Sunday, December 27, 2020

End of the Year

 It has been an interesting year.  I truly hope you're ending it, at the very least, healthy.  We are doing great, no health issues and for that I'm grateful.  

We moved to Tallahassee and though I think Jim was a bit reluctant at first, he's embracing it.  Being around our daughters and their husbands is comforting on many levels.  We've never spent a holiday with Jim's daughter Christy as an adult.  Matter of fact we've not spent much time with her at all.  She's a remarkable woman.  Living next door to her and Rik is a learning experience! 

Sonsearae has enjoyed several holiday's with us over the years.  But this year is different somehow.  Not as hurried, trying to remember everything we wanted to say to each other.'s a good thing!

We are constantly being tested.  Seems like each week there is another repair needed.  We're old and it's a pain!  But the rig is old and so it the truck.  We had to put the truck in the shop again and we got the cutest rental.  Repairs will always be needed unfortunately, so we're dealing with them as best we can.  

I've not been playing with my paper I didn't make 500 cards this year. I have the supplies!  And time.  But since being here I've lost my mojo.  I am working on it!

Still in Christmas mode with the tags and quilt like cards.  I'll add sentiments next year to the cards.  Time to put Holiday papers and stamps away.  I'm ready for other colors

Earlier this month  I celebrated my birthday with a haircut!  
Also a pedicure which I haven't had for several years.  Sonsearae arranged it all as a gift to me.  She and Chris also treated us to dinner out at Osaka.  I love the hibachi.

Our daughters are trying to fatten us up.  I have gained weight since being here. My gallbladder dictates my diet as I'm trying to eat low fat.  Boring but better than passing stones.  A couple of weeks ago I took a header into a display rack courtesy of Dobby.  Caught me in the back of my knees and my legs buckled.  Couple of scrapes on my forearms and some bruising.  Looked awful!  But mostly healed.   

Jim is doing great, he's a bit more active here.  Partially from fixes and repairs, but visiting with Christy and Rik generally get's him out of the house every day.  Jim has found a primary care physician that is taking new patients.  This will get him referrals for the specialists that he'll need to see to continue with his healthcare.  I've not yet been to the VA.  Soon

We also need to get new drivers licenses and tags.  In time this will be done.  We're Floridians now....

All is right in our world

Monday, November 30, 2020

Whew! It’s been a wee bit hectic

 So much has happened in the past month. We’re pretty much settled in at the Country Feed Store. Not sure if I’ve mentioned but we living on site at Christy and Rik’s business.  It’s a gated compound so we’re locked in every night!  😄

There are critters here. Pigs, sheep, rabbits (they just had babies, so cute!) and chickens.

Some of the chickens are beautiful and the roosters can’t tell time. Thankfully they aren’t loud, but they crow almost 24 hours a day! 

Thanksgiving was spent here with Christy and Rik. Smoked turkey, ribs, mashed potatoes and gravy, Mac and cheese, a squash dish, green bean casserole, rolls, cranberry sauces, sweet potatoes and I’m sure I’ve forgotten something.  All this for five people.  No one left the table hungry! Oh, collard greens too. And pecan pie for dessert (which we had on Friday).   Sonsearae stopped by for a visit.  

We’ve had dinner with Sonsearae and Chris the last two Sundays.  Good food and wonderful times visiting with them

I think our children are trying to fatten us up!

It’s citrus season and the Feed Store customers have been bringing satsumas and Meyer lemons.  Also sweet potatoes. Had a few of those...yummy.

Boo is feeling his age.  More and more he barks at every little thing. His cataracts are the problem as I don’t think he can see all that well.

Matter of fact, Jim and I are feeling our age.  My arm is a whole lot better and we both think it’s joint pain.  I stopped using it as much as possible. Switching from t shirts to camp shirts. Pulling a shirt off was very painful. No more difficulty with the gallbladder. Every now and then I’m uncomfortable but it’s usually from eating something I shouldn’t have.  Still need to register with the VA.

Jim is about the same. One shoulder is giving him fits.  But his knees are getting worse.  He also needs to find a doctor or two or three....

As with any move, you discover problems that need to be fixed.  We're getting them done as we can.  There is a mobile RV repair company and they'll get the AC's fixed on the rig.  Or truck decided to catch a cold.  coughing and sputtering but Jim got a replacement part and that should be taken care of this week

Diesel runs around $2.23-$2.29 a gallon.  

As November comes to an we are getting a taste of winter.  It's 44 degrees outside with a low of 31 forecasted.

All is right in our world

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Where to begin

                                                    We are in Florida.

Our adventure began last Thursday, a day later than planned.  But the driver showed up and in less than an hour we were on the road.  I'm pretty sure they drove like bats out of hell because our rig suffered a flat tire, a delay and inside some things were a mess upon arrival.  But it did arrive!  

                  My goal again this year is to make 500 cards.

                           5 November 2020...288 cards

   Handmade Cards Because:

  No one displays an email on the mantle
   Or shows off a tweet on the fridge
Or saves a Facebook post in a box of treasures 
Details?  not sure, but these cards were made in Texas and I've only just started thinking about crafting again

Our first night was spent in Houston, arriving after dark, we were met by Chris who had booked us a room.  Dinner was originally planned but it was late and we just ate our leftover sandwiches from lunch.  After a shower we fell into our comfy beds and slept.  Well I did.  Jim had the pleasure of sharing his bed with Boo.  Boo doesn't like hotel rooms and is nervous most of the time. We dosed him with some meds but he fought them.

Next morning our trip planner (Chris) brought us breakfast.  Because we can't trust Boo to be quiet in our room, we can't go to a restaurant.  Yummy Biscuits, eggs, fruit cups, sausage and gravy.  Soon we were ready to check out and head to Covington Louisiana

It was sad to see all the devastation from back to back hurricanes in the Lake Charles area.  Brought back memories of Hurricane Katrina.  We arrived at the same time as Chris where he presented Jim with a handy dandy phone holder for traveling!

As you can see it mounts on the windscreen, has an adjustable arm and it's hands free for navigating!  Much safer than setting your phone on the seat and glancing down or picking up your phone.

We checked into our hotel and this is where Chris left us.  His new job has him traveling the I-10 corridor between Tallahassee, Lake Charles, Houston and areas in between.  So off he went to take care of business!  Jim placed an order at Don's Seafood and drove over to get our dinner.  Louisiana style fried seafood dinner.  Yummy to be sure and a nice treat for me.  Oh, Jim enjoyed it very, very much.  Friday night Boo slept with me, sort of.  Jim managed to get some rest.

Next morning found us on the road fairly early for us.  We did have a coffee maker in the room so we had a bite to eat from leftovers the day before.  If you recall Hurricane Zeta passed through the area shortly before our arrival and driving through Mississippi we saw some evidence of this along I-10.  We decided to stop and get some coffee at McDonalds and more breakfast.  The first exit was without power and everything was closed.  So we rolled on down to the next one. Fortified with coffee and a breakfast sandwich we headed to Florida.

Always a welcome sight to stop at the Florida welcome center and see this Blue Angel Plane.  We made a pit stop and stretched our legs.  Then it was back on the road for the final leg to Tallahassee.

Sonsearae was there to greet us.  We are staying with Christy and Rik on their property so we saw them too!  We spent some time setting up and discovering things that went awry in the cabinets.  Sonsearae had a key and she checked inside and found some messy areas when the rig arrived.  But these almost always happen when we tow the rig.  It was later when I discovered cabinet messes of fallen objects etc.  I do believe the driver hit every pothole on purpose!

Sonsearae and Christy supplied us with food to eat so no cooking was required.  Dinner was delicious.  

I'd like to add that it was wonderful to be home and to sleep in our own bed!  Even Boo was pleased. We carried his bed with us but he never slept in until we arrived here!

We've spent our time since arriving just settling in and getting rested.  I think we were both brain dead for two days.  Neither of us like traveling that fast, it wears you out.  

We're still not in our final spot due to a hay truck in our front yard.  But soon!  Meanwhile there's no place like home, no matter where it is!

One of our neighbors, after all this is a Feed Store and there are more critters to be seen.

All is right in our world and getting better by the day

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Getting things done

         We have been enjoying the beautiful weather we often get this time of year.  Jim has spent time outside getting the rig washed, pulling up the mat and getting it packed up, washing the truck.  Other odd jobs that need to be done before we can travel.   I've been stashing my crafting supplies but it doesn't look like it!  More needs to be done

The past couple of days we've taken care of medical visits.  Jim had  labs and a cat scan of his lungs.  Next week his last visit with the pulmonologist.  I had labs and an MRI of my pancreas in connection with my gall bladder.  They wanted to check it every 6 months.  It's been six months.

I still have my gallbladder.  For the most part I do ok.  I've lost some weight again after maintaining 107 pounds for awhile.  Cut your fat intake if you want to lose weight!  I get tired of eating small meals but it helps keep the nausea down.  When I eat to much of the wrong foods my body reacts.  I'm pretty sure I've passed a few smaller stones as I've had some painful episodes.  

We still don't have a firm date for the trip.  The company that is driving our rig to Florida hasn't let us know when.  We did request the last week in October.

               My goal again this year is to make 500 cards.

                           10 October 2020...275cards

   Handmade Cards Because:

  No one displays an email on the mantle
   Or shows off a tweet on the fridge
Or saves a Facebook post in a box of treasures 

You can see here how I made the card from a tag by backing it with some pretty paper

Technically not cards, but tags from an SU kit, Tags and More 

This magnolia I cut out a long time ago and just put it on a card front along with the butterfly and a strip of paper

This paper!  From Poland via a US company I give you Mintay!  I cannot describe how beautiful this paper is and I've got more of this Home for Christmas paper so I'll be making more.  The package came with a 12 x 12 sheet of ephemera to cut out and I've used some on each card.  But that's it.  I did scrape the bottom card to rough up the edges and added some blue ink

All is right in our world, though it is hot today!

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Have You Heard?

 Some of you already know because I've told some folks when I've sent  them a card.  But, we're going to Florida the end of October.  It's a done deal.

Over the Labor Day Holiday Sonsearae and Chris drove over to visit and help make plans.  They want us in Tallahassee as does Christy, Jim's daughter.  Pretty sure Rik wants us there too!  He's Christy's husband.  Sure hope so as we're going to be their neighbors.  Our plans were to drive over in October or November taking our time because...well, we're old!  Neither one of us wanted to actually do the drive and all the work that is necessary to pull our home on wheels.  Physical work of packing up and breaking down for each stop just not appeal to me anymore and I guess Jim agrees.  

So we've hired a company to drive our rig over.  This will be stressful because it's our home!  But they do this a lot so we'll just have to trust our rig can handle a new driver.  We will follow and stay at motels.  Not sure how long the trip will take but I'm sure we'll get sick of sleeping in a different bed and eating fast food.  With Boo along it should be a long trip emotionally.  We'll take a cooler with stuff.  

So we're working on eating everything from the fridge and freezer as it will be unplugged the trip over.  Sonsearae has keys and will take delivery so I hope between her, Christy and Rik they get it plugged in so it will be cold when we arrive.  If not we'll deal with it when we get there.  The exact date of departure hasn't been determined, but the last week of October is when all of this will take place.

Yesterday we had a fun outing.  Jim took me to World Market which is on the other side of town, so to speak.  It's over by the La Cantera Mall.  The Mall is an outdoor one so we hadn't been in awhile, to hot during the summer and then there was the covid thing...

Didn't buy anything but it was fun walking through the store and seeing all the kitchen ware and exotic items for sale.  Afterwards we had lunch at Whiskey Cake.  Had never eaten there and they have a pretty neat menu.  Of course we each had a draft beer.

               My goal again this year is to make 500 cards.  

  26 September 2020...264 cards

   Handmade Cards Because:

  No one displays an email on the mantle
   Or shows off a tweet on the fridge
Or saves a Facebook post in a box of treasures

This time of year is for Autumn cards.  

All is right in our world

did I tell you we're going to Florida?

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Same old stuff


How the heck are ya?  We're good and pretty much the same as last week and the week, that's not true.  Pretty sure I passed a small gallstone a few days ago.  Same symptoms as before just not the excruciating pain.  I did bring it upon myself.  I've been eating more and more fatty type foods...Testing myself?  no self control?  who knows....

But I am watching myself now.  We'll see how long that lasts!

This picture is but one of the beds being spruced up here at Spring Branch RV Park.  When you come in the main entrance to the park (there are three) this is what will greet you on the right.  Liz, one of our campers has been doing a lot of hard work in keeping the beds weeded, spiffed up and making fresh.  Matter of fact there are a lot of improvements happening here.


This driftwood (is it still driftwood if found in a dry climate?) is to the left of the bed above.  

               My goal again this year is to make 500 cards.  

                             6 September 2020...249 cards

                            Handmade Cards Because:

                No one displays an email on the mantle
                   Or shows off a tweet on the fridge
          Or saves a Facebook post in a box of treasures

Another set of cards using a template from Crafty Al.  I really like this one!  Stampin' Up! Paper supplies used

All is right in our world

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

A New Month, I wonder what's in store?

            Here we are into another month of self isolation.  Though we are venturing out more it isn't a whole lot of fun just sitting here day after day.  I suppose Covid has turned us into elderly people faster.  We just sit and now I know why older folks are so frail.  Day after day we just sit and deteriorate.  Then, when we do something that requires movement we tire and it takes a day or two to we just sit and avoid strenuous projects.

I did a foolish thing, I ate some fat laden foods that did me in.  I don't think I passed a gallstone but I sure had some discomfort that reminded me I have to watch my diet.  I spent yesterday just trying to be comfortable.  This too shall pass.  I sure don't like getting up at zero dark thirty in pain.  And no matter what, I always seem to be hungry and that's another pain to add to the list.  

Jim putzed around outside yesterday working on a weather station and general tidying up.  Meanwhile I slept and lounged.  He also did the dishes.  Lunch was fried rice from a box...Still to hot to plan meals and prepare them.

                  My goal again this year is to make 500 cards.  

                             1 September 2020...241 cards

                            Handmade Cards Because:

                No one displays an email on the mantle
                   Or shows off a tweet on the fridge
          Or saves a Facebook post in a box of treasures

Using up supplies, these are very simple cards all Stampim' Up! supplies

I like the way these two cards turned out.  Maybe it's the green (my favorite color).  You can barely tell but the white panel on both have been dry embossed.  All Stampin' Up! products

                                 All is right in our world

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Heat Advisories and no rain

Holy cow! Can you believe it’s the end of August? We’ve been staying home because of Covid but the days just seem to fly by.  We’ve not been doing much. I do keep busy with those dreaded chores. Jim has done odd jobs like keeping the bird feeders topped up. We both enjoy watching the birds each morning.  Jim also washed a few outside windows, makes it easier to see the birds. 😊 He also defrosted the mini fridge.

We also eat out, every time we need groceries. It’s difficult to get excited about cooking when we’ve been having such high temperatures. Over 100 degrees the past few days. Our ac’s start running around ten o’clock in the morning!

Most everyone knows, but my surgery had to be canceled.  I needed a stress test that couldn’t be scheduled before the procedure.  Yes, they would have given me another date for the gallbladder to be removed but who knows when? I’ve waited since March for this date.  We have plans to go to Florida in October or November and I don’t want to be convalescing while traveling.  So I'll continue to watch my diet and stay away from fatty foods.  So far I've only been uncomfortable a few times but no stones!

          My goal again this year is to make 500 cards.  

                  30 August 2020...237 cards

                   Handmade Cards Because:

        No one displays an email on the mantle
           Or shows off a tweet on the fridge
  Or saves a Facebook post in a box of treasures

These four cards are for Luvin' Stampin', a monthly kit/challenge.  The colors are the new In Colors for Stampin' Up!  I hope you like them

My arm is still out of whack.  I just try not to use it.  I'm mindful of the range I have and seriously, I stay away from using it.  More and more I rely on my left hand and arm.  I take ibuprofen when I go to bed so I can get some sleep, but when it wears off I start tossing and turning.  Sleep evades me and sometimes I'm up as early as 0230. Every now and then I need a nap.  We have learned that we both cannot nap at the same time.  Boo thinks it's family time and we should play!

                              All is right in our world

Saturday, August 15, 2020

What do you miss?

 This staying at home has been necessary for a lot of reasons. For us, we’re old! And health issues aside why would you want to contract Covid?  Nasty virus.  Now the children are getting it.  Numbers are up

I miss going to the library. It’s a lovely building with lots of windows overlooking beautiful hills. We could check out books and DVD’s, sit and read magazines. They also offer all manner of classes on a wide variety of subjects. 

I miss going to various stores to look at things. True, in most cases we don't need anything but it’s fun to look. Stores like Tractor Supply, Harbor Freight, Bass Pro Shops, Cabelas, Bed Bath and Beyond.  What stores do you miss?  Shopping Malls! We have inside and outside malls. 

We often went to Barnes & Nobles just to check out the magazines. Sit and read with a coffee from Starbucks.  Maybe a sweet. We both like the magazines that we really can’t afford subscriptions to! For me crafting, Jim boats.  

I also miss just strolling the quaint towns around here. Yes, we can still do this but in most cases it requires a mask. Neither one of can tolerate them for very long. Breathing becomes labored and I’m forever steaming up my glasses. I suppose we could invest in some fancy masks that would aid in this.

I also miss human interactions! 

On Monday I have my pre op for gallbladder surgery.  I’m sure there will be labs involved before the 28th when the procedure will take place. I’m scheduled for a Covid test on the 26th, which means I’ll have to quarantine for two weeks.   I guess venturing out for the surgery is ok!  My right arm is still causing me pain.  I’ve stopped using it for many things and that has helped. T-shirts and sport bras were very difficult to put on and take off so I stopped wearing them. Problem is I have very few button up blouses. I’ve been looking for camp shirts. But apparently the brands I like don’t make them! So, I’m still searching.

Jim helps with my chores and some days that’s a blessing. If I use my right arm to much it takes days for a degree of comfort to return. I take ibuprofen throughout the day, two before bed. I get between 5-7 hours of sleep before the pain drives me out of bed.  Maybe I should try CBD oil!

Jim has been using CBD oil for a few weeks and he says he’s sleeping better. Even managed to get up before his 0800 alarm a few times! Most days he still takes a nap. So far no improvement noticed on his arthritic hands and knees.  He’s using the CBD oil from Young Living. If you’re interested let me know as I am a distributor.

I miss family.  Of course our children don't live here so this is ongoing.  But Sara Jane and Jerry are nearby and we haven't seen them in months...darn covid!

So, what do you miss?

All is right in our world

Monday, August 10, 2020

August update

So, how was your weekend? The month of July?  Getting out or doing much? Inquiring minds need to know.  We're dong our bit by staying home and I must say it's quite boring.  Not that I mind spending quality time with Jim. He's the love of my life and we just celebrated our 46th anniversary.  But watching each other read, play games and spend time on social media makes for a boring existence. So blogging doesn't fit into this equation.  It's to hot to spend time outdoors.  Good thing we go out to eat and buy groceries or we'd never leave the house!  Not much to write about.

We finished all of the Agatha Raisin TV seasons on Acorn.  Started a new show, Delicious with Dawn French, should be funny.  Yesterday Jim found a couple of movies to with Bruce Willis that I didn't watch. Also a repeat for us which was about the beginning of the Avengers.  Good special effects.  

Jim has been taking Young Living CBD oil for a couple of weeks and it seems to be helping him sleep.  And he says he's using his inhaler less.  It is a bit early to tell,  but this is promising.  Hopefully it will also help with the arthritis.  If you're interested in trying CBD shoot me an email.  

Overall we're doing OK on the health front.  I've strayed from my vegan diet just because it's so much easier to fix our meals.  This must stop!  😁  In the past week I've made tacos, fajitas and yesterday a pizza.  Favorites to be sure but loaded with to much fat for me.

My goal again this year is to make 500 cards.  
10 August 2020...233 cards

Handmade Cards Because:

No one displays an email on the mantle
Or shows off a tweet on the fridge
Or saves a Facebook post in a box of treasure

Using scraps that I cut into long triangles I made these two cards.  Stampin' Up! products except the sentiment

Using Echo Park papers I assembled these in no time Using a template from Crafty Al

Using another template from Crafty Al these three cards use 6 inch square papers, mixed and matched. The stamps are from Stampin' Up!

Jim got a new desktop!  His laptop has been dying for quite some time and he nursed it along without complaining .... much.  It was time to replace it!

                   As you can see our view is a blocked a wee bit.

                              All is right in our world

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Coming to you from Exciting Spring Branch

Not!  Life here is slow and uneventful.  As we stay home and avoid crowds life can be pretty boring.  We read, play games and spend time on social media.  I make cards and clean, cook and do laundry. I water and tend to my plants daily.  It's been so hot that I have to make sure they stay watered. Jim does the black tank (whoo Hoo!) and he does little chores outside like filling the bird feeders and with organization.  He does like to be tidy, whereas I'm basically a slob

Did I tell you we're going to Florida?  Right now we're aiming for October, early November.  So Jim has been doing odd chores to get ready for that.  Organizational, you know, when you sit for awhile things don't get stowed for traveling.  Anyone need a grill?  We never use it.

My goal again this year is to make 500 cards.  
25 July 2020...220 cards

Handmade Cards Because:

No one displays an email on the mantle
Or shows off a tweet on the fridge
Or saves a Facebook post in a box of treasure

Using up some scraps of paper from my last set of cards.  The pattern is called starburst is upside down...I think I like it that way too

South Texas had a hurricane and we didn't get much rain here.  Good and bad, we could use some rain.  It did bring cooler temperatures this evening. 

What are you watching TV?  Today we've watched an old series, Vegas...

All is right in our world

Thursday, July 16, 2020

High Temperatures and Heat Advisories

Goodness me it has been hot.  To be expected this time of year but still,  it's way to hot.  Especially when there is no place to go to cool off.  We have to wear masks when inside buildings.  Neither one of us like trying to breathe through them.  

So consequently we stay home while our AC's struggle to maintain 80 degrees in here.  If you don't move it's OK!  LOL

My plants have to be watered each day and they sure look good.  No more blooms on the tomato but two fruit are growing.  The plumerias aren't blooming but I gave them a feed and planted cucumber in one pot and summer squash in the other.  I've got the seeds so I thought I'd try growing some food.

Neither one of are is doing much.  Reading, gaming and boob tube watching.  They've improved the WiFi here so streaming a movie usually works.  We were able to watch The Black Panther yesterday and I thought it was pretty good.  On Acorn we've started watching the old Lovejoy TV series from 1986, staring Ian McShane.  Funny comedy

Of course I have daily chores and lately Jim has been helping.  My right arm is a pain in the a** but what can I do?  Just take ibuprofen and carry on.  Sure messes with all aspects of my life.  Jim has also taken care of the black tank, feeding the birds and doing small repairs.  

My goal again this year is to make 500 cards.  
16 July 2020...204 cards

Handmade Cards Because:

No one displays an email on the mantle
Or shows off a tweet on the fridge
Or saves a Facebook post in a box of treasure

Using a template from Call Me Crafty Al and Echo Park papers I made these 'pink' cards.  Have I told you pink isn't my favorite color? The white card bases are Stampin' Up!

We are starting to discuss travel plans...October is what we're shooting for.  Hopefully we can travel safely and find stops along the way to Florida

All is right in our world

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Christmas in July

I was up at 0430 this morning.  Not much going on at that hour.  We do have employed neighbors and they get up and start leaving around 0630.  That's a decent hour to rise, especially if you're retired.  But 0430 is just to early!
Along with my morning coffee I did squeeze in some reading and card making.  I'll share those in another blog.  

Decided to make biscuits this morning.  We love them and I figured if I made them early enough the house wouldn't stay hot so long.  Our two AC's have to work hard to maintain 80 degrees in here.  There's some left over and Jim can have gravy and biscuits tomorrow for breakfast.

After breakfast I started laundry, got dressed and made the bed.  Walked to the office to mail a card.  Did the dishes when I got back.  About an hour later I had to take a nap.  Didn't sleep all that well but at least my eyes were shut and I was prone.  

I was back up around noon with no idea of what to have for lunch.  Lots of leftovers and veggies in the fridge.  So we had a salad and spaghetti.  Jim did the dishes, bless his heart.  After a bit it was his turn to take a nap.  

It's hot here...heat advisory, so we don't venture out unless we have to.  Jim drove the trash down, big box and garbage along with recyclables. Now we're just gaming, reading or you tube watching. 

My goal again this year is to make 500 cards.  
9 July 2020...196 cards

Handmade Cards Because:

No one displays an email on the mantle
Or shows off a tweet on the fridge
Or saves a Facebook post in a box of treasure

This card is a challenge card using using the colors of pink, red, yellow and green.  All Stampin' Up! except for the large Hibiscus.  That's a stamp I've had forever

This card also uses those same colors.  Those items in the right hand corner I cut out after stamping them.  Again All Stampin' Up! products

This card template from Jessica Taylor was fun to do.  Using  6 x 6 inch paper. All Stampin' Up! products

Are you ready for this?  
Christmas Cards in July!  Among card makers this is when we start on Holiday cards because as we all know the holidays sneak up on you.  Using a template from Crafty Al I used Stampin' Up! DSP, that's the red and green patterned paper along with Echo Park cut a parts.  All of this is from my stash and I now have a start on my Christmas cards.  It really didn't take long once I had all the paper cut.  I'm already using the same template to make more

All is right in our world