Thursday, February 18, 2021


This past week has been a doozy for folks all across the country. We’re tired of rain. We finally had semi clear day Monday (Jim’s birthday) and the repairs on our ac’s were started. The tech had a problem and returned the next day to finish the job. Sunny skies but yikes it was cold! 

On Monday we were supposed to have a birthday celebration for Jim over at Sonsearae’s house. She and Chris cooked up BBQ chicken, corn on the cob, potatoes (for me), Mac and cheese. But because of our repairs and the lateness they opted to deliver. To top it off, some King Cake and ice cream to celebrate Mardi Gras on Tuesday. Our other daughter Christy baked a chocolate cake and gave us more ice cream to celebrate. If you know Jim, he loves his ice cream!
A restaurant gift card from Sonsearae and Chris and 

business cards from Christy and Rik rounded out his day.

We’re still eating cake!

Sure hope all our friends and relatives are not suffering through all this inclement weather. I’m not sure we’d do well with freezing temperatures and no heat! Bad enough going through hurricanes with no air conditioning. 

Yesterday we had clear skies and milder temperatures. So we made a run to Costco and Publix for fresh produce. Also had lunch  at Applebee’s. Not sure when it was we last ate there, no matter it was good.

Handmade cards because:
No one displays an email on the mantle or
Shows off a tweet on the fridge or
Saves a Facebook post in a box of treasures

In the month of February
 I've made 57 cards thus far

I've been sorting through my stash, better organizing it and discovered some unfinished cards.  To be honest, these aren't my favorites but they'll do.  Looked better in my mind.

Two cards from an unfinished Paper Pumpkin kit

These next 20 cards are also from a card kit put out a couple years ago from Stampin' Up!  I now have some thank you cards!  Using kits to make cards quickly, it's a good thing!


Not sure when these will be used so I've left them without sentiments

The black and white paper used in these and the cards below is True Love DSP from Stampin' Up!  
The flowers below were colored with alcohol markers, a new medium for me. It's quite fun!

The rain returned last night and it's been a drippy, rainy, dreary day.  It's tiresome but at least we're warm and dry.  If you've been affected by the power outages, freezing  temperatures and all around yuckiness, just hang in there.  It will pass and you'll have stories to tell!

I wonder if these times are what our grandparents talked about when they had to trudge to school back in the day?

All is right in our world!


Thursday, February 11, 2021

I’ve Been Busy

These first couple of weeks of February has mostly kept us home. Temperatures might be about the same as Spring Branch Texas at this time of year. But there are a lot more rainy days here. Couple that with chilly temperatures and Jim hunkers down. 

For some reason I’ve been getting up before 0600 most days. And if I try to nap it doesn’t work.   By 1500 I'm low on energy.  It does mean I can work on my cards because Jim doesn't get up until 0800.  I can make a mess and have it cleaned up before he awakens.  I craft on the kitchen counter.

Handmade cards because:
No one displays an email on the mantle or
Shows off a tweet on the fridge or
Saves a Facebook post in a box of treasures

In the month of February
 I've made 25 cards thus far

Sand and Sea from Stampin' Up!  This paper is so pretty! I may have to get more.  The card second from the left is an easel card and the 4th card is a Dutch door

These 9 cards are made with a template from Crafty Al.  It's so relaxing to have the instructions and just assemble the cards.  This paper is from Stampin' Up!

Berry Blessings from Stampin' Up! is beautiful, so far I've only worked with the blue papers so stay tuned for some reds and purples!


From an old Paper Pumpkin kit these cards came together quickly as I'd already worked with it before

Sand and Sea again. It's hard to see but the vanilla like paper is shimmery. Perhaps you'll get this from me and you'll see for yourself

Using up old SU paper.  You never have to many birthday cards!

Had some sunshine today...quite nice after two days of rain and fog.  During a storm the other day lightening fried our modem.  Fortunately Jim was quick and reported it and we had a tech out the next day.

Since arriving here last November we've been without our ac's.  I can't begin to tell you about all the delays it getting them repaired. seems getting parts is the problem.  Well they have the parts and hopefully the rain will hold off and repairs will be made Sunday.  The storm the day our modem was fried they were supposed to come out.

All is right in our world

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

End of January

Can you believe January is over? The month seemed to fly by! 

Weather this time of year in Tallahassee  is like the weather we experienced  in Spring Branch. The temperatures are about the same. With the exception of humidity and rain! More of both here in Tallahassee. Some frosty nights but mostly jeans and jacket weather.

We enjoy our outings though we’re not doing as much as I’d like. Just groceries and necessary trips to other stores. Seems like something always needs repairing.  We did take a drive the other day. It was sunny and cool but it was nice to be out!  Ended up in Chattahoochee, not in Georgia but close!  We even passed into the Central time zone.  Had lunch at Northside Seafood.  We explored a little bit, saw the dam.  But it was to cold to get out of the truck to do any wandering.  The Florida State Hospital located in Chattahoochee was established in 1876 and we saw some pretty buildings.  The administrative building in on the National Register of Historic Places

Jim will be seeing his ‘new’ doctor this week and I’m sure other healthcare visits are in our future. I’ve yet to get started with the VA. Soon....

Handmade cards because:
No one displays an email on the mantle or
Shows off a tweet on the fridge or
Saves a Facebook post in a box of treasures

In the month of January I made 54 cards

The Stampin’ Up! Love you Always paper in the Mini Catalog is Black and White. One side has florals and the other side has a design.  I fussy cut some flowers and colored them with SU blender pens then stamped thank you on the white paper.  I wanted to show case two of the reverse sides. I like how these turned out

Sand and Sea is another new suite from Stampin’ Up! Needless to say I love the collection! This card was made for my daughter Sonsearae. I like the soft colors and shell theme

Just finishing up cards that were lingering in a stack of unfinished projects. 

Another new collection from Stampin’ Up! Berry Blessings has some fun colors! This set of paper and stamps is only available as a free gift with a qualifying purchase. Do you love the blue shades as much as I do?


Another card for a friend using the Sand and Sea Collection 

Always need birthday cards

I have always liked this stamp set

How was your January?  I'm afraid this virus is curtailing a lot of us because...who wants to get it?

all is right in our world