Monday, April 18, 2016

The view from here

This is my view from my window by my chair.  Taken on the 15th before most of the rain showers.  See how smooth the surface of the water is?  Beautiful....

Most everyone is gone.  On the canal there are four rigs and one is all closed up with slides in.  I guess they've headed back to Michigan.  Only one small tent left and the other sections only have a couple rigs each.  This campground is popular with the snowbirds and come November I'm sure the place will be packed.

We walked Boo and it sure is quiet.  This morning a road grader leveled the roads again.  This is the second time since we've been here that they've done this.  The rains muck up the roads and when you drive through it ruts are made.

We had some Olive Garden ravioli for lunch along with a Caesar salad.  Splitting one of the meals this way makes for perfect servings.

Our predicted high today is 79 degrees and it's going to have to warm up some to reach that!  It's 72 right now and the windows are open to the lovely northeast breeze.

Only one week left here....then we take the rig in and hit the road for Ormond Beach.  Just a short drive (160 miles or so) and I hope it doesn't take long for the repairs to be completed.

All is right in our world