Saturday, February 21, 2015

What are you reading?

We've both been catching up on some reading the past few weeks.  It seems like every time a cold front moves in Jim hunkers down and would hibernate if he could.

Instead he picks up his tablet and reads...sometimes to the exclusion of all else.  Me?  I slowly plod along and find myself reading in the mornings before my day begins.  I like the quiet.

If you'd like to see what has kept me company before Jim gets up check out my Library page.  Click on that link or look at the top of the web page to find it.

Our last cold spell has ended, today it's partly cloudy with the temperature trying to reach 70 as I type this.  Our predicted low tonight?  around 58.  That means I'll have to remove the duvet and put the quilt back on the bed, otherwise I'll be to hot to sleep.  When we have cold nights we both love the heated mattress pad!  Jim uses his most every night.

Speaking of Jim, for those who are curious about his recovery, he's doing well.  Walking and exercising most everyday (doesn't walk much when it's cold!).  He's using weights to build up his chest muscles and he's not crazy about it.  But it seems to be working!  He's maintaining his weight and I'm proud of him for wanting to keep off the extra pounds he'd put on.

We've been asked about our travel plans...right now we don't have any.  We'd like to....just haven't started researching or even thinking about it.  When we ask each other....don't know comes up...a lot!  

We like this area and there's more to explore, so stay tuned.

                     All is right in our world

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Have you figured it out yet?

I have....When we settle into one area for an extended stay I quit blogging.  It's not that we're not doing anything but it's the same everyday.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we were out and about shopping and driving here, there and everywhere.  Sonsearae met us Wednesday after work at Palm Gardens Mall.  Had a great lunch at Brio Tuscan Grill.  We walked the mall before she arrived.  After lunch we headed to Trader Joe's and Greenwise (Publix answer to Whole Foods).

Thursday we three went shopping again, blah blah blah

Friday the same!  We dropped Sonsearae at the salon and we walked the Boardwalk in Stuart.  We picked her up and went shopping!

Saturday we had a quiet day celebrating by not doing anything!  How was your Valentine's Day?

Today Jim, Chris and I headed to the Stuart Green Market to pick up our veggies and walk the boardwalk.  We thought we timed it right but alas we did not.  Sonsearae got off work at noon and we were going to meet her at the restaurant for Jim's birthday lunch. 

Well, we arrived and found out the joint doesn't open until 1300!  We had a 30  minute we drove to another place and the two vehicles arrived about the same time

Sonsearae and Chris treated us to a wonderful meal at Hokkaido Hibachi and Sushi.

And then we stopped by Smallcakes, a cakecuppery....Chris had bought some cup cakes for Sonsearae's birthday last month and Jim has been dreaming of them ever since!  If you've never been to one you should try it.  But only eat one!  They're really, really yummy but very sweet

When we're not out shopping we're here at home.  I have my daily chores (what woman doesn't?) that I'm sure you don't want to read about.

Jim is well on the road to fitness!  He's doing some light weights and exercises daily.  Naps most every day and tries to walk a mile or more each day  (that's why we go to Stuart!)

Our weather has been cool the past few days.  Cold front blew down and it makes for wonderful sleeping weather.  I don't think we even reached 70 today. I like!

Wherever you are, I hope the weather is to your liking!

All is right in our world

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

boardwalk critters

On Sunday's when we go into Stuart for the Green Market we take a stroll of the waterfront boardwalk.  When I say waterfront I should say it's the St Lucie River.  Not sure how long it is but it takes you under a bridge to the marina, and even quite a distance under the bridge itself.  We haven't done that section because it's in shade and the breeze off the river can be quite chilly this time of year.  As it heats up I'm sure this will be a welcome treat.

We don't always see the same wildlife and I'm trying to remember to bring my camera each time.  These are the lovelies we saw On the 1st of February

Isn't this lizard a beauty?  I believe it to be an African Rainbow Lizard, not native to Florida

Monday, February 2, 2015

Pretty Amaryllis

Life goes on and we're hanging in there.

Jim saw a doctor about his shoulder and it turns out it's bursitis...I'd like to mention that his shoulder has troubled him for years and only now when it got to be very painful did he see a doctor. A shot of cortisone has eased his pain and the doc said this could be all he needed.   If you have unexplained pain...have it checked out

Sonsearae and I joined a CSA and once a week we get a box of produce.  Jim and I can pick it up when we go to Stuart to the Green Market on Sunday's.  It works out well for us, I get to have fresh produce and we get to walk the boardwalk along the river and marina.  We sit and watch the boats and get fresh air too!

My experiment with the Amaryllis is working good.  This one put out four blossoms and was beautiful.  The flowers have all passed.

The red one is equally beautiful but for some reason the stalk only grew a couple inches. We're still enjoying this one and I'm waiting for the third bud to open.

Our recent cold spell has passed.  Daily temperatures were roughly in the 60's and at night dipped into the 40's.  Of course Jim was cold but we both love the heated mattress pad!  Sleeping under the duvet helps too.  We've used just the quilts the last couple nights because the nightly lows were only in the 60's.

Today the temperature has risen to 78 so far and our predicted low is 49...may have to put the duvet back on the bed!

Did you see the Super Bowl?  The game was very good!  We had a cookout and dinner with Sonsearae and Chris.  Jim grilled chicken a vegan burgers.  Sonsearae made twice baked potatoes (using broccoli and scallions from our produce box).  We ate indoors because the wind was chilly, especially when the clouds covered the sun.

We watched the first half with them on their big TV and at halftime came home and watched the second half.  I know Chris watched the whole game but I'm pretty sure Sonsearae went to bed.  They both had to work today and she has to get up at 0430 for her commute