Monday, May 30, 2011

Sunset last night

Our drive south from Tallahassee was uneventful. We took I-10 to begin but back roads after that. Along the way we passed a forest fire and I guess it was put out as we didn't see anything on the news about it. One of the highways closer to the coast was very narrow and winding. But we managed to find Cedar Key

This was our first glimpse of water and it sure looked inviting!

We had no problem finding Low Key Hide Away but checking in was interesting. We pulled off the highway as much as we could and Jim went in while I walked Boo. We left the emergency lights on. There was a computer problem so the work camper told us to drive into town and approach the campground from the south. Okey dokie....they stop traffic so you can back into the site! Only five sites, two 50 amps. Also 5 cabins all wedged between the water and the road.

We set up in the heat of the afternoon so as soon as we got the majority of it done we sat for a bit with a cold beer. As we sat looking out over the water we saw an Osprey, pelicans, fish jumping (maybe mullet) and a pair of dolphins! From the size of the fin I'd say mom and calf. Great for our first day here.

Dinner was spaghetti, Sonsearae had given us some leftover sauce and pasta and I cooked up a bit more pasta. Memorial Day is our Anniversary, it marks the day Jim moved in with me and we've been together ever since!

While I was doing dishes the sun started sinking in the west right behind our home...

We enjoyed our first sunset.

Back inside we lost our internet and never had tv reception. We did hook up with their cable so we did have tv for the evening. Jim said he'd move the rig and get a better signal but alas that didn't happen. Apparently there is something wrong with the dish. We moved 2-3 feet and tried and tried to get connected. By lunchtime today we were all set up once again.
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Sunday, May 29, 2011

San Marcos de Apalache Historic State Park

What a wonderful, glorious week we had in Tallahassee!

It was to hot to do much outside so Sonsearae, Jim and I went to the movies and saw Rio. If any of you play Angry Birds this movie is part of it. The movie was a riot and we all laughed a lot!

Chris was out of town all week and arrived home Friday afternoon. Sonsearae prepared dinner for all of us, Vegan Paella that was very tasty! She fixed some chicken for the menfolk.

On Saturday morning while Sonsearae worked Chris took us to the shooting range so we could get some practice with our hand guns. I'm still learning and not very good but practicing should help!

Saturday evening we had a family gathering at Christy's home. She is Jim's daughter and along with her husband Rick and children Callie and Jack we were joined by Jim's son William. So we had our three children together for the first time in a long while. A lot of good food was served and I think everyone had a good time. I know Jim did.

Sunday morning Sonsearae took us to San Marcos de Apalache Historic State Park. Small park with the remnants of the original fort at the confluence of the Wakulla and St Marks Rivers. A short film explained the history which started in 1528 with the Spanish and was used by various nations until the Civil War.

the grounds are pretty

Sonsearae and Jim wandering ahead of me

In the south you always have Spanish Moss...not sure why they call it that!

Jim and Sonsearae pose for me on the wall of an out building

St Marks River

St Marks River on the left joining the Wakulla river on the right


Wakulla River

We sat and watched the rivers slide by

When we arrived back at Sonsearae's place, Chris was cooking our spaghetti dinner! It sure smelled good and tasted even better. Sonsearae had prepped everything and the guys had meatballs while we ladies had plain sauce. A Cesar salad with vegan dressing and homemade croutons accompanied the meal.

We left early because we wanted them to have some time together. Sonsearae flew out this morning for a graduation in Delaware. Since she flew out of Panama City they had to get up at zero dark thirty and I know they needed some sleep. We went home with a bag full of food because they emptied the fridge into it!

Back home Jim did some chores getting us packed up for our trip today. We got a late start and still managed to arrive before the 1500 check-in time here at Low Key Hideaway.
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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Staying Busy

Tuesday morning Sonsearae worked and we did chores.  She worked half a day and after lunch we headed to her house where we piled into Chris’s car and headed to the Florida Historic Capitol Museum (  Very interesting!  We spent a couple hours exploring the building and learning some history too.


I had a hair appointment at 1615 so we headed back to Sonsearae’s house where we three chatted a bit, then Jim left to feed Boo while I got sheared. From there we headed to our house to get a bit to eat because the place we were having dinner has meat, meat and more meat!


Around 1730 we three headed to Montford Middle School to meet up with Christy, Jack and Callie.  Callie was playing violin in a recital and I have to admit the whole program was interesting.  All strings, first we heard the younger members do a few numbers.  Then all guitars from the next ensemble.  The then older group.  Each section performed 5-6 numbers with a final number including all of them.


Once the recital ended we headed to the Hunt Club where Christy’s husband Rick met us after closing the feed store.  We had a good time and managed to close the restaurant.  


Sonsearae had to work all day today so Jim and I spent this morning doing our chores and after lunch went shopping.  Even managed to walk in comfort at the mall.  It’s been hot here, getting into the 90’s.  After Sonsearae got home we picked her up and went to dinner at 1 Fresh Stir Fry.  Interesting restaurant, you pick your protein, starch, veggies and flavoring then they stir fry it for you.  Oh you pick the size bowl you want too, small, medium or large.


After dinner we visited with Sonsearae for a bit and headed home around 2000.  Jim has gone to bed and I’m heading there shortly...


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tallahassee, Florida

We left Panama City Beach a little later than normal yesterday.  We just slowly packed up. Then when we pulled out the brake for the trailer stopped us!  It seems the brake line got caught under the hitch (or something) and Jim had to adjust everything.  Let me tell you it was already hot and humid at 1000 in the morning!  Jim was dripping with sweat.


Our drive over to Tallahassee was lovely; we stayed on back roads avoiding I-10 until the last minute!  The pine trees were beautiful and at one point we could smell them through the closed windows and with the ac running.  There must have been a place where they were cutting them down and we just couldn’t see it.  Around 1100 we crossed into the Eastern Time Zone, first time we’ve been this far east in two years.


While setting up at Tallahassee RV Park Sonsearae arrived.  You see she only lives about 9 miles away and she had been tracking us on her phone.  Once Jim and I cooled off from setting up we piled into the car and headed out to visit Christy, Jim’s Daughter.  She and her husband have a feed store and as it happened she and Rick were there.  We wandered around and saw all the critters (chickens, goats, geese and a donkey).  Chatted for awhile, got some flea med for Boo, a t-shirt for Jim and some fresh eggs for Sonsearae and I.


We headed out from there to Earth Fare, the Healthy Supermarket (their words, not mine!) where Sonsearae treated us to dinner.  Jim had a jerk sandwich, while I chose a sweet potato salad and Szechwan green beans (which were actually sugar snap peas) and Sonsearae got a hummus wrap.  Once we’d eaten we ladies went grocery shopping while Jim enjoyed a cup of coffee.  I’m not sure how long we strolled the aisles but it was fun!  Nothing I like better than grocery shopping and to have Sonsearae by my side...well there are no words to express my joy.


Then home where Jim and I were surprised to see it was late.  Poor Boo didn’t know what to do first!  He got his snack then Jim rushed him outside to do his thing.  Back inside I had his dinner fixed but I think he was distracted by three adults petting him.  We unpacked the groceries dividing our purchases and a few minutes later Sonsearae left.  She needed to get home and get her chores done and go to bed.  She is working at the post office as I type this.


We don’t have enough southern sky to use our satellite dish so we’re using the cable and wi-fi here.  Not sure it will be a problem as I don’t think we’ll be home much!


It’s almost 0800 so I better get this posted and wake Jim.  Our mornings we need to do our chores because our afternoons will be full of activities


Sunday, May 22, 2011


We took a drive on Beach Road, Panama City Beach and we got stopped several times. Road construction mostly, but we did get stopped for some repair on a catwalk from one side of the street to the other. Happened to see these window washers so I snapped a couple pictures

I sure hope they get paid well!

On Wednesday our daughter drove over from Tallahassee to see us. It's been two years and it was a treat to see her. She arrived around 0730 and she brought breakfast! A blueberry cake she had made. Quite tasty!

We visited a bit and played with our iPads. She had just gotten one so we all had a look see at her iPad 2 and compared apps....Not sure what time we left but we headed to Pier Park, ( for some shopping and lunch. We mostly stayed on the south end looking in the beach shops. Had lunch at a pizza place and I was pleased they offered non-dairy cheese!

We also made a stop at Target to look at pots and pans, didn't buy any. We strolled some and found a Walking Company store where I found some sandals! Wasn't crazy about the price but I needed a pair.

Back home we sat around playing with our iPads and talked some. Sonsearae left around 1700. It sure was nice to see her.

Since Wednesday we've just enjoyed our stay here. Today we headed to the beach taking lunch. Wouldn't you know I managed to get caught in the rip tide and had a struggle getting back to shore. I really need to work on my upper body strength and stamina! I'm not as young as I think I am....Jim was super, he talked and pushed me to shore.

We leave for Tallahassee tomorrow so when we left the beach we stopped for fuel $3.97 for diesel. Once home I showered while Jim took care of some chores.

We'll be spending a week in Tallahassee visiting with Sonsearae.
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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Panama City Beach

We left Summerdale, Alabama yesterday around 1030, a later than normal start for us! No matter, skies were blue and the temperature allowed us to drive most of the time with our windows open. We took Highway 98 because it's more scenic than I-10. Of course that means the trip takes a little longer. But it was worth it. We both like this stretch of highway and enjoyed the towns and glimpses of the gulf.
We arrived at Naval Support Activity, Panama City around 1500 and had to go on base to the marina/campground to get our pass key. We had made reservations so all we had to do was check in and pay. Then we drove off the main part of the base and drove a couple miles down the road to the secure campground. There are 24 sites here all very spacious with full hook-ups. Presently there aren't many folks here. There is some greenery but mostly sand between the sites.
As we drove east it kept getting cooler and more clouds moved in. I think we followed a cold front. Sunset was pretty last night and I took some pictures but don't you know my battery died during the gorgeous part! Hopefully we'll have more sunsets worthy of pictures.

We spent the evening watching tv. Did you see Castle? That was some season ender! Wonder what will happen when the new season begins
Not sure what we'll do today

Tomorrow Sonsearae is driving over from Tallahassee to visit us. We can't wait to see her!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fairhope, Alabama

We had some rain yesterday and once the storm moved through the temperatures were much nicer! Woke up this morning and opened the house to the fresh air.

I've been wanting to go into Foley to stroll the shops and look at antiques. Jim did some research and suggested to we go to Fairhope. So we headed out and soon we were driving through the countryside with windows open, enjoying the fresh air. It wasn't a long drive and after we arrived we headed out to find lunch.

We stopped at the visitor center and decided to have lunch at Panini Pete's in the French Quarter. We sat outside and enjoyed our meal with a cold beer. After lunch we strolled and poked around a few shops. I did find some sandals but didn't purchase them. For the price they wanted I think I can find two or three pairs!

We drove home via a different route and just hugged the coast of Mobile Bay. We saw some grand homes and rolling landscapes. There are a lot of horses in this area. Big homes, Pecan groves, farmland. It's beautiful here. If you find yourself in the area do take time to check it out.

We sat outside and enjoyed our afternoon coffee, I think the temperature was around 75-77 degrees. I could get used to that! Jim fired up the grill for our dinner, he had hot dogs and I had grilled zucchini.

Friday, May 13, 2011

What can I say?

it's been warm here....close to the 90 mark everyday. Once we get our chores done we just try to stay cool. Reading, playing games and watching TV. Not really exciting that's why I haven't posted.

We did go to the beach yesterday. Walked quite a bit in the surf and watched the sunbathers and swimmers enjoying the beautiful Gulf Coast. We brought lunch and sat in the shade of the Pavilion to enjoy it. With the breeze off of the water it was a good way to cool off and enjoy our lunch.

On the way home we made some stops. Publix to pick up dinner and some creamer for my coffee. Bed, Bath and Beyond for coffee. Coleman's has an outlet store so we stopped there just to check it out. And we stopped for fuel $3.85 a gallon is the cheapest in the area. We know Florida will be higher.

We leave on Monday for Panama City. We'll be staying at a Military campground for a week then off to Tallahassee to visit Sonsearae and Chris.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

I had a very nice Mother's Day, thank you very much. Sonsearae sent me a gift and I waited until I got up yesterday to open it! She gave me a wireless keyboard for my iPad. It works pretty good as long as Boo isn't in my lap. :)

After lunch Jim and I went to Art in the Park in Foley. We strolled the booths and saw some crafts, jewelry, art and plants. The gnats were awful and the heat got to me so we left and headed to Gulf Shores. After driving up and down Perdido Beach Blvd. we settled on Wintzell's Oyster House for some seafood and a cold beer. I splurged and had fried shrimp! It was very tasty and I brought at least half of the shrimp home for Jim to enjoy (he did for lunch today). When we were greeted by our waiter he asked if I was a mom, of course I replied yes and he wished me a Happy Mother's Day. Just before our ticket came he brought out a piece of bread pudding for me. I've never had bread pudding before, it doesn't even sound good, but I ate some of it sharing it with Jim, who loves it. Jim said this was a good one!

We stopped at Lowe's on the way home but didn't buy anything. Once home I fed Boo, folded some laundry and took a nap! It seems the older I get my tolerance for beer becomes less. I just want to nap after one beer!

Unfortunately while I was napping Sonsearae called and I missed it....but I have saved it so I can hear her voice anytime I want

Today Jim did some outside chores and cleaned the windows inside. I did my normal chores of bedmaking, dishes and cooking. The afternoon was spent staying cool, our afternoons are heating up and with the humidity staying inside is best for me.

Dancing with the Stars is on while we both spend time on our computers.

Friday, May 6, 2011

National Museum of Naval Aviation

After several days of chores around the house Jim deserved a day out. He ended up replacing the hot water tank and with help from the resident RV tech it was done by lunch time. Other minor chores have kept us busy but not to busy to enjoy this beautiful weather we've been having. Nighttime temperatures dip into the 50's and during the day upper 70's. It's beginning to warm up again and I fear I won't like the heat but Jim will. We both like sleeping under the comforter though and that will end soon as we get into summer.

Yesterday we drove over to Pensacola Naval Air Station and visited the Museum. We've been before but it's always changing so we knew we'd enjoy it. We had planned on having lunch inside but when we arrived we couldn't even find a parking spot! So we headed onto the base to find a restaurant. We ended up at the Exchange and I had a Subway sandwich while Jim had a Panda Express lunch. After lunch we browsed the shopping mall and I bought a hat! Jim picked up some Navy decals.

We then headed over to the museum hoping the crowds would have thinned. No such luck! Turns out it's the 100th Anniversary of Naval Aviation and there was a Symposium going on with a lot of Admirals in attendance plus all the fly boys and guests attending. There was an author signing books and it looks like a luncheon was being cleared away when we arrived.

There's a new building called Hangar One that just opened a couple months ago

The above pictures were all from Hangar One. Coast Guard and Marine aircraft along with Navy Aircraft

The Blue Angels are here and if we got up early enough we could drive over to Pensacola and watch them practice. But I don't think that will happen! Besides we've seen them on the ground and in the air. When I was stationed at Cecil Field my squadron housed them and we all got to meet and watch them practice. Of course that was a long time ago!

It was a beautiful drive to and from Pensacola and we stopped and took pictures of the beautiful beaches. We like this area and have often said we'd wouldn't mind settling here one day. The sand is like white sugar and the water is various shades of green and blue. Check back for pictures that I took to share with you.
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