Monday, August 31, 2009

Last Day at Mountaindale

As I was waking up this morning I realized today was our last day eyes popped right open and there was no chance of snoozing....

It was chilly inside and I turned on the fireplace before feeding the birds. When I checked it was 49 degrees outside! Back inside I fixed my coffee and before long I was warm and toasty. By the time Jim got up it was really warm inside....I love my fireplace.

We had plans to have lunch with our friends at Macaroni Grill so I didn't do much before we left. Jim Cleaned the truck and did a couple outside chores before he came in and shaved, then dressed. I was ready by 1030 and so was he. We were going alone so we could make some stops on the way home.

The plan was to leave at 1100 and soon our friends Ed and Marilyn were outside. We will miss you my friends. :(

Our last drive into the city was bittersweet, I love this area!

I think the fires in California are causing this haze. There were very few clouds.

I will miss 'my' mountains..

Soon we were at our destination. Marilyn and Ed took Doug and Joann. Carl and Linda brought Leslie and Mike

Ed and Marilyn

Leslie and Mike

Doug and Joann

Linda and Carl
We had a good time and some good food! We went through several loaves of bread, a couple of us got salads. I brought home half of my pasta. We all went separate ways when we left the restaurant.
We stopped at the Safeway shopping center so Jim could get fuel and I picked up some groceries. Then we headed to the base. We had a couple dings in the windshield that we had repaired while I went into the PX. I managed to find a magazine and a muffin tin to buy. then we headed to the post office and I was in line for a long time.....We forgot it's payday for the military....once we left the post office we decided to skip the commissary....the parking lot was full!
Once home we changed and Jim got busy stowing some outside items and playing golf. He was going to take up our patio mat but one leg of the rig is sitting on it. The wind started picking up and before you know it we had a doozy of a hail storm!

hail on the patio mat. no damage to the awning this time!

This is the snow/hail on Ed's Truck....we could have had a snowball fight!
After the storm we went outside and for about an hour it was quite nice. The sun came out and we took down the bird feeding station and Jim washed the feeders and cleaned up the bits and pieces.

I had to rescue my plants....I didn't go out during the storm to bring them in to safety.

Apparently while we were out and about today the deer came by and enjoyed some parsley and basil for lunch.

and this pot was just looking pretty good from the last time they munched on it!

For dessert they ate more from my cactus pot......
All ten of sat around the fire pit next door for awhile. For some reason a cloud blocked the sun and made it cool off real quick! I was the first to leave just before 1800. I came in and made myself some coffee and warmed up. It wasn't to much later when the groups split up and headed to their respective homes.
Jim did a few more 'leaving' chores before calling it quits for the night. We've showered and for dinner we had some popcorn, thanks for the idea Marilyn!
We've enjoyed our stay here at Mountaindale and we'll miss our friends. Some of them we'll see soon at the rally. Others we'll see in the RGV this winter...
Good Bye my friends!

Misty Cool Day

Yesterday I was up at 0630! Something disturbed Boo and once he woke us I wasn't able to go back to sleep. I guess I needed to be up so I could see and enjoy the heavy mist that lay over the campground. It was also a wee bit chilly so I turned on the fireplace. I put out the bird feeders and noticed that the birds were slow to arrive. Usually I can't get them up fast enough. I guess migration has started for some. I have noticed chickadees which haven't been here all along. I think I saw a tufted titmouse and we've seen more of the nuthatch. Grosbeaks are still here.

I didn't spend much time outdoors! My walk to the office to get a newspaper was my longest stretch outside until happy hour...

I don't recall working much. I watched TV and read some magazines so I could pass them on to Marilyn. I watched most of Goldfinger then Casino Royale came on and we watched some of that. One of the nice things about watching movies you've already seen, it doesn't matter if you miss any of it!

When I took Boo out for a walk the sun was out and it had warmed up! Jim immediately started playing golf. It was about this time that Joann and Doug arrived. Ed was leading them up the hill, apparently they missed the turn (just like everyone else!). They are in the site right next to us. We've been following their travels since last summer, It was nice to finally meet them. We invited them to happy hour and left them to set up. Fillmore was happy to be out of the truck!

Around 1600 we joined Marilyn and Ed around the fire pit and shortly thereafter Joann and Doug arrived. We made plans to have lunch with them on Monday. While we were chatting the weather kept getting colder. Less than an hour had passed when we all decided to head indoors.

Joann with her lovely smile
Fillmore must have loved sitting on the rocks! Doug was just relaxing after the interstate drive from the Denver area.
Right after we got inside the rain started so I guess ending happy hour early was a good thing! We had fish and chips for dinner. Having the oven on took the chill out and I do mean chill! The rain brought the temperature down into the 50's before we went to bed.
This morning the air is crisp, at 0630 it was 49 degrees. All the trees and bushes are sparkly from the rain and it's absolutely beautiful outside. Inside I have the fireplace going.....Life is good!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Full day that ends with friends

Today was 'strip the bed' day. First thing this morning I put a pot roast with all the trimmings in the crock pot so it would be ready for our dinner later with our friends. then I settled in to drink my coffee and read emails.

After breakfast Jim and I both got busy. I did the dishes and tidied up the kitchen then I stripped the bed and started washing sheets. I heard Jim with the compressor, he put air in all the tires. Not sure if he did anything else besides play golf. I rather like this slow and easy way of getting ready to leave!

I was watching the Food channel and since it was a nice morning I decided to get some ironing done. Even Jim got in on it by ironing his shorts. I hate cargo pants!

Spent some time playing games on the computer this afternoon. Only had a little time to kill before we had to leave around 1630 to join our friends in the clubhouse for dinner and a movie.

Ed drove because we just had to much stuff to carry. I took pot roast and some herbal tea. Marilyn and Ed brought some spicy soup, and bread. Linda and Carl brought grilled pork loin, salad and a corn dish. Leslie and Mike brought a squash dish, bread and dessert, a chocolate cake! I'm sure there something I forgot. Some brought wine. It was a great meal!

While we ate our dessert we watched a movie, Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase. There is a big screen for viewing movies and a lot of sofas and cushy chairs. Jim and I hadn't seen it and I must say it was funny. We all enjoyed watching it, apparently the others have seen it several times!

Once the movie was over we all headed home. Boo was especially happy to see us because he was hungry! I got the food put away and did the dishes while Jim walked Boo. then I jumped in the shower.....I like sitting around in my pajamas!

The sun has set and as I started writing this blog I heard thunder. We now have rain so we've closed up the house and turned on the ac.

As I said, it was a full day.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Busy Day

I was up early this morning, before 0700! I have no reason to be up that early but I couldn't get back to sleep. So I was up and out the door feeding the birds. Back inside I turned on the fireplace and fixed my coffee.

Today Jim and I both had chores to do so we can leave on the 1st. He cleaned the truck up then started on the awning. He had to take down all the struts and framing. And he put tape over the spiderwebs the hail left.

Meanwhile I was inside taking care of little things like cleaning knick knacks that have to be stowed. I also made the bed, did dishes and a load of laundry. I sat for a few minutes with Marilyn and Ed this morning after they returned. Jim and I will miss them very much, but we'll see them in the valley.

Just had to chase a couple juvenile deer off the premises. One was asserting 'his' dominance, turned his back on me and stood his ground. Well I took care of that by stomping my feet and shooing him away! Then I took down the bird feeders and stowed them safely away.

Back to my day....I watched my soaps and Jim played golf, by himself! Ed was playing by himself at his house.....apparently there is a tournament you can play in and earn money....It sure was funny to see them playing apart.

Around 1600 we headed out to Leslie and Mikes for happy hour.....Ed and Marilyn came out and said no we're to go to Linda and Carl's, but they just arrived for happy hour at Marilyn and Ed's! As far as I know none of us had been drinking but we sure were confused! Before to long Leslie and Mike arrived. We had a few snacks along with our chosen beverages. We split up just after 1800, Ed to write his blog and Jim and I to have our dinner. First Jim demonstrated the Dri Wash on Carl's truck.....another sale!

Fixing the shrimp scampi and salad didn't take long and within the hour dinner was over and dishes done.

We've both had our showers and we;re on our puters and watching TV. Today was gorgeous and it looks like another cool night for sleeping.

I want to thank all of my readers, it still amazes me that y'all find this interesting!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Leslie and Mike

Another glorious night for sleeping! I recon the temperature was in the mid 50's during the night and I slept great. Of course getting out of bed is chilly but I turned on the fireplace and it was cosy in no time.

A doe and her fawn came by for breakfast but they were to early. Once they left the area I put out the feeders and arranged my plants on the table.

Back inside I fixed my coffee and enjoyed some email time before Jim got up. We had plans with friends for lunch so we didn't linger long over breakfast. Matter of fact I don't think Jim had any, just his coffee.

Jim spent some time cleaning the truck up for our drive into Old Colorado City. I did dishes, made the bed and got dressed. Back inside Jim needed to shave and change clothes and we were ready to leave just before 1030. Linda and Carl were already here and waiting with Marilyn and Ed. All three couples were driving. But first we had to stop and pick up Leslie and Mike, they were riding with Marilyn and Ed.

Once all the introductions were done we all piled into our respective rigs and drove into the city. Jorge's was the destination. The drive was beautiful, the rain from the past two days was gone.

Carl was following us and got stopped at the red light so we pulled over for him to catch up and I was able to snap a couple picture of the welcome home signs on the fence at Fort Carson.
It warms my heart to see the signs!

No rain in those clouds!

We pulled into our favorite parking lot and found all kinds of spaces to park in. I spotted this Datsun Fairlady next door and had to take a peek.

The sign in the window says its 'show condition' and it looked real good to me.

We walked with Linda and Carl to the restaurant and got seating for us. Since there were eight of us we sat in the back room of Jorge's. We had ordered our drinks and the rest of the party showed up. And I do mean party!

Mike and Leslie

Linda and Carl

Ed and Marilyn
We had a blast! The margaritas are potent, but I think we'd have just as much fun without them. We had good food and I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

Mike, Jim, Ed and Carl
Afterwards we headed to The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, I think it's Jim's favorite store, he always buys us some treats. It was here that Linda and Carl left us. The rest of us went to Manitou Springs to pick up some wine.
That's when we split with the other two couples and headed home. Boo was glad to see us. We changed clothes and Jim claimed the bed. I turned on my soaps and lounged the afternoon away.
The eight of us met at the Drays around 1600 and the fun continued...a couple hours later and the party was over. We all headed home while Marilyn and Ed went to the office to call their daughter.
No dinner, but Jim did have a bowl of ice cream and I'm just now thinking about getting bite to eat. It's cooling off nicely and I'm sure I'll sleep good tonight!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rain came early!

Our day started chilly. I ran the fireplace to warm the house up before Jim got out of bed. We had sunshine to begin our day and it warmed up nicely outside.

After breakfast and my chores we headed into Fort Carson and a run to the commissary. Not sure if we'll have another chance before we leave on the 1st. while I was getting groceries Jim was buying beer, then he joined me and helped me get all the items on the list plus a few more. :)

I think that was the earliest we've ever completed that chore. As we headed home the rain started. Just a light sprinkle and we were able to get our purchases inside without getting to wet. We were home by noon and once the groceries were put away we had some lunch. Then it was time for my soaps and Jim joined Ed for some golf.

Jim came home while I was reading and enjoying a cup of coffee. He made some cappuccino for himself but something went wrong and he made a wee mess so he did dishes and cleaned up his mess. I think it was about this time when the storm came through. Whew it was noisy for a bit and the rain was cold!

By 1600 the rain had passed and we sat outside for awhile. It was partly sunny and as long as the sun was out it wasn't to cold. We went inside before an hour had passed....just to chilly!

Dinner tonight was a mushroom pasta with marinara sauce, spinach salad and artisan bread. Jim helped with the dishes.

We're both on our computers and we've watched some TV...Bones, Leverage and NCIS

Time for a haircut

Yesterday morning, just as I was settling down to drink my coffee and read emails I heard a thump on the dining room window. Sure enough another bird had flown into it. This time a little wren. I grabbed a cloth and my coffee and sat with this tiny wonder in my hand until she recovered enough to fly off. She hung around long enough for me to snap a picture

I've noticed that there are fewer hummingbirds. My feeders aren't being drained daily. It looks like the Rufus and Calliope have left the area as I haven't seen any for days.

Marilyn and I both have been talking about getting our hair cut. Well after I walked my mail down I decided today was the day! I stopped by and asked if she wanted to go and before you know it we were on our way.

We decided to have lunch at the China Wok (everyone likes it!)
Our drive was under cloudy skies and some of our favorite peaks were shrouded in clouds.

We stopped first at the salon to see when we could get in. Two ladies were doing absolutely nothing so we were seated asap! The guys wandered over to Blockbuster and before you know it we gals had lost some weight with our golden locks shorn.
We gathered the guys and went to the China Wok. The Drays each had the Mongolian Beef, I had a pork dish and Jim had a special that included cashews. It's good food and it's very reasonably priced. I ended up bringing half of mine home.
Lunch over, we rounded the corner and picked up some groceries at Safeway. We then returned to Mountaindale RV resort where the clouds followed us

I was home in time to watch all my soaps. The guys played some golf. Just around 1530 or so Jim came home and we had some tea and carrot cake. My goodness was the cake sweet! Full of nasty raisins too...but it was yummy. I can only hope the green tea counter acted the calories in the cake!
Shortly after 1600 we joined Marilyn, Ed and Carl for happy hour. It was a bit chilly but pleasant. Carl's wife, Linda joined us and we all sat around for about an hour chatting and laughing. Boo was getting antsy so I left to feed him and shortly thereafter the rest of the group broke up and headed inside.
As Jim was putting away the chairs he said we have company....The deer came by for dinner

The doe likes to slurp the seed out of the feeder and I guess it makes her thirsty

Here she is having a long satisfying drink

Only one fawn this time but you can see her spots are fading and it looks like shes beginning to get her winter coat. Jim took the pictures....
We didn't have dinner, Just bread with dipping oil and some olives. Jim had some ice cream too! A storm rolled over us but didn't drop much rain. But it did interfere with the internet. Every time I tried to upload pictures the signal would drop I gave up
It was quite chilly when we headed to bed so we slept under the comforter....real cosy....

Monday, August 24, 2009

getting potted!

I guess all Jim needed was a nap last night. To much golf would be my guess.... We watched TV, played games on our puters and went to bed shortly after 2200.

This morning I was up just before 0700 and I set out the feeders. It was cloudy but the temperature was nice, 65 or thereabouts. So I opened the door. Jim got up about an hour later. It looked like a rainy day.

After breakfast we both had chores to do. But first I had to document the re-potting of the Pony Tailed Palm!

Marilyn taking said palm out of pot, scoring the roots with a knife. See the new pot? it's a wee bit bigger....wonder home much the palm will grow?

Knocking off some of the old soil

borrowing some rocks for the well....

It takes two to place the palm into the new pot....they like to share the joy

Marilyn tucking it's hoping the Pony Tail Palm enjoys the new pot!
Back home I did my chores of dishes, bed making and laundry. Jim had the fun job of cleaning the loo and dumping the black tank. He then joined Ed in a round of golf.
For lunch I fixed us some ham paninis, which is just a fancy name for grilled sandwiches. They were tasty and I enjoyed having lunch with Jim. After lunch I did the dishes and did some ironing while I watched my soaps. Jim played golf and soon Ed joined him.
I also made some risotto with peas and mushrooms, but I didn't like it. Around 1600 we went outside to sit with Marilyn and Ed for bit. No matter what we discuss we always end up laughing....good for the soul.
For dinner we had small steaks, salad, olive antipasto and pickled beets. Jim, bless his heart had some of the risotto....
The dishes are done and I've showered. Top Gear just ended and now Jim is going to shower.
Our day was mostly overcast but we didn't have rain....

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lazy Sunday

While I was posting the blog this morning Jim joined Marilyn and Ed next door as they were having coffee. I finished the blog entry and made myself some breakfast and noticed Jim was playing/watching Ed play. Marilyn had gone indoors.

I had my breakfast, dressed and walked down to the office to get a newspaper and pick up yesterdays mail. Two movies from Netflix! Supersize Me and War of the Worlds. Jim was still next door when I returned.

I did dishes and made the bed. Jim returned and had a bowl of cereal and went outside to do his chores and play golf/tennis...whatever. Not sure when he came in but it was getting hot and I had the ac running.

I read and watched TV most of the afternoon. Once Ed and Marilyn returned from lunch Jim was back outside playing games with Ed. Around 1600 I figured I'd ignored Jim long enough and I guess their game was over because Jim was coming home. We sat outside for a bit when Marilyn came out and invited us over.

So we sat and talked around the campfire pit. We always enjoy our time with these good friends. Soon It was time for dinner. Boo was getting antsy and Ed had started his grill. Once home dinner was fixed asap and we enjoyed our pasta and salad with wine. the dishes are done and I still need to shower and bring in the feeders

Jim has showered and has fallen asleep and it's not even 2200!

Not the most exciting day.....

Another gorgeous Day

Saturday was just gorgeous and we both got some chores done. I stripped the bed and started washing sheets. Jim played golf. I had some outgoing mail and walked it down to the mail box.

This picture shows the bark on one of the pine trees here. Have no idea it's name but the bark is interesting.

Once back home I continued doing laundry while Jim played golf and worked on the truck. I sat outside reading and had lunch outside also. Boo kept getting tangled in the chairs so we both went inside! I continued reading and doing laundry from the comfort of our lounger.

It finally got warm enough to turn on the AC and once Jim had his lunch he decided to join me indoors. We watched some TV, programs I liked. Jim couldn't find a movie....

Around 1600 we decided our happy hour could be spent at Borders with coffee and magazines. It was an hour well spent with my honey! On our drive home we decided to check out Cheyenne Mountain State Park, We paid the fee to drive around and enjoyed the drive. I think it has around 50 sites on several levels. maybe 10 sites in a loop. With Cheyenne Mountain to the West and Fort Carson to the East it does have some nice views.

As we were leaving the upper level we came across a flock of turkeys, they didn't care for our truck and I was only able to get a couple quick pictures

Sites 1-10 have this view to the east

On clear days it must be fabulous....I wonder though do they ever have clear days?

We also stopped at Turkey Creek Recreational area. This belongs to Fort Carson and we're not clear on all that's available. They do offer pony and horse rides. Looks to be a lot of trails. Plenty of buildings but we don't know their functions. Picnic areas etc.

We can now check these two areas off our to do list!
Once home I discovered one of my plants had been attacked! I'm sure it was the doe

The empty 'stick' on the left used to be a cascading succulent, now it's just a nubbin.... :( I'm hoping it will grow back
We had pea soup and Italian bread for dinner. We played games on the computers and watched TV. Last nights temperature only went down into the 60's and we slept with just the quilt.

I was up just before 0700 this morning and set out the feeders. I noticed the bird bath was empty which is unusual and Jim told me later that he saw a buck drinking out of during the night. While I was enjoying my coffee the doe and two fawns came by for breakfast! Boo didn't like that at all and while he barked I tried to convince her not to eat the bird seed.

I put out some corn and she's nibbling on that while the fawns decide whether or not to come up.

One fawn is braver than the other, isn't that the way it is with siblings?

Mom wandered over to the feeders so I ended up taking down one of the hanging feeders that she loves to empty. She's quite tame and doesn't really take notice of me. But the fawns can be skittish.

Nice family photo! I had to take in the cactus and herb pots. Mom wanted some greenery with breakfast. all in all it was an exciting start to my day!