Saturday, December 31, 2016

Another Year comes to an End

I swear the older I get the faster time goes by. All in all this past year has been full of travels.

A year ago we were still in Indiantown Florida with Sonsearae and Chris. We both like the Stuart/Port St Lucie area and who knows, we may head back there one day.  

I've missed being close to Sonsearae and Chris.  Family is a good thing!  They now live in Tallahassee Florida and I'm not sure when we'll see them again.  It would be cool if they came to the Valley to see us  :-)

This year has seen the resumption of our travels.  After Jim's procedure we stayed in Florida for his recovery. He seemed to do alright with the driving and setting up of the rig.  No major complaints!

We drove to Vermont and landed there before Memorial Day. We didn't really stop anywhere long enough to explore. Spent a lovely summer with Anne and Scotty.  

Had fun catching up with them and all the visitors they seem to invite and attract.  The property hosted several rigs the end of July with friends who came to help celebrate Scotty's 80th birthday.  It was hectic, but fun meeting up with friends and sharing our meals.

After Labor Day we hit the road, heading to Texas for our work camping job at Bentsen Palm RV Resort.  Again Jim seemed to be in a hurry and we didn't do any exploring.  We arrived in the Rio Grande Valley around the middle of October.

Since being here we have met up with some good friends and more are coming in the new year.  I expect we'll see folks who are in other parks before we leave in April.

It's been a good year!  I hope yours has been also.  What does the new year hold?  To early to tell, but wherever we go I know it will be good.  We have our health and this is a plus as it can anchor you when your health fails.

If you're celebrating and ringing in the new year tonight, be safe.

See you on the flip side

all is right in our world

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas in South Texas

Whew!  The past couple of weeks have gone by quickly.  The Christmas Season is almost over and a New Year is on the horizon.

We've been working in guest services, three days on, six days off.  In between shifts we do our chores around the house and enjoy the resort and our neighbors.

We had a bout of chilly weather which kept most everyone indoors.  Forty-fifty degrees and I think one night it dipped into the upper thirties.  Makes for good sleeping!  After a few days of long pants and socks we were ready for warmer temperatures.

My Amaryllis bloomed, this one put out four flowers, the grey pot on the right put out a stalk of six buds.  Before they could even open something happened to the base of the stem causing it to flop down.  Don't know if it was too much water, a critter eating it or just the weight.  I cut it off and stuck it in some water, three blooms have opened but I'm sure the other three will remain unopened as they are not growing larger.

It took us awhile to make our plans for Christmas and we finally decided on going to the beach.  Generally there's a few restaurants open on a holiday (hotels etc) but we chose to pack a picnic and eat on the beach to get the sun and see the waves.

South Padre Island (Texas) beaches are OK, but we both like Florida beaches better.  Jim remarked on the way home that he misses Florida beaches!

Our picnic wasn't anything fancy.  We had sandwiches, macaroni salad some radishes and cucumber slices.  Brought some grapes and cookies for dessert.  A bottle of beer and a great view, what more could you ask for.

After our lunch we walked up and down the shoreline.  Allowing as to how it was Christmas there were more people there than I thought there would be.  

After we packed up and left the beach we found a funky bar facing the Gulf so we stopped in and enjoyed a pina colada while staring at the water.  Very relaxing and just what we needed.  Salt water therapy!

We just finished our day work stint and I have no idea what we'll do with our off time.  Jim has a doctor appointment tomorrow, mostly tests I think.  We're not going anywhere for New Years, we'll just stay in and enjoy each others company.  I know, we're boring old farts.  But we just don't party much and staying up past 2200 is a thing of the past!  The new year will arrive just the same.

Whatever your plans are for the 31st, be safe!

Saturday, December 10, 2016


I truly treasure my husband! December 8th was my birthday (69) and he drove me all over, in the rain and cold so I could go to a couple stores.  Turns out one, World Market, isn't open yet.  And by the look of the inside they'd need an army of workers to have it open anytime soon.  Great big empty store.

Next stop was the new Sprouts grocery store where I found some items I didn't know I needed! But they didn't have a couple things I was looking for.  The store is far enough that I won't be making weekly trips.   Maybe monthly!

Since it was my birthday I got to choose where to have lunch.  In the same block as Sprouts is Ostioneria Michoacán, an oyster and seafood restaurant. We had a wonderful lunch sharing a shrimp and beef fajita platter with the usual sides of rice and charro beans.  Of course a Modelo helped wash it down....It being my birthday I just had to have dessert and I love flan....yummy goodness.

Of course none of this was vegan so now it's back to healthier options.  Not sure why I can't order better options but I sure enjoy my food!  Health wise I'm still medicine free.

Thursday the temperature dipped into the mid 40's but we stayed warm under the down comforter. Of course getting up in a chilly house is the pits!  I'm always up first and immediately I turned on the furnace and space heater. By the time Jim got out of bed at 0700 it was tolerable.  When the furnace stopped I adjusted the temperature but it didn't come on.  Jim had to brave the cold, go outside and switch tanks.

Friday we worked and I'm assuming because of the cold weather not many people came to Guest Services.  No matter we kept busy with our tablets.  

My birthday package from Sonsearae and Chris arrived...a day late but tis the season!  Inside the very heavy box was a small jewelry box with three Pandora beads...One is a blue parrot dangle, one was a heart with my birthstone and a round one with my initial.  My collection is growing!

Not the best picture but isn't it lovely?  Thank you my darlings for feeding my jewelry addiction.

I left early to feed Boo and since I had so much 'free' time I made us a dinner of beef less stew.  It's nice that we like mushrooms and this bowl of goodness warmed us.

Not much on TV but we managed to stay awake until 2200.  Again the temperature dipped into the 40's and we were snug under the comforter.

Saturday has been cold and dreary. We finished off our leftovers from our Mexican meal.  I did the dishes and Jim took a nap.

The Army Navy game is not going well for our Navy.  

It looks like this will be our last night of cold temperatures because tomorrow it's supposed to get in the 80's!  I'll be happy if the sun comes out!

All is right in our world

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Lovely outing with Jim

Yesterday I wanted to go to the mall for a haircut. So we left after my morning chores of dishes, laundry and bed making.  It was cool outside so we wore jeans and I wore a long sleeved shirt.

While I was in MasterCuts Jim walked the mall.  Soon we were walking out in the warm sunshine!

I had no other plans but Jim did!  We went to Mama's on 10th street in McAllen for lunch.  First up was a pitcher of sangria and was it tasty.  We both ordered sandwiches and enjoyed a leisurely lunch. I was asked if I'd like to go to the movies for my birthday and I said yes!  We both want to see Dr Strange and Fantastic Beasts

Driving home we made a detour to check out this tall, black monolithic looking thing and discovered it was the centerpiece of the Veterans Memorial.  We'd been there before but I think this a new addition.

Every conflict was represented around the circle

Jim's dad flew out of England during WWII while my father fought on the ground in Italy

Even the women were memorialized with this display

I think if you click on a picture you'll get a bigger version in another window and you can read the inscriptions

On the ground surrounding the memorials they sold bricks and paving stones like the one above to remember Texans who fought and died

Five sided so each branch of the military is represented, of course this is the Navy side.  Around the base each state is represented by the date they became a state.

We were both very moved by this display

Then I guess Jim was in the mood for a movie right now so we went to Tinseltown and saw Dr Strange with Benedict Cumberbatch.

Back home Boo was happy to see us as it was time for his dinner.  After feeding him we decided to sit outside and enjoy the nice breeze. Jim had his coffee and phone. I trimmed my nails and had some watermelon which I shared with Boo...who knew he liked it?

Our evening was spent watching NCIS and Bull

Today is the 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor.  Not many of the survivors are left but we owe a debt to those who lost their lives that day and to those who lived to fight on.

All is right in our world