Monday, March 26, 2012

Git er Done

If you've been wondering, Boo is doing sooooooo much better.  Of course the meds made him sleep more and the Vet said he'd be thirsty from them and he has been drinking a lot.  But his skin is clearing up and he doesn't spend all his time scratching.  I've not found any more fleas and I'm hoping there are no more in the house.  We will spray until we're sure all the eggs are dead!

The other day Anne, Pat and I went to check out the new Costco store in Pharr.  I've belong so we didn't all have to join.  We all found things to buy and split!  I also saw a store demonstration on the Vita-Mix.  I've been wanting one for a long time and the sale price was right up my only problem now is where to store it!  Never fear, I'll find a spot for it.

Yesterday Anne and Pat hosted a 'last here' party.  Everyone was invited for this last bash of the season and there were quite a few people who showed up.  Everyone brought food, chairs and drinks and just hung out.  'where ya headed?' 'are you coming back next season?'  were the questions most asked.  It's so nice to know we can keep in touch with everyone online with Facebook.

So many of our friends are already traveling and hopefully we'll see them 'down the road'.

Jim is getting chores done so we can pack up and leave.  This morning he had the passenger windows on the truck tinted.  I guess $45 is cheap enough for the comfort.  It would have been even better if we could have kept the darker tint and avoided the expense!

When he came home from that he started dismantling the patio.  First he removed all the furniture and then pressure washed the screens so we can put them away clean.  Then he pressure washed the patio mat...on Thursday the rig will be washed

almost time to leave, we gotta get er done!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Update on Boo

We all slept better last night!  

The vet checked Boo over and suggested a few things.  We got one dose of Comfortis, an oral flea and tick medication, hopefully that will kick their little behinds!  Some Temaril to stop the itch cycle and clear up any 'hot spots'.  Both of these Boo ate with his dinner last night.  The vet said the statins in the Temaril would probably make him thirsty and cause him to drink more.  I think we can handle that for a week or so.

Also brought home some medicated shampoo, Pyoben,  that I'm hoping the groomer will use today.  ecoCARE Mobile Grooming uses earth friendly products and may not like this.  She may have something more animal friendly.  

On this first day of Spring we have a cold front coming through....  No matter the cool breeze is lovely to me.  As I type this the sun is still hiding...

Monday, March 19, 2012

Jim's last shift

Today is the first day of Jim's last 5 days of work camping.  .While it's been nice not having to pay for our site and electricity these past few months I'll be glad to see the end of this.  He deserves to enjoy his retirement;

I don't really mind him being busy, but he shouldn't have to do it!

We sure have had some gloomy mornings lately.  With the sun coming up later and overcast skies it sure doesn't make you feel like jumping up and doing anything.  Right now I'm waiting on the laundry both dryer and washer are running

Later I'm taking Boo to the vet.  For the last month or so we've been battling fleas and perhaps an allergic reaction to them.  The poor thing spends a lot of time scratching and licking.  He sleeps with us so we are suffering too from lack of sleep.  This is the second time in the last year we've had to go through this.

We've sprayed and vacuumed the house, of course Boo takes flea medicine, I've bathed him and he gets combed twice daily!  The medication is supposed to kill fleas and eggs but I've combed fleas off of him...

Jim has been slowly getting jobs done for hitting the road.  Lately he's been working on our bike rack.  Still need to tint the passenger windows since they removed the 'dark' tinting when the truck was inspected.  I guess the Texas police don't like dark, dark tint!  :-)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saying Goodbyes

Spring is in the air!

All the rain we've had is paying off.  Everything has greened up and all the trees and plantings here in Bentsen Palms RV Resort are looking very plush.

Before long the days will be getting hotter and it will all die back but for now it's really pretty here in the Rio Grande Valley.  In a couple weeks it will be but a memory

We've begun to see some of our friends leave and soon we'll all go our separate directions.  Off to new adventures for some of us.  Some are heading home.

It's a good thing we have the internet because no matter where we are we can still read each others blogs, say hello on Facebook or forward silly emails to show we're thinking of them.

May luck be our companion
May friends stand by our side
May history remind us all
Of Ireland's faith and pride.
May God bless us with happiness
May love and faith abide.
~Irish Blessing 

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Quinta Mazatlan

Yesterday Jim and I went to a local attraction, Quinta Mazatlan,  It's eight acres of meandering paths with birds and local flora and fauna.  The House is made from adobe and you can tour it for a small fee (seniors $1).There wasn't a good spot to get a great picture of the house so this was my only shot.  It isn't huge, but with the courtyard it's quite roomy.

Inside there was beauty around every corner and I took 75 pictures but only posted a few here.  The rest on on my Facebook page.  I was really impressed with all the tile work.  Inside and out!

Of course there was some fantastic furniture pieces, this table is ornately carved and quite large
The tile work was beautiful.  Some quite big, others just a single tile
there were arches separating the spaces and all had these beautiful tiles
Cedar beams in this hall make it smell quite nice!
One of the lanterns outside
Strolling the pats that wind around the eight acres is easy and around each bend you come across feeding stations like this one.  How would you like to keep those feeders full?  Opposite this is stadium seating so you can sit and enjoy the birds and squirrels.
Also placed on the walkway are various bronze sculptures like this ocelot.

I can only imagine how lovely this place would be at different times of the year.  Not much was in bloom but I did see salvias and a potted planting of snapdragons. All of the local plants can be found in the gardens

They do rent out the grounds and building for various venues and it would be lovely to have a wedding and reception there.