Friday, February 26, 2016

Busy, Busy Day

My day started at shortly after 0630 I had a quilt in Sonsearae's wash machine.  You see, she and Chris are in Tallahassee, they've been there the last couple of days searching for their new home.  I'm happy to say they found something and are on their way back.

Meanwhile I took advantage of her large machines to do our bedding....having a king size bed with pads and quilts takes a large machine to wash and dry said items and not having to shove quarters into it helps a whole lot!  I took the last pad out of the dryer around 1700.  The heated mattress pad required low drying temperatures and it took forever!

I also used my machines for normal laundry....back and forth, up and down....Calgon take me away....

While out and about yesterday we stopped in a bicycle shop and bought some handlebar tape to wrap around the outdoor handle by the door.  After ten years the grip was looking pretty sad and it was loose.  Sure didn't want it to fall off while I was using it and end up on the ground.  Jim re-wrapped it this morning and it looks pretty good!  He also did some outdoor chores.

I emptied a couple flower pots and planted them.  Who ever lives here next can enjoy them while they last.  To big to carry around.

Our lunch was a simple one.  Mussels with crusty bread and a Caesar salad...we both enjoyed a small glass of wine.  Sure filled us up and apparently the wine was all we needed  to check our eyelids for holes.  Jim stretched out on the bed and I took to the lounger with a magazine.  Didn't read much  :-)

Have you filed your taxes?  Jim took care of ours a few days ago.  Now I'm just waiting for the deposit to be made.  Not sure why we overpaid but it's nice getting a refund.

Because of the cooler weather we've been having oatmeal for breakfast.  Once again the temperature is supposed to dip into the 40's tonight.  I did run the furnace this morning to take the chill out of here.

We'll be moving next week.  Everything looks good for this move.  We've dried up and it will be a short drive.  It's been so long I hope I remember how to pack up!

All is right in our world

Monday, February 22, 2016

I love these guys!

Not much more I can say...My husband is my rock.  Not sure why he loves me but I'm grateful he does.  Not only do we love one another, we like one another.  

Our time here, living in their back yard I have learned so much about Chris.  He loves our daughter and makes her happy. Chris is a good man.  Seeing him almost daily I've found him to be a caring, loving man.  At the Christmas party he was Santa Claus and I'm sure he made a lot of children happy

I love these guys, they are thoughtful, caring, loving men

All is right in my world!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Life Update

Just wanted to let y'all know that Jim is finally over his cold.  I think all the meds and better eating habits kept him from being really sick...Just saying you should eat more veggies.  He never lost his appetite and the cold didn't go into his chest.

He has a followup appointment on the 6th and I'm sure he'll get his walking papers.  After this last stress test he was told the doctor would call if there was a problem.  No call....

Sonsearae and Chris are heading to Tallahassee next Wednesday to find an apartment.  She's been packing up her household and I must say she's doing a spectacular job.  

Once they return Saturday or Sunday we'll get ready to leave  and pull out the first week in March.  To that end Jim has been getting things ready.  He cleaned off the hitch and installed in the truck bed.  He's got a plan in place to secure the fridge but that will require some help because of the weight. Our exit drive is almost dry!  Even if we get some rain I think we'll be able to pull out just fine.

We're going to stay in this area for a bit because it's only February!  But we've been discussing locations we'd like to see on our way to Vermont.

Mundane stuff....

Jim emptied the black tank today and I did laundry.  

It was a beautiful day, the temperature reached the mid 70's under partly cloudy skies.  

I got my hair cut and although she did cut it short like I asked she wasn't a good stylist.  Perhaps I'll get a trim in a couple weeks to tidy it up.

We had baked beans and potatoes for lunch today.  Jim grilled a Bubba burger for himself and skipped the potato.

All is right in our world

Friday, February 19, 2016

Thrift Stores

Do you shop at thrift stores?  They're everywhere and serve a good purpose as they take in items that would end up in the land fills.  One (wo)mans trash is another (wo)mans treasure.

Sonsearae and I went to The Humane Society Thrift Store the other day to drop off a couple boxes.  She's packing up for her move and finding things she no longer needs.  At this store they have cats of various ages to adopt and also play with.  Sonsearae gets her cat fix while she plays with them.  Meanwhile I shop!

I do look at most everything.  Always love a bargain in the clothing section but nothing jumped out at me this time.  I went to the back to check on linens and found quite a few napkins.  As you may recall I like to use cloth napkins instead of paper and I've been on the lookout at various stores for mark downs and inexpensive because we've got some pretty stained, well used napkins to get rid of.

Well I found some and really had to restrain myself from buying all of them!  I picked what looked like the best ones suited to my taste, sat down and checked each one for stains or flaws.

What I ended up with was a set of six, brand new floral print napkins (polyester).  A set of four used (soft, cottony) and another three used (soft, cottony). These 13 napkins cost a mere $5.60

I also was talked into buying a reversible apron that was brand new and home made because it has a flamingo on it!  It only cost $4.50 so I brought it home and donated an old apron to Sonsearae.

Oh, I also found a floral standard sized pillow case that looked decent for only a dollar.

So, do you like my bargains?  What a haul for only 11 bucks!  

Do you shop at thrift stores?

We are moving right along with our travel plans.  We've taken a position at Guest Services at Bentsen Palm RV Resort in Mission, Texas for next winter.  It will be so nice as we'll see some friends we've not seen in awhile.  We're also heading to Vermont to stay and visit with Anne and Scotty this summer.  We told them mid June so we need to plan our route north

All is right in our world!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Fun, Food Filled Weekend

Have you ever gotten tired of eating out?  Me either!  LOL

Saturday Boo had an appointment for a haircut at 1230.  Alrighty then, it takes about 30 minutes to get there so that didn't leave much time to eat and do dishes before we left.  So after dropping Boo at Petsmart we had a nice lunch at Sake Too.  I managed to bring home some leftovers.

After lunch we headed to a local campground to check it out and decided it was up to our standards if we can get a site.  We still don't know because of the holiday weekend.  All the sites were filled and we have to wait and see if someone leaves.  The main section has sites that backs up onto the swamp (it's a nature preserve).

We headed back to kill time waiting on Boo and got some Starbucks coffee and don't you know they called.  Boo looks ever so much better

Sunday I ate my leftovers for breakfast...The guys had originally planned a boat ride for us on Valentine's Day but cancelled due to the chilly temperatures.  But the four of headed to Osaka for a Hibachi lunch.  It was delicious and again we brought leftovers home.  Still need to eat those!  Afterwards we stopped at Small Cakes for cupcakes which were not needed but tasted oh so yummy.  No dinner for us but I did make popcorn!

Monday was Jim's birthday.  Sonsearae treated him (me too) to lunch at Chili's where he enjoyed some ribs and fries.  We ladies had a black bean burger.  Of course we had some Presidente Margaritas because they were only $5 in honor of Presidents Day.

Then we headed to the theater to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Quite entertaining!  We both enjoyed it.  Now I can't wait for the next one....

We stopped at Publix on the way home for a couple items.  Eggs were needed so Sonsearae could make brownies and Jim needed ice cream for said brownies

Once home she got busy and when the brownies were ready she brought them over, all nice and warm.  That was basically our dinner.  I did have a piece of toast later.

Jim got to talk to Scotty and John.  So all in all he had a good birthday

Today he has a stress test and once that's over we can relax and plan our departure.  Of course it rained all evening and into the night so we are soaked again.  Hopefully it will drain off quickly. As I type this the sun is beginning to come out

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Really Cool!

Awhile back Jim came home from walking Boo and he gifted me with this itty bitty skull.  Now I realize this isn't something everyone would like to have but it's really cool!

As you know if you've read my blog regularly there are owls in this neck of the woods.  Great Horned Owls and Barn Owls.  The garage out back is where they like to roost and spit up their undigested pellets.  If you'd like some, let me know I'll send you a package!  :-)

Anyway what I think happened in some other critter tore apart a pellet and left this skull behind

Though it's hard to see the front teeth, upper and lowers are orange and judging by the size I think it's the skull of a vole.  That's my hand in the pictures and I think it's to big for a mouse

We're moving!  Chris got a promotion and he and Sonsearae are heading back to Tallahassee.  Hopefully we'll be rolling the first week of March.  We've had some dry weather and looks like we'll be able to traverse the low ground, God willing and the creek don't rise!

All is right in our world

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Have you Noticed?

Here we are into February and I wondered if anyone besides myself noticed. I mean it's been real subtle, slight changes each day....but have you taken notice of the longer days?  

Each evening there's a little more daylight!  Of course the sun is coming up earlier each day but most people don't notice that.  They just stumble out of bed and grab their coffee, they're not looking at the clock.

I've seen some pretty sunrises but not this morning.  It was foggy and the sun didn't come out until 0800.  This is good because we're still drying out.

We went into town yesterday.  Jim had a doctor appointment and as we drove along I noticed a gator by the canal (that is still full to the brim from recent rains).  We had lunch at a new place,The Taco Shack in Stuart.  We each had a delicious soft taco and shared chips and guacamole.  Very tasty and I'm sure we'll head back because no beer was consumed this time.

We stopped at a couple stores for one item each and then Sams Club for some fuel.  Diesel was $1.87! Remember, we're in Florida where they tax the fuel but $1.87 is the lowest we've paid in quite some time

Same canal a few hours later and there were two gators! One was slipping into the water as we passed.  Sorry I don't have pictures.  We got home in time to walk Boo and feed him his dinner.

Jim is off getting his blood drawn and then getting two front tires for the truck.  Also the cooling system will be flushed.  Fun stuff that I'm not concerned with, just glad it's being done.

All is right in our world!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Life Update

Just wanted to pop in and let y'all know that we're still hanging out in Florida. Being next door to our daughter and her husband keeps me entertained.

January was a wet month and we're drying out but there is a LOT of standing water in the fields and ditches.  Even in this sandy soil it takes time to drain.  

It seems like weekly we get a system that dumps inches of rains. It can be depressing and we do stay inside.

We are making a list of what needs to be done so we can pull out of here in April....but that means we need some dry weather so we can pull out!  Time will tell

Not much to report on birds.  Our in ground pole broke and we've not replaced it yet, so no hanging feeder.  This makes me sad.  Every now and then I toss out some seeds on the ground.

Hope all is well where you are

You only live once
but if you do it right
once is enough