $3.49 a gallon....

Total for the Year, 411

Just a pumpkin card...I think I made this one for a color challenge.  All Stampin' Up!

A quick OSW from Jessica Taylor.  All Stampin' Up

Finished an old Paper Pumpkin...June I think

Dug out my Christmas stash and finished these cards from last year.  Pretty sure it was components from a Paper Pumpkin

Another OSW using Stampin' Up! papers and ink

Echo Park card kit this time!  Pretty papers make quick cards

The insides are decorated also

All I right in our world


Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Happy Fall Ya'll!

I love this time of year!  Temperatures are dropping and being outside is a lot more pleasant.  Time to head to the beach!  I know, ya'll think going to the beach is only for summer time, to cool off.  But we don't often spend time in the water.  Maybe walk the surf.  The fresh sea air is what I'm after.  Picnic on the sand or a good seafood restaurant with open windows because there is always a breeze.  Perfection!

What is your favorite time of year?  I'm an Autumn type because I love all the rich, fall colors.  I love wearing sweaters and boots and it isn't often I get the chance living in the south.

We've been here about three weeks and life is good.  We do have to drive a bit to see  our family.  Even getting groceries it's a 20-30 minute drive.  And wouldn't you know diesel has gone up in price!  

There is a multi purpose path along the Coastal Highway and we see folks on it when ever we go out.  Jim walked one day on it and the other day we both did a thirty minute walk.  Not brightly colored but there were some flowers in bloom and the Beauty Berries are beautiful.

              Beauty Berries are purple and brighten the landscape

We had several days of rain and it got messy on the patio!  The space between the sites is about four inches deep and water just poured down the road, entered and crossed our site.   Pardon the rainy windows, but I wasn't about to go outside to take pictures! 

            This first picture show the water level with the pad
                       There is a road under all that water!

We were happy when those rains moved on.  It lasted about three days.  Came from the southwest and moved up into Georgia.

Jim finally was able to get his A-pap machine.  There's been a shortage of them.  He's been using it nightly and he likes the nasal pillows better than the mask.  Not sure how long it takes to get a solid night of rest but he's working on it.

                                     Total for the Year, 391

These cards were made in September.  Just getting WIP's done.  What's a wip you ask?  Work in Progress!  Not sure when they were started but they're done now..

These cards were made for special people in our lives and I chose the papers for them.  I like tropical prints too!  I hope they liked them.

                          This card has a matching envelope.  
                                   All Stampin' Up! papers

One Sheet Wonder Template from Jessica Taylor.   Also has matching envelopes.  This Granny Apple Green and Daffodil combination is very bright and cheerful!  All Stampin' Up! 

Well folks that's about it from here.  I hope life is treating you well because Life is Good!

All is right in our world