Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Boo, this and that

Boo had his teeth cleaned yesterday and I think he's back to normal tonight. Jim took him to the vet around 0730 yesterday and dropped him off. Meanwhile Anne and I had our hair cut around 0815! Sure was odd to come home to a quiet house. We both spent the day doing this and that. Jim called the vet around 1430 and they said we could pick him up around 1600.
Once we got him home we kept a close watch on him. He was a bit groggy and wasn't interested in eating. The instructions said to keep him warm so we took him to happy hour with his blankie! He did eat some cheese and crackers and perked up a little with all the attention.

Once home he ate his dinner then slept the evening away!

I forgot to mention that last Saturday Jim and I went out. We hit PetsMart to find some dental supplies for Boo. He’s got his teeth cleaned the 26th and we need to be more attentive to brushing/cleaning his teeth. So we picked up some items to help with that.

Then we went to Bed Bath & Beyond. We didn’t need anything; we just like to stroll around the store. I think they changed the layout because it was different to me. Also it reminded me of Walmart with racks of items in the isles. A lot of stuff was priced to sell! I bought three dish towels for $1.50 and a round vinyl tablecloth for a dollar. We also found a dish rack that really appealed to us! It folds up to maybe 4-5 inches, you can use both sides or fold one side up and it fits in our large kitchen sink. Plastic construction.

folded in the sink
Unfolded on the counter, as you can barely see it will hold quite a few dishes. I really like it!

Back at the truck Jim asked ‘where else?’ I said “how about lunch”? So we went to Carino’s for an Italian meal. They have one of those meal deals too. $19.99 and we each got a Caesar salad (you could have soup instead), two entrees and two desserts. Jim chose the shrimp skilletini and I had artichoke angel hair pasta. We both had tira misu for dessert. Lovely meal with my honey!

Monday was Anne's birthday and we went to Hayashi Hibachi restaurant for dinner. Ten of us! Diana and john, Pat and Vern, Karen and Dave, Anne and Scotty and Jim and I. We had a great meal, some had beef, some had seafood but everyone had the veggies pictured below.
We've been her before and we had our favorite Chef.

This is the 'onion volcano' he does, always a hit! We told the staff that it was Anne's birthday and they brought out some ice cream for her with a candle and sang Happy Birthday.
Today clouds moved in and we had wind all day. Boo slept most of the day and around 1500 he actually barked! I'm sure his throat was sore from the intubation and he mostly whined last night and this morning. I fed him around 1600 and he ate all his dinner after skipping breakfast. Once the hair grows back on his leg he'll be back to normal!
There's a nice breeze coming in the windows and I don't think it will get much cooler tonight. Looks like another quilt night. We're watching Bones and we'll watch Leverage later.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

2010 Bentsen Palms RV Resort 50-60's Dance

We've been enjoying some very nice weather, mid 80's during the day and somewhere in the 60's at night. A couple mornings started out with some clouds but once they burn off the day is gorgeous.

We've just been enjoying our days here. Some chores, some shopping, some reading and of course TV watching and games on our computers.

Last night night we went to a dance! Every year they have a 50-60's dance here and it's always fun. We think next year it should be a 60-70's dance for we younger folks!

Our DJ was Judy Shuck (970-903-3316) according to her card she does all sorts of music, big band to country. And for Elvis she did some requests!

At our table were Pat and Vern, Karen and Dave, Anne and Scotty and ourselves. We each brought something to snack on, chips, dips, veggies, brie covered with caramel and pecans, cream puffs. Not much of it went home. Naturally we brought our own drinks. The men mostly had beer as did Pat. Anne and Scotty had some wine and Karen and I didn't have any alcohol! I had a squirt, not sure what Karen had besides water.
Elvis....I mean Vern and his lady Pat

Scotty and Anne

Dave and Karen

Vern and Anne twisting their way to a contest win! Jim and I were eliminated :(

Pat and Vern to the left and Karen and Dave below

Vern, Pat ad Karen doing the Locomotion

Anne and Scotty tripping the light fantastic!

No one left early so I assume everyone had a good time. I know we did! The party ended at 2200 and once home it didn't take long for sleep to overtake us. Dancing can be very hard you know!
Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!" ~ Robin Williams

Friday, January 22, 2010

Nuevo Progresso, Mexico

Tuesday we didn't linger over breakfast because we had plans to go to Mexico with Marilyn and Ed. We were on the road by 0930 and arrived at LLano Grande just after 1000. Only one other couple went with us, Roger and Joyce. Since we can get 6 adults in our truck, Jim drove.

It didn't take us long to get there and we decided to head to the Red Snapper for lunch. The place was almost empty! We were a bit early but if you wait to long you have to wait to be seated. We ordered our margaritas and enjoyed talking with our friends. For lunch five of us ordered the garlic shrimp and Ed ordered fried catfish. Everyone enjoyed their meal. No dessert. By the time we left there was a line of folks waiting for a table.

We strolled the shops picking up a few things. we stopped at the vet pharmacy and got flea med for Boo. Ed and Marilyn got vanilla and booze. It was a sunny day and it was crowded in Nuevo Progresso!

Once back at Llano Grande we sat around in the nice breeze and had another cold drink. After a bit Jim mentioned all we needed was a fire pit and some peanuts! During the summer in Colorado Springs, Marilyn, Ed, Jim and I would sit around the fire pit and enjoy each others company while snacking on peanuts. Well Ed dug out some peanuts and we tossed the shells in a tub! We sifted through the Dray's movie collection and brought some home to view.

Back home Jim took a nap...I watched my soaps.

Wednesday I can't really remember what we did. the days just run into each other. There is a weekly margarita hour at the club house and we went. We had dinner before so we didn't indulge in the table of goodies.

That evening they had a talent show ala American Idol, I think. Since we don't watch the show I'm not sure. Anyway there was a panal of judges and residents competed. This will go on weekly for a month with eliminations and a winner. After an hour or so I left and Jim came home shortly thereafter. The few singers we heard were good. But as with any amateur production there were some presentation problems!

Yesterday Jim took the truck in for a recall problem and transmission fluid work. While he was gone I did laundry, some cleaning and crafting. Made some miso soup. Just normal at home chores.

We had dinner with the Scott's, grilling burgers and eating on the patio. We also had some slaw and beans.

Again this morning we have overcast skies and it's a bit hazy outside. Last night just after sundown there was a lot of smoke in the area and we had to close up the house against the smell.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

First in Club

Monday Started out sunny and bright! Early morning we got a call from friends in Llano Grande inviting us to ride at Bentsen state park. So we headed over to the park once the dishes were done and the bed made.

We met up with Marilyn and Ed and their party in the parking lot. I think there were around 20 of us riding through the park. Everyone on bicycles except for Jim and I on our trikes. A few had never been before and we stopped often to see birds and javalinas. Among the birds we saw, green jays, kiskadees, cardinals and doves. We even saw a baby javalina....

We left them when they stopped for lunch at the picnic area. We made plans to meet Marilyn and Ed on Tuesday for a trip to Mexico.

We came home and had some lunch then headed out to get some cash for out trip and fuel for the truck. The rest of the afternoon was spent enjoying the sun!

I've included pictures of the First In Club. If you check in the first three weeks of October you belong to this exclusive club. :) Jenni and Don the managers here at Bentsen Palm Resort hosted a tamale party while the rest of us brought side dishes. Anne, above with Scotty and to the left with her face covered, brought a beautiful mixed salad.

This lovely lady in Black is Jenni.

to the left is Don, Below is Vern and Pat, she brought a pineapple cream cheese dessert that everyone loved.

Marilyn and Jerry to the left. She brought a corn dish that she buys from Schwans and tweaked, very tasty! Oh, I brought charro beans new to a few of the guests.

Below is Mark and Terry, they brought their margarita machine and treated us to tasty margaritas all evening!

Anne to the left and Don below. As the evening wore on it did get chilly. But we had a beautiful sunset to end our sunny day.

Platinum is Jenni and Don's friendly dog. sometime after 2000 the party broke up and we were home in time to watch Castle

Saturday, January 16, 2010

We have sun!

I woke up to clear skies and the sun shining brightly! Sure makes a body feel good to have sunshine in their day. Of course it was windy for most of the day but the temperature reached almost 70...people walked and rode and washed their vehicles. In general spent time outdoors!

I did some laundry, dishes and made the bed. I cleaned out one of the overhead cabinets that holds my stamping supplies. It looks neater and for some reason looks like it has room for more. Didn't throw anything out just organized it better. During our travels items shifted and got messy.
This is the Scott's, Anne and John (Scotty). I think this was Christmas Eve just before they went to church. They sure clean up nice....
The other day Boo was just looking out the window, like you'd watch TV. Wasn't anything to see, if there had been he'd have been barking. Yesterday he had his annual checkup and he's good to go for another year. He will get his teeth cleaned the 26th.

It's hard to take a picture of the sunset because I'm short and the levee is high. Our sunset wasn't gorgeous today but at least we could see it! No clouds.

We're watching the Saints/Cardinals game on Fox and it looks like the Saints will win!
"You've got a lot of choices. If getting out of bed in the morning is a chore and you're not smiling on a regular basis, try another choice." ~ Steven D. Woodhull

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Rain, Rain and more rain!

I think this winter in the Rio Grande Valley will be one that RV'ers and winter Texans will talk about for awhile. Between the frigid, cold weather we have bouts of rain! I can't remember the last time we wore shorts. Oh well, this way we're wearing out our winter wardrobe! :)

We've not seen the sun for a few days due to the rainy weather. Starting this evening we'll be in a flood watch.

Of course this means we stay inside all day and in small quarters that could be dangerous! It's a good thing Jim and I like each others company. LOL Jim has been reading a lot. Are you familiar with the TV show Bones? Well Jim decided to read the books by Kathy Reichs that the show is based on. He's already up to book 9. I just started to read 1491 by Charles C Mann.

We do have 'outside' activities. Yesterday was the weekly margarita hour. Everyone brings a dish to share and if you don't want margaritas you bring a drink. I was surprised to see as many people as we did last night. I guess everyone needed to get out. It was announced that the staff had set up for 108 people but more than that showed up. Before we went I fixed some brisket and sweet potato fries so I didn't have much just a piece of fudge and some tidbits. Jim had a margarita (only a dollar) and a plate of sweets. We had a good time and at least twice I was brought to tears laughing so hard!

Tuesday we went to Tinseltown and saw Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey. Not bad! Of our group I think I liked it the most. Everyone seem to find something about it that they didn't care for. Not a bad way to spend a drippy afternoon.

Last night we watched reruns of NCIS then Jim watched Leverage with Timothy Hutton. I decided to read in bed. Don't get me wrong, I like the show but I just wanted to relax and read before sleeping.

I hope the sun is shining for you today. Make sure you tell someone you love them!

"The nice thing about teamwork is that you always have others on your side" Margaret Carty

Monday, January 11, 2010


Ever wonder why people write blogs? I'm sure for some it's an ego thing. Like to see that complete strangers read what you have written. For me it was a way to inform my family and friends of our whereabouts.

Being full time RV'ers snail mail is almost non existent. Most, if not all our bills are paid online, we don't subscribe to magazines because it cost to forward them and by the time you get them they're out of date. We neither want nor get junk mail.

Now that almost everyone we know is on Facebook I wonder why I should write a blog. Does everyone really want to know I'm doing laundry? Today it's sheets. Or what 'm having for dinner? Probably leftovers today.

Do you get tired of hearing about our lousy weather? I sure get tired of repeating myself. It is warming up today, maybe mid 60's but it's cloudy and gloomy. Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day but colder than we like.

Yesterday the clubhouse had dogs and brats, Jim said potato salad, chips and cookies came with it. A group of us ladies decided the guys could have that and we'd go out for dinner. Diana, Karen, Anne and I went to Macaroni Grill and had a lovely meal. I didn't have pasta but the other ladies did. Diana had seafood with hers, Karen had chicken Marsala and Anne had eggplant Parmesan that came with a side of pasta. I ordered the center cut lamb and it came with grilled veggies. We all had a salad. Diana and I enjoyed a glass of Gabbiano Chianti. For dessert we ordered one tira misu and Karen declined, Diana only had a couple bites and Anne and I were 'forced' to eat most of it! :) We talked of many things and I had a wonderful time. I think the other ladies did too because we think we need to do this often!

It was dark when we got home around 1900. After I showered I did the dishes and settled in for the evening. A little football and a movie, Spy Kids rounded out our evening.

I hope the severe arctic cold weather we've been 'enjoying' is over. We're all tired of socks, jackets and long pants! Of course when it isn't freezing cold we get overcast skies and maybe rain. Can't win....

Friday, January 8, 2010

Really cold day

I was up around 0730 this morning and it was cold and as the day passed it did not warm up at all!

After breakfast I did dishes and made the bed and just tried to stay warm. I decided to make a pot of soup. Leeks, potatoes, spinach and white beans. It's pretty good! I watched my soaps and managed to stay warm and toasty all day.

We had dinner with the Scott's, Anne made beef stew and while the three of them had stew I had my soup. I made some biscuits and we all enjoyed those! After dinner Scotty and I had some lemoncello while Anne and Jim had a mudslide. These cold days are cutting into out happy hours! :)

tonight we went to a performance at the club house, The Freddie and Shelia Show! Also Clint Pelletier, Freddies son. They're from Saskatchewan and perform for the winter Texans for a month or so before heading westward to Arizona and California to perform for other snowbirds. They were super! They all play guitars but the men pick a mean guitar! It was an interesting mix of styles and genres.

Our clubhouse is not big and isn't heated. For some reason my nose and cheeks were painfully cold. Everyone was bundled up against the cold. Some ladies even brought blankets. Most of us don't have 'winter' clothing.

Jim put some water in our holding tank and when we got home tonight he disconnected our water and drained the hose. We're supposed to get freezing temperatures tonight with clear skies. Right now it's 41 degrees outside. Have I mentioned we don't like cold weather?

Where ever you are I hope you're warm!

trying to stay warm

yesterday we played hookey and skipped dance class. We had a couple planned stops. First one was Petco where we dropped Boo off for a 'spa' treatment. :) Then we headed to lunch at Kumori at, but they don't open until 1130!

So I suggested we visit the Veterans Memorial because Jim hadn't seen it. Though it isn't finished it is very impressive. While there I saw a family of Jack Rabbits off in the distance. I couldn't get close enough to count them. but it looked like half dozen or so.

Then we popped into Sports Authority to look for a hat for Jim. He lost one of his and wants to replace it. No luck though. Then we parked by Barnes and Nobles and walked over to Kumori. The lunch menu is good and we enjoyed our lunch. Jim had beef teppanyaki and I had a chicken rice bowl. We shared gyozo and hot green tea.

While we were eating the front started coming through and the rain and wind were cold and nasty, making the walk back to Barnes and Nobles a fast paced walk! We went inside and spent an hour or so looking at magazines and books. Didn't buy anything.

Then we headed to HEB to pick up a few things and we called and Boo was ready to pick up. He sure was glad to see us! And I was glad to see him, I hate leaving him with strangers.

Back home we settled in and tried to stay warm! The temperature kept dropping all afternoon and a frost was predicted. I don't think we got one but it did dip into the upper 30's.

Right now it's 38 degrees outside and our furnace is working hard! This arctic blast of cold weather is the pits!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Shopping with my Honey

I didn't get up until 0800 this morning! One good thing about this cold weather we're makes for good sleeping. After I made my coffee I woke Jim.

I had breakfast then started on my chores. Today was bed day and I started by stripping the bed and getting the sheets washed. I also did the dishes.

Yesterday when we returned from our outing Jim had mentioned he forgot to shop for a long sleeved shirt. So today I suggested we head out to the Outlet Mall. I figured we might be able to find something out there and it would get us out of the house. This nasty, cold weather is driving us all nuts!

We headed out around 1030. Wandering around the mall wasn't as cold as I thought it would be. But we took advantage of the heated stores and kept warm enough. We found a salt mill for me at a kitchen store. Jim found a shirt but didn't find a hat like he wanted.

You know what happens when you walk around in the cold air? You get hungry!! So we popped into Chili's for the two for one dinner. Jim had ribs and I chose shrimp taco's. Our appetiser was onion strings and for dessert we (Jim chose it!) had cheesecake and I must say I made a pig of myself!!! I can't remember the last time I had that much cheesecake...

On the way back to the resort we stopped at Starbuck's on 10th Street and I bought a ceramic travel mug. Then we wandered into Chico's to see what I couldn't live without....but alas, they didn't have anything I wanted...

Next stop was Home Depot to pick up some potting soil. I have a couple pepper plants that need some space to grow in. Since another freeze is predicted I don't wont to put them in the ground. Our next stop was an RV place whose name escapes me, but Jim needed some light bulbs for out interior lights. Then home!

As we were getting close Jim got a call from Ed Dray...I only heard half the conversation but I gather Ed ordered a new bed cover for his truck and it's like the one we have. :) I also heard South Padre mentioned, it needs to warm up for that!

Once home we changed into our comfortable clothes and had some coffee, played some games and watched TV. I finished up washing the bedding and with Jim's help we have clean sheets to sleep on tonight.

No dinner for us! Jim had some toast and I had some broth with veggies and mushrooms. We watched NCIS and the NCIS show that followed and now I'm watching Chopped on the Food Network.

Monday, January 4, 2010

another dreary day

I was up at 0645 yesterday and it's cold and dark at that hour! I tried to go back to sleep but couldn't, my brain was active and I couldn't shut it down. So I fixed my coffee and enjoyed the quiet.

Jim got up around 0800 and after breakfast, dishes and bed making I invited him to walk with me around the resort, to my surprise he said yes! So we gathered up Boo, dressed warmly and headed out. Just what we needed to do on this overcast morning. Not to many people were out but we greeted the few that braved the chilly air.

Back home we settled in to watch movies all day. I did take a break after lunch to go shopping with Anne. We both needed a couple items and found what we needed at Walmart in Pinitas. I even found a three dollar hat that should I lose it won't be a big loss!

Anne and I also planned our dinner. She made a meat loaf and mashed potatoes, while I made corn muffins, gravy and steamed veggies. She also had some cole slaw that we enjoyed. We enjoyed a glass of wine and some conversation with our meal.

Once home I showered and then did up our dishes. The rest of the evening we watched more movies! Jim squeezed in a quick shower.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year

Once again I need to catch up! What can I say? For one thing I'm glad the Holiday Season is over.

Let's go back to Thursday, it was a long day. In the morning we had Couples Dancing, can't say we're getting the hang of it but it is interesting! When class let out we headed over to Karen and Dave's, can't remember why but Jim and I ended up having lunch with them. Karen likes to feed everyone and has no problem with last minute plans.

After lunch Karen and I went with Anne to HEB, what a zoo! But we needed to pick up some last minute items for our table. We made our purchases and headed home. When I got inside Jim was sleeping.....first time the sun had been out in days and he was napping. Not sure how long he'd been sleeping but he slept another couple hours after I got home. When he got up he grabbed a beer and went next door. I made some coffee and joined him and we sat with Anne and Scotty for a bit.

We didn't really have any dinner. We knew we'd have lots to eat at the party, New Years Eve at the clubhouse! Around seven we started getting ready. We both looked nice but I don't have pictures of us.

Jim took all these pictures. At our table were 4 couples, Anne and Scotty, Karen and Dave, Carol and Tom (we met them one time before) and ourselves.

Carol and Tom
Miss Anne looking mighty happy

Scotty and Anne dancing

Our 'dj' Cassandra, she did a real good job with the music. Good mix of country and rock, old and new and some fun stuff like the Chicken Dance and YMCA. During the evening prizes were given out and Jim won a Texas pin for his Chicken Dance and Carol won for the same dance. She had never done it before and claimed she only won because she copied Jim!

Diana and John

Vern and Pat

Dave and Karen


Anne was feeling no pain and dancing in her chair

Line dancing

Trudi and Dan, they won for YMCA

Harvey and Gail

Anne and Scotty

Ron and Mary

Jim and Carol
The party ended at midnight after four hours, we had way to much food to eat from sandwiches to sweets. We brought a lot of wine to drink but only went through two bottles.
Friday I know I went for a walk with Anne, just a stroll around the resort. We checked our garden and found more plants coming up! Then we checked mail and stopped in at the office to wish the staff a Happy New Year.
The day was pretty nice with the sun out, a good way to start the new year. Today was my turn to nap and while I did Jim got the truck cleaned up. Pat and Vern invited us for dinner at five. I steamed some broccoli and cauliflower to take. Five couples gathered and we had a lovely meal, pork grilled outside along with scalloped potatoes, my veggie dish and bread that Anne brought. Karen made two pies for dessert, one strawberry and one chocolate.
We ate outside but once the sun went down it got quite chilly! Vern built a fire in his pit and it helped but before long we had to leave, it was just to cold to sit out.
Once home a hot shower and the furnace running helped warm me up!
Today was another nice day but still much cooler than we like. During the afternoon clouds moved in and I think we might get some rain tomorrow.
For dinner tonight we went with the Scott's and had pizza at Pizza Hut. Those ten dollar pizza's are pretty tasty! We stopped at Karen and Dave's for dessert and I think we finished off the pie's from last night.
Once home we showered and watched TV. Dr Who on BBCA and the show that followed, Demons....not sure I care for it.
Now it's time for bed!