Wednesday, May 22, 2019

We’re Heating Up Around Here!

We’re having a wonderful Spring.  The nights aren’t as cool compared to a week or so ago.  Most nights are in the 70’s.  Daytime temperatures are creeping higher.  Mostly 80’s and and it’s very pleasant.  Every few days one of those dad blasted fronts come through and we get a LOT of warnings and watches from the Weather Channel.  Being in Hill Country it’s it or miss on some of the nastier weather.  Nothing severe here....

We have new steps!  They were left behind when a fifth wheel pulled out.  Not sure how long they’d been here, but the steps look fairly new.  Also well made! Since the managers knew Jim planned on a deck and steps they asked if we wanted it....sure!  And it was free...

Jim did have to cut it down a few inches so the awning arm would come out and he took two days to complete it.  He tires easily and that slows him down a bit.  But he got ‘er done.  It’s really weird stepping into the rig.  My only fear is Boo can exit more easily if he wanted to.
We have moved the plants, picnic table and mat back so it looks less stark.  

Jim also built another flag holder for the hitch and our flags are flying once again.

Today I had my fasting blood work done and next week I’ll see my doctor to discuss the findings.  I’ve been taking medicine for diabetes and cholesterol...not sure it has helped much.  I believe my diet helps more and that has improved a bit this year.  Still needs work!

Jim is improving daily.  He doesn't cough nearly as often or as hard as he did a week ago.  The coughing caused him a lot of discomfort.  Still does I'm sure but this is an improvement.  Still not using his Cpap...not sure if he will again.  The scars are healing but still look nasty. I know they will fade just as his chest scar has.

My face is looking more normal day by day...but what is normal?  LOL

We've lost the plethora of birds we had.  The American Goldfinch has gone north I'm sure.  I have seen the Lesser Goldfinch, Titmouse, Cardinal and Chickadee...but not daily.  Speaking of daily, the hummingbirds come by daily!  As do the squirrels...they've figured out how to bypass the guard

All is right in our world

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Change is Good

When we decided to come back to Texas to live it was based on several factors.  We were already registered here with the Escapees Club.  We really like the Hill Country and we found Spring Branch RV Park that we stayed at previously and like.  The rates are good, Paige and Michael are hardworking and friendly managers.  There are folks who live here and some who just stay overnight.  It's close to San Antonio and all the towns and cities we enjoy in the Hill Country.  Still need to discover more!  We are in the process of changing everything over to this new address. 

Medically we're close enough for Jim's needs and the VA has the Audie Murphy Hospital where I've been seen several times.  In the past few months we've been all over the area visiting doctors and to have procedures and tests.  

Even though our children live in Florida, we could not find an area that was reasonable in price that was close to medical (both) and city amenities.  Perhaps one day, when we get old....or should I say older?

 Meanwhile we're getting healthier!  At least I hope so.  Jim is improving daily but it was major surgery and it will take awhile for the muscles and nerves to return to a normal state.  Also, he's adjusting to life without a third of one of his lungs.  Not sure if smoking caused this cancer but if you smoke, give it up.  Jim gave up cigarettes in the 80's and this small spot just showed up.  His shortness of breath happened recently and we pressed the doctor for answers.

Handmade cards because:

No one displays an email on the mantle
or shows off a tweet on the fridge
or saves a Facebook post in a box of treasures

For the year of 2019 I've challenged myself to 500 cards think I can do it?

16 May 2019 131 cards

I had an idea to make several cards, assembly line.  So I stamped some paper with this lovely flower stamp, cut it into strips and layered it with brown paper.  Stamped hello and placed some enamel embellishments on them.  It made 8 cards.I may try again with a different color pallet

These two cards are made with Stampin' Up! products.  Paper, Stamps and dies came in a bundle.  These are a bit fussy to make as there is cutting and layering plus stamping and die cutting.  But I really like them!

If you see something you like, let me know!  Perhaps I'll send it to you because everyone likes happy mail.

Boo still doesn't want to sleep with us until 4 or 5 in the morning.  I guess he's getting fussy in his old age.

My skin cancer has me looking worse for wear.  The one on my forehead has lines like a zipper.  Fortunately it's only an inch or so long and it's on my hairline.  The one on my nose is more noticeable cuz it's plastered right in the middle of my face!  It looks a whole lot better but it still has some liquid bandage that I'm told will come off on it's own.  Until then I don't know what the end result will look like.  The spot on my lower leg was treated with a cream and it looks like it was taken care of.  But it has a tiny scab so it's still healing.  I go back in August to have all three looked at.

Between storm systems we're having beautiful weather.  Maybe 80's by 1500 and overnight in the 60's.  According to a report I read we had an earthquake south of here.  The storms that roll through get us flash flood watches and warnings and some really pretty lightning.  Even a tornado watch or two.  Oh, we also got a possible hail warning too!   Weather wise they're keeping us entertained.

And that's the way it is, all is right in our world

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Rain, rain and more rain!

I think we’re having our April showers in May.  Reminds me of spring in New Orleans.  We’ve been in severe thunderstorm watches, flash flooding alerts and generally nasty weather.  Some cooler temperatures too.

Tuesday started for me around 0500....who knows why!  Since I could only drink clear liquids in preparation for my colonoscopy I could have slept more.  Jim finally got up around 0930.  It was cool and rainy so we didn’t go out.

Not sure why but Boo has decided not to sleep with us. 🙁. He did slip off the bed but he’s done that before.  Took me a few nights to fall asleep without his tiny body next to me.

Took two magic pills around 1400 and at 1700 I started drinking the solution.  It was pineapple flavored and I was told to add some crystal light to it to help make it palatable.  6-8 ounces every ten minutes....thought I was going to up chuck it at one point because I was so full!  I got chilled but by then I was visiting the loo every few minutes.  Just after 1900 I just sat on the throne for what seemed like hours.  Then I really got ill, broke out in a sweat, my clothes stuck to me and I felt really nauseous.  Laid down and Jim woke me around 2130 so I could shower and get ready for bed.  End of round one.


Once again it was rainy.  Around two am I took the other two magic pills and when I got up started chugging the last gallon of solution.  This was harder as I really didn’t want a repeat performance!  But it was ok.  I did get chilled so I had hot green tea and then slipped back into bed with my heated mattress pad to warm me up.  Of course I was up and down visiting the loo.

My procedure was at 1330 and we arrived a bit early.  Because of the rain and possible heavy traffic we left early.  No problem! Once we hiked to the back of beyond I was taken to a cubicle and told to disrobe but leave my socks on.  Then I waited maybe 30 minutes.  Soon I was sedated and then waking up.  While I was under Jim was enjoying lunch.

Was told they find anything significant.  Yay!

Stopped at Olive Garden and we both enjoyed soup and salad. Just the ticket for my empty belly.  When we got home Jim took a nap.

Jim is doing better daily though I don’t think he would agree.  Still sore and taking Tylenol. Removed his stitches and that’s made him more comfortable.  Coughing and sneezing are painful for him.

I bought a tomato bush that had wee tomatoes and we’ve had four small tomatoes that taste real good.  The skin is right chewy so I peel them.

Recently Jim saw his cardiologist because of the afib and meds he was given in Hospital.  He's to continue with that blood thinner until they're gone and about two weeks later he'll be wearing a heart monitor to determine if he needs to continue taking the medication.  Because of the afib it puts him at a higher risk for stroke and now he's taking a blood thinner for that.  

All is right in our world

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Life is Good

Indeed it is!  Though we are going through some medical issues and some days are slower than others we're doing good.

When you reach the 70's something is bound to be bothersome.  I was finally convinced to have a colonoscopy due to flunking a test.  Today is my prep day....oh joy.  Clear liquids then I get to take some magical pills and drink swamp water <<

Jim saw his cardiologist yesterday to discuss his meds.  He takes the amiodarone he was given for the afib until they're gone.  Then he'll wear a heart monitor to determine if the afib is gone.  If it is, no more of that medicine.  But because of the afib it has bumped him up for risk of stroke and was given a blood thinner and taken off of baby aspirin.  Neither one of us like the stroke risk!

Each day finds Jim better than the last.  He tires easily but he's still recovering from the lung surgery and his body is adjusting to it slowly.  The fact that he's not 25 years old has a lot to do with this recovery.  We try to get out and walk a couple times a day and I think that helps.  Rain puts a stop to that!  Sure don't want to get chilled and catch a cold.  

Last Friday John, Jim's brother, came to visit.  He stayed out at SaraJane and Jerry's house and it sure was good to see him.  After losing his wife last year he's doing well.  

Friday we joined them at the house for visiting and lunch of sandwiches.  When we got home Jim napped.  Almost as soon as he was up we got invited back for dinner.  Jerry grilled some salmon and SaraJane made spinach salad and steamed broccoli.  A lovely meal.  

Storms moved in while we were eating and the lightening show over Canyon Lake was fun to watch.  Once the rain let up we headed home.  It rained the whole time and the lightening was pretty spectacular.  Once we got home we showered and went to bed by 2230.

Jim was in bed for 12 hours.  See, he gets tired!  Plans had been made for Saturday so we just chilled  (and Jim Napped).  They picked us up and we went to La Hacienda for a lovely meal and more conversations.  They dropped us off at home and hugs were exchanged because John left on Sunday, heading to Austin.

Handmade cards because:
No one displays an email on the mantle
or shows off a tweet on the fridge
or saves a Facebook post in a box of treasures

For the year of 2019 I've challenged myself to 500 cards think I can do it?

7 May 2019 121 cards

These four cards came together quickly.  One sheet of 6 x 6 paper and some card stock.  I already had the frogs colored so I just needed to stamp the roses and leaves then cut them out.  The hello die is new and it was just the right touch.  It does take a steady hand to adhere it to the card!  All the paper and stamps are Stampin' Up!

The six cards here are all Stampin' Up! papers and embellishments.  The stamp is from another company.  Quick to make

For these three cards with a z fold I used an old Greetings to Go Club Scrap kit from September 2016.  I had to cut out all the cut aparts which takes ten minutes then you assemble the cards.

Looks like today is another stay inside day.  The rain has started.  I'm not complaining because we're not getting torrential rains or flooding.  Perhaps I'll make more cards!

All is right in our world

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Catching up!

Yet again I find myself ignoring this blog.  A lot has been happening as you may know if you follow me on Facebook.  We've been dealing with medical issues and I think we may be winning!

Jim is doing ever so much better today.  He was told it would take time for his body to adjust and they were right.  Though he has shortness of breath it isn't as bad as when he first came home.  Removed his bandages today as they got soaked in the shower, his battle scars look pretty good!

My bandages came off today.  I got tired of them and just removed them.  I too have some wee scars and hopefully over time they will look less pronounced.  

Having Sonsearae here for a few days was nice.  The few days I had to drive back and forth were tiring so having her chauffeuring me around was greatly appreciated and she made sure I had yummy food to eat!

I am making cards...

Handmade cards because:
No one displays an email on the mantle
or shows off a tweet on the fridge

or saves a Facebook post in a box of treasures

For the year of 2019 I've challenged myself to 500 cards think I can do it?

1 May 2019 108 cards

I'm in a group on Facebook where we are given a template to cut  and make the cards.  Sometimes it's a challenge.  These are five from a 12 x 12 piece of card stock.. My biggest problem is finding suitable stamps to embellish the card.  As you can see this is a beach theme

This is the inside of one of the cards

It's in here!

Another Facebook Group challenge for the next two cards

The rest of the beachy cards

Stampin' Up! has a monthly kit, Paper Pumpkin and this is Aprils kit.  Note card size and it is going to be a gift.

It is never my intention to go so long without posting.  I'll try to do better

All is right in our world...