Saturday, April 30, 2016

Tall Ship Peacemaker

Friday was pretty much a do nothing day.  We've both been a bit under the weather and I think I figured it out today.  Many years ago I discovered I was allergic to pine pollen.  Nothing serious, but enough for the scratchy throat and a bit of swelling around the eyes.  Well, the oaks are pollinating in this area!  Now I've been around oak trees before during all the seasons.  But perhaps at my tender age I've gotten allergic to it.

Saturday we headed into St Mary's for the farmers market.  Located downtown on the Historic Waterfront we found the beginnings of a market.  It's early in the season for the produce I saw, it looked the same as that found in the grocery stores.  So I passed.  There were a couple craft tables set up but I just walked by without buying anything.

We decided to walk around as the weather was wonderful and we found this tall ship.  I only took three pictures and that was with my phone.  I forgot to take my camera!

We boarded and got to see quite a bit of the ship above the water line.  It's beautiful and according to this, for sale.

After strolling around we headed back to the truck and drove to another city, Kingsland.  More stores and restaurants and we ended up at OPS Pizza for lunch.  I've never heard of this place but boy do they have an extensive menu.  We ate our fill along with a couple of shock top beers and left quite satiated.

Let's see, what did we do after we got home?  Jim napped, I checked my eyelids for leaks, Jim walked Boo, I made a cake, we went for a walk in the woods...TV this evening....dishes and laundry folding. Being retired is exhausting! 

All is right in our world

Friday, April 29, 2016

Eagles Hammock, Kings Bay, Georgia

Wednesday we slowly got ready to leave Ormond Beach.  Our drive to St Mary's in Georgia wasn't that far.  We took I-95 north through Jacksonville, Florida and if you can avoid it, you should.  Construction zones and torn up roads made for an unpleasant trip.  But after a stop for lunch we arrived at Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base around 1330.

We've been here before, but I don't remember it being so full last time we were here.  There are 60 sites plus two cabins and almost all of them were filled.  There's been some comings and goings and we get to see most of them as we're parked right by the office (makes for great WiFi).  Cable TV is provided also

The lake has a romantic name of Lake D!  

This coach is for sale....I've no idea what it looks like inside but the outside is painted pretty

I like the looks of this travel trailer,perhaps it's the color!

This row of sites looks out onto the lake and for that they pay a little extra.  With all the trees it might be difficult to get a satellite signal

The two cabins look cozy, they also look out over the water

We more or less didn't do much of anything Wednesday after setting up.  Jim took a nap.

Thursday was bed day so I spent most of the morning doing laundry.  Speaking of laundry, there's one located in a building midway between the main campground.  It also houses the community room which is equipped with a kitchen, tables, books etc.  Air conditioned and at one end has an extra room with card table and more seating.

We've walked several times.  Not sure you can traverse the lake but there are paths that you can walk.  I have seen a boat out there so there must be a ramp somewhere.  Boo has been out a couple times but I don't think he likes the gravel roads, grass and cement are fine.

Since shopping at a commissary after payday is not my cup of tea we headed over Thursday afternoon for a few groceries.  The afternoons are getting into the 80's and the humidity isn't bad but makes it feel warmer.  Our nights are dipping into the upper 60's so the AC is getting a workout

And there you have it...exciting times in the life of Jim and Linda!

Today we've been hanging around the house...

All is right in our world

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

On the road again...

On Monday we were up early.  Jim set the alarm for 0630 and I was up ten minutes earlier.  Pretty normal for me.  We both had coffee and I had a piece of blueberry loaf, Jim skipped breakfast.  We had packed up as much as we could the night before so it didn't take long to get the rest done and soon we were on our way.

I think we arrived around 0830 and for the next three hours we that filthy room once again.  And they couldn't finish the work.  Now Jim has told me two or three times but I don't know what has been has something to do with bolts, rust and zerks...Jim told them we had to leave and they gave him a box of goodies so the work could be done at a later time.

We were so hungry when we left that we went to a Flying J and got a Subway sandwich and practically inhaled it!  We drove less than 150 miles to Harris Village in Ormond Beach, Florida.  For what it is, it's very expensive and we only stayed two nights.  For those of you who have been to Betty's in Louisiana, we were reminded of that park.  Small and tightly packed.  I will say it was clean, paved and quiet....except when the trains came by.  But we rarely saw our neighbors, I think several of them worked.

After we got set up and had a beer we decided to go to the beach and have dinner.  Well the beach in Ormond is full of hotels and we didn't want to spend that much for dinner!..  We found a joint that had a lot of cars our front and had dinner there.  I'm afraid our choice of foods wasn't all that healthy but it sure tasted good washed down with yet another beer.

Jim was in bed before 2130 while I stayed up to watch Dancing with the Stars.  We both slept well

Tuesday we decided to play tourist.  Our first stop was Tomoka State Park.  Very pretty park with campground.  We drove around and enjoyed the views and exhibits

The campground has secluded sites but most of them are very tight and our big rig cannot navigate the winding roads or slip into the smaller spaces.  We did see one 5th wheel but most were smaller rigs.

After we left the park we took Old Dixie Highway and boy was it scenic!  Canopied roads, driving over marsh and open vistas was a treat.  When we got to the northern point and hit the ocean Jim turned north and we had lunch in Flagler Beach at Finn's Beachside Pub.  This is a favorite of ours.  When we were in Welaka a few years back we often headed to this funky city on the water.  There aren't any high rises here and the views are enjoyed by everyone not just the lucky few.

We sat topside under an umbrella and enjoyed the view and fresh air.

Before heading home we stopped for some groceries and fuel.  We paid $1.92 for diesel at Murphy using a Walmart gift card to get the discount.

All is right in our world

Sunday, April 24, 2016


What do you picture when you think of home?  Full time RV'ers have to be 'home' based somewhere.  We are registered in Texas.  Should anyone ask that's where 'home' is.  But it isn't really.  We've spent some time there, a few winters in the Rio Grande Valley.

Some RV'ers travel and visit family, they may only travel between two or three destinations.  Some folks are snowbirds, they travel from home to escape harsh winter weather.

We travel because we like seeing this country and all the sights it has to offer!  Being former military we had homes in several locations, the last place we lived was the New Orleans area.  We've traveled to see our parents (now deceased) and our siblings.  Where we grew up used to be home....but home now is our rig and wherever we park it.

During our travels I've taken a liking to Colorado Springs, Colorado, Pensacola and the Treasure Coast of Florida.  If we had to settle down (one day) these areas feels like home to me.

We are going to miss this area of Florida.  Having been here for a year and a half we've found special places and I'm sure there are more to discover!  We had the pleasure of staying with family, our daughter and her husband.  So it was 'home' while there.

Savannas Recreation Area campground is worth returning to.  The campground is everything we like about being in nature yet being close enough to grocery stores.  It may be a bit much in the winter season when all the sites are filled.  We've enjoyed our stay here, to me it feels like home.  I'm going to miss the Cranes and the little gator.

In the morning we'll get up early so we can take the rig for the final repairs.  Once that's done we'll head to Ormond Beach just a short drive up the coast.

We're still enjoying the pink Amaryllis as it has continued to blossom, one stem had three flowers the other stem put out six blossoms

The red one had four blossoms and they're gone.

All is right in our world

Monday, April 18, 2016

The view from here

This is my view from my window by my chair.  Taken on the 15th before most of the rain showers.  See how smooth the surface of the water is?  Beautiful....

Most everyone is gone.  On the canal there are four rigs and one is all closed up with slides in.  I guess they've headed back to Michigan.  Only one small tent left and the other sections only have a couple rigs each.  This campground is popular with the snowbirds and come November I'm sure the place will be packed.

We walked Boo and it sure is quiet.  This morning a road grader leveled the roads again.  This is the second time since we've been here that they've done this.  The rains muck up the roads and when you drive through it ruts are made.

We had some Olive Garden ravioli for lunch along with a Caesar salad.  Splitting one of the meals this way makes for perfect servings.

Our predicted high today is 79 degrees and it's going to have to warm up some to reach that!  It's 72 right now and the windows are open to the lovely northeast breeze.

Only one week left here....then we take the rig in and hit the road for Ormond Beach.  Just a short drive (160 miles or so) and I hope it doesn't take long for the repairs to be completed.

All is right in our world

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Rain Filled Weekend

The rain started Thursday in the middle of the night and when I got up we had huge puddles in the center section of the campground.  It's lower over there and one section that has sites has been closed for months because of all the rain and flooding.  It is once again under water.  It's a shame as the park must be losing money not being able to rent out those sites.  The ducks like it!


I wondered if many campers would show up for this rainy weekend.  I watched some tenters set up in the windy conditions before the next squall came through. Once set up they left....I assume they went out to dinner while it rained.

Next up was two travel trailers who pulled into the two spots next to us.  What fun!  Watching others set up can be quite entertaining.  We're not sure our immediate neighbors have done this much.  They unhitched, hitched, unhitched.....both Jim and I wanted to help!  They weren't level on the door side and had to drive up onto blocks.....then they unhitched without chocking and I thought the trailer was going to go backwards....perhaps into the canal!   Evidently the guy did too as he physically held it in place and got help from his friend while the wife backed up and they hitched up yet again...

At least it wasn't raining during the show...

Jim and managed to get a walk in Friday before the next bands of showers came through.

Saturday's forecast was more rain so after lunch we headed into Jensen Beach to walk the mall.  Funny thing it was dry most of the drive there and it didn't rain while we were out and about.  After the mall we headed to Barnes and Nobles, our go to place when it rains, except it wasn't raining!  No matter, Jim read some magazines and I looked at a couple books while we enjoyed a beverage.

Back home and don't you know...we had rain!  The intermittent showers continued during the evening.  I managed a slow stroll about the campground

Our evening was fairly dry...maybe some spitting rain.

I was awakened  during the night by a shower.  As it turned out it was time for me to get up.  The call of nature was upon me.  I really don't like getting up before the sun but this Sunday I was up before 0600.

So I fixed some coffee and enjoyed the solitude.  But the wind!  Fifteen to twenty mile an hour winds were disturbing my solitude.  Not much I could do about it, I guess I should be grateful it wasn't cold.

When the sun finally made a show it wasn't what I expected.  I wanted no clouds and bright, blue skies.  Alas, it was cloudy and overcast and I thought for sure we'd have more rain.

After breakfast and chores we went into Stuart to walk the river walk and check out the Green Market.  didn't buy anything.  No one had corn!   We passed a produce stand that was selling it six for a dollar.  We may have to go back.

Once our walk was over we headed towards home and stopped at Olive Garden for some lunch.  A gift card supported this choice and as it turned out they were doing a BOGO.  Buy one, take one  home.  We have enough food for the next few days!

One more stop at Publix for some coffee creamer and we were done with our afternoon outing.  Once home Jim napped and I relaxed on the lounger and checked my eyelids for light leaks.

It's still windy and my amaryllis are taking a beating.  According to my phone it's 68 degrees outside but it felt good while we walked Boo.  The poor dog hadn't been outside for two days!  He enjoyed marking and sniffing everything.

All is right in our world

Saturday, April 16, 2016

National Park Week

National Park Week, April 16 to 24

Now's The Time!
Plan your visit by what you want to do or where you want to go. Here are some highlights during National Park Week:

April 16–24: Visit for free!
Throughout National Park Week in 2016, every national park will give you free admission!
April 16: National Junior Ranger Day
Explore, Learn, Protect! Kids can take part in fun programs and earn a junior ranger badge or become a Centennial Junior Ranger.
April 22: Earth Day
On Earth Day, if you want to roll up your sleeves and pitch in with a project, look for a park where you can help out.
April 23: National Park Instameet
Join an InstaMeet in a park. Gather in a designated place at a specific time to take photos and short videos to post on Instagram (and other social media) with the same hashtag: #FindYourParkInstaMeet, #FindYourPark, #EncuentraTuParque, #NPS100
April 24: Park Rx Day
On Park Rx Day, parks will host fun recreational activities that encourage healthy lifestyles and promote physical and mental well being. (Looking to host your own event? Download A Guide to Planning Your Own National Park Rx Day Celebration [561KB PDF]).
Don't forget to check out There you can share your national park photos, videos, and tips. While you're there, learn all about the ways you can help support your national parks all year round.

Try something new this year. Find your park!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Simple Pleasures

How often during the day do you observe what you're doing?  Does it give you pleasure?

Almost every morning I sigh and enjoy the feel of a hot cloth on my face.  It feels so good...and it's such a simple act, but what a pleasure.

Backed up to this waterway I'm able to start my day with the reflections of the sky, clouds, trees and grasses in the smooth water.  Sometimes I see the small gator that patrols this section.  It's the simple things that matter

How do you use lemon oil?

Lemon essential oil not only smells good but can be used to clean with.  Diffusing it can uplift you and help cleanse the air.

Surface Spray

16 oz spray bottle
7 oz distilled white vinegar
7 oz water
20 drops tea tree oil
20 drops lavender oil
20 drops lemon oil

Mix all in the bottle and shake gently each time you use it.  Remember oil and water don't mix.

Use it to clean and disinfect all surfaces

We're expecting more thunderstorms, I wonder how many weekend plans this will interfere with?  I see some tents being set up quickly as the sky gets darker.

Jim is napping after pizza and beer for our lunch.  Earlier he and the baby gator had a close encounter.  Apparently Jim came around the back of the rig and said baby was resting at the base of the palm tree.  Both went in opposite directions!  I would have liked to seen that....

All is right in our world

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Making Travel Plans

We have been enjoying this spring weather so much we extended our stay here at Savannas Recreation Area until the 25th!  The campground is quiet and serene and we enjoy sitting outside watching the wildlife and occasional kayaker.  Of course this past weekend we saw more campers as the locals come out to enjoy this beautiful weather.

We've been doing our chores and walking most everyday.  A couple trips out to get groceries and visit other stores to kill time.  We even went to the House of Refuge.  A very interesting museum on the Atlantic shore. 

From the brochure:

"Houses of Refuge had no life-saving crews.  They were occupied by a keeper and his family, whose job it was to walk along the shore in both directions after storms, searching for shipwreck victims."

I can only imagine how difficult life must have been for these folks, it was constructed in 1875 and is the last of ten built along the sparsely inhabited coast of Florida.

Reading, game playing and TV watching occupy our days and evenings.  I just love watching the herons and baby gators that pass behind our rig.  We sit out and enjoy the breezes....I'm telling ya this life is difficult!

On the 25th we'll depart and head to the shop for the final repairs on the rig.Then we'll head to Harris Village for a couple nights.  After that Eagle Hammock In Georgia.  Of course I'll keep the blog updated with any changes and I'll report on these campgrounds once we settle in.

All is well in our world!

Monday, April 4, 2016

Restful Weekend

We didn't venture out, just stayed home all weekend. We did go for an exploratory walk to find an 'observation' tower on Saturday,  but the grounds are very wet and we didn't get as far as we could because I didn't want to ruin my shoes.  We'll try another day I'm sure.

Saturday and Sunday we saw campers coming and going but the campground never did fill up.  It's good to see all the folks in tents.  A cold front and threats of rain probably kept some folks away.  

Speaking of this is cooler and we've had some sprinkles but nothing heavy.  Sunday we had the windows open all afternoon and we're enjoying a light sprinkle right now.

This Common Gallinule patrols the shoreline near our rig.  Must be his territory as we see him daily.

Home sweet home!

Sandhill Crane, we've at least four that hang around and three of them walked right through our site yesterday!

There is a small gator that I've seen early mornings in the waterway behind us.  Yesterday I saw another three footer near the canal along the road sunning himself on the bank.  I was able to get about ten feet from him before he got nervous and threatened me by opening his mouth.  About that time someone joined me and the gator slipped into the water.  Of course I didn't have a camera with me!  We can hear larger gators in various places and we've been told there are some 8-10 footers....I wonder if we'll see one before we leave?

Daily we've also seen folks paddle by in their canoes.  You can rent them here or you can bring your own.  Even saw some guys with motors attached...One guy didn't know what he was doing, couldn't figure out how to steer it by leaning.  He kept going into the banks.  Great entertainment!

All is right in our world!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Savannas Recreation Area

Thursday started real early for 0600 early!  While I get up at this hour on occasion Jim rarely does.  But we had an 0800 appointment to get the shocks repaired and Jim wanted to eat before we left (I packed cornbread for myself).  We had gotten all packed up the night before so after dressing and doing last minute chores we were on our way.  And we arrived a few minutes before eight.

They had said they'd get us in and out same day and we left around noon.  But let me tell you....I don't think I've ever had to sit in such a filthy waiting room!  You could visibly see the dirt and smell it.

On the way to Savannas we decided to just drop the rig, slides out, air running and then head out for a bite to eat.  That didn't happen.  Once we got here I was so hungry I just made Jim a peanut butter sandwich and I heated up some soup for me.  After Jim got most everything done he had a beer and then took a nap.

I got about 90% of my set up done and then just quit.  It was late afternoon and I was pooped.  When Jim got up we grabbed Boo and took a walk around this peaceful, serene campground.

I think this is a Pied billed Grebe, correct me if I'm wrong

This is our view out the back.  If I had a motor home I'd pull in to see this out the windshield.  The sun comes up just over the horizon

to the right, looking roughly south

to the left, roughly looking north

I think these are Mottled Ducks, correct me if I'm wrong

Family of white ibis, young and old!

After our walk we decided to go out to dinner.  Driving out we saw Sandhill Cranes, but no pictures, maybe next time.  We drove south on highway 1 and found a shopping center with several choices of eateries and picked Italian.  We ordered a huge pizza and a couple of beers...even splurged and shared a tira misu for dessert.  We brought half of the pizza home.

We were in bed by 2130 and I slept until after seven.  Jim got up about an hour later.  After a slow morning we got busy, me inside with laundry and Jim outside getting the satellite dish up for TV viewing.  

For lunch we polished off that pizza and enjoyed a cold beer while sitting outside enjoying the view and the grackles.  

We decided to buy an outdoor mat.  This site has a gravel pad but recent rains have made a mess of the surrounding grass and past mats leaving a lot of dirt being tracked inside..So after lunch we headed out for some shopping.

Picked up the mat at Walmart, then we popped into Tractor Supply and left empty handed.  Next stop was Home Depot where Jim got some clamps, then we headed home, making one stop at Publix for a bag of goodies.

Once home Jim got the 9 x 12 mat laid out and I'm a happy camper!

Last Wednesday Boo got his teeth cleaned and they also removed 4 of his itty, bitty teeth.  He's been eating wet food and taking an antibiotic.  He's doing fine.  Tonight he got his normal ration of dry and wet food and I think he wants to go for a walk so I better close this for now.

All is right in our world!