Thursday, September 21, 2017

Spring Branch Texas

It's been a fun week here.  The campground is nice. Some who are passing through, some who live here. But it's quiet and dark.  

Jim has a cousin who lives just up the road at Canyon Lake.  We had dinner with Sarajane and her husband Jerry.  Also there were some wonderful people Flo and Bob.  The dinner was wonderful, very nice sitting down to dinner in a dining room with table settings!  We arrived early enough for a short driving tour before dinner and I must say the lake area is beautiful. Of course their house overlooks the lake.

We returned the next day for more sightseeing the next day.  We've always liked the Hill Country and this drive was just lovely as both of them pointed out various things to see.  But they went to Vegas to see Celine Dione, a birthday present for SaraJane. They're due back later tonight.

Jim and I decided to stay another week here because we want to explore more.  We did go to New Braunfels and Gruene. Oddly enough it's still quite warm here with the days getting in the mid nineties so wandering around in the heat has been challenging for me.  But we might have to go to Gruene again as we didn't see all of it.

All is right in our world 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Paper Pumpkin from Stampin' Up!

Just look at this lovely kit....and coming up next month is exciting...a two part kit for the upcoming holiday.  But it's a secret

Just head over to my online shop to place your order.  If you need help let me know

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Ft Sam Houston, San Antonio

It's been an interesting 24 hours.  We arrived yesterday at round this time but had trouble at the checkpoint.  My ID card had expired and they confiscated it.  They gave us instructions on what and where to go to rectify this.  BUT the gate we came in wouldn't take us there or to the campground. So getting directions we exit and drive around hopelessly seeing the sights of  Ft Sam Houston.

Meanwhile, it being Friday afternoon mind you, I'm calling the ID place to see about getting an ID.  I keep getting a message saying the answering service isn't turned on.  It is lunchtime so I'll call later.

We finally located the campground and as soon as I can I try calling again.  You do know I hate making phone calls.  Still no one answers and I get the same message.  No worries, I'll make the appointment online. Except the website says it's not secure and it won't let me proceed further.  By now it's after 1600. So I give up.

Even Jim tried.  I don't think he believed me about the phone because he knows I hate using the phone!  But he had the same results.

This morning it was quite refreshing when I got up with the temperature at 64 degrees.  I love it!  As I type this it's 86 degrees outside and quite lovely.

Jim took advantage of the cooler morning to wash most of the rig.  He finished around 1230 and we both had some lunch.  After lunch he shaved and we headed out to get me a temporary pass so I could get on and off base.  Using the instructions given to Jim by the camp host we took another tour of a different part of the base!

But we finally made our way to the correct gate to get a temporary pass.  While there the officer told us the first available appointment for a new ID was October 11th.  We won't be here as we leave Friday.  So I'll have to find another military base to accomplish this.

We backtracked and drove around the commissary area and located the package store where we paid $4 for a twenty pound bag of ice for the cooler.  We're keeping the beer out of the fridge for traveling purposes.  I really don't want beer bottles clanking around possibly getting broken.  Jim also bought a six pack because everyone knows a full cooler keeps everything cooler!

Back home Jim is napping and I'm typing.  

By the way we had a map....but I'm not sure any of the people we got instructions from were familiar to any other sections of the base.  The second gate we proceeded through we were given stop light and stop signs with a left left right etc...So Jim and were questioning each other about which way to go...

All is right in our world!

Friday, September 8, 2017

George West Texas

We left Bentsen Palm Village RV Resort yesterday around 0930.  Taking our time to pack up and remember everything that needed to be done to travel.  Forgot to take the swim noodles off the bedroom problem, just unlock the door, go inside and send the slide out a few inches then reverse the steps. 

Our first stop was getting the rig inspected....pretty sure that was the first time since the original inspection ten years ago. So we're good to travel about again.

Wednesday evening we had dinner out with our friends Jeni and Don Wilson at what's turning out to be our favorite restaurant in the Valley, La Playa. Good food and our waitress, Lulu was excellent!  Most of all it was good company.  We look forward to returning to Bentsen Palm this winter not only to see the Wilsons but other friends who will be making their way south for the season.

Since we weren't sure how long the rig inspection would take we decided on this overnight stay in George West at the Rocking J campground.  Nice and clean with mostly grass sites that looked spaced out. We got a pull through with full hook ups for $20.  It also has a slab!  And it was level!  

Coming up Highway 281 we didn't see any damage from Hurricane Harvey.  This area is pretty far inland and northwest of Corpus Christi.  We stopped for lunch just after 1100 but neither of us ate much. We were eager to get to our destination.

Once we set up we relaxed a bit, had a beer and a bite to eat.  Jim napped for a bit then went out to top up the fuel on the truck.  Our evening was filled with quiet activities and a prerecorded episode of NCIS New Orleans.  Love that we don't have to worry about setting up the dish for one night go television.

Today we'll continue our journey to San Antonio and enjoy the sights and food of one of our favorite cities.

All is right in our world 

Monday, September 4, 2017

Stampin' Up! Are you ready for Christmas?

I've been making cards and if you check my Paper Craft page you'll see what I've been up to.

This little note card is so cute!  I'll either use it as a thank you or a quick note during the holidays.  But it could also be used for a gift card and tucked into a stocking.  The stamp set is Merry Mistletoe.  

These tags were die cut using the largest oval die.  Spent some time running them though the Big Shot one morning.  Then the next day I stamped them with Watercolor Christmas. Whisper White card stock and the DSP made the sandwich.  I used some gold twine from my stash

I really need to be making fall cards...

If you need anything let me know.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Not in Rockport

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are not in Rockport, Texas.  Unless you've been living under a rock for the past week you'll know about Hurricane Harvey and his arrival in Rockport along the Texas coast.  Apparently battering that quaint little port wasn't enough, it had to dump several feet of water all along the coast as far east as New Orleans.  After several times coming and going, in and out of the Gulf, it headed up north.  Still dumping water on everything and everyone.  It's a wonder there's any water left in the Gulf of Mexico.

Reaching inland several miles he flooded..... well, just about everything.  And because Texas does things in a big way, everything in Texas is bigger, the city of Houston was given a mighty big bath!

Seriously, it will take years for all that was damaged in the flooding to recover.  I know, New Orleans is still recovering from Katrina.  Although I think there's more money (businesses) in Houston so that may speed things up a bit.  The cleanup will take forever and all those who lost their homes (100,000) last time I checked.  I try not to read about it.  Not because I don't care, but because it's a terrible reminder.

If you can help in any way, do so. Your heart will be lifted.

So we'll pause in Rockport another time.  Meanwhile, God willing and the creek don't rise, we'll go to San Antonio.  The beach and salt water therapy can wait.

By the way, it's really warm here....August is not the best month to be in the Rio Grande Valley.  Although it is a dry heat.  But when I open the oven it's a dry heat and I get rewarded with a treat!

All is right in our world.