Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Recent Cards

Lest you think I've not been playing with my paper and ink I thought I'd send an update

Stampin' Up supplies used for both of these cards

Fun Stampers Journey is a new company for me, I bought one of their Bloom Boxes kit and was surprised and pleased by how easy these cards came together.  I've also got some ideas for more cards!  Always a good thing

I woke up this morning with a design on my mind.  Most days I work on my cards and it can take me several days to finish them because I don't leave my supplies out.  Each time I have some time I take everything out, work some then put it all away

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Twin Lakes

Our time here has gone by quickly!  Two weeks is not enough.

We both enjoy this location.  It’s peaceful, serene and very relaxing.

Last weekend Sonsearae and Chris came over Friday evening and left Sunday morning.  They stopped by briefly before heading to Crestview where they booked a room.  We haven’t seen them since we left south Florida.  We (they) made plans for Saturday.  Chris grew up around here and his daughter, Robyn lives in Crestview.

They picked us up Saturday morning and it was a wonderful day! Chris pointed out various places from his childhood and it was special learning more about him.  We had lunch at Stinkys, really that’s the name of the place. We’ve been before, according to Sonsearae and Jim...can’t say I remember.  But the food was good and except for a few potatoes everyone cleaned up their plates.  We stopped by Grayton beach for sand and sea air.  Heaven, except for the hot boardwalk! Burned the bottom of our feet but it passed by the next morning.  Fun running barefoot with my daughter.

On the way home we had a rain shower, which has happened almost every day since we’ve been here.  It is Florida and after it rains it’s cooler.  Really, the temperature can drop ten degrees or more.  Makes an evening walk very pleasant.  Did I mention we like it here?

Our back window faces easterly so the sun comes up over Lake Holley and sets over King Lake, there’s almost always a breeze.  When there isn’t a breeze the water is smooth as glass and you can see the fish jump.

Twin lakes refers to Holley Lake and King Lake.  The resort is on what looks like a peninsula but it’s not.  There’s a dam between the lakes, Holley drains into King.  No motor boats and for some reason no water birds.  You can fish, apparently there are bass.  Maybe osprey don’t like bass?

Tomorrow we head to Tallahassee to spend a month.  We’ll visit with Sonsearae and Chris. Hopefully share a few meals and many good times.  Also Jim’s daughter is turning 50 and we’ll celebrate with her.

Then we’ll return here for two months!  Did I mention we like it here?