Sunday, September 26, 2021


No matter your age or circumstances, there's no place like home!  We've lived in some wonderful locations across the United States in our rolling home.  Each site was unique and special.  We both have favorite spots!  I like mountains while Jim is more of a water guy.  Ocean, lake, river...  But no matter where we park, it's home.

We've been here since the 15th.  Several busy days after our move we were both busy setting up.  Outside Jim has done a fine job.  Patio mat is down, bird feeder is up (no birds!), solar lights and chairs (thanks Sonsearae and Chris for the lounger).  The weather station is keeping us updated.   Haven't hung the chimes or hummer feeder.  And Jim isn't sure about hanging our sign of crossed pistols saying we don't dial 911.  Maybe we'll just go with our names and the yellow rose of Texas. I only have a couple potted plants.  The weather will be cooling down and since we'll be moving sites I don't want the fuss and bother of heavy pots to move.

I think it rained everyday the first week were here!  Then a 'cool' front came through and the temperatures relented for a day or so.  I even sat out one afternoon!  We have full sun on the street side of our rig, so opening the windows was a treat.  Overnight the humidity rises but usually tapers off during the day.  

 More than once we've both said we like our views.  Our site offers us the golf cart path to the first tee of the golf course. So it's busy during the mornings...actually it's kinda busy all day!  And we have some greens we can see out the back window and watch the golfers.  When we move in February that will be missed.

 Our view of the pond is approximately ESE.  Very nice but if someone moves in next door we'll lose this view. 

It's a longer drive for us to visit medical facilities, but I don't mind.  Jim may tire of spending so much time driving.  As far as groceries etc, that's pretty close.  And dining out could involve seafood so he's up for that!

All is right in our world

Friday, September 17, 2021

It's Quite Nice Here

 We made it!  I sure am glad it was a short trip.  It definitely wore us out.  A week prior to the move Jim was quite busy getting the rig ready for the move.  Washing it, taking down the weather station, airing tires, pulling up the mat etc etc etc.  Inside was my job and while none of this is difficult and we remembered what we had to do, it was tiresome!  

I'd like to say we slept well but no....I for one kept thinking of things I needed to do as I'm sure Jim did.  And he doesn't sleep well most of the time.  Speaking of that, his Cpap appointment was cancelled due to lack of machines.  They'll call.

Boo managed to rest on the 40 minute drive.  He usually spends the time in Jim's lap and he's anxious.  But not this time

We are in site 8 for now.  It's reserved for February.  We do have a place to move to should we decide to stay (yes please!)
No one in this site so we can see the pond. I did see a fish jump and there is a duck decoy
The view out our back window is a tree lined golf course.  Golfers are really odd.  Rained Wednesday, Thursday and Friday but they didn't care, some played through others carted themselves back to the office to wait out the heavier rains

Our first day here I spotted this little guy but the picture I shot through the rainy view from the window wasn't the best.  Managed to get this one today.  Not pure white as there are dark patches centered down his head and back.  No matter, he's pretty!

No cards...been busy and tired....

All is right in our world

Monday, September 13, 2021

We're Moving!

We were presented an opportunity to move to a campground!  Yes please!  

Chris scouted around, probably at the urging of Sonsearae and found a spot for us at Wildwood and we're all set to travel on Wednesday.  I think we've remembered all we need to do for this short trip.  Jim has washed the rig, put the hitch back in the truck bed, taken down the weather station.  Pulled up the patio mat.  I've trimmed my plants and I'm taking cuttings from the basil and tomato to root so I can plant them after we get there. 
We both hope it doesn't rain!
I went to a craft fair with Sonsearae last Saturday while Jim stayed home and did some chores for me...gotta love a man who does laundry and dishes!

Total for the Year, 381 cards made

I love this layout and the tropical theme.  Old Stampin' Up! paper

The following three pictures are all the same card.  Made with double sided paper

          The front has this cute little Penguin, then you open it

And it says make a wish 

Then finally this party penguin says Happy Birthday
All Stampin' Up!

I really like the card layout on the left.  Using different papers, a pumpkin sticker it looks totally different!  I've made both flat for mailing but it would look even different it some of the elements were popped up with dimensionals

All is right in our world


Friday, September 3, 2021

Wow! it’s September

Where does the time go? For the most part we just hang out at home, I guess I’m getting forgetful.

We’re doing good and hope you are too.  Our summer hasn’t been nearly as hot as I thought it would be.  Overnight the humidity rises but unless it rains it can drop under 50% during the day. Pretty tolerable if you ask me.  I was concerned about Jim having difficulty breathing.  Back in Texas,  humidity wasn't much of an issue.

Exciting news! We’re moving to a campground the middle of this month.  Chris scoped it out for us and we checked it out.  It will do just fine.  Wildwood Golf and RV Resort is further south from here, but closer to the coast.  Maybe we'll get more scenic drives and some beach time.  The site we'll be in backs up to the Golf Course.  Hopefully I'll be able to attract some birds!

Total for the year, 378 cards made 

I've made a few cards and still have more to post.  Hopefully it won't take me a month!

Today we headed to Costco to pick up a couple items and get some walking in.  I stripped the bed and we have clean sheets to sleep on tonight.  If it weren't so much work we'd sleep on clean sheets every night!  Love slipping into bed.

Boo is doing good, he needs a haircut...looking a bit scraggly.

All is right in our world