Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Making Travel Plans

We have been enjoying this spring weather so much we extended our stay here at Savannas Recreation Area until the 25th!  The campground is quiet and serene and we enjoy sitting outside watching the wildlife and occasional kayaker.  Of course this past weekend we saw more campers as the locals come out to enjoy this beautiful weather.

We've been doing our chores and walking most everyday.  A couple trips out to get groceries and visit other stores to kill time.  We even went to the House of Refuge.  A very interesting museum on the Atlantic shore. 

From the brochure:

"Houses of Refuge had no life-saving crews.  They were occupied by a keeper and his family, whose job it was to walk along the shore in both directions after storms, searching for shipwreck victims."

I can only imagine how difficult life must have been for these folks, it was constructed in 1875 and is the last of ten built along the sparsely inhabited coast of Florida.

Reading, game playing and TV watching occupy our days and evenings.  I just love watching the herons and baby gators that pass behind our rig.  We sit out and enjoy the breezes....I'm telling ya this life is difficult!

On the 25th we'll depart and head to the shop for the final repairs on the rig.Then we'll head to Harris Village for a couple nights.  After that Eagle Hammock In Georgia.  Of course I'll keep the blog updated with any changes and I'll report on these campgrounds once we settle in.

All is well in our world!