Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cold Front

Today we woke to overcast skies and drizzly weather. A cold front is passing through the area and it sure is a change from the past two days when the temperatures hit the upper 90's and perhaps even 100 degrees. At least the 100 was posted by the weather channel for the high in Mission, Texas.

I forgot to mention that on Friday night I got an email saying our credit card couldn't be charged by Netflix. Since we've had this account for awhile I was concerned. On Saturday I spent almost an hour finding out that our card was being charged but not by us! The bank had put a hold on it. So, it was cancelled and another card issued. I also found out they had the wrong phone number for us and that's why we didn't get a call. Fixed that!

Monday I went to HEB with Ann. We decided to grill burgers and we both needed a few things. With small refrigerators in RV's you get to shop often if you don't plan right. Ann made potato salad and I contributed some veggies.

We had a good happy hour as Karen and Dave joined us. They didn't join our cookout because they had eaten burgers for lunch! The days are getting longer and we stayed out until the skeeters chased us in.

Tuesday was beautiful weather wise and Jim cleaned the windows outside and got the back of the rig cleaned. Not sure but I think I did laundry.

Wednesday I went shopping with Ann and Karen. I didn't plan on buying anything but did find a turqoise sleeveless blouse and some matching shoes. Also and overblouse for the sleeveless top. I plan on wearing it with white slacks. We went to Kohl's and Stienmart. We had lunch at Crackerbarrel. Salads and soup...

Made a stop at HEB so we could get a few things for Margarita hour at the clubhouse. Everyone brings something to eat and on Wednesday you don't have to worry about dinner. I skip the drinks because I think they're to weak.

Thursday the temperature got up to 95-96 degrees. It's not supposed to be this hot in February! We closed up the rig and enjoyed the cool. After a dinner of shrimp scampi we went next door for chocolate waffles. I'd never heard of this but you use a cake batter and make waffles. Ann, Jim and Scotty put whipped cream on theirs, I had powdered sugar. This is really good! like having hot muffins. Still have some batter we need to use and I'm thinking chocolate chips would be good. Jim and the others think vanilla ice cream would be good also. Sure is a quick way to make a dessert.

Yesterday I was up at 0645 and the sunrise was an apricot glow in the eastern sky. Even Jim got early so I requested a bike ride and we headed out to Bentsen Rio Grande Valley State Park. The pictures you see are from our ride. Spring is making everything green again. Trees are leafing out and blooming. So are other plants and it's beginning to get prettier in the park. By the time we got home it was time for lunch. Also it was time to close up the house. It was getting way to warm and uncomfortable. The dead tree shot is for Howard. I don't think he reads this blog, but he always takes pictures of dead trees and posts them on his blog!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

falling behind

It seems the more we do, the less time I spend on the computer. So I'm behind in posting.

Last Friday we probably spent time home doing housework and chores. For Happy hour we went to Pat and Vern's. It was their going away party (they left this morning!). Margaritas and a lot of goodies to nosh on. 6 couples and all except Jim and I were taking the dance lessons offered here at the resort, Line and couples dancing. So just before dark most all of them were trying their new dance moves without music....looking good!

After dark we headed home and spent the rest of the evening watching TV. Can't even remember if we had dinner...

Saturday after hanging around the house we had lunch then headed to Palmview High School to see the La Joya ISD Concert. My oh My what a show! The high school students danced and sung their hearts out for us. The program was long enough to require an intermission. Their were 8 different 'acts'. They had dances from around the world, Costa Rica, different Mexican states, Boliva, Spain and Cuba. Each required costume changes and in most cases energetic dancing!

The Mariachi Los Lobos performed three times, I'm sure to allow for costume changes and let the dancer catch their breath. They were good and we enjoyed the singing.

The program ended with Cuba and the last dance was El Carnival! This time of year finds most Latin cultures celebrating Carnival or Mardi Gras.

It was a spectacular show and I encourage those in the area to make an attempt to see it. The tickets were 6 dollars each and well worth the money. It's my understanding that there will be more shows in the month of March, but will differ from the February shows. Just check google online, La Joya ISD.

Since we drove the three couples in our duely we headed back to the park. We dropped Karen and Dave off and Ann and I started discussing dinner and before we got to our site we'd decided to go to Chilis! Had a good dinner with our friends and then we came home. So Saturday was a good day!

I am amazed at the amount of money that must have been spent for this program. I'm pleased to see the fine arts programs are alive and well in this Texas school

Sunday we stayed around the Park most of the day. We'd made plans to have dinner at Hayashi's for Jim's birthday (15th). Unfortunately some were sick so it was postponed a week. Hayashi's is a hibachi restaurant and Karen and Dave, Anne and Scotty, Linda and Dan plus Jim and I went. Karen is the only one who thought to bring a camera so I don't have pictures! We all had a good time and enjoyed our food and the show very much.

Once we left the restaurant we got to see the Green Parrakeet's all lined up on the overhead lines. If you want to see them for yourself head to 10th and Dove around sunset. Beautiful little birds!

On the drive home we saw a beautiful sunset, perfect way to end the day.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Last Thursday we went kayaking. We can't remember the last time we got the kayak wet so it was time! I packed a pasta salad and a couple apples because I always get hungry out on the water.
Jim, along with Scotty's help devised a way to tow it with the trike. We're within walking distance of Bentsen State Park although we usually ride over. That's what you see in the first picture

It looks like he's towing a truck, but that's in the background!

the day was overcast and a slight breeze was blowing

The trees at Bentsen State Park are greening out

I'm told these buildings were once used by the Boy Scouts
On the way home I was able to get this shot of Jim towing. If we do this often he'll build up some leg muscles!
We didn't paddle long, but it was fun making our way through the resaca. We ended up against the wind on our return trip. According to the GPS we we're doing about 3 mph but that was with both of us paddling with all our might! I'm glad the sun wasn't out, it would have been a scorcher.
Once back onshore we had a bite to eat and headed for home. It was a short but sweet trip.
For dinner I fixed meatloaf patties, mashed potatoes, gravy and steamed green beans. we both ate well.
TV watching after dinner dishes were done and we were in bed just after 2200

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bob Skelding

Jim and I have been folling Bob Skeldings blog, the link is on this page, lower left. It's a sad end to his journey.....

Horse-drawn Journey Comes to Tragic End South of Shuqualak by Scott Boyd
The scene from Tuesday's wreck shows what's left of Skelding's rolling home and the 18-wheeler in the background (Beacon photo).
A note to our readers: Even though we live in a somewhat isolated area, we’re blessed with many fascinating people to report on each week - and others who pass through. In recent years we’ve covered a Washington man who was running across the country, pushing a three-wheeled baby stroller loaded with his possessions. A few years later his parents came through following his path on an adventure of their own. And, there were the two brothers from Wisconsin traveling through on their antique riding lawnmowers, camping and visiting along the way. So, we weren’t surprised, but fascinated, when we met Bob Skelding and his team of draft horses Monday morning as they prepared to continue their journey south. We had a great visit with him at his campsite at Macon Stockyard and prepared the story and photos at left for this week’s paper. He had attracted a lot of attention and we figured his story was worth telling.Now, we’re heartbroken following Tuesday morning’s tragic accident on Hwy. 45 just south of Shuqualak. After much thought we made the decision to continue with our original plans to publish the story of his travels. What follows below is what we’ve been able to find out about the accident.

Wagon master Bob Skelding and his four draft horses, just shortly after leaving Noxubee County Tuesday morning, were involved in a horrif ic accident with an 18-wheeler just south of the county line.According to an eyewitness, Skelding’s rig was rear-ended by a tractor-tanker-trailer rig on Hwy. 45 about 11:30 a.m. Tuesday. The crash immediately killed two of Skelding’s prized Percheron draft horses. The other two miraculously survived and were treated at the scene and retrieved by DeKalb veterinarian Billy Calvert.
Skelding and his team travel south through Noxubee County before the accident (Beacon photo).
Skelding’s homemade wagon/camper disintegrated upon impact with the truck, scattering debris and all his personal belongings over a 200-yard area along the southbound lanes of the highway. That stretch of the highway is flat, with no hills.The 18-wheeler driver was uninjured after his rig jacknifed and landed in the ditch on the west side of the highway. He was visibly shaken as State Troopers questioned him about the accident. His tanker was reportedly empty at the time. Another driver with the same trucking company who was just ahead and saw the accident in his rear view mirror, said they use the rigs to transport “drilling mud.”Skelding was conscious and talking to paramedics from Transcare Ambulance Service as he was loaded for transportion to Rush Hospital in Meridian. He was listed in stable condition at presstime Tuesday after undergoing surgery for broken bones. Skelding, 49, left his home in New Hampshire last August on his “dream trip” to travel around the country, with his horses leading the way. Also along for the ride was Clementine, his 18-year-old poodle. Clementine was uninjured. They had logged nearly 1,800 accident-free miles before Tuesday’s crash.The skies were overcast at the time of the accident and a light rain had just started in the area.Skelding had camped near Shuqualak Monday night and was making his way toward Meridian. His wagon rig had flashing lights on the rear and a reflective triangle to warn approaching traffic.In an interview Monday, Skelding told The Beacon he favors traveling two-lane roads, but occasionally finds it necessary to travel four-lane freeways. He said he feared 18-wheelers.Investigators from the Mississippi Highway Safety Patrol were on the scene for several hours Tuesday piecing together details of the accident. The two horses that died were reportedly buried nearby by a crew from the Mississippi Department of Transportation.Several of Skelding’s family members were enroute to Meridian late Tuesday from the Northeast.
Doc, here smiling for the Beacon, survivedthe accident. (Beacon photo).
A local benefit fund has been established to help Bob Skelding pay for his medical expenses and the care and recovery of his surviving horses. You can contribute at any Citizens National Bank in Mississippi or mail to Citizens National Bank, "Bob Skelding/Wagon Teamster Benefit Fund", P.O. Box 426, Macon, MS 39341, 662-726-5861. For branch info go to

The Commercial Dispatch, in an article about the accident, quoted a Highway Patrol reconstructionist as saying that the accident occurred over the crest of a hill and that two big rigs were traveling “side-by-side.” Scott Boyd reports that the road was flat. Another Highway Patrolman was quoted in a website article as saying that a distant hill had nothing to do with the accident. Here is a letter sent to the Beacon from a truck driver who witnessed the accident:
Despite protests to the contrary from those who read articles in distant newspapers about the accident, and wish to argue facts of which they do not have personal knowledge, I must say that you can't believe everything that you read in the papers. Let me set Katie and anyone else straight and state for the record. The Macon Beacon reporter is correct as to his description of the locale. There was no hillcrest to limit visibility. There were no 'two trucks running side by side'.I saw the accident occur. I drive a gasoline tanker for a company based in Columbus, MS. At approximately 11:30 cst this morning, I was southbound on US 45, 6.7 miles N. of Scooba, MS, when I came upon Bob. I recognized his rig immediately as I'd seen it this past weekend North of Columbus. I changed lanes left to pass the vehicle. As I checked the right mirror, I observed a T.K. Stanley vehicle changing lanes left to pass Bob also. There was a second T.K. Stanley vehicle following close behind the first. This second vehicle did not change lanes. There occured the impact which blocked the highway for approximately an hour and a half. Two of the beautiful horses were dead at the scene. I cared for=2 0Bob until the arrival of emergency medical services. Bob asked about the condition of his horses and of Clementine. I found Clementine and brought her to him until he was being prepared for transport from the scene to Meridian.There was no one at the scene who appeared to be willing to take custody of Clementine. So, I sent my information with Bob to tell him when he recovers where Clementine is. I transported Clementine to Columbus and gave her to my wife who promptly took her to the vet. As of this writing, Clementine is staying at the vet's overnight for observation. The vet did say that for a dog of her advanced years (a woman never discusses her age) she is doing remarkably well given what she's just been through. She was ambulatory and her kidney/bladder funtions appear normal. If things progress as well in the morning, she'll get a bath and much T.L.C. until she can be reunited with Bob.My thoughts and prayers are with Bob and for his speedy recovery.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


We actually had some measurable rain. When I got up yesterday we actually had puddles! I also heard rain on the roof during the night. Nice sound to hear. Of course along with the rain we've had overcast skies and humidity, but this doesn't happen often so I can live with it.

I forgot to mention that on Sunday we went to open house over at Retama Village. This is the park you buy lots in. The open house is mainly to see the casitas of curent owners. Some of them are really fixed up nicely. They give the owners storage or an extra room for living. Most are fixed up for guests. One man put in a tub for his wife....I do miss taking baths.

Jim was kept busy Monday and Tuesday with Scotty. I'm not sure what all they did but compartments were rearranged. Anne made a headrest cover for Jim's bike. She also did some sewing on my sheets.

We've been sleeping with the ac running at night. it's just to humid for us with the temperature only dropping into the upper 60's. Looks like the same for tonight.

We made a quick trip into Mexico today. Didn't stay long and didn't buy any trinkets! The traffic coming bakc into the US was backed up several blocks. We parked and walked over the bridge.

Every Wednesday they have margarita hour at the clubhouse and today we went. The margaritas are weak but the socializing is fun. Most folks bring food and snacks and for the price of a drink you can eat your fill! We also get updated on park information.

We went out to dinner with Carol and Fred tongiht. Cheddars, our first visit and I've got to admit the prices for the food was good. The drinks we're resonably priced but we just bought to many!

We've showered and we're relaxing watching CSI NY.

Monday, February 16, 2009

catching once again.

Our weekend was wonderful, we had nice weather and we didn't leave the park. I'm sure we did chores around the house and had fun with friends and neighbors. On Saturday evening we went to the Valentine Party at the clubhouse. I made some earring for Anne, Karen and myself. We took a tray of olives. Anne/Scotty brought pina coladas and chips and salsas and cheese and crackers. Linda/Dan brought an angel food cake with berries and whipped cream. Karen/Dave supplied the rum! Karen has been battling a cold or virus and this was her first time out in days!!! We're happy she made it because it wouldn't be the same without her.

Anne painted the glasses, we each had one filled with pina coladas! Yum!
Vern and Pat really can dance well and were on the dance floor a lot!
Linda and Dan need another drink!

Gail and Harvey love to ham it up for the camera.

Linda and Jim posing with our pretty painted glasses

Dave and Karen need a room, Quick!

Anne and Scotty enjoying a dance

As you can see we all had a good time. These dances only last three hours and they go quickly!
Sunday was Jim's birthday but we didn't celebrate much. We do plan on going to dinner at Hyashi's but we wanted to make sure all our friends are healthy enough to enjoy the hibachi table. Soon we'll have this experience.
Sonsearae did send her dad a Tommy Bahama shirt and called. Jim loves the shirt and really enjoyed talking with our daughter. Brother John also called and that's always a treat for Jim! I did bake some brownies and made spaghetti for our dinner.
Last night we watched Chronicles of Narnia, Prince Caspian. Very entertaining, we both liked it. Slept with windows open and fans running. Boo is getting better with night noises.
Today we woke up to rain! Granted it's not like the downpours in New Orleans, but it was raining nonetheless. and it was drippy and rainy all day. I like it! the trees are beginning to leaf out and I'm sure this rainfall will help with that. It also means the dust will be gone for a few hours I'm sure. :)
We've closed up the house and turned on the ac. The humidity is heavy. I'm sure we'll sleep better once we clear out the humidity.
Bentsen Palms RV Village is now recycling! I love it. We have bins for glass, plastic, aluminium, cardboard and other papers. I sure hope all our residents are on board for this.
We're watching Top Gear and I'm missing some bits so I'm going to close. I hope ya'll had a good weekend and that your Valentine was special to you!

Friday, February 13, 2009

96 degrees!

Can you say hot?!!!? We had to make a run to the mall and when we got home it was 91 inside and 96 outside. Needless to say, the ac is running.

Yesterday was just a normal day. We did our chores and just hung around the park. I made chicken stir fry for dinner and we both enjoyed that. we watched CSI last night. That was a weird episode.

We slept with a sheet and the windows open. Who knew the humidity would be in the 80's! I guess that cold front was an itty bitty one. Jim was up a 0530! and I got up shortly thereafter.

I made pancakes for breakfast. As i was doing up the dishes our good friend Ed called. Jim spoke with him. Seems they haven an opening over at Llano Grande resort and they offered it to us. Alas, Jim said no. But it was nice of them to think of us and it would have been fun to spend some time with our good friends. But we'll see them later this year.

I had a hair appointment. But for some reason I was the only one who knew! I wasn't in the system so no hair cut. But I did get lunch out, we went to red lobster for seafood. A stop at Walmart for fuel (2.06) and we came home.

to a hot house! Now it's almost time for happy hour and I hear it's going to be pina coladas...we'll need them cuz it's till verra warm out there (93).

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wonderful day in the Valley

What can I say? A front went through but you could hardly tell. We had sunshine and 80+ temperatures.

After doing the morning chores yesterday I headed out to get groceries. I love buying food and wandering the store reading labels. I can't buy as much as I'd like only because we have no room to store it!

Once home I found my neighbor Anne trying to abscond with Boo! Apparently Jim was visiting with Scotty and Boo was whining. Anne felt sorry for him so tried to catch him to take him outside, with permission of course! Her attempts at catching Boo didn't work so Jim came and got him and that's when I arrived home. Of course Boo didn't want to go anywhere then. He preferred to stay with me.

After putting the groceries away Jim and I had lunch. I then watched my soaps and he went visiting on his bike. I told him to pick up the mail because I knew there were packages. Our mail from Escapees and his birthday present.

He asked for a Garmin GPS for his birthday and that's what I bought him. It also has a mount for the bike so we can see where we are when riding.....

Around 1600 I decided to take Boo for a walk and Jim joined me. We ended up at Carol and Fred's and we stayed for a couple hours! Everyone was hungry when we got home. I heated the chicken soup for Jim which he promptly forgot about because he was busy with his new toy! He reheated it later when the hunger pains finally got to him....

I watched reruns on TV while Jim played with the GPS. Since the temperatures were cooler we slept with the comforter last night. Very warm and toasty and I slept quite well.

The sun is out and it looks to be another beautiful day. I think I'll ride today in the park. Sometimes we don't do much, but the days go by quickly.

Click on an ad, so we can retire to the Florida Keys! Drop me a line in the comments, I'd love to hear from all of you!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's Back!

I refuse to say that 4 letter word! But it was back again today so I closed up the house and ran the AC.

I started the day with coffee and then I went for a walk. I've worked out a 30 minute walk and I'm liking it. This morning I saw a lot of border patrol vehicles. With a full moon I guess crossing activity increases. They had a helicopter out this morning quartering the sky.

After Jim got up I stripped the bed and washed the sheets. Jim did some dusting but that's about all we did today.

I made some chicken soup because Jim was feeling 'poorly'. :~) A lot of us are having problems with the dust causing us to cough and sneeze. By days end I'm having to use cough drops.

Except for walking Boo I stayed in most of the day. Just didn't want to be out in that ****!

We didn't do dinner. And this evening we've snacked.....and watched TV. NCIS, the Mentalist and now Leverage.

Just doing normal everyday things here in the valley...

Monday, February 9, 2009

Beautiful, glorious Day!

It's days like this one that bring us back to the RGV. Sunshine, low 80's and a light breeze wafting over us. I will not bring up that four letter word that has dominated the last few days.

After I had my coffee this morning I headed out for a walk. It's good to start the day this way. Just me and the Bee Gees. There were a lot of folks out walking, biking, running and riding. Everyone was enjoying the morning.

Jim was up when I came home, I fed Boo and fixed myself some toast and watermelon. Then I did my morning routine of dishes, bed making etc.

Also delivered my Valentine hugs. For lunch I fixed myself a cucumber/tomato salad. I watched my soaps. Caught up on emails. Jim was in and out, he rode his bike. Just normal everyday stuff

We did happy hour at Anne and Scotty's. We always enjoy our visits with them. I fear we overstay our welcome. It was 1830 when we got home. Jim fired up the grill and cooked chicken and zucchini. I steamed some broccoli and carrots. Dinner was ready in no time!

The dishes are done and I've showered. Just watching TV and computing.

Today was a lovely day without a doubt!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Howling winds!

When I got up around 0715 I watched the sun disappear behind the clouds and that's when I decided not to walk this morning. The wind was thrashing the trees and I just didn't feel like being sand blasted! We both just stayed inside as much as we could. On the few times we ventured out we could tell most folks we're staying inside or had left the area.

We watched Mission Impossible and when it was over we left the building! LOL We went to Barnes and Nobles just to be out of the rockin and rollin rig. It's a good place to spend time and read magazines. I discovered some new food magazines and just had to bring a couple home!

Made a stop at HEB because overnight someone left a Valentine goodie bag for us. Now I need to do the same for two others. We're passing out bear hugs at Bentsen Palms! With luck and everyone's participation everyone in the resort should get hugged before Valentine's day.

This wind just takes the fun of the day! For most of the afternoon the winds were blowing around 25 mph. Only had a couple windows open trying to keep it comfortable in here. When we got home we closed it up because I was turning on the oven to cook a pizza.

We've got a few windows open again but this wind has got to stop!!!!! :) We're just chillin in front of the TV and our puters.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Boy has it been windy the last two days. And with the wind comes dust....we can't clean it up fast enough, but we're trying!

After I had my coffee this morning I went for a 30 minute walk. It was a wee bit humid and I was sticky when I returned. For breakfast I had some rice followed by some watermelon.

Jim got up a bit past 1000. After he had breakfast he started cleaning the air conditioner vents and continued dusting. He gets to do the high places. We spent much of the day inside although it was nice enough outside. It's just the wind gets to be to much.

We got a package from Sonsearae, she sent magazines, catalogs and coupons. My kind of package!

They're resurfacing our road. I'll be glad when it's finished. when we got here they we're building a levee which created a lot of dust and noise. Now the road. At least we don't have the 'wall' here. We're buffered by the state park. We've been told the wall won't be built here, but who knows for sure? I'm sure the illegals will find a way over the wall no matter how high.

We watched the Davinci Code again. Jim says each time he watches he learns something new. It is a good movie.

Dr Who rounded out the evening and we're showered and ready for bed. Its been a lovely day (except for the wind). should be good sleeping tonight. Mid 60's expected.

I sure love our lifestyle!

I can't begin to tell you how enjoyable our life is. Traveling and seeing our country is just delightful. Meeting friendly people and running into old friends too. Granted, some days we have to clean and do chores just like folks who live in houses, but overall we can do what we want when we want!

Monday was a chore day. I started doing laundry early then headed to HEB to get some groceries. While I was gone Jim did some cleaning and moved furniture around. We have two chairs that we swap out locations on each month so the wear and tear is even. Spaghetti for dinner with a glass of red wine. Not Merlot Ed, but a good wine just the same!

Tuesday we awoke to very chilly temperatures. Upper 30's outside. Our neighbor Scotty said there was frost on our truck and his car. I didn't see it, but it was cold enough to run the furnace all morning.

I had an appointment in Mexico to get my teeth cleaned so we headed out around 1000. When we got to the border we paid our 2 bucks to park and a quarter to cross the bridge. It didn't take long for my cleaning and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Didn't shop just headed back to the States. 30 cents to get back in and we were on our way in no time. I was hungry and as we passed Fat Daddy's Jim suggested we stop in for lunch. We'd heard good reports from Valley friends!

My goodness was it good! I only ordered a sliced pork sandwich but it was served on an 8 inch Kaiser roll. Jim got the two meat platter, ribs and sliced beef with potato salad and beans. I ate my sandwich but Jim couldn't finish his beef. We brought home two thick slices.

Once we go to Pharr we stopped at the carpet place to pick up our rugs. we had two made for the steps up into our bedroom and one for the front door and one for the kitchen. They look real good with our carpet.

we got back in time to join Anne and Scotty for happy hour. Scotty is going to Mexico tomorrow for his dental work.

We ended up watching reruns on tv....then it was bedtime

Wednesday we had our carpet cleaned. during the morning we just putzed around and picked up stuff. He came just before 1300 and was gone two hours later. The carpet turned out good but it sure was wet! We probably should have the carpet cleaned yearly to keep it looking good.

We had happy hour with Carol, Fred was out of town. We usually take Boo so he can visit with Shatzi. We even let him off his leash this time. He still doesn't come very well when called.

Thursday I started the day with a walk. I only go out for about 30 minutes but it feels good to bop along with the Bee Gees.

I gave Boo a bath, with all the wind and dust he was in dire need of one! His coat was dull looking and felt dirty. You should have seen the dirty water that came off of him! I got caught up on my soaps. For dinner we had grilled salmon, steamed veggies and sliced tomatoes. White wine! Yummy!

Early in the day we went to Hobby Lobby so Jim could get some fabric for his headrest. He's making it for his Bike.

Friday I walked again, I was gone 30 minutes. Had breakfast when I got home. Jim had an appointment with his doctor. A followup to see what was found on the x-ray of his shoulder. Not much! Now he's seeing a bone doctor next month.

We stopped at Olive Garden for lunch. we both had soup and salad. why get pasta when the soup is so good?! Also stopped at HEB for a few items, Jim needed coffee and cereal.

Scotty is doing well but can't have alcohol because of the meds he's taking but we had happy hour with him and Anne. Jim had a beer but the rest of us were good......

We watched some tv and were in bed just after 2200. Didn't cool off much last night and we slept with just the quilt and some windows open.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

once again I'm behind!

We're just having to much fun! LOL

Last Friday we just hung around, resting. It was nice not having plans and doing basically nothing. We just did our normal chores. I even watch all my soaps!

We did go to Carol and Fred's around 1600 for happy hour. Fred had been away on business so we got caught up on hos doings and Carol's activities. She had friends visiting and enjoyed the time with them.

We stayed late! At 1800 we heard taps from the Rio Grande Valley State Veterans Cemetery followed by the coyotes howling. It's neat to hear. We finally got home around 2030. We always have fun with this nice couple.

Saturday we got up to cold temperatures! it was 46 degrees in the house. I turned on the furnace to take the chill out! Because it was cold I thought cinnamon rolls would be great for breakfast. We had a lazy morning.

For lunch we had the tomato soup I made the other day and grilled cheese sandwiches. I spent the afternoon watching the Australian Open.

We both had an early dinner of leftovers and then showered and got ready for the 50/60's dance at the clubhouse.

Anne made 'poodle' skirts for her and Karen and they accessorized accordingly. Karen was hoping to win the bubble gum blowing contest, but alas someone else blew a bigger one.

I can't begin to tell you how much fun we had. We danced our feet off and slept very well Saturday night!

Sunday was a gorgeous day, we went for a bike ride in Bentsen State park. Didn't see much in the way of wildlife but we did run across these javalinas. Not pretty, but I guess they're necessary in the scheme of things. I think the temperature got up to 84 degrees.

We did happy hour with Fred and Carol again and once we got home we turned on the Superbowl.....what a game! highs and lows, tacky commercials and the Steelers still won!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pepe's On the River

On Thursday we went to Pepe's on the River for lunch. You see, Anne won the 50-50 door prize and treated us all to draft beer! How could any of us refuse??? As you can see there were quite a few of us and we sat outside overlooking the Rio Grande. There wasn't any wind and it was very pleasant. I guess Pepe's doesn't get jammed with folks until later in the day because we made up half of the 'crowd' that was there

This is the whole gang, minus Jim who took the picture
Trudy and Dan

Sue, the San Antonio gal visiting Scotty and Anne

Scotty and Anne

Pat and Vern

Linda and Dan, from Shawnee Mission, Ks

Gary and Linda from Leawood, Kansas

Karen and Dave, from Monroe, Michigan

We ladies looking fine!

River boat just cruisin along!
We had a grand time listening to the music and enjoying our friends. The food was pretty good and it seemed like everyone enjoyed it. There were some remarks about Kansas bbq and Texas bbq. Also how different areas fix fried catfish. But all in all we enjoyed ourselves.
We split up and some headed for other destinations while we headed back to the resort. Linda and Dan rode with us and it was another chance to learn more about this couple.
Jim had a Spanish lesson and I just relaxed while he was gone. The cooler weather has been nice in the afternoons and at night for sleeping. For supper I had some homemade tomato soup. I don't think Jim had anything unless it was peanut butter and crackers!