Wednesday, April 29, 2009

No Internet!

Tuesday we slowly packed up and left Laura Walker State park in Waycross, Georgia. It was around 1030 when we left. The four of us were going to Savannah! We didn’t stop for lunch and shortly after 1300 we arrived at Skidaway Island State Park.

In no time at all we were all set up. There are a lot of trees here, just beautiful! Squirrels, birds and it’s peaceful. But we aren’t able to use our satellite dish, so no internet, or Direct TV. This park has a cable system and we get 11 channels. Wifi is at the office so I’ll try to post from there.

Once we got set up Jim and I sat outside and enjoyed a cold beer. It was heaven! I watched as birds came to the feeder and listened to the birds chatter and call back and forth. All the sites here are huge and it’s like you have a yard. I hope I’m able to post pictures.

Anne and I decided we needed to eat out. Olive Garden here we come! We had a wonderful meal that included pastas, salad, steamed mussels, fried lasagna, soup and one dessert of cheesecake. Oh we also had a glass of wine.

Jim showered at the ‘comfort station’ and I showered here. No sewer hookups. The dump station isn’t far from here and we’ll probably have to use our blue boy. We’re staying a week so our grey water tank will probably fill up.
We watched tv and played games on our puters…

Monday, April 27, 2009

Okefenokee Swamp Park

I was up at 0800...I'm getting enough sleep but it feels weird getting up that late. Jim got up later. One of the first things I do when I get up is open the blinds. This morning the rear one nearly fell out of the brackets. It's now permanently up until we can get some key parts.
After a morning of normal chores we had lunch and then headed to the Okefenokee Swamp Park. What a fun afternoon! For 20 bucks each we got an hour boat tour, a 50 minute train ride and saw a nature show.
Our first treat on the boat tour was this owl

Anne enjoying the boat ride, she's never been in a swamp

Pitcher plant

Sweetie! She comes when called

Jim took this picture, isn't it cool?

Terry our tour guide. Very informative and entertaining!

Just a shot of the swamp
The Train
After the boat ride, we caught this train and had a nice tour of the grounds and learned more about the area. There is a village with goats and chickens, old cabins. A small museum dedicated to the last Indian attack in the area.

This was on the wall of the museum

Bottle brush in the village

Big gator!

We had a good time touring the grounds and seeing the critters. At the nature show we saw some snakes and a couple small gators. Then we got to see some snakes eat some white mice....really interesting!
We got home shortly after 1700 and Jim and I went out again to get fuel and beer...two very important items on our list. Tomorrow we're leaving and heading to Savannah.
Anne started our dinner and when I got home I fixed the rest of it. We had ham, scalloped potatoes and green beans. We ate outside with a nice breeze. After the dishes were washed Anne and I went for a walk with Boo. We gathered some pine cones but we didn't have a fire.
I came in and watched Dancing with the Stars. Jim came home a little while later. We're showered and it's time for bed!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Busy Day

Shortly after Jim got up this morning we moved! Only to another site, but we had to be quick. You can't reserve the sites, it's first come first served. It didn't take long and we were set up and ready for whatever came next.

So what came next? Oh, Anne and Scotty took their boat out before the water was filled with motor boats. They made a short trip around the lake.

They came back around 1100....and then the motorboats started and the day was filled with folks going around and around dragging tubes and other floatation devices with children enjoying the ride. We discussed lunch and finally got around to making it. Anne cooked some bacon and between the two of us we set out the various components for a BLT.

We cleaned up that mess and we ladies decided to make a run to Walmart. We wander all over the store and picked up what we needed then headed home. We put our purchases away and I sat outside for awhile reading and enjoying the breeze. I was also watching all the boats going around in circles. Seems an odd way to spend your time.

this is one of the views we have taken over in the day use part of the park

this is the view from our patio

For dinner we had leftover pulled pork, fresh corn on the cob and some raw veggies. Anne did all the cooking! We ate on our patio because we had more shade. The food was great and made better by the company. We cleared the dishes and had dessert. Cookies and ice cream. Then we ladies washed the dishes and headed out for a ride.
The guys stayed behind. Our ride took us to the other side of the lake, just like last night, but we went just a bit farther because we knew there was a boat launch. We can see it from our sites. It was a nice ride, not to strenuous.
Back at the rigs we made ready to watch the the sunset, something to do with the moon and Mercury. The moon was gorgeous, and I did see Mercury. But the other stars were just blurry to me. I need better binoculars or a spotting scope. We were out long enough to see a bat flying about catching bugs!
Those bugs chased us indoors! I quickly took a shower so I could watch National Geographic, Waking the Baby Mammoth. Fascinating...
Not sure what's on tap for tomorrow.....

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Travel Day

We were both up around 0800 this morning and after breakfast we packed up and headed out of Dodge....I mean Panacea, Florida. We hit the road at 1000 and drove up Hwy 319 all the way to Thomasville, Georgia.
Our view in Panacea, it was gorgeous!

In Thomasville we stopped and had some lunch. That didn't take long and we were on the road heading east on Hwy 84. It's a pretty drive and we saw lots of trees greening out including these pecan trees in the picture below.
I took this picture from the truck window.....see the new leaves on the trees?
After a couple more hours diving we were in Waycross, Georgia where we picked up Hwy 82 east to our destination the Laura S. Walker State Park on Hwy 177. It's just north of the Okefenokee Swamp and is quite nice. Like a lot of state parks they don't have sewer hook ups. We're close to the water near our friends Anne and Scotty. We'll be here three nights.

Scotty relaxing with a cold one

Jim relaxing with a cold one

Anne relaxing with Boo
We Had dinner with Anne and Scotty, she had pulled pork all ready for us! I added a salad and we had a good meal with our good friends. After dinner Anne and I went for a walk. This park is very nice. We saw a red headed woodpecker! Very striking with his black and white body topped by a red head.
We tried to sit outside but the bugs were bugging us so we went for a bike ride. That was the most exercise Jim and I have had in quite some time. But it was good to be moving!
We came back and the guys decided to get the boat in the water. You remember Scotty's boat? Here's a picture to remind you.

And here it is in the water with the guys paddling across the lake. Thanks Anne for sharing your picture with me. As you can see it's seaworthy and Scotty is pleased.

We had a pine cone fire to celebrate! LOL

And a beautiful sunset to end our day.

It's almost 2330 and Jim is in bed, time for me to hit the sack.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Last Day in Panacea

I slept until almost 0800 again. And when I got up we had fog....the dripping is what woke me up. I thought it was raining. Jim didn't get up until 0930

Today was a relaxing day. Slowly we're getting ready to leave tomorrow. After lunch we headed to Walmart in Crawfordville to fuel up, $2.16. Pretty much used up our card. I picked up some staples and groceries. Jim had his sunglasses adjusted.

Back home I put away our purchases. We settled in while watching the campground fill up. I didn't check but I think it's full again. Jim did some preparing outside, I watched a soap, he took a nap, I read some magazines while I drank my coffee.

For dinner we had red beans and rice and some raw veggies. Didn't take long to clean up the dishes! We both had seconds on the rice and it's gone.

Now we're watching TV, playing games and patiently waiting til morning so we can leave and be on the road again. tomorrow night we'll meet up with Anne and Scotty will be fun to spend time with them.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gorgeous Day!

The weather has been super the past couple of days and today it was gorgeous. I'm sure we hit the mid 80's but there's been a breeze all day that has been just right.

When Sonsearae stopped by after work we had our lunch outside, just leftovers but it was tasty. After lunch I did dishes and we chatted then went across the street to see the jewelry. But the place was closed again! I guess I'll just have to come back.....

Then we went to see the soap lady.....I really should have written down the name of the shop in Panacea. First thing I noticed was a white rose outside and boy did it smell good! Just like a rose should smell. Inside the shop it smelled just as good. Jewelry, soap and other nice objects. My kind of shop.

Back home we just talked and played with our phones. Sonsearae left around 1600, we said our goodbyes and wished each other safe travels. She's off to Atlanta in the morning and we'll be leaving Panacea Saturday.

Even though this campground is far from where Sonsearae lives, she works in Panacea at the post office. Seeing her daily was such a treat. I'll miss that. We've had a good time visiting with her and Chris.

Our evening has been pleasant. It's cooling off nicely and it's 70 degrees. Should be good sleeping weather!

St Marks NWR/Earth Day

Yesterday I was up before 0700. We had plans for the afternoon so I did some chores before we left at 1115 to meet Sonsearae and Chris for an afternoon at the St Marks NWR. Most of these pictures are from the Refuge. Except the first one! I said I'd show you the new wheels Jim chose for our rig, what this picture doesn't show you is how shiny they are. But at least you know what they look like!

We met Sonsearae and Chris outside the Refuge so they could drive in with us because we have a Golden Age Pass that allows free access. Turns out that wasn't really necessary as there is no one there to collect the $5 fee. It's on the honor system. Our first stop was the visitor center, which is very nice overlooking a pond with a baby gator. Because of all the rains they've had recently there were lots of poly wogs dashing about in the water! Since we were all hungry we decided to look for a spot to have lunch.

We had packed lunches and had our picnic overlooking a beautiful stretch of water. Jim and I had roasted chicken, pasta salad and Sonsearae brought sandwiches and chips. We were entertained by a family of boat tailed grackles. The wind was brisk coming off the water but other than that it was a very pleasant meal.

These pictures aren't in any particular order. Just some random shots of the Refuge

this dead tree had a hairdo!

Sonsearae and Jim

Spanish Moss in the oaks

wild raspberry or blackberry....not very sweet but edible nonetheless

in the center there is a gator! he just looks like part of the landscape

Blue heron

Jim got a wee bit to close to this juvenile birds!

St Marks Lighthouse

It's a beautiful area to spend an afternoon. I think we enjoyed the trails and settings. I even saw a bald eagle fly over, magnificent!
After we left the Refuge we followed Sonsearae to the local Starbucks and had some coffee. Then it was on to their place to freshen up and relax. Since it was the last time the four of us would be together we decided to eat out.
Chris and Sonsearae had raved about the bison at Ted's Montana Grill so that's where we had dinner. Each couple had a discount coupon from so our meals didn't break the bank! We all ordered a bison steak, I had garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus, Jim had onions and mushrooms and a baked potato. Each couple split a dessert although Jim ate most of ours as I was stuffed!
We stopped by their place and said our goodbyes to Chris and then headed home. We arrived just before 2000. Boo was thrilled to see us! I fixed him dinner and let him lick the box my leftover steak was in.
Jim and I showered and managed to download all the pictures we took. But I was to tired to make a blog entry. We went to bed around 2300.
I was up just before 0800 and we have fog! couldn't even see the bay. But it's burning off now and I expect it will be another beautiful day here. Sonsearae will come by after she gets off work and this will be the last time we see her. She and Chris are going to Atlanta tomorrow to see the King Tut exhibit. They won't be back until Sunday and we leave Saturday.
We've enjoyed spending time with Chris. He and Sonsearae have entertained us well!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Afternoon with Sonsearae

We didn't really have plans for today. I was up at 0745 and Jim was up by 0830. I had a late breakfast and then I got a text from Sonsearae saying she was getting off work at 1000! Since I wasn't dressed I got busy! I managed to wash my face, strip the bed, get dressed and start a load of laundry before she arrived....

We talked for a bit and I decided to go home with her so we could have time together. Jim stayed behind to clean up the truck.

We stopped at her house so she could change clothes and then we headed out to lunch at New Leaf Market, She belongs to the co op and buys her groceries there. They have a nice deli and we had soup and salad for lunch.

After lunch we went World Market, Bed, Bath and Beyond, a pet store and back to New Leaf to pick up a couple items for dinner. Jim called just as we finished up and said he was coming!

At her house we started working on dinner. Jim arrived with Boo. I made a cucumber salad while she put rice on and prepared the ingredients for Kung Pao Chicken. We also had some spring rolls. Chris was making tea. Boo was racing around ignoring the cats who couldn't figure out what was going on with this 'dog'. He never did settle down while we were there.

Sonsearae did a wonderful job getting dinner on the table and we all ate our fill. We didn't stay long as it's a long drive and Jim doesn't care to drive after dark.

Now we're showered and settled in for evening. Our sunset is gloomy as there are clouds moving in. Boo has had dinner and is resting after the stressful trip. He still has a problem with the truck.

Not sure what we'll watch on TV, this eastern time zone is baaaadddd!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Day of chores

I was up before 0800, and Jim was up shortly after that. I needed to to do laundry, go to the post office and grocery store....all before lunch! LOL

After breakfast I started the laundry and wrapped a book to mail. I headed out while Jim waited for our new tires and wheels. Sonsearae was working the counter when I got to the post office. Very professional! while there I picked up our lunch....she had brought it to work.

Then it was a stop at the grocery store. Only picked up a couple things. Back home my slides were in and we were getting our new wheels on the trailer. Didn't take him very long to replace all four tires. Then Jim set to work making sure the tires had the right pressure and moving the old wheels. Fortunately someone wanted them! What on earth would we do with them? As I started today's blog I realized I shuld have taken a picture of the new wheels. maybe tomorrow.

For lunch Sonsearae provided spaghetti, sauce and bread. All I needed to do was cook it and make a salad. We had a good lunch and it was a bright spot in our day.

Sonsearae didn't stay long. I watched my soaps and then Jim and I went to walmart. Jim wanted to get fuel and find the place to wash the truck and I needed some groceries.

Back home, put my purchases away, fed Boo and settled in for the evening. I watched Dancing with the Stars and now I need to shower and finish folding clothes.

Some days are less exciting.....

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wonderful Day!

Last night I had a ball watching all the Brit comedy shows on PBS. I really miss having PBS! We're using the cable here at the campground and I think there's twp PBS stations.

We slept well last night and I was up just before 0800 and was up shortly after that. You see we had a date with Sonsearae and Chris. They were taking us on an Eco Tour after lunch.

They arrived at 1000 and we all got into our truck for the trip to Apalachicola. Driving along hwy 98 is so pleasant. Most of the time you see water. The homes and trees are pleasing to the eye and I find the ride soothing.

Our first stop was St George Island State Park. What a beautiful park and the campground would be a great place to spend some time! We may have to come back to this area soon.

A beautiful shot of the park

Sonsearae and Linda enjoying the beach

We didn't stay long at the park, all the sea air was making us hungry! So we headed to Apalachicola and the Boss Oyster House. Three of us had grouper and Sonsearae had shrimp. Once we ate our fill we headed down the street to meet Captain Ed for our river tour.
The day was overcast but it didn't rain. Our guide was was informative and we all enjoyed the journey. We saw some wildlife, but mostly we saw nature at her finest.

Shrimp boat on the river
part of the marsh

fish camp way out in the middle of nowhere

Chris and Sonsearae

Chris and Sonsearae

Sonsearae and Jim

after our river tour we stopped in the town and had coffee and dessert at Tamara's Cafe. The guys had a Caribbean banana split, see picture below. Sonsearae helped Chris eat his. I had a slice of key lime pie.

It was 1700 by the time we left Apalachicola and we were home just before 1800. Boo was really glad to see us! Sonsearae and Chris only stayed a moment then left for their home. They have to work in the morning :)
We've showered and once again I'm watching PBS .....but it's getting late and I need some beauty sleep!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

family and friends

I was up just before 0700, I guess I'm back to my old habits of rising early. No matter, I like the alone time. No plans until Noon when Sonsearae and Chris were coming over for lunch.

We just chilled doing small things around the house. I gave Boo a bath, the fleas here are giving him fits. His flea meds will kill the little buggers but only after they bite him.

Anne and Scotty left Port St Joe this morning and stopped by to see us around 1130. We invited them for lunch. Mostly leftovers but there was plenty of food! We enjoyed catching up with Anne and Scotty but they had to continue on with their trip. So after lunch they continued on their way. :(

I did the dishes and Sonsearae, Chris, Jim and I played with our phones and puters. LOL exciting times! We convinced Jim to dig out his metal detector! Once outside I took a few pictures.

Looking east I tried to take a picture of a heron, trust me he's there!

Sonsearae digging for......crushed cans!

Chris, Sonsearae and Jim looking for buried treasures

Chris snapped this of Sonsearae, Jim and Myself...Boo is at the extreme left at the end of his leash. Looks like they're dancing!

I guess they spent 30 minutes searching for 'treasure' but didn't find anything exciting. It was nice outside, walking in the sand. Boo left prints all over the tiny beach. But he still won't venture out into the water.
Around 1600 they left and now we're hanging out again, not doing much.
It's been a beautiful day, food, family, friends and fun. What more do we need?

Friday, April 17, 2009

Super Day in Panacea, Florida

Not sure why I woke up before daylight, but I did. I guess I snoozed before finally getting up just after 0700. At least the sun was up! Jim was up early (for him) too. The morning was cool so I decided to make some chicken soup. Sonsearae was coming for lunch and with a salad I thought that would be filling.

She arrived just after noon and we had a nice lunch. I sure like seeing her daily, she's my baby but she's also a beautiful woman. I'm always amazed at the woman she has become. I'm proud of her!

Sonsearae didn't stay long, she had a hair appointment and also needed to shop for our pizza dinner. After she left I cleaned up the kitchen and watched a soap. Jim was busy plotting out trip and checking out campgrounds online. After an hour of that and we both were ready to leave.

So we changed clothes and headed out to see 'what's around the bend'. We stopped at the Panacea tourist office and discovered it used to be a restaurant. It overlooks the following pictures. I could easily live there with view like this!

After we left the tourist office we took a ride through the Tarpine neighborhood. This is an airpark with homes. Small planes and there's a grass strip. Not all the homes have hangers and the streets are marked with airplane right of way signs.

We also headed down a 'birding trail' road and discovered a lovely drive. Some homes at the beginning but the farther we went the more marsh and water we saw until we came to the bay. Beautiful!

Then we headed north to have dinner with Sonsearae and Chris. Homemade pizza! one pepperoni and the other just veggies. Both were delicious. Sonsearae made a cake for dessert that was also tasty.

These posters are of Mardi Gras and they hang in their living room.

We headed home late enough so I could see some deer....but they didn't come out to be seen! By the time we got home it was dark.

Boo was glad to see us! I fed him and he gobbled up his dinner.

We're both showered and we're watching the Antique Roadshow on PBS.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Stay at home day

Boudreaux looking pretty!

We didn't have any plans for today. Sonsearae had to work all day and we knew she'd be over for lunch. So we grilled some chicken and had roasted potatoes and steamed peas for our midday meal. Preparing the meal took up my morning....real difficult! After she left I did dishes and watched my soaps.
Jim cleaned up the grill and did some work on his puter. We also played with my new phone. I took this picture of Boo using the camera Sonsearae gave me. I thought it turned out pretty good! Most of the time when you point a camera at him he moves. He was walked twice today. I think he liked the attention. He's also back on his regular eating schedule! Not many snacks Anne!
I had leftover salad for dinner and Jim ate the leftover spaghetti.
We're showered and watching TV, a dog show on animal planet right now. Jim's playing a game. Tomorrow we may head into town.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Camera, New Phone

Again I slept late! I finally crawled out of bed shortly after 0800. Maybe it's the time change, I don't have any other reason :) Jim slept real late....1100. Even the smell of biscuits didn't tempt him out of bed. I enjoyed them all by myself.

We had to go to the mall to check out phones, upgrading our phone plan and see about a lens for Jim's camera. Sonsearae came by shortly after noon and decided to go with us. She headed home to change and we followed making a stop at Goodwill.

We picked her up and went to Cabo's Island Grill for lunch. I must say it was pretty tasty, I had a shrimp wrap and Jim had a Mexican platter. Nest stop was the Verizon store where Jim asked about adding texting and picture sending to my phone and decided I needed a new phone also. I got a LG Versa with touchscreen and qwerty keyboard. Then it was off to Wild Birds Unlimited to pick up some birdseed.

Then we went to the mall only to find they no longer have a camera store. But Godiva's had their Easter candy on sale but none of us wanted milk chocolate, we got a sample and left making one more stop at Sears to look at camp chairs. Found a cool one for the beach, it has a roof! We weren't shopping for any but Sonsearae was interested in seeing what was out there.

I walked out on the pier and took this picture
Jim this morning, reading his email and blogs
I think I already mentioned that we can't use our our satellite dish here, tree interference. The wifi isn't terrific and this morning Jim had to go outside to download his mail and to read blogs. A trailer is blocking our direct line to the office.

After our excursion to the mall we went back and spent time with Sonsearae and Chris. Had some tea, then it was time to trek home during rush problem!!! Made one stop to pick up milk and juice and decided a pizza for dinner would be perfect.

It's cooler tonight and we're all showered and watching TV...time to ply with my new phone!