Saturday, December 21, 2019

Shortest Day

Hello there!  I hope y'all are enjoying this Christmas Season wherever you are.  Today it's winter again here in Spring Branch.  Another cold front is coming through and yesterday was dreadful!  Rain and cold all day.  Neither one of us went out except to drive the trash down to the dumpster and check the mail.  Great day to do laundry and indoor chores.

The temperatures have fallen below the freezing mark a couple nights and don't you know, we forgot to check one night and had to deal with frozen water lines.  You would think after all these years of living in our rig we'd be checking the weather morning, noon and night.  Oh wait!  Usually we're not this far north in winter.  When the temperature drops below 40 we put the plumerias and tomato plants in the compartment.  Looks like today I can let them out!  Some sunshine will do them good.

I had a very nice birthday a couple weeks ago.  72 years I've been on this earth.  Sonsearae sent me a new paper trimmer and a die set to aid in my card making.  Received several cards from crafty online friends.  Speaking of cards, I still can't figure out how to get the pictures off my phone and onto this blog.  I don't think I'll reach my goal of 500 cards as my total now is 283.  If you add the 24 tags the total is 307.  Some of you have received the cards and tags!  I've got more projects in the works but there aren't  a lot of days left to this year!

Are you ready for Christmas?  We don't do much to celebrate. I no longer decorate.  I display the cards we've gotten which is about it.   

We haven't been doing much lately.  Earlier this month we both had the sniffles and Jim's developed into a cold.  Mild tho it was.  I think our sniffles were from an allergy.  I found out that Texas cedar puts out pollen from around Thanksgiving and ends around Valentines day.  Maybe that contributed to our discomfort.

Jim doesn't like cold weather and doesn't get outside much when it's cold.  Just takes care of the necessary things like the bird feeders, sweeping and raking the leaves, black tank etc.

Last week I had lab tests done and before we could leave Jim had to warm up the truck by plugging it into power.  Diesel engines (especially old ones) don't like freezing temperatures!  This week I'll get the results of my labs when I visit my doctor.  Hopefully they'll be good because I do not want to go back on medication.

How about dem Saints???  Who Dat! I sure hop they get to go to the Super Bowl this year.  Unfortunately there are several football teams Worthy of that honor.  I'm excited to watch the season unfold.

Today is the shortest day....from now on, more sunshine each day!  Before you know it spring will be here, so hang in there.

All is right in our world

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope y’all are making memories today.  Be thankful for all your blessings.  Family, friends, food and festivities abound this time of year.  But the memories last a lifetime.

We’re doing good.  Our health is not getting worse at the moment and for that I’m thankful.  We’re together with a roof over our heads and food on the table. Life is good.

Our weather is overcast and cool today as another cold front passes through. Not complaining! This is ever so much better than howling winds and snow.

Last night we had a wonderful time with family. Some we haven’t seen in a long time. Some we’ve never met.  SaraJane and Jerry hosted the Blythe family cousins with a BBQ.  I should mention that all of these family members are from Jim’s side of the family. Cousins, second cousins, spouses etc etc etc.  I didn’t count but it was a full house. A tradition of sharing this holiday rotates each year. And they travel from far away. 

Handmade cards because:

No one displays an email on the mantle
or shows off a tweet on the fridge

or saves a Facebook post in a box of treasures

For the year of 2019 I've challenged myself to 500 cards think I can do it?

 28 November 2019 276 cards

These cards were fun to make using a template for 6 inch paper.  Of course some mixing and matching with other bits and pieces helped a bit.

Love how this turned out.  Stampin' Up! supplied the paper, stamps and dies.  Though it's difficult to tell, the frame is a rope die, very fiddly to cut and glue onto the card

this card is another one using bits and pieces

This Paper Pumpkin kit and so many elements that I'm still making the cards I sent out for Thanksgiving.  Perhaps you got one?

Look another same paper, bits and pieces.  When I say same paper, I mean both sides of the paper are pretty.  You can also see the dry embossed design on this one

Using up Let It Snow DSP from Stampin' Up!

Young Livings Aroma Siez Essential Oil Blend is probably an oil that you've never heard of.  A blend of lavender, peppermint, basil, marjoram and cypress and it smells divine!  Mix with a carrier oil and use for circulation and pain relief.  Great for long car drives or flights.  Your legs will thank you! Soothing enough to lower your blood pressure....are we there yet? 

Head over to my Site to order yours today

All is right in our world

Friday, November 15, 2019

A bit of this and that

Did Y'all enjoy that Arctic cold front?  I'm not sure why, but we ignored the predictions and our pipes froze the first night.  I guess it got colder, quicker than we thought it would.  Good thing we have a Keurig, I was able to have my coffee.  Jim too when he got up later at 0800 and they were still frozen.  No matter, life is an adventure and we've had our excitement for the month.  I just couldn't do laundry, bummer!

When we have these cold fronts we usually have rain.  Such was the case this time.  It was awesome to see the ice on our truck and wooden steps.  Even had some itty bitty icicles.  

Today we have abundant sunshine.  Temperature is around 58 as I type.  Jim is outside taking care of the black tank and I've been busy doing laundry.  While outside he's also doing 'yard' work.  My plumerias and tomato plants have been in the garage, so they're enjoying some sun.  They'll have to be put back in as the low tonight is 32 degrees.  

Handmade cards because:

No one displays an email on the mantle
or shows off a tweet on the fridge

or saves a Facebook post in a box of treasures

For the year of 2019 I've challenged myself to 500 cards think I can do it?

 15 November 2019 267 cards

These four cards are from a monthly 'kit' I get.  For a set fee you're given blank cards and some embellishments.  It comes with a pack of 6x6 papers, Christmas in this set and Wendy throws in some goodies in the way of embellishments, ribbon and in this kit candy! .  Each year Stampin' Up! offers a bazillion Holiday stamps and paper packs.  I can't afford all nor do I need them but these kits allow me to get a sample of the pretty papers

November OSW is all about special folds on the cards.  I chose a Nautical theme.  The left card opens by taking the ship to the right then the inner flap opens to the left.  The card on the right opens by flipping the ship up, then lowering the inner flap.  Pretty basic.

This card was a bit more fiddly.  It opens right and left.
All supplies are Stampin' Up!

We decided to enjoy one of the many offers for Veterans Day.  San Antonio is Military City with a huge contingent of Air Force personnel.  Many retirees settle here and when ever you go out you see ball caps from all branches.  Needless to say all the eatery's had offers of free food.  We chose Fish City Grill where we enjoyed a fabulous meal.  Jim had a trout entree while I chose a stuffed flounder.  We both cleaned up our plates, no leftovers. These entrees were free.  We also ordered beer and an appetizer and key lime pie for dessert which we paid for.  

I'd like to add that when we left the house it was 71 degrees outside but we dressed for colder weather.  While we dined the front came a knocking!  We had our jackets in the truck and put them on.  We made a quick stop at Sam's Club where the wind was so fierce that it blew my cap off!  Jim to the rescue, he chased it down for me. While inside we got a call from Sara Jane inviting us to Max's Roadhouse so we could visit.  We only had beer and much to my shame, I could not finish mine.  

Once home we pretty much stayed inside because it was cold outside.  We did venture out yesterday to visit the library and pick up some groceries.

All is right in our world

Thursday, November 7, 2019

I told you I’ve been making cards

The past few days have been pretty nice.  Milder temperatures so no need for the furnace.  But more cold air is coming!
I stay busy with chores and making cards.  Jim reads and plays games.  And he’s an excellent chauffeur.  When we venture out he does the driving and sneaks items into the grocery cart when we shop.

Handmade cards because:

No one displays an email on the mantle
or shows off a tweet on the fridge

or saves a Facebook post in a box of treasures

For the year of 2019 I've challenged myself to 500 cards think I can do it?

 2 November 2019 260 cards

I’m still working on Christmas cards.  Some will actually be used for Christmas but most will be just winter themed note cards.

Four of these cards, just pretty pictures, are plain. The lovely Stampin’ Up! Paper speaks for itself.  And then there’s the festive snowman!  I don’t keep a lot of Christmas stamps so cutting the snowman from the SU paper made this card easy.

All paper is Stampin' Up! Mix and match. A little embossing to add more texture.  Bling because I like shiny things.  Stamped flower is Sizzix colored with SU Markers

I love the simplicity of this card.  What are you thankful for?

Different colors for me.  All Stampin' Up!

Top three are much the same as the previous snowmen cards.  The two bottom cards are done with fancier foiled paper.  The stamp is Sizzix

Another cold front is arriving this morning.  We have drizzle and grey skies.  The ac ran yesterday and I'm pretty sure we won't need it today!  

My plumerias didn't bloom this year and pretty soon I'll have to protect them from the elements. They don't care for temperatures under 40.  I whacked my tomato plant way back and I'm pleased to tell you that it looks wonderful.  Blooming and there's even one itty bitty tomato!  We'll see how long I can make it last...maybe have home grown tomato for Christmas.

All is right in our world

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Freezing Temperatures

The last couple of nights we've been in the thirty's and Jim is not a happy camper!  It was actually 28 yesterday morning when I got up...Or was that today?  No matter it was cold.

Not much going on around here.  When it's cold and rainy we just hunker down and stay occupied inside.

Can you believe it's November?  We've been here a year now and we're comfortable here but I wish we were traveling.  But I'd rather travel without the rig!  It's gotten to be a hassle for me.  I know Jim would rather be in a warmer part of the country.

Handmade cards because:

No one displays an email on the mantle
or shows off a tweet on the fridge

or saves a Facebook post in a box of treasures

For the year of 2019 I've challenged myself to 500 cards think I can do it?

 2 November 2019 242 cards

Been into Christmas cards lately.  Using Stampin' Up! Designer Paper makes it easy

I think I have all my Thanksgiving cards finished.  These are from a Paper Pumpkin kit

Do you have any hobbies to keep you busy?  I find my crafting keeps me out of trouble...most of the time!

All Is right in our world

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Young Living, Thieves

Beautiful, sunny day here.  About 62 degrees outside right now and we should have a lovely afternoon.

I spent a lot of time yesterday doing laundry.  But we had clean sheets to sleep on last night and that's a good thing.  Right?  

No plans for the weekend, how about you?  

There's a pot of veggie soup simmering away on the stove for our lunch.  Made biscuits this morning and it sure helped to warm up the house.  Jim was up in the wee hours with Boo and he turned on the space heater which also helped.  Neither one of us likes excess heat while we sleep.

Today I want to share Thieves Essential Oil with you. I wish I could send you all a sample so you could smell it.  It’s Divine!  It’s a blend of different oils that just make you feel good. I diffuse it a lot and I’m cleaning with it. Foaming soap is in the bathroom.

I could go on and on but I’ll share this link Thieves so you can see all the uses and learn more about it.

If you're interested in essential oils please let me know.  Just reply here or email me.  If you want to order anything click here for my site

All is right in our world

Friday, October 25, 2019

Early Winter?

Autumn around here has us wearing jeans and shoes to start the day and by 1400 or so it's time for shorts.  Yesterday a front came through bringing wind, rain and colder temperatures.  This morning it is 42 degrees outside as I type this.  If this keeps up I'll officially call it winter!

We're doing well.  No major health issues.  Jim still sounds wheezy on occasion but his breathing is adjusting to less lung capacity.  Neither one of can see worth a darn so that's next on the agenda.

Jim got a new toy!  His drone arrived day before yesterday.  After unpacking, assembling and checking things out he was able to fly it yesterday morning. It's still intact!  😅

We have uneven ground here and a lot of trees and since it's Texas...wind.  But he'll manage to squeeze in flying time, I'm sure.

Of course I stay busy with housework (never ending) and my card making.  I finally tossed the camera...and figured out how to get the pictures off my phone using the charging cord to do the transfer.  Not sure why my Samsung phone and computer don't sync anymore.  Trust me, I've been making cards!

Handmade cards because:

No one displays an email on the mantle
or shows off a tweet on the fridge

or saves a Facebook post in a box of treasures

For the year of 2019 I've challenged myself to 500 cards think I can do it?

 10 October 2019 235 cards

These three cards are Halloween based.  All paper and bling!  I don't have stamps for this occasion.  So three lucky people will get these cards.  All Stampin' Up! products

It's Friday so I'll be busy with laundry and getting clean sheets on the bed.  Busy work!  Should keep me warm

All is right in our world

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Young Living

Weather has been hot and cold this past week.  A cold front came through and we had to wear long pants and socks!  Yesterday morning it was mid 40’s when I got up.  Once the sun hit us it warmed up nicely.

Needed some groceries so once my chores were done and Jim shaved we headed out.  Since it was lunchtime we stopped in at Richter’s for the Friday special of fish and chips! They don’t call it that but it’s still tasty.  I had hot tea, Jim had iced tea and our meal only cost $13.99.  And I didn’t have to cook it!

A quick stop in HEB and a short time later we were on our way home.  By now the afternoon was beautiful.

I have decided to re-join Young Living. Mostly for my convenience and use. But I can also be your source for any Young Living Product.  From essential oils to cleaning to beauty aids.

I’ve always had an interest in essential oils and have quite a collection of them.  Besides smelling good, essential oils can be used for every day well being.  Diffusing is the easiest way to benefit.  It can lift your spirits! How many times have you caught a whiff of something and it triggered a memory?

There are six basic oils that should be in your arsenal of oils.  Lemon, Thieves, Peppermint, Cedarwood, Frankincense and Lavender.

Today let’s learn about Lemon. Who doesn’t like the smell of lemons? It’s used in many commercial products. We all love it.  Shouldn’t we use it in it’s pure form without added ingredients? Put a few drops on a cotton ball and place in your trash can to help with those odors.

You can add to your favorite natural cleaners to get that fresh clean scent.

Did you know that lemon can help with skin problems?  Just mix in a few drops with your face cream or hand lotion. You can also add lemon essential oil to your hair conditioner!

If you would like to learn more or order any of these oils just contact me.

All is right in our world

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Cards, cards and more cards

I apologize for the quality of these pictures.  My Canon is old and I flat got tired of snapping pictures trying to get a good one.  Then I uploaded them and couldn’t find them!  Almost an hour and Jim helped.  By comparing to the pictures on my phone it looks like two have already been mailed.

Handmade cards because:

No one displays an email on the mantle
or shows off a tweet on the fridge

or saves a Facebook post in a box of treasures

For the year of 2019 I've challenged myself to 500 cards think I can do it?

 10 October 2019 232 cards

All of these cards use Stampin' Up! and Echo Park papers, ephemera and ink.  Nuvo Drops here and there and some do dads from my stash. Sequins!  because we like bling, right?

These five are from a Paper Pumpkin kit and it was supposed to make gift bags.  I just used all the stuff on cards!

By my calculations I'm way behind on making cards!  I guess I better step up the pace if I want to reach my goal.

Jim and I are well...mostly.  For some reason I've felt it necessary to nap a few times this past week and I'm having trouble with my stomach.  This has happened before, it will pass.  

All is right in our world

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Cooler Temperatures!

Finally!  Our nights are cooler, our days are cooler and I'm loving it.  I'm able to open the windows and let the gentle breeze waft through the house.  Still able to wear shorts and sandals and going out in the middle of the day is quite nice when it isn't so blazing hot.

Last Saturday we ventured out and visited Johnson City just north of us.  Very small with a population of just over 2000.  But, it is home to the LBJ Historical Park and State Park.  We only visited the the welcome center but found it informative.  We need to go back and explore.

Pecan Street Brewing is also there and that's where we had lunch.  Cold beer and good food.  

There's also a Lavender Farm that I want to visit.  Hmm, I wonder if I should wait until the flowers are blooming?  Also, it's the gateway to a bazillion wineries along highway 290.  So much to see and sample!

For some reason my Samsung phone is not syncing with this blog.  Since September 17 not one picture I've taken shows up for me to upload.  The pictures are on my phone, so I think it's a blog problem. Trust me, I've been making cards so I guess I'll have to break out my camera, find the cards and take pictures again.  I'm sure I've mailed one or two.  Unless you know the fix for this....I'll just have to do this the old fashioned way.

Jim and I are doing well.  Just the usual old people aches and pains.  His breathing is much better but still struggles a bit when doing chores.  Of course he naps most days but tries not to for a few days in a row.  What can I say?  He likes to sleep.

All is right in our world

Monday, September 30, 2019

End of September

Did y'all have a good weekend?  We did.

Friday I did laundry and my usual chores of cooking and dishes.  But Jim made our bed.  That was mighty sweet of him.

Saturday once we both finished our breakfast routines and I did all my morning chores we went for a drive.  Our destination was a big flea market.  It's always pleasant driving in hill country.  If you check out the link I posted you'll see a video.  Reminded me of Progresso a wee bit.  The grounds are huge and some folks have storage sheds they work out of and others just have stalls.  

Though it was fun looking at other peoples junk I came away empty handed.  

After the flea market we headed out for lunch.  Ended up at Union Station Diner in New Braunfels.  Jim really enjoyed his meatloaf and mashed potatoes!  We sat at the table under the bell....I wanted to ring it!  

Back home and a quiet afternoon and evening.  Jim took a nap.

Sunday we needed a few groceries so after breakfast and my chores we headed north instead of south on Highway 281.  This also was a pleasant drive and Jim thinks this store is farther away than our usual HEB or Walmart.  Brookshire's is also a smaller store but they had some interesting items.  Came home with cinnamon roll scones...very different.

Once home again and the groceries were put away I        fixed us some lunch.  I had precooked some chicken legs in the instant pot and now it was time for the BBQ sauce and broiler.  Jim said the meat fell off the bones.  Along with that we shared some Mexican rice and steamed veggies.  

Of course it being Sunday we watched some football.  Chiefs vs Texans and Cowboys vs the Saints.  Both games were intense!

Today was just a typical day.  Jim did the black tank and I did my chores.  For lunch I fixed a stir fry of veggies.  Jim took a nap.

For the past couple days we've had some rain.  Nothing major, just little showers that tease us.  Then the sun comes out again. 

All is right in our world 

Friday, September 27, 2019

It’s Fall Y’all!

Not sure about you but I’m pleased the temperatures are dropping.  Still wearing shorts and sandals here. But at least I can spend some time outdoors without wilting like the southern belle I am!  Jim has also been spending time outdoors too.  Granted it’s chores that occupy him.  I’m sure he’ll find time to just sit and soak it up.  Maybe have a beer!

Had my labs done last week and just saw my doctor yesterday.  My cholesterol and A1c are better, marginally.  I really don’t want to take meds so we discussed the metformin and she agreed to my plan of stopping it.  For three months I’m going to eat my way to health!  Whole Foods Plant Based so I can stay off metformin.  Then we’ll see about the statin.  I have osteoporosis so I guess I’m doomed to take the weekly pill for my bones.  Sure don’t want that to progress any further.

The more I read and discover about eating for health the more I want to share with everyone.  Not many are interested, thinking pills will solve the problem.  Pills only address the symptoms, not the cause.  Whole food plant based means no animal products or packaged goods.  Delicious meals can be made without them.  And you'll still get all the nourishment your body needs.

I’m pretty sure if you google whole food plant based a plethora of sites will pop up.  But if you’re interested in adding more veggies to your diet start here with Dr Esselstyn.  Read up on it or ask me questions.  Going WFPB isn’t easy, I’m proof of that.  But I’m working on it!

Today I’ve done laundry.  The bed has clean sheets.  Fixed us a lunch of spaghetti, salad and steamed veggies.  I’ve discovered a yellow tomato sauce that’s very tasty.  Little bit of heat and the acidic level is lower than red tomato sauce.

Yesterday the weather station we have on the roof said it was -40 degrees outside!  I don't think The Hill country has ever been this cold. So Jim was on the roof today as he had to take it to fiddle with it.  At the moment it's working, 91 degrees outside.  While he was up there he cleared the gutters and trimmed some branches.

All is right in our world

Monday, September 23, 2019

It Must Be Cooler...Somewhere?

With the promise of cooler temperatures we both looked forward to Saturday.  Jim had plans to do maintenance on the truck while I just looked forward to less heat.  Forecast was for upper 80's.  

I slept later than normal for me arising just before 0700.  Jim has decided to set his alarm for 0800.  The past week the alarm would go off at seven, he'd get up, shut it off and return to bed.  He's always required more sleep than any human should need.

Red beans and rice for our mid day meal.  I did laundry, fixed the meal and did the dishes...twice!

Handmade cards because:

No one displays an email on the mantle
or shows off a tweet on the fridge

or saves a Facebook post in a box of treasures

For the year of 2019 I've challenged myself to 500 cards think I can do it?

23 September 2019 212 cards

These cards are for the September OSW Template.  The paper is Stampin' Up! but the gold background shape is a place card and I just put stickers on it.  Also used some Nuvo Drops.  Just wanted to make some Autumn cards because It's cooler somewhere, Right?

Of course Sunday is football day!  Unfortunately we didn't get the Saints game (we are in Texas) but in fine fashion they won.  Drew Brees, quarterback will be out for a few weeks and the team did him proud.  And I'm sure the fans loved it.  I know I did!

We did watch the Texans and Chargers.  That was an exciting game!  Both teams wanted to win and worked hard to make it so.

Jim putzed around with maintenance on the truck both Saturday and Sunday.  Something to do with a filter being washed several times and degreasing the engine.  He finished that task and the truck started...

Monday morning and he's outside washing it.....again!  Seems like he did this not to long ago.  Isn't it grand that cooler temperatures are with us?  It should find him outside more.

Sonsearae and Chris are off on a Disney Cruise.  Celebrating their anniversary and having a ball no doubt.  

All is right in our world

Friday, September 20, 2019

Doctor visits

Thursday I had fasting blood work and a dermatologist appointments.  Fasting blood work means no food or drink (coffee) and for that reason, first in line is better.  Since my appointment was at 1030, we left at 0700, for the drive to Audie Murphy Veterans Hospital, so I could get in was already crowded at the lab. But only 20 people were in front of me.  It must have taken us over an hour to get there.  Construction and morning traffic slowed us down.  

Finally! My turn and we were sitting in the cafe just before 1000.  What a sad place for food.  I finally settled on a bare biscuit and watery grits that I doctored with salt and pepper.  When you’re hungry, anything will do.  Jim had two overdone fried eggs and a biscuit.   To be sure I could have had my blood work done at the North Central Clinic, my usual place.  Next week I’ll get the results.

Good news! In dermatology, two spots were frozen and I needn’t return for six months.  

On the way home we made a stop at Whole Foods and surprisingly didn’t buy much. Then across the street to Tuesday Morning.  I’ve read on my groups of ladies getting bargains on crafting supplies so I wanted to check it out. Sadly, the area with crafts was very tiny and there wasn’t anything I needed.  I won’t return to that particular store.
We were home around 1300 whereupon Jim took a nap and I settled in with my morning coffee.  

We had bruschetta, olives and pickled beets for our dinner.  We picked up a couple of cookies at WF and had them around 1600.  Have I mentioned Jim has discovered YouTube?  We’ve seen all The Foyles War and Murdoch Mysteries from the library.  So TV viewing is down to....nothing.  Jim watched his YouTube while I amused myself on my tablet.

Friday is bed day and I did laundry most of the morning.  Jim took out the trash and recyclables.  When he got back he tidied up the patio, fed the birds and gave them clean water

Lunch was BLT's. I had carrots and hummus with mine, Jim had a pickle and pretzel sticks.  Fake bacon from Morningstar Farms was used.

Handmade cards because:

No one displays an email on the mantle
or shows off a tweet on the fridge

or saves a Facebook post in a box of treasures

For the year of 2019 I've challenged myself to 500 cards think I can do it?

20 September 2019 210 cards

Just a couple of Nautical cards using Stampin' Up! papers and stamps on the first card.  The ship on the second card is not from SU.  I've had it forever

After lunch Jim took a nap.  I just quietly sat with my tablet playing games and reading.  We both had cheese and crackers tonight.  Mine wasn't real cheese, but just as fattening!

Just had a brief shower....We didn't get any rain from the tropical storm that hit Houston so bad.

All is right in our world

Monday, September 16, 2019

Mid September Update


Hello there! I guess I better let y’all know that we’re still here.  Haven’t done any exploring because it’s been really hot.  But, our temperatures are dropping.  It’s been around ten degrees cooler during the day.  Of course that’s still in the mid to upper 90’s.  Each day the ac runs less and doesn’t start til later in the morning.  Shorter days help with that too.   When I got up this morning it was 67 degrees.  Not quite fall but  more like a comfortable summer.

Jim washed the truck yesterday. It’s good to see him busy.  I continue with my daily chores and crafting. Our only outings involve grocery shopping combined with eating out and going to the library.

Still watching Foyles War and Murdoch Mysteries from the library.  We’re both looking forward to NCIS this year.  I wonder how long the series will air.

Handmade cards because:

No one displays an email on the mantle
or shows off a tweet on the fridge

or saves a Facebook post in a box of treasures

For the year of 2019 I've challenged myself to 500 cards think I can do it?

16 September 2019 208 cards

The cards below are from the July Paper Pumpkin Kit from Stampin' Up!  

We basically sat most of Sunday.  Football!  Jim read quite a bit and napped while I was glued to the tv.  Unfortunately the Saints lost and Drew Brees was injured bad enough to require surgery and 6 weeks on the bench.  I don't think he's ever been sidelined that long.

Are you watching the PBS series Country Music show?  It started Sunday night and it airs several nights this week.  We're recording it so we can watch later.  It's very interesting so far.

I'm back to dermatology this week to have some spots looked at.  Also have lab work and then next week a visit with my doctor.  Quarterly check up!

all is right in our world